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Bar Cavour

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Nestled within the grandeur of Piazza Carignano, amidst the backdrop of Turin’s royal palaces and Baroque architecture, lies Bar Cavour— an establishment that is as much a testament to the city's aristocratic past as it is a beacon of contemporary mixology. With its sumptuous interiors and a cocktail list that reads like an anthology of liquid art, Bar Cavour provides an experience that is as timeless as it is innovative.

Luxury in Every Detail: The Ambiance

Step through the doors of Bar Cavour, and you’re greeted by an atmosphere that epitomizes luxury. From the rich mahogany finishes to the butter-soft leather seating, the décor exudes an old-world charm that is both inviting and opulent. The chandeliers overhead cast a golden glow, giving the entire space a sense of warm sophistication. You’ll find yourself surrounded by well-curated art pieces and historical artifacts that echo Turin's storied past, making the bar feel like a private chamber in a royal residence.

Masterful Mixology: The Cocktail List

Bar Cavour has built a reputation for serving some of the finest cocktails in Italy, if not Europe. The menu is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary, offering everything from age-old favorites like the Martini and Negroni to avant-garde concoctions that push the boundaries of modern mixology. Local ingredients, including rare Italian spirits and homemade infusions, are showcased with pride. Each cocktail is presented as a masterpiece, with meticulous attention to garnishes, glassware, and even the ice used. It’s not just a drink; it’s an orchestrated experience.

More Than Just Cocktails: Culinary Delights

Although the cocktails take center stage, the food menu is far from a supporting act. Bar Cavour offers a curated selection of Italian and international bites designed to complement their liquid offerings. From truffle-accented appetizers to locally-sourced charcuterie, each dish is a nod to Turin's rich culinary tradition.

The Heartbeat: The Staff

What makes Bar Cavour particularly special is the staff's dedication to their craft and clientele. They are both experts and enthusiasts, eager to guide you through the extensive cocktail list or to create a custom drink that suits your palette. Their professionalism is matched only by their warmth, creating a level of service that stands out even in a city known for its hospitality.

A Symphony of Clientele

Bar Cavour attracts a sophisticated crowd that mirrors its own essence. From high-powered executives sealing deals over Old Fashioneds to young lovers sharing a Bellini on a first date, the bar accommodates a diverse clientele all bound by an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Seasonal Surprises and Special Events

Adding to its allure, Bar Cavour hosts seasonal events and tasting sessions, often featuring guest mixologists from around the globe. These special occasions turn the venue into a playground for cocktail aficionados, adding a dynamic layer to its already compelling allure.

A Toast to Elegance in Turin, Italy

Bar Cavour is not just a cocktail bar; it's a symbol of Turin's multifaceted identity. It bridges the city's royal heritage with its vibrant modernity, creating an environment where history and innovation coexist seamlessly. As you sip on a meticulously crafted cocktail, you're not just enjoying a drink; you're partaking in a legacy. In a city brimming with culture, art, and history, Bar Cavour stands as a luxurious oasis that encapsulates the very essence of Turin. Whether you're a local or a traveler passing through, this iconic establishment offers a taste of Italian elegance that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Cheers to the inimitable experience that is Bar Cavour!

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Dash Kitchen

Indoor only

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Turin's San Salvario district, Dash Kitchen emerges as a culinary and mixological haven that transcends the traditional cocktail bar experience. With its unique blend of contemporary style, international flair, and the creative pulse of street art, Dash Kitchen offers a space where the art of mixology and street cuisine converge to tell stories and spark curiosity. Let's embark on a flavorful journey through Dash Kitchen and discover the essence of this innovative destination in Turin.

A Fusion of Contemporary Style and Street Art

Dash Kitchen is born from the desire to merge contemporary sophistication with the vibrant energy of street art. This creative vision manifests in a space that is both stylish and inviting, where guests can immerse themselves in an atmosphere enriched by artistic expression. The Dash Crew, a team of passionate individuals, has crafted a place that resonates with the young, artistic, and creative spirit of Turin, making every visit a memorable experience.

The Art of Mixology Meets Street Cuisine

At the heart of Dash Kitchen lies a commitment to blending the craft of mixology with the flavors of street food from around the world. From Japanese street food to New York-style bites and Italian delicacies, the menu takes guests on a global culinary adventure without leaving Turin. The constant research and experimentation by Luca Granero and his team ensure that each cocktail is a unique and inimitable creation, adding that extra dash of magic to the drinking experience.

Slow Street Food: A New Way to Savor

Dash Kitchen introduces the concept of "slow street food," emphasizing that street food, typically fast and on-the-go, can be enjoyed leisurely in a comfortable setting while sipping on special cocktails. This approach allows guests to appreciate the quality and variety of the street food offerings, all while relaxing in an environment that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Ideal Venue for Private Events in Turin

Dash Kitchen is not just a place for casual dining and drinking; it's also the perfect location for hosting private events. Whether it's an aperitivo, a birthday party, a corporate meeting, or a significant celebration, Dash Kitchen offers versatile solutions to make any event special. With seasonal events and the popular bar quiz, the bar has become a beloved spot for both young and adult guests looking for fun and entertainment.

Discover Dash Kitchen in Turin

Located at Largo Saluzzo 34/C, Dash Kitchen stands as a testament to the passion for taste, expression, and the intense love for flavor. This cocktail bar and street food kitchen invites you to explore a world where contemporary style meets the authenticity of street cuisine, all in the heart of Turin's San Salvario district. Whether you're seeking an innovative cocktail, a taste of global street food, or a venue for your next event, Dash Kitchen awaits to offer an experience that's as rich and diverse as the city itself.

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