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Atlantic Bar

Indoor only

Amid the bustling ports and busy canals of Hamburg, one establishment stands out, encapsulating the maritime spirit of the city while paying tribute to timeless luxury: The Atlantic Bar. Nestled within the legendary Hotel Atlantic Kempinski, this iconic bar beckons with its unmatched elegance and captivating stories from the annals of time.

Stepping Back in Time

As you walk into the Atlantic Bar, you're immediately transported to an era where luxury ocean liners ruled the seas, and Hamburg was a gateway to the world. The bar’s décor resonates with the grandeur of the early 20th century. Rich mahogany paneling, plush leather seating, and antique maritime memorabilia adorning the walls, all serve as a nod to the city's rich shipping legacy.

A Drink Menu as Vast as the Ocean

In this opulent setting, patrons are presented with a drinks menu that rivals the vastness of the Atlantic itself. From classic cocktails that hark back to the golden age of bartending to modern concoctions infused with German spirits and local ingredients, there's a drink for every palate. Not to be missed is their signature "Atlantic Breeze," a delightful mix that pays homage to the refreshing North Sea winds.

Craftsmanship Behind the Bar

What truly sets Atlantic Bar apart is the unparalleled skill and passion of its bartenders. With an intimate knowledge of mixology and a penchant for storytelling, they don't just serve drinks; they craft experiences. Each cocktail is presented with a tale, perhaps about the origin of its ingredients or an anecdote from the bar's storied past.

Gourmet Delights

To accompany the liquid symphony, Atlantic Bar offers a curated selection of gourmet bites. From traditional German appetizers to international delicacies, the culinary offerings are designed to complement the drink menu perfectly. The focus is on fresh, local ingredients, ensuring a gastronomic experience that's both authentic and memorable.

A Melange of Patrons

The bar, given its iconic status, attracts a diverse crowd. On any given evening, you might find international travelers sharing tales from distant lands, local businessmen discussing their ventures, or artists lost in deep thought. The atmosphere is always abuzz, with soft jazz in the background and the gentle clink of glasses punctuating the air.

An Ode to Elegance and Maritime Charm

Hamburg, with its maritime heritage and cosmopolitan vibe, is a city of many facets. The Atlantic Bar captures this essence beautifully, offering a space where history, luxury, and craftsmanship converge. For those looking to experience Hamburg's spirit, a visit to Atlantic Bar is not just recommended—it's essential. Here, amidst the gentle glow of chandeliers and the murmur of conversations, you'll discover the soul of the city, one sip at a time.

HERITAGE Rooftop Bar Logo

HERITAGE Rooftop Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched atop the iconic Le Méridien Hotel in Hamburg, the HERITAGE Rooftop Bar is not just a place for drinks—it’s a multi-sensory experience that marries luxury, history, and panoramic views in the heart of the city.

A Breath-Taking Panorama

The most immediate allure of HERITAGE is its expansive view. With a direct sightline to Alster Lake and the city's sprawling skyline, guests are treated to a unique blend of nature’s serenity and urban vibrancy. The transition from day to night transforms the ambiance, offering stunning sunsets followed by the enchanting glitter of city lights.

An Ode to Hamburg's Legacy

The name 'HERITAGE' is no misnomer. The establishment takes inspiration from Hamburg’s storied past. From its maritime prowess and trading traditions to its position as a bastion of arts and culture, the design elements and decor motifs pay homage to the city's legacy. The walls, adorned with artwork and photographs, echo tales of yesteryears, ensuring that while you may come for the view, you stay for the stories.

Luxurious Indulgence

The rooftop bar goes beyond standard drink offerings. Guests can indulge in a meticulously curated selection of wines, rare whiskies, and innovative cocktails. Each drink tells a tale, whether it’s an ode to local ingredients or a nod to global tastes. Pairing these beverages with their gourmet menu, which is infused with local flavors and international inspirations, ensures a delightful culinary journey.

A Warm, Intimate Atmosphere

Despite its upscale ambiance, HERITAGE doesn’t feel cold or distant. Wood tones, soft lighting, and plush seating ensure a warmth that makes the space inviting. Whether it's a cozy corner for an intimate chat or the communal areas fostering larger conversations, there's a spot for every kind of evening.

Live Entertainment

HERITAGE knows that a true evening out is as much about sound as sight. Live jazz performances and occasional DJ sets give the space a pulsing energy, adding rhythm to the panoramic sights outside.

Accessibility & Best Times to Visit

Being located in the central district, HERITAGE Rooftop Bar is easily accessible by Hamburg’s efficient public transportation or a quick taxi ride. While it's a treat at any time of the year, visiting during the warmer months adds the perk of outdoor seating. It’s advisable to make reservations if you’re planning to go during peak times or special events.

A Panoramic Blend of Luxury and History

HERITAGE Rooftop Bar isn’t just a venue—it’s a testament to Hamburg's legacy. It’s a space that weaves history, luxury, and a view that can take your breath away. It reminds visitors and locals alike why Hamburg, with its intertwining canals, historic brick buildings, and bustling harbor, is a jewel in Germany’s crown. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed evening with friends, a romantic date night, or just a solitary moment with the city, HERITAGE promises an unforgettable experience.

Skyline Bar 20up Logo

Skyline Bar 20up

Indoor only

Among the various venues that dot Hamburg's vibrant nightlife, Skyline Bar 20up stands as a towering testament to luxury, offering its patrons not just drinks, but a transcendent experience. Located in the upscale Empire Riverside Hotel, 20up offers a panoramic view of Hamburg's skyline, which alone could be its selling point. But, as visitors soon discover, its allure goes far beyond just the views.

Soaring Heights and Sweeping Views

As the name suggests, Skyline Bar 20up is located on the 20th floor. This elevation provides an unobstructed vantage point over the city. The immense windows stretching from floor to ceiling frame Hamburg's iconic landmarks, the shimmering Elbe River, and the bustling harbor. As day turns to night, the city lights up, offering patrons a mesmerizing tableau of glittering lights.

Elegance in Every Detail

Skyline Bar 20up oozes sophistication. The decor strikes a balance between contemporary chic and timeless elegance. From its polished wooden floors and plush seating to the soft ambient lighting and minimalist design elements, every detail is curated to create an atmosphere of upscale comfort.

A Symphony of Flavors

While the views might first draw visitors in, it's the bar's exquisite drink menu that makes them stay. Boasting a comprehensive selection of beverages, from classic cocktails to rare spirits, there's something to satisfy every palate. The bar's signature cocktails, inspired by the city itself, offer a delightful fusion of flavors, showcasing both innovation and respect for traditional mixology.

Gastronomic Delights

Beyond the drinks, Skyline Bar 20up serves a curated menu of gourmet snacks and treats. These dishes, though designed to complement the drinks, stand out on their own, offering a culinary experience that matches the bar's overall excellence.

Vibrant Atmosphere

The ambiance at 20up is both serene and spirited. Soft tunes, often live piano performances or ambient music, provide the perfect backdrop to the conversations and clinks of glasses. The clientele, a mix of locals and international visitors, adds to the bar's cosmopolitan feel.

Accessibility and Tips

Situated in the St. Pauli district, the bar is easily accessible by public transport or taxi. Given its popularity and limited seating by the windows, it's advisable to arrive early or make a reservation, especially if you're visiting on a weekend or special occasion.

Hamburg's Pinnacle of Panoramic Indulgence

Skyline Bar 20up is more than just a bar; it's an experience that elevates your senses, both literally and figuratively. Combining unparalleled views, impeccable service, and a meticulously crafted drink and food menu, it encapsulates the best of what Hamburg has to offer. Whether you're a tourist seeking the city's highlights or a local looking for a luxurious night out, 20up promises an evening that's nothing short of spectacular.

Tower Bar Logo

Tower Bar

Indoor only

Perched above the pulsating heartbeat of Hamburg is a sanctuary of sophistication and allure: the Tower Bar. Housed within the historic Hotel Hafen Hamburg, the Tower Bar isn't merely a venue to savor a drink; it's a window to the city's soul, offering unparalleled views and an ambiance that is as mesmerizing as the sights it showcases.

An Ascending Experience

Your journey begins with an elevator ride, whisking you up to the bar's elevated perch. As the doors glide open, the first thing that greets you isn't the bar or its patrons but an expansive, sweeping view of Hamburg's harbor. The city, with its blend of historic architecture and modern edifices, stretches out before you, a living tapestry of lights, water, and skyline.

Art Deco Elegance

Inside, the Tower Bar pays homage to the 1920s with its Art Deco-inspired decor. Plush velvet chairs, polished brass fixtures, and intricately patterned wallpapers capture the glamour of an era gone by. The ambiance is intimate, with soft lighting and subtle background music, allowing the views outside and the conversations inside to take center stage.

Cocktails with a View

The drink menu at the Tower Bar is as impressive as its panoramic sights. An extensive selection of wines, spirits, and expertly crafted cocktails await patrons. Classic concoctions are offered alongside innovative mixes that showcase the bar's commitment to mixological excellence. Each drink, meticulously crafted, is served by bartenders who blend knowledge with passion, making the experience both delightful and educational.

A Symphony of Flavors

While the drinks might be the primary draw for many, the bar also boasts a selection of gourmet snacks and light bites. These dishes, curated to complement the beverage menu, are perfect for sharing, turning an evening drink into a gastronomic journey.

An Enthralling Clientele

Being a part of a renowned hotel ensures that the Tower Bar sees a mix of international visitors and local regulars. This blend of patrons, each with their stories and experiences, adds to the cosmopolitan vibe of the place. Whether you're a solo traveler looking to meet new faces or a group celebrating a special occasion, the bar welcomes all with the promise of a memorable evening.

Elevated Elegance with a View

The Tower Bar in Hamburg is more than just a venue; it's an experience. It marries the visual feast of Hamburg's skyline with the sensory delight of premium drinks, all wrapped up in an ambiance of timeless elegance. For those seeking a night that offers both escape and immersion, the Tower Bar stands as a beacon, inviting you to rise above and drink in the beauty of Hamburg.

Yakshi's Bar Logo

Yakshi's Bar

Indoor only

In the vibrant landscape of Hamburg's nightlife, where tradition meets innovation, Yakshi's Bar stands as an ode to the exotic. Named after the ancient Indian term for a female tree spirit, this establishment is not just a bar—it's a doorway into a world of enchanting flavors, luxurious ambiance, and a touch of the mysterious.

Embarking on an Eastern Odyssey

Stepping into Yakshi's Bar feels like being transported to a far-off land. The decor borrows heavily from Eastern aesthetics, with intricate wooden carvings, plush cushions, and soft, ambient lighting creating an atmosphere reminiscent of an opulent Indian palace. The faint scent of incense in the air further accentuates the bar's Eastern influence.

A Dance of Flavors

The menu at Yakshi's Bar is where the establishment truly shines. While it offers a selection of classic cocktails, the standout choices are those that infuse traditional Indian and Asian flavors. Think drinks laced with spices like cardamom, clove, or turmeric, or concoctions that use ingredients like tamarind, mango, and rose.

It's not just about the taste; each drink is a visual delight, often garnished with fresh herbs or flowers, making every cocktail a piece of art.

Bartenders: The Soulful Sutradhars

A Sutradhar is a storyteller or narrator in traditional Indian theater, and the bartenders at Yakshi's play this role to perfection. They're not just mixologists but are storytellers, guiding patrons through the origins of each drink, the significance of each ingredient, and the best way to savor them.

A Resonance of Rhythms

The ambiance at Yakshi's Bar is further elevated by its choice of music. Depending on the evening, one might find themselves swaying to soulful Indian classical tunes, energetic Bollywood beats, or even the calming strums of a sitar. The music, like the decor and drinks, is a bridge between the East and the West.

A Gathering of Global Souls

Thanks to its unique offerings and central location, Yakshi's Bar attracts a diverse crowd. From curious locals to well-traveled tourists, the bar sees a mix of patrons, all drawn in by the promise of an evening that's both familiar and novel.

A Symphony of Exotic Elegance

Yakshi's Bar is more than just a drinking establishment; it's an experience. It invites you to let go of the familiar, to embark on a journey of sensory exploration, and to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Eastern culture. In a city like Hamburg, known for its openness to the world, Yakshi's Bar fits right in, offering patrons a taste of the East with a touch of the West.

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