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Nestled in the heart of Martano, Sagrestia - Alcoliche Devozioni offers a divine experience for those who worship at the altar of fine spirits and cocktails. Located at Via Roma 28, this cocktail bar stands as a testament to the art of mixology, inviting patrons to indulge in a wide array of meticulously crafted drinks. Let's explore the essence of Sagrestia and discover why it's a revered destination for cocktail enthusiasts.

A Divine Selection of Spirits

Sagrestia prides itself on its extensive selection of spirits, each chosen with care and devotion. From rare finds to beloved classics, the bar's offerings cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine whiskies or in search of the perfect gin for your martini, Sagrestia's "alcoliche devozioni" (alcoholic devotions) ensure a heavenly experience for every guest.

The Art of Mixology

At Sagrestia, the cocktail menu is a scripture of creativity and innovation. The mixologists, akin to high priests of the bar, conjure up divine concoctions that blend tradition with contemporary flair. Each cocktail is not just a drink but a ritual, offering patrons a chance to partake in a sacred communion of flavors.

A Sanctuary in Martano

The ambiance of Sagrestia - Alcoliche Devozioni is designed to offer a sanctuary from the mundane. The bar's intimate setting and warm atmosphere provide the perfect backdrop for an evening of reflection and indulgence. Whether you're seeking solace after a long day or looking to celebrate a special occasion, Sagrestia welcomes all who seek the sublime in spirits and cocktails.

A Sanctuary of Spirits in Martano

Sagrestia - Alcoliche Devozioni invites you to embark on a spiritual journey through the world of fine spirits and expertly crafted cocktails. With its divine selection, artful mixology, and serene ambiance, this cocktail bar stands as a beacon of devotion in the bustling town of Martano. Whether you're a local resident or a pilgrim in search of alcoholic enlightenment, Sagrestia offers a sanctuary where every sip is a prayer answered.

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