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Blue Drop Venice, elegantly situated on the serene Lido di Venezia, offers a captivating blend of café charm, lounge bar luxury, and an unforgettable dining experience. This unique establishment welcomes you from your very first step onto the Lido, promising tranquility, excitement, surprise, and discovery. Here, where West meets East, amidst the allure of film festivals and art biennales, Blue Drop Venice stands as a confluence of living dreams and diverse cultures. Let's delve into the essence of Blue Drop Venice and explore its multifaceted offerings.

A Lounge Experience Unmatched

Blue Drop Venice elevates your Venice experience to unforgettable heights. During happy hour, the lounge entices with culinary fantasies that captivate with original flavors. As the night deepens, intoxicating spirits crafted by expert bartenders invite you to savor seductive cocktails, wines, and liquors. This blend of culinary art and mixology mastery ensures that every moment spent at Blue Drop Venice is wrapped in indulgence.

The Café: A Year-Round Delight

Dedicated to those who cherish Venice in every season, Blue Drop Venice delights with the finest coffee aromas, delicious brioche, teas, infusions, and fresh juices. Whether the sky is silver and the wind dances across the waves, Blue Drop Venice offers a cozy snack, light and welcoming, perfect for any weather.

The Locale: Synonymous with Charm

Blue Drop Venice is the epitome of charm, where glamour, opulence, and refined aesthetics paint a minimalist yet detailed picture of Italian style. The balance between the essential and the extraordinary, akin to a well-crafted cocktail or a gourmet dish, defines the experience. Geometric shapes intersect with metallic lines, traversing lacquered walls and transparent surfaces to define spaces; glossy tables and velvety surfaces offer tactile experiences. By day, large windows frame breathtaking views of the Venice lagoon and San Marco basin, filling the space with light. By night, the ambiance turns seductive, with light reflecting off metallic surfaces, dark marble shelves, lamps, and mirrors, creating a stellar space.

A Fusion of Culinary Delights and Mixology on Lido di Venezia

Blue Drop Venice invites you to be surprised, with glamorous appointments, events, and holidays following the rhythm of Lido di Venezia life, offering new proposals dedicated to you. Here, you can find research and experience, beauty and originality: an emotion that, through the senses, leads to a multitude of possible experiences.

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