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Hero at Trademark

Indoor & Outdoor

Within Nairobi's vibrant tapestry, where cosmopolitan energy intermingles with African vibrancy, the Hero at Trademark emerges as a hallmark of contemporary sophistication. This cocktail bar is not just a venue to sip drinks; it's a space where tradition meets innovation, and where every visitor is made to feel like a hero of their own story.

Entrance to Modern Elegance

Situated within the upscale precincts of the Trademark Hotel, Hero at Trademark captivates with its ambiance from the first glance. The décor seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with touches of Kenyan heritage. Warm wood tones, plush seating, and sophisticated lighting set the stage, while local artwork adorning the walls serves as a nod to Nairobi's thriving artistic community.

Cocktails: A Heroic Adventure

The real hero at this establishment is, without doubt, the cocktail menu. Each drink is crafted as a narrative, taking patrons on a journey through flavors and tales. Hero at Trademark prides itself on using locally-sourced ingredients, from the aromatic Kenyan coffee to rare botanicals found in the country's diverse ecosystems.

Classic cocktails are reinvented with an African twist, while entirely new concoctions surprise and delight even the most seasoned of mixology aficionados. From smoky whisky infusions to refreshing gin blends that evoke the Kenyan coast, the offerings cater to a broad spectrum of palates.

Gastronomic Delights

Complementing its drinks is an impressive array of culinary options. The food at Hero resonates with the same ethos as its drinks: traditional with a twist. Expect to find Kenyan flavors, textures, and ingredients masterfully interwoven with international cuisines. Each dish is a testament to the chef's commitment to quality and innovation.

Vibrant Events and More

Hero at Trademark isn't just about sipping cocktails in a chic environment. It is a dynamic space, hosting a slew of events that cater to Nairobi's urbane crowd. Whether it's a live jazz evening, a DJ spinning global beats, or a mixology masterclass, there's always something happening that adds to the bar's pulsating energy.

Nairobi's Beacon of Mixology and Elegance

In a city that never sleeps, where the modern and the traditional coexist in beautiful harmony, Hero at Trademark stands out as a beacon of contemporary luxury and creativity. It encapsulates Nairobi's spirit, making it a must-visit for both locals and travelers seeking an elevated cocktail experience. At Hero, every drink tells a story, every dish is an adventure, and every evening is one to remember.

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Indoor only

In the sprawling urban mosaic of Nairobi, where African heartbeats merge with global rhythms, there lies a unique space that beckons with the allure of the Andes: Inca. More than just a cocktail lounge, Inca is an emblem of how far-reaching world flavors can find harmony in the Kenyan capital.

Entrance into the Andes

From the moment you step through its doors, Inca transports you to a realm inspired by the highlands of South America. The decor, with its rich earthy tones, textures reminiscent of the rugged Andean landscapes, and traditional Peruvian motifs, creates an atmosphere of warmth and exotic allure. The gentle hum of Andean flutes and strings playing in the background completes the sensory voyage.

Cocktails with Altitude

At Inca, the art of mixology reaches new heights. The bar proudly showcases a vast selection of South American spirits, with pisco taking center stage. Drawing inspiration from the traditional drinks of Peru, Chile, and beyond, the cocktail menu is a beautiful fusion of Andean flavors and Kenyan ingenuity.

Pisco sours, made with precision and flair, rub shoulders with cocktails infused with African botanicals. The result? Drinks that tantalize the taste buds and narrate stories of two continents coming together.

A Culinary Expedition

To complement its beverages, Inca offers an array of dishes that pay homage to South American culinary traditions. From ceviches bursting with freshness to empanadas with an unexpected twist, the food menu is as adventurous as it is delightful. And for those seeking something familiar yet different, there are fusion dishes that blend Kenyan ingredients with Andean recipes.

Cultural Crossroads

Beyond its drinks and dishes, Inca serves as a crossroad of cultures. Frequent events, including dance nights showcasing traditional South American moves and music sessions echoing with Afro-Latin beats, make it a hub for cultural exchange. It's not just about sipping a cocktail; it's about experiencing a slice of the Andes amidst the Kenyan savannah.

Nairobi's Gem of Andean Elegance

Inca stands as a testament to Nairobi's rich tapestry of global influences. In a city known for its dynamic spirit and diverse population, this cocktail bar offers a unique space where the flavors, sounds, and soul of the Andes come alive. For those seeking an evening of discovery, of rhythms that transcend borders, and of cocktails that tell tales of mountains and plains, Inca is a must-visit sanctuary.

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Indoor only

Nestled in the heart of Nairobi, a city that pulsates with life and global influences, stands Inti, a cocktail bar that brings the spirit and flavors of the ancient Inca civilization right to Kenya's capital. Inti isn't just another watering hole; it's a symphony of cultures, an ambiance of mystery, and a celebration of the finest mixology.

Gateway to the Andes

Stepping into Inti is akin to being transported to another time and place. The interiors echo the architectural splendors of the Incan temples, with stone walls, intricate patterns, and earthy tones. Soft lighting, reminiscent of the golden Incan sun, casts a warm and inviting glow over the space. But amidst these Andean touches, there's an unmistakable essence of Nairobi: vibrant, cosmopolitan, and welcoming.

Cocktails: A Fusion of Mountains and Savannahs

Inti's true charm shines through its cocktail offerings. The bar boasts a diverse menu, drawing inspiration from the highlands of Peru and the vast landscapes of Kenya. Pisco, the grape-based spirit from South America, plays a dominant role in many concoctions, while Kenyan ingredients, like aromatic spices and local fruits, add a delightful twist.

Every cocktail at Inti is a story of fusion. Whether it's a Pisco sour blended with Kenyan honey or a cocktail infused with indigenous herbs, each drink is a testament to the bar's commitment to innovation and flavor.

Gastronomic Brilliance

Matching its cocktail prowess is Inti's food menu, a delicate blend of Incan and Kenyan culinary traditions. From ceviche that bursts with freshness to local dishes reimagined with Andean spices, every item tantalizes the taste buds and promises a unique dining experience. The fusion on the plate mirrors the fusion in the glass, making for a harmonious gastronomic journey.

Cultural Revelries

Inti isn't just about cocktails and cuisine. The bar is a hub for cultural events, paying homage to both its Incan and Kenyan roots. From traditional Andean dance nights to local bands serenading patrons with Swahili ballads, the calendar is always packed with experiences that promise to be memorable.

Nairobi's Ode to Incan Elegance and Fusion

Inti is a shining gem in Nairobi's bustling nightlife scene. It stands as a testament to the city's ability to embrace global cultures while staying true to its roots. For those seeking an evening of discovery, of flavors that traverse continents, and of ambiance that's both ancient and modern, Inti is a destination that beckons with promise and allure. In the heart of Kenya, the spirit of the Incas lives on, one cocktail at a time.

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Urban Eatery

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Nairobi, amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, lies an oasis for cocktail lovers and food aficionados alike: the Urban Eatery. While the establishment boasts a diverse culinary offering, its cocktail bar stands as a testament to modern Kenyan sophistication and international taste.

Location and Design

Located at the PwC Tower in Westlands, Urban Eatery's location is both strategic and convenient. It's a haven for Nairobi's professionals, tourists, and locals seeking a modern and relaxed environment.

The design of the cocktail bar is a masterclass in elegance. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the space is awash with natural light during the day, transitioning to a soft, ambient glow by night. The interiors, while contemporary in style, are punctuated by subtle African accents, from beaded cushions to intricate wall hangings. The result is a seamless blend of modernity and tradition.

The Cocktail Experience

Urban Eatery’s cocktail bar is nothing short of a sensory journey. The menu, a carefully curated list, features classics with a twist. Here, one can savor a Nairobi Sunset, a concoction of local spirits mixed with tropical flavors that captures the essence of the city at dusk.

There's an emphasis on local ingredients. Whether it's a cocktail infused with tangawizi (Swahili for ginger) or one garnished with a sprig of rosemary sourced from the Rift Valley, there’s a story in every sip.

The bartenders, more aptly called mixologists, are passionate artisans. Their dedication to crafting the perfect drink is evident, from the meticulous measurements to the presentation. Their knowledge is vast, and they're more than willing to customize a cocktail based on your preferences.

Food Pairings

A cocktail experience is never complete without the right bite to complement it. Urban Eatery, true to its name, offers a gastronomic selection that pairs wonderfully with their drinks. From spicy samosas to gourmet sliders, the food options enhance the cocktail experience.

Atmosphere and Clientele

The ambiance at Urban Eatery’s cocktail bar is cosmopolitan. Soft jazz or soul music often fills the air, setting the mood for relaxation and conversation.

The clientele is as diverse as Nairobi itself. It's not unusual to overhear conversations in multiple languages or see a group of expatriates sharing a table with locals. The shared love for good drinks and food is the universal language spoken here.

A Fusion of Modern Elegance and African Flair

Nairobi, known as the Green City in the Sun, is a melting pot of cultures, tastes, and experiences. Urban Eatery's cocktail bar captures this essence, providing both locals and visitors a chance to unwind, connect, and savor a piece of modern Nairobi. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or a newbie looking to explore, the doors of Urban Eatery await, promising an unforgettable experience.

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Artcaffe Gastro Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

When the vibrant energy of Nairobi converges with the rich heritage of Kenyan culture, spaces like Artcaffe Gastro Bar come to life. More than just a place to dine and drink, it stands as a testament to Nairobi's evolving cosmopolitan scene, where art and culinary prowess effortlessly intertwine.

Elevated Ambiance

Located in one of Nairobi's bustling neighborhoods, Artcaffe Gastro Bar welcomes its visitors with an aesthetic that is both modern and rooted in Kenyan motifs. Large, airy spaces, adorned with contemporary art pieces – many from local artists – set the tone. The marriage of high ceilings, natural wood, and industrial elements provide a canvas that mirrors Nairobi's urban landscape.

Culinary Canvas

True to its name, Artcaffe Gastro Bar treats food and drink as forms of art. The menu is a delightful exploration of global culinary trends, but with a distinct Kenyan touch. Ingredients sourced from the fertile Kenyan soil are transformed into dishes that are both visually stunning and palatably impressive.

Their signature dishes, ranging from traditional Kenyan fare with a twist to continental classics, showcase the expertise and creativity of their chefs. Each plate is thoughtfully crafted, ensuring that the flavors, textures, and colors dance harmoniously, offering patrons an experience rather than just a meal.

Drinkable Masterpieces

The bar isn’t left behind in this artistic endeavor. From the aromatic Kenyan coffee-infused cocktails to the classics, every drink is mixed with precision and flair. Whether you opt for a refreshing Dawa – Kenya’s famed cocktail – or an international favorite, the beverages promise to be as memorable as the meals.

A Symphony of Sounds

Artcaffe Gastro Bar's commitment to the arts extends to the auditory realm. On select evenings, the establishment resonates with live music performances. From the soulful sounds of local bands playing Afro-jazz to the beats of globally-renowned tracks, the bar ensures that the ambiance is always lively and engaging.

A Hub for Art Enthusiasts

Beyond food and drink, Artcaffe Gastro Bar has carved a niche as a hub for Nairobi's burgeoning art scene. Monthly art exhibitions, featuring both established and emerging artists, make it a must-visit for art enthusiasts. The establishment's dedication to supporting local talent is evident in its rotating gallery walls.

Nairobi's Mélange of Artistry and Gastronomy

Artcaffe Gastro Bar is more than a gastronomic destination; it's a celebration of Nairobi's contemporary spirit. Through its meticulously crafted dishes, invigorating drinks, soulful music, and artistic showcases, the establishment invites visitors to experience the city's modern pulse while relishing its deep-rooted traditions. For locals and travelers alike, a visit promises a feast for the senses and a deep dive into Nairobi's multifaceted cultural scene.

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Five Senses

Indoor only

In the pulsating heart of Nairobi, where modernity meets tradition and the urban jungle merges with nature's wonders, a novel experience awaits the discerning traveler: Five Senses. More than just a cocktail bar, it's a place where mixology transforms into an art form, engaging not just the palate, but all five human senses.

An Ambient Retreat

Located amidst Nairobi's bustling streets, the façade of Five Senses presents a modern yet welcoming allure. As one steps inside, the ambiance shifts from the city's chaotic rhythm to a haven of tranquillity. Subdued lighting, soft melodies echoing Kenyan rhythms, plush seating, and the subtle fragrance of African botanicals in the air create an immediate sensory retreat.

Tantalizing the Taste Buds

At the core of Five Senses is its unparalleled cocktail menu. Each drink is thoughtfully crafted, drawing inspiration from Kenya's rich tapestry of landscapes and cultures. Local ingredients, such as hibiscus, baobab, and the aromatic Kenyan coffee, are infused with premium spirits to conjure drinks that are a celebration of Nairobi's essence.

The magic doesn't stop with taste. The cocktails are visual spectacles too, adorned with garnishes that echo the vibrant hues and textures of the Kenyan savannah, forests, and coastlines.

Sounds and Whispers

Adding to the experience is the curated playlist that fills the air. From the lilting tunes of Swahili ballads to the energetic beats of contemporary Kenyan pop, the auditory experience is designed to transport patrons through the diverse musical landscapes of the country.

Touch of Elegance

Every element within Five Senses, from the bar's countertops to the glassware, is chosen to engage the sense of touch. The juxtaposition of rough, rustic textures with smooth, polished surfaces mimics the varied terrains of Kenya, offering tactile surprises at every corner.

A Culinary Symphony

To complement its drinks, Five Senses offers a culinary menu that's as imaginative as its cocktails. Drawing from Nairobi's multicultural essence, the dishes are a fusion of traditional Kenyan flavors and global culinary trends. Whether it's a Maasai-inspired delicacy or a reinterpretation of a coastal Swahili dish, the food promises to be a delightful sensory adventure.

Nairobi's Sensory Cocktail Haven

Five Senses isn't merely a cocktail bar; it's a journey through Kenya's diverse and rich sensory landscape. It captures the essence of Nairobi, blending its urban sophistication with its deep-rooted traditions. For those looking to experience Nairobi's contemporary spirit while staying rooted in its rich heritage, Five Senses is an experience not to be missed.

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Indoor only

Tucked away in the dynamic and sprawling streets of Nairobi, Mercado is more than just another cocktail spot; it’s a vivid tapestry of flavors, cultures, and sensations that converge to create a truly unique experience. By melding the vibrant energy of Mexican culture with the undying spirit of Kenya, Mercado stands as a symbol of global fusion.

Stepping into a Mexican Fiesta

From the moment one enters Mercado, there's an undeniable aura of a vibrant Mexican market. Colorful décor, rustic wooden furnishings, and decorative sombreros evoke the atmosphere of a bustling mercado in the heart of Mexico. Yet, subtle elements remind patrons they’re still in Nairobi: the warmth of the staff, the fusion on the menu, and the distinct vibrancy that only Kenya's capital can offer.

Cocktails: A Dance of Flavors

The bar at Mercado celebrates the essence of Mexican mixology, with a touch of Kenyan flair. Traditional favorites like margaritas and tequila-based concoctions find their place alongside cocktails that incorporate local ingredients, like Kenyan hibiscus or tropical fruits.

The Mezcalita, with its smoky undertones, might transport you to the deserts of Mexico, while a sip of a Nairobi Sunset — a fusion drink unique to Mercado — grounds you right back in the heart of East Africa. It's this interplay of flavors, this dance between two worlds, that makes each drink at Mercado an adventure.

A Culinary Journey Across Borders

Beyond the drinks, Mercado offers a gastronomic journey that spans continents. Authentic Mexican dishes, from zesty tacos to hearty enchiladas, dominate the menu. Yet, in true Nairobi style, there are unexpected twists: perhaps a hint of African chili in the guacamole or local greens accompanying traditional Mexican fare.

The Heartbeat of Two Cultures

While the food and drinks are undeniably alluring, it's the ambiance of Mercado that truly captivates. Regular live music sessions see Kenyan beats blending with Latin rhythms, creating a soundscape that's both familiar and exotic. The bar also hosts themed nights and events, each celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures it represents.

Nairobi’s Blend of Mexican Magic and Kenyan Spirit

Mercado is not just a cocktail bar; it's a meeting point of histories, tastes, and traditions. In a city as diverse and dynamic as Nairobi, it stands out as a place where borders blur and the world feels a little more connected. Whether you're looking to savor the tastes of Mexico or experience the magic that happens when cultures collide, Mercado is the place to be.

News Cafe Logo

News Cafe

Indoor & Outdoor

In a city characterized by its lively streets, vibrant culture, and ever-evolving skyline, Nairobi's News Cafe emerges as a testament to contemporary sophistication. Located in the bustling heart of the Kenyan capital, this cocktail bar is more than just an eatery and watering hole; it's a meeting point of ideas, flavors, and people.

A Modern-Day Oasis

The first thing that strikes you about News Cafe is its modern aesthetic. Sleek lines, plush seating, and ambient lighting make it both trendy and inviting. Large screens dot the venue, bringing in news from around the world, a nod to the cafe's name and its commitment to keeping its patrons informed and connected.

Cocktails with a Kenyan Heartbeat

While News Cafe is a brand that has its roots in South Africa, the Nairobi outlet ensures it resonates with the local ethos. The cocktail menu, extensive and inventive, offers a delightful blend of international classics and Kenyan-inspired creations.

Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing Dawa (a local favorite made with vodka, honey, lime, and indigenous medicinal herbs) or a classic mojito with a twist, there's something to cater to every palate. Each drink is crafted with precision, a visual and sensory treat.

Gourmet Bites and More

News Cafe isn't just about drinks; it's a culinary adventure. With a menu that spans breakfast to late-night snacks, there's an emphasis on fresh ingredients and fusion flavors. From succulent burgers with African spices to pasta dishes infused with local herbs, every plate promises a gastronomic delight.

A Hub of Events and Entertainment

True to its modern vibe, News Cafe frequently hosts events that cater to Nairobi's diverse and young-at-heart crowd. Live music nights, DJ sets, themed parties, and even trivia nights make it a go-to spot for those looking to unwind and have fun. The cafe seamlessly transitions from a day-time relaxed spot to a pulsating night-time venue.

Nairobi's Pulse of Modernity and Mixology

News Cafe, with its blend of modern ambiance, innovative cocktails, and delectable food, encapsulates the spirit of a cosmopolitan Nairobi. It offers locals and travelers alike a space to connect, relax, and indulge in the city's contemporary side. As Nairobi continues to grow and evolve, venues like News Cafe stand as symbols of its modern aspirations, all while offering a nod to its rich cultural roots.

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Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst Nairobi's bustling streets and the pulsating rhythm of urban life lies Peppertree, a cocktail haven that perfectly juxtaposes the city's modern vibe with a touch of enchanting whimsy. It's not just a bar; it's an experience that invites patrons to step into a realm of sophistication, creativity, and sheer delight.

A Verdant Escape

The name 'Peppertree' isn't just a fanciful title. Upon entering, guests are greeted by an array of lush greenery, evoking the serenity of a secret garden. Twinkling fairy lights, rustic wooden touches, and the soft rustle of leaves in the breeze set a tranquil ambiance, providing a welcome respite from the city's hustle and bustle.

Cocktails: Crafting Magic in a Glass

Peppertree's cocktails are the stuff of legends. With a menu that is both diverse and innovative, there's an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The mixologists, with their adept hands and imaginative minds, craft beverages that are both visually stunning and a treat for the palate.

Signature drinks might include tropical infusions using Kenyan fruits or reinterpretations of classic cocktails with a unique Peppertree twist. From smoky concoctions that tantalize the senses to refreshing blends that evoke Nairobi's sunny climes, every sip promises a journey of discovery.

Gastronomy Meets Creativity

Complementing the drink offerings is a menu teeming with gourmet delights. The culinary team at Peppertree effortlessly fuses Kenyan flavors with global cuisines, resulting in dishes that are both familiar and exotic. Whether it's a tapas-style bite or a hearty main course, the emphasis is on freshness, flavor, and presentation.

A Melting Pot of Experiences

Beyond its food and drink, Peppertree stands as a cultural hub. With regular live music sessions, art showcases, and themed events, it's a space that celebrates Nairobi's diverse and vibrant arts scene. On any given evening, patrons might be serenaded by a local jazz band, witness an impromptu poetry reading, or get drawn into a dance-off that bridges traditional Kenyan moves with contemporary beats.

A Whimsical Cocktail Oasis in Nairobi's Heart

Peppertree is more than just a cocktail bar; it's an emblem of Nairobi's evolving identity. As the city grows and transforms, venues like Peppertree capture its essence — modern, global, yet deeply rooted in its rich cultural tapestry. For those seeking an evening of elegance, surprise, and connection, Peppertree beckons as Nairobi's enchanting cocktail oasis.

Revolver Bar Logo

Revolver Bar

Indoor only

Nairobi, the vibrant capital city of Kenya, is a hub of East African culture, commerce, and, notably, nightlife. From hole-in-the-wall establishments playing rhumba to state-of-the-art clubs that blast the latest in afrobeat and international hits, Nairobi's nightlife is as varied as its residents. Nestled amongst these varied options, the Re\Volver stands out, offering a unique experience for locals and tourists alike.

Location and Ambiance
Situated in a high end suburb of the city, Re\Volver is accessible and convenient for both Nairobi residents and visitors. Its exterior might seem unassuming at first, but beyond the doors lies a realm that epitomises the modern Kenyan spirit.
The decor melds contemporary aesthetics with traditional African influences. Carved wood and copper tones are juxtaposed against dark, classic furniture. The ambient lighting gives it an intimate feel, setting the stage for an unforgettable night out.

Music and Entertainment
Music is the heartbeat of Re\Volver. While many establishments lean heavily on playlists dominated by international hits, Re\Volver prides itself on classic rock and old school, guitar-driven blues.
The bar also occasionally hosts live acoustic artists, giving a platform to emerging talents from the region. The energy these live performances bring is subtle, but offers a more personal connection between the artists and the audience.

Beverages and Bites
Re\Volver serves a diverse range of drinks. From internationally renowned spirits to local brews and cocktails inspired by Kenyan flavours, there's something for everyone. Their signature cocktails, which often include ingredients like tangawizi (ginger) or passion fruit, are a must-try for those seeking a unique taste experience.
Their menu, while not extensive, offers a variety of finger foods and local snacks. The samosas and selection of chicken wings stand out, perfectly complementing the beverages.
Their new cocktail list, which is intended to change every six months, serves up an exciting new set of drinks that is driven by locality, sustainability and the exploration of new flavours from locally sourced produce.

Clientele and Service
Re\Volver attracts a mix of professionals, expatriates, and tourists. The atmosphere is relaxed, with patrons often striking up conversations with strangers, making it an excellent spot for networking or making new friends.
The staff at Re\Volver are professional and friendly. Their attentive service ensures that guests' needs are met promptly, further enhancing the overall experience.

A Melting Pot of Culture and Nightlife
In a city as dynamic as Nairobi, it's easy for establishments to fade into the background. However, Re\Volver has carved out its niche, offering a unique blend of music, ambiance, and service. Whether you're a Nairobi resident or a first-time visitor, a night at Re\Volver promises an immersion into the city's contemporary culture and an experience you won't soon forget.

Tapas Ceviche Bar Logo

Tapas Ceviche Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Nairobi, where the urban sprawl meets a burgeoning culinary landscape, Tapas Ceviche Bar emerges as a beacon of coastal flavors and sophisticated dining. This isn't merely a restaurant; it's a cultural immersion, a space where the aromatic charms of the ocean meet the vivacity of Kenya's capital.

A Nautical Escape

Step into Tapas Ceviche Bar, and you're transported to the coastal regions of the world. The décor is a harmonious blend of rustic and chic — think driftwood furnishings, marine-themed art, and azure blue accents that evoke the serene beauty of the sea. Subdued lighting complements the atmosphere, creating an ambiance of intimate coastal dining amidst the bustling heart of Nairobi.

Ceviche: The Star of the Show

As the name suggests, ceviche — a dish traditionally made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices and spiced with chili peppers — takes center stage here. At Tapas Ceviche Bar, this Latin American favorite is given a unique twist. Utilizing the freshest catch from the Kenyan coast and a medley of locally sourced ingredients, the ceviche here is a dance of flavors — tangy, spicy, sweet, and utterly delectable.

But the offerings don't just stop at ceviche. The menu spans a range of tapas dishes, each designed to be shared, creating a dining experience that's communal and heartwarming.

Cocktails with a Coastal Flair

No coastal dining experience would be complete without a bevy of refreshing drinks, and Tapas Ceviche Bar doesn't disappoint. Their cocktail menu is a nod to tropical locales and beachfront vistas. From mojitos bursting with fresh mint and lime to pisco-infused concoctions reminiscent of Peruvian shores, each drink is crafted to complement the rich tapestry of flavors on the food menu.

A Cultural Mélange

While the culinary offerings are rooted in coastal traditions, Tapas Ceviche Bar also embraces Nairobi's multicultural identity. Regular events, themed nights, and live music sessions celebrate the city's diverse sounds and rhythms. It's not uncommon to find a flamenco dancer sharing the stage with a Kenyan percussionist, creating a symphony that's both global and uniquely Nairobian.

Nairobi's Tryst with Coastal Delights

Tapas Ceviche Bar is more than just a dining venue; it's an ode to the world's coastal cultures, right in the midst of Nairobi. For the city's residents and visitors, it offers a delightful escapade — a chance to savor the ocean's bounty, indulge in exquisite cocktails, and experience a confluence of cultures. It stands as a testament to Nairobi's evolving culinary scene, where global inspirations meld seamlessly with local flavors.

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