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House of Coco Tang

Indoor only

In Nottingham, a city renowned for its intricate lacework, rich history, and the legendary tales of Robin Hood, another legend is being meticulously woven - The House of Coco Tang. Located in a concealed underground lair, this cocktail bar offers patrons a uniquely enchanting experience, replete with exotic drinks and entrancing vibes.

Descending into Enchantment

Tucked away on Bridlesmith Gate, House of Coco Tang's entrance is a mysterious descent. The first impressions of this subterranean sanctuary are like that of entering a clandestine world – a feeling of being initiated into an elite circle privy to the city's most treasured secrets.

Retro Meets Modern Glamour

Inside, the bar is a harmonious blend of vintage and contemporary aesthetics. Low-lit with ambient Chinese lanterns and sultry red undertones, it evokes a glamorous atmosphere reminiscent of 1950s Shanghai. Sleek leather seating, dark wooden panels, and ornate Asian decorations punctuate the space, giving it a sense of timeless luxury.

A Symphony of Flavors

House of Coco Tang's cocktail menu is nothing short of a masterpiece. Each drink is a blend of artisanal ingredients and imaginative flair. Traditional Asian infusions meet modern mixology techniques, resulting in beverages that are both nostalgic and avant-garde. Whether you opt for a drink infused with jasmine tea or one with the zesty notes of yuzu, you're in for an unforgettable experience.

Bartenders, dressed impeccably and always attentive, showcase an exceptional level of craftsmanship. They display a theatrical flair as they mix, muddle, and pour, ensuring that the process of crafting a drink becomes a part of the overall spectacle.

Music and Mood

But it's not just the cocktails that captivate at the House of Coco Tang. The background score, a melange of jazz, soul, and modern beats, creates an auditory landscape that perfectly complements the bar's aesthetic. On certain nights, live musicians elevate the atmosphere, turning the evening into a rhythmic celebration.

Sensory Pleasures Beyond Cocktails

The bar's offering extends beyond its liquid concoctions. A curated selection of Asian-inspired desserts and snacks is available, making it an ideal spot for those late-night cravings. Each item on the menu is a tribute to the East, crafted with precision and presented with panache.

A Space that Celebrates

House of Coco Tang is not just a bar; it's a canvas where celebrations come to life. Whether it's an intimate evening with a loved one or a boisterous gathering with friends, the place adapts, ensuring that memories created here are always cherished.

A Nottingham Gem

In a city with a thriving nightlife and an array of drinking establishments, House of Coco Tang stands out, not just because of its subterranean charm but because of its unwavering commitment to excellence. It's a venue where every detail, from the lighting to the last drop in your cocktail glass, is crafted to perfection. In House of Coco Tang, Nottingham boasts a bar that is both an ode to the past and a toast to the present.

Be At One - Nottingham Logo

Be At One - Nottingham

Indoor only

Nestled in the lively streets of Nottingham is a venue that promises a cocktail experience like no other: Be At One. This chain, which has been adored by cocktail enthusiasts across the UK, has found a fervent following in Nottingham. With its vibrant energy, vast cocktail menu, and dedicated bartenders, Be At One has rapidly become one of the city’s premium destinations for night owls and casual drinkers alike.

A Vivacious Venue

The first impression of Be At One is its pulsating energy. From the upbeat music that greets you at the door to the lively chatter of patrons, the atmosphere is unapologetically vivacious. The interior sports a modern chic design, with plush seating, mood lighting, and urban art elements that resonate with the youthful spirit of Nottingham.

A Celebration of Cocktails

Undoubtedly, the star attraction of Be At One is its extensive cocktail menu. Spanning classics to contemporary innovations, the offerings cater to every palate. Whether you're a fan of a tangy Margarita, a sweet Piña Colada, or in the mood to explore something entirely new, you’re bound to find a drink that captivates you.

The bartenders, with their exceptional mixology skills, are akin to performers. Each cocktail is crafted with precision, flair, and a genuine love for the art. Their knowledge of the spirits, mixers, and techniques ensures that each drink is not just a beverage, but a story in a glass.

Happy Hours and Masterclasses

One of Be At One's most popular attractions is its generous 'Happy Hour' deals, luring in both locals and visitors. This initiative, combined with frequent offers and events, ensures that the bar remains accessible and inclusive.

For those intrigued by the world of mixology, Be At One also offers cocktail masterclasses. These sessions, led by their expert bartenders, provide insights into the craft of cocktail-making, allowing guests to shake, stir, and sip their own concoctions.

A Soundtrack to Your Evening

The ambiance of Be At One is elevated by its music. A well-curated playlist ensures that the bar’s energy never dwindles. From chart-toppers to timeless classics, the music complements the bar's ethos of celebration.

A Social Haven

Beyond the cocktails and music, Be At One stands as a testament to Nottingham’s vibrant social scene. It's a space where diverse groups converge – from friends celebrating special occasions, couples on intimate dates, to professionals seeking a relaxed evening. The bar’s staff ensures that every guest feels welcomed, making Be At One more than a bar, but a community.

Nottingham’s Cocktail Cult

In a city as dynamic as Nottingham, Be At One effortlessly carves a niche for itself. It represents a modern cocktail culture, where every drink is a celebration, every song adds to the narrative, and every patron is part of the story. For those who cherish experiences, memories, and the joy of a well-crafted drink, Be At One - Nottingham awaits with open arms and a shaker in hand.

The Alchemist Logo

The Alchemist

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Nottingham's bustling cityscape lies a venue that promises more than just drinks—it promises an experience. The Alchemist, perched elegantly in the vibrant corner of King Street, isn’t your regular cocktail bar. It’s where mixology meets theatre, where each drink tells a story, and where the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary.

A Venue Drenched in Mystique

From the moment you step foot inside The Alchemist, it's evident that this isn't your run-of-the-mill watering hole. Drawing inspiration from its namesake, the interior design borrows heavily from alchemical labs of yesteryears. Dim lighting, copper accents, and vintage lab equipment set the scene for a night of enchanting elixirs. The ambiance is both mystic and modern—a space where the age-old art of alchemy meets contemporary cocktail culture.

Cocktails that Dazzle and Delight

At the heart of The Alchemist's allure are its cocktails. More than just beverages, they're performance pieces. Drinks bubble, smoke, and change colour as bartenders, or should we say 'alchemists', meticulously blend ingredients together. Each cocktail is presented with a flair of drama, ensuring that guests are not only tasting their drink but also experiencing it.

Favourites like the "Colour Changing One" showcase the playful, scientific spirit of the bar. Made with grey goose vodka, briottet apple, soda, and a ‘magic’ ingredient, the drink transforms from blue to pink right before your eyes.

A Palate-Pleasing Menu

Beyond the bewitching beverages, The Alchemist boasts a menu that's equally tantalizing. Their culinary offerings, much like their drinks, are a fusion of familiar and fantastical. Whether it's the appetizers that tease your taste buds or the hearty mains that satisfy your hunger, each dish is crafted to complement the bar's enchanting theme.

An Evolving Alchemical Experience

The Alchemist doesn’t rest on its laurels. The menu, both drinks, and food, is ever-evolving. Seasonal specials and experimental concoctions often make appearances, ensuring that every visit offers something new. Regulars and newcomers alike are continually enticed by the promise of a novel alchemical adventure.

A Mesmerizing Mixology Marvel in Nottingham

The Alchemist in Nottingham is more than just a place to grab a drink—it's a destination. It invites guests to step into a world where the boundaries between science and magic blur, where each cocktail is a journey, and where the atmosphere is charged with wonder and whimsy. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or someone seeking an evening with a twist, The Alchemist promises an experience that's both spellbinding and spirited.

The Magic Garden Logo

The Magic Garden

Indoor & Outdoor

In the midst of Nottingham's bustling urban jungle lies a portal to another world — The Magic Garden. This cocktail bar, nestled discreetly among the city's historic streets, promises an experience that transcends the ordinary. It's a place where fantasy meets reality, and every patron is invited to partake in the magic.

A Mystical Ambiance

Upon entering The Magic Garden, one is immediately greeted by an atmosphere that evokes wonder and curiosity. The decor is an intricate blend of bohemian charm and ethereal beauty. Lush plants cascade from the ceiling, fairy lights twinkle softly, and ornate furnishings add a touch of vintage elegance. Murmurs of water fountains and the gentle chirping of birds lend an aura of tranquility, making patrons feel as though they've stepped into an enchanted forest.

Cocktails that Tell a Tale

The Magic Garden's cocktail menu is a testament to the bar's commitment to creativity. Each drink is crafted with a blend of traditional and exotic ingredients, resulting in concoctions that are as delightful to the palate as they are to the eye. From drinks that shimmer and change color to those served in whimsical glassware, every cocktail tells a story. As the mixologists work their magic behind the bar, patrons are treated to a performance that's as mesmerizing as the drinks themselves.

A Symphony of Flavours

Beyond the beverages, The Magic Garden also boasts a culinary menu that complements its ethereal theme. The dishes, inspired by global cuisines, are presented with a touch of fantasy. Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients are transformed into delectable bites that tantalize the taste buds, ensuring that the magic isn't limited to just the drinks.

Events and Performances

True to its commitment to providing a holistic experience, The Magic Garden frequently hosts events that add to its allure. Live music nights, poetry readings, and themed parties are a common affair. On some nights, patrons might be treated to performances by illusionists or tarot card readings, making each visit a unique experience.

The Secret Garden Alcove

One of the highlights of The Magic Garden is its 'Secret Garden Alcove'. This secluded space, adorned with creeping vines and aromatic flowers, offers patrons a private haven. Whether it's a romantic date or a quiet evening with a book, this space provides the perfect backdrop.

An Enchanting Oasis in Nottingham's Heart

The Magic Garden is more than just a cocktail bar; it's a realm of imagination. It beckons patrons to leave their worldly worries at the door and embrace the enchantment within. With its captivating ambiance, exquisite drinks, and commitment to the arts, The Magic Garden stands as a testament to Nottingham's vibrant and diverse nightlife. For those in search of an evening filled with wonder and whimsy, this magical oasis awaits.

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