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Bicchia, located in the historic heart of Senigallia within the majestic Palazzo Ducale, is a cocktail bar that seamlessly blends tradition with a dynamic and youthful spirit. This establishment, which has evolved from a quaint 1950s tavern into a modern cocktail haven, offers a unique ambiance where history meets contemporary mixology. Let's explore the essence of Bicchia and discover why it's the go-to destination for an unparalleled aperitivo experience in Senigallia.

A Journey from Past to Present

The story of Bicchia is a fascinating journey through time. Originally a beloved tavern where locals would gather for a glass of wine or a casual meal, it underwent a complete transformation in 2001, reopening as a night bar. In 2017, a new chapter began with three young entrepreneurs, Gianluca, Gianmarco, and Simone, taking the helm. Their shared enthusiasm and dedication have infused Bicchia with a fresh identity, now celebrated as "Bicchia – Cocktails and more."

A Mission of Passion and Personality

Bicchia's mission is to offer a cocktail bar experience that reflects not only the latest trends but also the vibrant personalities of its owners. The bar is a lively spot where friends meet to enjoy passionately crafted cocktails, with music and camaraderie forming the core of unforgettable evenings. This commitment to creating a warm, adventurous, and lively atmosphere is what sets Bicchia apart.

An Enchanting Setting in Piazza del Duca

Bicchia's location in Piazza del Duca, near the iconic Rocca Roveresca, adds to its allure. The recent renovation of its spacious outdoor area, complete with tables, sofas, and wind barriers for the colder months, allows guests to enjoy their drinks in comfort year-round. The interior, with its industrial and vintage touches, offers a cozy and welcoming space for intimate gatherings and lively discussions.

A Vibrant Hub of Music and Flavor

Weekends at Bicchia come alive with the sounds of DJs and live bands, creating a vibrant and urban atmosphere that complements the bar's exquisite cocktail and tapas offerings. This blend of great music, delicious food, and expertly mixed drinks makes Bicchia a cornerstone of Senigallia's nightlife, where every visit promises a new adventure.

A Cocktail Experience Enriched with History and Innovation

Nestled in the historic center of Senigallia, Bicchia - Cocktails and More stands as a testament to the joy of good drinks, good music, and good company. With its rich history, dynamic atmosphere, and commitment to quality, Bicchia offers a cocktail experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether you're looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a night out with friends, Bicchia welcomes you to be part of its ongoing story.

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