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Blue Gin

Monte Carlo
Indoor & Outdoor

In the shimmering realm of Monte Carlo, where luxury meets the Mediterranean's timeless beauty, Blue Gin stands as a beacon of contemporary elegance and sophistication. Located in the heart of Monaco's glamorous landscape, this cocktail bar is not just a venue but an experience that harmoniously blends the azure beauty of the sea with the fine art of mixology.

An Entrance Fit for the Riviera

Perched by the coastline, Blue Gin offers guests their first glimpse of opulence with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The sparkling waters, combined with the ambient lighting of the bar, create a mesmerizing tableau that seems to blur the line between reality and dream.

Inside the Azure Dream

The interiors of Blue Gin are artfully designed to capture the essence of the sea. Waves of blue tones dominate the décor, from the plush seating to the backlit bar. Ambient lights, reminiscent of bioluminescent marine life, cast a soft glow, making the whole space feel like an underwater grotto of luxury.

Glass walls and open terraces ensure that patrons can always keep the enchanting view of the sea within sight, making for an ethereal backdrop as day transitions to night.

Liquid Artistry at its Finest

Blue Gin's cocktail menu is a voyage through flavors and spirits. Curated by some of the world's best mixologists, each drink is a masterpiece that reflects the essence of Monte Carlo - a blend of tradition and innovation. Mediterranean herbs, Monegasque citrus, and the finest spirits come together in concoctions that tantalize the senses.

Signature drinks might marry the richness of cognac with the freshness of local lavender or blend the smokiness of mezcal with sea salt harvested from the very waters that lap against Monaco's shores.

Gastronomic Delights

Beyond drinks, Blue Gin offers a culinary experience that complements its beverages. A selection of gourmet tapas and Mediterranean-inspired bites are available, each crafted to perfection and presented with the same aesthetic elegance as the cocktails.

Sounds of the Sea and City

The ambiance of Blue Gin is further enhanced by its music selection. World-class DJs often grace the decks, their beats intertwining with the natural symphony of crashing waves and distant yacht bells.

The Azure Oasis of Monte Carlo

Blue Gin is not just a cocktail bar; it's a testament to Monte Carlo's ability to merge nature's beauty with human-made luxury. Whether you're seeking a quiet evening gazing at the sea or a night of vibrant socializing with the world's elite, Blue Gin promises an experience that is as unforgettable as the azure waters it overlooks.

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Monte Carlo
Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of the glittering Monte Carlo, Nobu is more than just a name; it's an emblem of culinary innovation and exceptional mixology. Synonymous with world-renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's unique blend of Japanese cuisine with Peruvian influences, the Nobu brand has, over the years, evolved to represent a holistic dining and drinking experience. In the illustrious setting of Monaco, Nobu's cocktail bar seamlessly marries the essence of the Riviera with the oriental charm, offering patrons an experience that's truly unparalleled.

A Serene, Elegant Setting

As you step into Nobu Monte Carlo, you're greeted with an ambiance that perfectly mirrors the brand's philosophy: modern, minimalist, yet exuding warmth. The design is undeniably Japanese in its simplicity, with natural wood, soft lighting, and neutral tones. Yet, there are bursts of Monegasque glamour that remind you of the bar's prestigious location.

The Art of Mixology

The cocktail menu at Nobu is where the magic truly happens. Drawing inspiration from its iconic culinary flavors, the drinks are crafted to be a journey of the senses. There's a thoughtful blend of traditional Japanese spirits, such as sake and shochu, mixed with ingredients that pay homage to Monaco and the broader Mediterranean.

Imagine sipping on a cocktail that marries the delicate flavors of yuzu and sake with the robustness of fresh Mediterranean herbs. Or a drink that brings together the earthiness of matcha with the zing of Monegasque citrus.

A Culinary Complement

While the cocktails are undoubtedly the stars, they're beautifully complemented by Nobu's iconic dishes. From the legendary Black Cod Miso to the Yellowtail Jalapeño, each dish is a fusion of flavors, designed to enhance the drinking experience. The sushi and sashimi platters, fresh and authentic, are perfect companions to the meticulously crafted drinks.

A Global Experience with a Local Touch

What sets Nobu Monte Carlo apart is its ability to offer a global experience while still retaining a distinct local touch. Regulars and visitors can vouch for the occasional specials that draw from local produce or festivities, ensuring there's always something new and exciting on offer.

A Fusion of Flavors and Sophistication

Nobu Monte Carlo isn't just a cocktail bar; it's a destination. It promises an evening where every sip tells a story, where every bite transports you to a different part of the world, and where the ambiance is the perfect backdrop for memories waiting to be made. In the vibrant tapestry of Monte Carlo's nightlife, Nobu shines bright, offering a blend of sophistication, innovation, and timeless charm.

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Trinity Irish Bar Monaco

Monte Carlo
Indoor & Outdoor

In the midst of the glamour and opulence that defines Monte Carlo, Monaco, there exists an unexpected retreat that takes one straight to the heart of the Emerald Isle. Trinity Irish Bar Monaco is an authentic Irish haven, seamlessly blending the traditional warmth of a classic Irish pub with the unique charm of the French Riviera.

A Taste of Ireland in Monaco

Walking into Trinity Irish Bar, the first thing you might notice is the unmistakable decor - dark wooden beams, vintage Gaelic memorabilia, and cozy leather seats, all reminiscent of the quaint pubs dotting the Irish countryside. Despite being a stone's throw from the Mediterranean, one feels instantly transported to the bustling streets of Dublin or the scenic landscapes of County Kerry.

Diverse Drinks Menu

Any Irish bar worth its salt is gauged by the quality of its drinks, and Trinity doesn't disappoint. The bar prides itself on offering a wide range of beers, including, of course, a perfectly poured pint of Guinness. Served with a rich, creamy head, it's a favorite amongst regulars and newcomers alike. Alongside the beers, you'll find a carefully curated selection of Irish whiskeys, perfect for those looking to sample a taste of the old country.

Live Music and Entertainment

True to its Irish roots, Trinity often echoes with the lively tunes of traditional Irish music. Live bands, folk singers, and even the occasional bagpiper grace the stage, ensuring that the spirit of the Irish is alive and well, even in the heart of Monaco. It's not uncommon to find guests tapping their feet or joining in for a spontaneous dance, swept up by the infectious rhythms.

Authentic Irish Fare

Beyond its drinks, Trinity Irish Bar serves up a delectable array of Irish dishes. From hearty beef and Guinness stew to the classic fish and chips, each dish promises authentic flavors that harken back to the culinary traditions of Ireland. Whether you're craving a savory pie or a simple platter of bangers and mash, the menu is sure to satiate.

A Community Hub

Perhaps the most captivating aspect of Trinity Irish Bar is its sense of community. In a city known for its grandeur, the bar offers a refreshing contrast with its down-to-earth vibe. It's a place where locals, expats, and tourists converge, sharing tales over a shared pint or cheering boisterously for a sports game broadcasted on the bar's screens.

A Celtic Oasis in the Heart of Luxury

Trinity Irish Bar Monaco is more than just an establishment; it's a testament to the enduring charm of Irish culture and its universal appeal. In the heart of Monte Carlo, this bar stands as a beacon for those seeking genuine camaraderie, delightful drinks, and an ambiance that's both comforting and invigorating. Whether you're an Irish native feeling homesick or a curious traveler eager for a unique experience, Trinity Irish Bar Monaco is a must-visit destination in the glamorous city-state.

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Buddha Bar

Monte Carlo
Indoor & Outdoor

The glittering city-state of Monaco, synonymous with luxury and the jet-setting elite, has no shortage of opulent hotspots. Yet even in this playground of the rich and famous, the Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo stands out as an establishment of unrivaled elegance and ambiance. Set in the heart of the principality, this iconic venue marries the rich heritage of the East with the dynamic energy of the West, offering guests an unforgettable journey for the senses.

Architectural Elegance

Upon entering the Buddha Bar, one is immediately struck by the sheer grandiosity of its interiors. Housed in the Monte Carlo Casino's former cabaret hall, the bar boasts towering ceilings, embellished with ornate gold patterns. Oversized chandeliers cascade in shimmering elegance, while the imposing figure of a large Buddha statue, which has become a signature of all Buddha Bars worldwide, adds an aura of mystique and serenity.

Sensory Overload

Buddha Bar’s enchantment is not just visual. The venue is renowned for its distinctive soundscapes – a seductive blend of chill-out, world music, and electro beats. Renowned DJs, both local and international, often grace the decks, ensuring that the auditory experience is as captivating as the visual one. The resonating rhythms complement the mood, creating an atmosphere that is at once vibrant and calming.

Gastronomic Delights

At its core, the Buddha Bar is a culinary pilgrimage. The menu is a sophisticated melding of Asian flavors with western preparation techniques. Guests can expect dishes that play with contrasts – crispy yet tender, sweet yet spicy, traditional yet avant-garde. From sushi and sashimi platters to robust curries and delicate dim sum, the kitchen caters to every palate, always with a touch of innovation.

An equally impressive drinks menu accompanies the food offerings. Classic cocktails are given an Asian twist, while an extensive wine and sake list ensures that there's a perfect pairing for every dish.

VIP Treatment

Given its location in Monte Carlo, the Buddha Bar is frequented by celebrities, royalty, and global tycoons. To cater to such a discerning clientele, the service is impeccable. Staff are trained to anticipate every need, ensuring that every guest feels like a VIP.

An Experience to Remember

Nights at Buddha Bar Monte Carlo often extend into the early morning, with patrons reluctant to leave the magnetic pull of its ambiance. Whether it’s the allure of the rich decor, the hypnotic music, the delectable food, or simply the energy of the place, guests are promised memories that will last a lifetime.

An Exquisite Fusion of Flavors and Senses

The Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo is not just a bar or a restaurant. It's a destination, a haven where East meets West in the most luxurious of settings. Whether you're seeking a fine dining experience, an exotic cocktail, or simply a space to soak in the sights and sounds of Monaco's elite, the Buddha Bar promises an experience like no other.

Lobby Bar at Hôtel Metropole Logo

Lobby Bar at Hôtel Metropole

Monte Carlo
Indoor & Outdoor

Tucked within the plush corridors of Hôtel Metropole in Monte Carlo, the Lobby Bar exemplifies luxury and refinement. More than just a hotel bar, the Lobby Bar is a destination in its own right. Its reputation extends beyond the borders of Monaco, beckoning discerning patrons who seek a taste of opulence in one of the world's most glamorous cities.

A Majestic Welcome

As you step into the Lobby Bar, you are immediately engulfed in a world of timeless charm. The ambiance radiates the sophistication reminiscent of Monaco's grandeur era. Plush furnishings, gleaming chandeliers, and elegantly framed artworks combine to create an atmosphere that is both welcoming and grand.

Bespoke Cocktails and Premium Selections

The Lobby Bar is, unsurprisingly, renowned for its extensive drinks menu. Expert mixologists showcase their craft here, blending together exotic ingredients, premium spirits, and a dash of creativity to present cocktails that are as visually stunning as they are delectable. For those with a penchant for the classics, the bar does not disappoint, offering time-honored drinks prepared to perfection.

For wine enthusiasts, the Lobby Bar boasts an impressive wine cellar. With selections sourced from the world’s finest vineyards, guests can indulge in rare vintages or discover new favorites, each glass promising a journey for the senses.

Culinary Delights

Beyond its beverages, the Lobby Bar offers a menu that is a testament to Monaco's rich culinary heritage. From light bites to sumptuous pastries, every dish is a work of art. The culinary team, with their meticulous attention to detail, ensures that each offering is both a feast for the eyes and a delight for the palate.

Live Entertainment

No evening at the Lobby Bar is complete without its signature live entertainment. From sultry jazz tunes to classical renditions, the bar frequently hosts talented musicians who elevate the ambiance, making each visit a multisensory experience.

An Intimate Retreat

Despite its grandeur, the Lobby Bar at Hôtel Metropole maintains an intimate atmosphere. It's a place where whispered conversations take place against a backdrop of soft piano melodies. The attentive staff, with their discreet and impeccable service, further enhance this feeling of exclusivity.

The Epitome of Elegance and Exclusivity

The Lobby Bar at Hôtel Metropole is not merely a place to enjoy a drink. It's an experience, a journey back in time to an era of unparalleled elegance. Whether you're looking to unwind after a day of sightseeing, seeking a romantic setting for a special evening, or simply wish to indulge in the finer things in life, the Lobby Bar stands as a beacon of luxury in the heart of Monte Carlo. It's a testament to the timeless allure of this magnificent city.

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Monte Carlo
Outdoor only

In the lap of luxury that is Monte Carlo, the cocktail scene boasts an array of glamorous venues that ooze sophistication. Yet even in such illustrious company, Équivoque stands out, offering patrons a cocktail experience that goes beyond the ordinary. It isn't just a bar; it's a sensorial journey, a theatre of tastes, and an epitome of Monte Carlo's elite culture.

Entrance: A Prelude to Magnificence

Équivoque greets guests with an opulent façade that is an embodiment of chic modern design infused with classic Monegasque elegance. As you step in, the soft shimmer of ambient lights and the hushed tones of sophisticated conversation immediately signal that you're in a space where every detail has been finely tuned to perfection.

Ambience: A Symphony of Elegance

The interiors of Équivoque speak volumes of its commitment to excellence. Lavish yet tastefully curated, the décor is a mix of velvety drapes, mirrored surfaces, and modern art pieces that hint at the Riviera's rich cultural tapestry. Every corner, every niche seems to tell a story - be it through an art piece or an exquisite piece of furniture.

The Dance of Flavors

Équivoque prides itself on a cocktail menu that is as eclectic as it is exquisite. Harnessing fresh local ingredients, rare spirits from around the globe, and an innovative approach to mixology, the bar presents a lineup of drinks that are both a visual and gastronomic delight.

Imagine a cocktail that captures the essence of the Mediterranean Sea, combining crisp gin with hints of rosemary and thyme, finished with a spritz of Monegasque lemon. Or a drink that plays with the contrasting flavors of rich Monaco truffles and light sparkling wine.

Gourmet Bites: The Perfect Companion

Complementing its drinks, Équivoque offers a menu of gourmet delights crafted to perfection. Whether it's delicate canapés or robust flavors inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, each dish is a testament to culinary artistry.

Music: The Heartbeat of Équivoque

In the background, a finely-curated playlist adds to the bar's charm. From soulful jazz to soft electronic tunes, the music ensures that the ambience always strikes the right note, creating a soundscape that resonates with the spirit of Monte Carlo.

The Epitome of Elegance in Monte Carlo

Équivoque is not merely a bar; it's an experience. It encapsulates the spirit of Monte Carlo - where timeless elegance meets modern sophistication. Whether you're a local seeking a refined evening out or a traveler looking to soak in the best of Monaco's nightlife, Équivoque promises an evening where every moment is woven with magic.

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