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1656 Cocktail Bar

Indoor only

Tucked away in the charming cobbled streets of Copenhagen, the 1656 Cocktail Bar is a hidden gem that marries the old-world charm of the Danish capital with the contemporary flair of modern mixology. Named after a significant year in Danish history, this bar pays tribute to tradition while forging its own unique identity in the heart of the city.

Historic Elegance

Named after the year that saw the start of a new era in Denmark following the Treaty of Roskilde, 1656 Cocktail Bar beckons patrons with its alluring blend of history and sophistication. The building itself, with its classic Scandinavian architecture, is a reminder of Copenhagen's rich past. The interiors, adorned with vintage furnishings and dark wood, echo a time when candlelight was the primary source of illumination and conversations flowed as freely as the wine.

A Symphony of Flavors

1656 isn't just about its historical connection; it's a hotspot for modern mixology. The bar boasts a menu that's both innovative and rooted in tradition. Local ingredients, sourced from the lush Danish countryside, find their way into cocktails that tell a story. Each drink, carefully crafted, is a tribute to Denmark's culinary heritage, with a twist that's unmistakably 21st century.

A Vibrant Atmosphere

Beyond the drinks, what sets 1656 apart is its ambience. The dim lighting, combined with the soft hum of conversations and the clink of glasses, creates a warm and inviting environment. Whether you're nestled in a cozy corner for an intimate chat or at the bar watching mixologists work their magic, there's a sense of being part of something special.

Live Music and Events

On select nights, 1656 Cocktail Bar transforms into a lively venue featuring local artists. From soulful jazz to groovy beats, the music adds another layer to the bar's multifaceted personality. Special events, like tasting nights and mixology masterclasses, offer patrons an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of cocktails.

Central Locale, Global Appeal

Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, 1656 Cocktail Bar is easily accessible, making it a favorite haunt for both locals and international visitors. Despite its central location, the bar retains an air of exclusivity, offering an oasis from the bustling city streets.

Where Timeless Elegance Meets Contemporary Craft

1656 Cocktail Bar stands as a testament to Copenhagen's ability to honor its past while embracing the future. It's a place where history is celebrated, not just through its name and decor, but in every sip of its masterfully crafted drinks. For those seeking an authentic Danish experience with a modern edge, 1656 is a must-visit destination.

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Indoor only

In the heart of Copenhagen's bustling streets lies a hidden gem that transports its visitors back to the glamorous 1920s, an epoch when underground speakeasies thrived amidst the Prohibition era. Curfew, aptly named, is a cocktail bar that captures the essence of this bygone era with unmatched elegance and sophistication.

A Portal to the Past

Stepping into Curfew is akin to entering a time machine. The dimly lit ambiance, the plush velvet seating, vintage photographs adorning the walls, and the soft melodies of jazz in the background — every element is meticulously curated to recreate the allure of the 1920s speakeasy bars.

The Maestro Behind the Bar

Behind Curfew's success is the talented mixologist Humberto Marques. With a passion for crafting unique beverages, Humberto ensures that each cocktail tells a story. Drawing inspiration from both traditional Danish ingredients and international flavors, he creates a symphony in a glass that dances on the palate.

Intricately Crafted Cocktails

At Curfew, cocktails are not merely drinks; they are experiences. The menu is a harmonious blend of classic cocktails and innovative concoctions. From the Smokey Old-fashioned, with its rich undertones of caramel and woodsmoke, to the Nordic Negroni that celebrates Denmark's love for aquavit, every drink is a testament to the bar's commitment to excellence.

Collectibles and Curiosities

One of the standout features of Curfew is its impressive collection of vintage bar tools and curiosities from around the world. These artifacts, some of which date back to the early 1900s, offer insights into the art of mixology through the ages.

An Ode to Global Influences

While Curfew pays homage to the Prohibition era, it's not confined to it. The menu and the decor are an amalgamation of global influences. From Portuguese tiles that reflect Humberto's roots to the curated selection of international spirits, Curfew is a celebration of cultures.

Location and Accessibility

Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Vesterbro, Curfew is conveniently located for both locals and tourists. Its proximity to central Copenhagen makes it a sought-after spot for those looking to immerse themselves in a unique cocktail experience.

Stepping into Copenhagen's Prohibition Era Elegance

Curfew isn’t just a bar; it's a sensory journey that blends history with contemporary mixology. It offers an escape from the mundane, a haven where time slows down, and every sip is a reminder of the magic of the Roaring Twenties. For those in search of an evening filled with elegance, nostalgia, and some of the best cocktails in Copenhagen, Curfew is the destination.

Nimb Brasserie Logo

Nimb Brasserie

Indoor only

In the picturesque cityscape of Copenhagen, where historic beauty effortlessly blends with avant-garde innovation, there exists a sanctuary for discerning cocktail enthusiasts: the Nimb Brasserie. Located within the iconic Nimb Hotel, this cocktail bar encapsulates luxury, history, and an undeniable commitment to the craft of mixology.

Architectural Splendor Meets Contemporary Chic

Set against the backdrop of Tivoli Gardens, Nimb Brasserie boasts a facade reminiscent of an opulent palace, showcasing Moorish-inspired architecture. This blend of historic opulence with the chic, modern interiors of the brasserie creates a setting that's both timeless and contemporary.

Gleaming chandeliers, soaring ceilings, and ornate detailing stand in beautiful contrast with the sleek furniture and modern art pieces, creating an ambiance that is at once intimate and grand.

A Masterclass in Mixology

At the heart of Nimb Brasserie is its cocktail menu – a testament to the establishment's dedication to mixological excellence. Each drink is a symphony of flavors, crafted using premium spirits, the freshest of ingredients, and a touch of Danish flair.

From reimagined classics to Nimb originals, the cocktails here are designed to surprise and delight. Ingredients sourced both locally and globally ensure a drink menu that's as diverse as it is sophisticated. Whether savoring a smoky whiskey concoction or a delicate floral gin mixture, each sip is a journey of discovery.

Gastronomic Delights to Complement Every Sip

No cocktail experience at Nimb Brasserie is complete without indulging in their culinary offerings. The brasserie is renowned for its menu that brings together the best of Danish produce with international culinary techniques.

Small plates, meticulously designed to complement the cocktail menu, ensure a harmonious fusion of flavors. From local cheeses to seafood delicacies, every bite is a celebration of Denmark’s rich culinary landscape.

An Affair to Remember: Events at Nimb

The Nimb Brasserie isn’t just a place to enjoy a drink; it’s also a sought-after venue for events. Whether hosting intimate gatherings or grand celebrations, the brasserie’s setting, combined with its impeccable service, ensures an occasion that's both memorable and distinct.

A Mosaic of Patrons

What truly sets Nimb Brasserie apart is the eclectic mix of its patrons. From international travelers and business magnates to local artists and Copenhagen’s elite, the brasserie attracts a diverse clientele. This melting pot of backgrounds and stories, combined with the brasserie's elegant setting, results in an atmosphere that’s vibrant, dynamic, and always engaging.

Elegance Redefined in a Glass

Nimb Brasserie isn’t just a cocktail bar; it’s a tribute to the art of fine living. Every element, from the decor to the drinks and the service, speaks of a commitment to excellence. In the heart of Copenhagen, the brasserie stands as a beacon for those seeking an evening that's as enchanting as it is unforgettable. When in the Danish capital, a visit to Nimb Brasserie isn’t just recommended; it's essential.

Bar Deco Logo

Bar Deco

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Copenhagen, amidst its historic landmarks and modern edifices, is a tribute to an era long past yet not forgotten: Bar Deco. An ode to the Art Deco period, this establishment seamlessly merges the charm of the 1920s and 1930s with the sophisticated palate of modern-day Denmark.

A Portal to the Roaring Twenties

As you enter Bar Deco, it's like stepping through a time machine. The interiors reflect the signature geometric patterns, opulent finishes, and lavish stylings synonymous with the Art Deco era. Chrome accents, plush velvet seating, and intricate chandeliers transport patrons back to a time of flapper dresses, jazz, and lavish soirées.

Cocktails: An Art Form Revived

The true spirit of the Art Deco era shines brightest in Bar Deco’s drink offerings. Drawing inspiration from classic cocktails of the period, the mixologists breathe new life into timeless recipes. Whether it's a classic Sidecar, a Mint Julep, or one of their signature concoctions inspired by Copenhagen's own flavors, each drink is crafted with precision, artistry, and an understanding of both historical and contemporary mixology.

The presentation is no less impressive, with beverages served in vintage glassware and garnished artfully, ensuring that each drink is a visual delight before it even touches one's lips.

The Melodious Pulse of Jazz

No Art Deco bar would be complete without the soulful strains of jazz. At Bar Deco, soft melodies set the mood, echoing the sounds that once graced the dance halls and speakeasies of the 20s and 30s. On select evenings, live bands take the stage, enveloping the bar in an atmosphere that’s both nostalgic and electric.

Nibbles with a Nordic Twist

Complementing the beverage offerings is a curated selection of gourmet bites. Drawing inspiration from Danish cuisine and the broader Nordic region, these dishes, while petite, are big on flavor. They provide a modern twist, ensuring that while the ambiance might be vintage, the culinary experience is decidedly contemporary.

Patrons from All Walks of Life

Bar Deco's allure is universal. On any given evening, you'll find a mix of individuals – from history enthusiasts and art lovers to tourists and locals seeking an escape from the ordinary. Conversations flow easily, perhaps about the beauty of the Art Deco movement or the nuances of a well-made cocktail, making each visit a unique social experience.

A Glimpse into the Golden Age of Elegance

Bar Deco is more than just an establishment; it's a journey back in time. With every sip, every bite, and every note of music, it revives the spirit of an era marked by elegance, innovation, and joie de vivre. For those in Copenhagen looking to experience the magic of the Art Deco period, all while enjoying top-notch drinks and bites, Bar Deco promises an evening like no other.

Brønnum Logo


Indoor & Outdoor

Hidden amidst the historic nooks of Copenhagen is Brønnum, a cocktail bar that effortlessly combines the grandeur of the past with the vivacity of the present. Overlooking the King’s New Square, Brønnum is not just a bar; it's a chronicle of the city's rich tapestry, spun through cocktails that tantalize the palate and a setting that evokes timeless elegance.

Architectural Beauty

Brønnum occupies a building that boasts over 250 years of history. Its majestic facade gives a hint of the architectural treasures that lie within. As guests step inside, they are greeted with high ceilings, intricately crafted woodwork, and chandeliers that have witnessed countless tales of yesteryears. Each room, with its distinct character, narrates a chapter of Copenhagen’s past.

Curated Concoctions

But the heart of Brønnum truly beats in its cocktails. Drawing inspiration from Denmark's rich heritage, the mixologists at Brønnum craft drinks that are a blend of tradition and innovation. Local ingredients, from the sharp tang of sea buckthorn to the sweetness of elderflower, are used to create cocktails that are as much a visual delight as they are a gustatory pleasure.

A Symphony of Sensations

Beyond its exceptional cocktails, Brønnum is renowned for its ambiance. The gentle hum of conversations, punctuated by the soft notes of live piano performances, sets the mood. Whether you're sinking into one of the plush chairs or enjoying the view from the bar's terrace, there's a sense of serenity that envelops you.

Gastronomic Delights

Complementing its drink menu is a selection of gourmet treats. Each dish, much like the cocktails, is a fusion of traditional Danish flavors with contemporary culinary techniques. From savory bites to decadent desserts, there’s something to satiate every craving.

Centrally Located, Universally Loved

Nestled close to some of Copenhagen’s most iconic landmarks, including the Royal Danish Theatre, Brønnum is as much a favorite with the city's denizens as it is with international connoisseurs. Its central location combined with its reputation makes it an essential stop on Copenhagen’s cultural map.

A Toast to Copenhagen’s Majestic Mixology

Brønnum is not just a cocktail bar. It's a journey through time, a sensory experience that weaves the allure of history with the thrill of the present. It embodies Copenhagen’s spirit - a city that reveres its past while fervently embracing the future. Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or a history enthusiast, Brønnum promises an evening that you’ll cherish long after the last drop of your drink has been savored.

Copenhagen Distillery Logo

Copenhagen Distillery

Indoor only

When you wander through the bustling streets of Copenhagen, there's a chance you might stumble upon a unique gem that stands out in the city's vibrant nightlife - the Copenhagen Distillery. This bar, deeply rooted in the craft spirits movement, encapsulates the essence of innovation, dedication, and the pursuit of flavor perfection.

Industrial Elegance Meets Danish Design

The facade of Copenhagen Distillery speaks of its roots: industrial yet elegant. Its interiors boast a refined blend of rustic elements, modern Danish design, and glimpses of the distilling process. Exposed brick walls and polished copper distilling equipment become art pieces in their own right, offering patrons a visual feast even before their first sip.

From Grain to Glass: The Art of Distillation

Copenhagen Distillery is not just a cocktail bar; it’s a mecca for spirit enthusiasts. Their craft process is transparent, with grains, botanicals, and fruits being transformed into exquisite spirits right before your eyes. The dedication to the craft is evident, from selecting the finest raw materials to the meticulous distilling process.

Whiskey, gin, aquavit, and a myriad of other spirits are produced in-house, with each bottle telling a story of passion, craftsmanship, and Danish terroir.

A Symphony of Flavors in Every Cocktail

The bar's menu is a testament to the versatility of its spirits. Each cocktail, curated by skilled mixologists, is designed to highlight the nuances of the house-made liquors. Whether you're sipping on a classic gin and tonic or one of the Distillery's signature concoctions, the complexity and depth of flavors are unmistakable.

The cocktails are not only a treat for the palate but also for the eyes, with each drink artfully presented, often adorned with fresh herbs, spices, or fruit garnishes.

Pairings that Elevate the Experience

Understanding that a drink is best enjoyed with complementary bites, Copenhagen Distillery also offers a selection of snacks and dishes. Inspired by Danish culinary traditions yet infused with global influences, these pairings ensure that the tasting experience is holistic.

Engaging Workshops and Tastings

One of the highlights of the Distillery is its interactive workshops and tasting sessions. Patrons can delve deeper into the world of spirits, learning about the intricacies of distillation, the art of cocktail making, or simply enjoying guided tastings of the bar's extensive range.

A Community of Spirit Lovers

What truly sets Copenhagen Distillery apart is its community-centric approach. It's a gathering spot for those passionate about spirits, from seasoned connoisseurs to curious novices. The shared appreciation for craftsmanship, flavor, and innovation creates a bond among its patrons, making every visit a memorable experience.

The Epicenter of Craft Spirits in the Danish Capital

Copenhagen Distillery is more than just a bar; it's an institution dedicated to the craft of spirit-making. In a city known for its rich history, design prowess, and culinary excellence, this establishment stands out as a beacon for those seeking an authentic, immersive experience. For those wandering the streets of Copenhagen, the Distillery promises an exploration of flavors, aromas, and stories that linger long after the last sip.

TATA at Sanders Copenhagen Logo

TATA at Sanders Copenhagen

Indoor only

Situated within the heart of the Danish capital, TATA at Sanders Copenhagen is much more than just a cocktail bar. It's an experience, a journey into a realm where artistry in mixology is married to an ambience of sheer luxury. Delving deeper into the essence of TATA, one finds a place that not only serves drinks but tells stories, creating memories that linger.

Stepping into A World Apart

Sanders Copenhagen, with its illustrious reputation as one of the city's premium boutique hotels, lays the perfect backdrop for TATA. As you step in, the space immediately envelops you in warmth and intimate elegance. With plush velvety seating, dimly lit interiors, and a gentle buzz that whispers tales of yesteryears, TATA creates an atmosphere that's both timeless and immensely inviting.

A Melange of Flavors and Cultures

The cocktail menu at TATA is an ode to global tastes, crafted with local sensibilities. Every cocktail tells a story, often inspired by the travels and experiences of the master mixologists behind the bar. Ingredients are sourced meticulously, ensuring that whether it's a berry from the Nordic forests or a spirit from the Caribbean, it adds an authentic touch to the concoction.

From classics reimagined to innovative new creations, there's an adventure waiting at every corner of the menu. And for those uncertain about their choice, the skilled bartenders are more than happy to curate a drink tailored to individual preferences.

Beyond Cocktails: A Culinary Delight

While cocktails remain the star at TATA, the culinary offerings are by no means overshadowed. Small plates, inspired by global cuisines yet bearing a distinct Danish touch, complement the drink menu. Whether it's a tapa or a Nordic-inspired appetizer, the dishes are curated to be the perfect accompaniment to your drink, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Engaging Events and Experiences

TATA is not just about sipping on a drink. It's about immersing oneself in the world of mixology. Regular events, tasting sessions, and workshops let patrons delve deep into this art, learning from the very best in the business. Whether it's understanding the nuances of a spirit or mastering the technique behind a cocktail shake, there's always something new to learn and experience.

An Epitome of Elegance and Craftsmanship

TATA at Sanders Copenhagen is not just another cocktail bar in the city's bustling scene. It stands out, not merely because of its exquisite drinks or sumptuous interiors but because of the stories it tells and the memories it helps create. It's a place where every sip is a journey, every flavor an exploration. In the heart of Copenhagen, TATA stands as a testament to the beauty of crafted experiences, beckoning all to be a part of its enchanting world.

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