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The Lounge by Aman, situated on the 33rd floor of the prestigious Aman Tokyo hotel in Chiyoda-ku, offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city below. Surrounded by wall-to-ceiling glass that showcases the breathtaking panorama of Tokyo, this bar and lounge area is a serene haven where guests can relax and indulge in a luxurious bar time or tea time experience.

A Fusion of Japanese Aesthetics and Modern Luxury

The design of The Lounge by Aman seamlessly blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern luxury. The high ceilings inspired by shoji screens and the garden lounge area that evokes a Japanese garden create a peaceful and elegant atmosphere. It's a space where the beauty of Japanese culture meets the sophistication of contemporary design, offering a unique and relaxing environment for guests.

Exquisite Cocktails and Seasonal Delights

The Lounge by Aman is renowned for its expertly crafted cocktails, including a martini collection that features a Yuzu Martini among its highlights. The bar's mixologists take pride in creating original Aman Tokyo cocktails that respect tradition while incorporating contemporary twists. In addition to its cocktail offerings, the lounge serves a variety of seasonal Japanese dishes and international cuisine, from Wagyu burgers to seasonal Japanese meals, ensuring that guests can enjoy delicious food at any time of the day.

Unwind with a View

Whether it's the greenery of the Outer Garden and mountains by day or the glittering cityscape by night, The Lounge by Aman offers stunning views that enhance the dining and drinking experience. Guests are invited to unwind and savor the moment, whether they're enjoying afternoon tea or relaxing with a cocktail in hand as the sun sets over the city.

A Serene Cocktail Retreat in Tokyo

The Lounge by Aman is open to both staying and non-staying guests, making it an accessible luxury experience for anyone looking to enjoy a slice of tranquility in Tokyo. With operating hours from 11 am to 10 pm and afternoon tea available until 4:30 pm, the lounge offers flexibility for guests to visit at their leisure.

The Lounge by Aman is not just a bar; it's a destination where guests can find peace and relaxation amidst the energy of Tokyo. With its stunning views, exquisite drinks, and serene atmosphere, it's a must-visit for anyone seeking a luxurious and calming experience in the city.

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