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Capian Bar at InterContinental Marseille

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Marseille, a city of radiant sun, vibrant culture, and historical treasures, boasts countless spots that reflect its rich heritage. Among these, nestled in the esteemed InterContinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu, is the Capian Bar – a luxurious escape that perfectly mirrors the grandeur of its surroundings.

Historical Resplendence Meets Contemporary Luxury

The InterContinental Marseille, once a landmark hospital, has been transformed into an oasis of luxury, and Capian Bar serves as its crown jewel. Overlooking the Old Port and the emblematic Notre Dame de la Garde basilica, the bar offers captivating views that seem to transport patrons through the annals of Marseille's storied past.

Upon entering, one is immediately drawn to the room's delicate balance of history and modernity. Vaulted ceilings and stately stone pillars evoke memories of the building's venerable past, while plush seating, artful lighting, and contemporary decor lend a touch of modern sophistication.

A Curated Symphony of Flavors

The bar's menu is as impressive as its aesthetics. At the helm are expert mixologists who craft a symphony of flavors with each drink. From revisited classics to innovative new creations inspired by the Mediterranean, each cocktail tells a story. Local ingredients, fresh herbs, and artisanal spirits are masterfully combined to create drinks that are as visually stunning as they are palatable.

Complementing the drink selection is a curated array of gourmet bites. Drawing from Marseille's rich culinary heritage, the menu offers a selection of Mediterranean-inspired tapas that include both seafood delicacies and robust Provencal flavors.

An Ambiance Par Excellence

More than just its drinks and gourmet offerings, Capian Bar is renowned for its unparalleled ambiance. The soft hum of conversation, punctuated by the clinking of glasses, creates an atmosphere that's both intimate and lively. Whether nestled indoors amid its elegant surroundings or on the terrace enjoying the gentle Mediterranean breeze, patrons find themselves enveloped in an ambiance of laid-back luxury.

Events and Special Evenings

True to its reputation as a premier establishment, the Capian Bar hosts a series of events that further elevate the experience. Jazz evenings, wine tastings, and guest mixologist nights are regular features, making every visit unique.

An Emblem of Marseille's Grandeur

The Capian Bar at InterContinental Marseille is more than just a bar – it's a testament to Marseille's timeless elegance and its ever-evolving modern spirit. For those in search of a venue that offers a perfect blend of luxury, history, and impeccable service, the Capian Bar awaits, ready to transport its guests on a journey of sensory delight.

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