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The Forum Kitchen & Bar

Indoor only

In the eclectic tapestry of Sheffield's nightlife and dining scene, The Forum Kitchen & Bar has carved a unique niche for itself. Located in the heart of the city, this cocktail bar effortlessly combines the allure of fine mixology with the warmth of a community eatery. The result is an establishment that feels both upscale and inviting, a place where cocktail enthusiasts, food lovers, and casual visitors can find something to delight their senses.

A Modern Ambiance with a Local Touch

From the moment you step into The Forum Kitchen & Bar, you're greeted by an interior that is both modern and inviting. The décor is a vibrant mix of industrial-chic elements and softer, organic touches. Exposed brick walls, Edison bulbs, and sleek furniture coexist with lush greenery and quirky art pieces. It’s as if the industrial spirit of Sheffield has been imbued with a dash of Bohemian flair, creating a setting that is both cool and comfortable.

Cocktails with Character

What truly sets The Forum apart is its devotion to the art of cocktail-making. The bar's talented mixologists have a flair for crafting drinks that are as inventive as they are delicious. With a comprehensive menu that ranges from timeless classics like the Manhattan and Negroni to seasonal offerings and house specials, there's a cocktail for every mood and preference. Unique infusions, exotic fruits, and even a touch of molecular gastronomy might make an appearance in your glass, making each order a mini adventure.

A Culinary Journey

As the name suggests, The Forum Kitchen & Bar takes its food as seriously as its drinks. The kitchen offers a diverse menu that reflects a global influence while using locally-sourced ingredients. Whether it’s artisanal burgers, Mediterranean-inspired tapas, or Sheffield’s own Henderson's Relish, each dish is a nod to culinary craftsmanship. The variety ensures that whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or an omnivore, you won't be short of delectable options.

An Ecosystem of Enjoyment

What makes The Forum Kitchen & Bar so special is that it's not just about eating and drinking; it's about the complete experience. This is a place that invites you to linger. With comfortable seating arrangements, both indoor and outdoor, as well as a curated playlist that sets the vibe without overpowering conversation, the establishment has carved out various ‘zones’ for different types of socializing.

Community and Events

The Forum Kitchen & Bar isn't a standalone attraction; it's an integral part of Sheffield's community fabric. Regular events like trivia nights, DJ sets, and even cocktail workshops make it a hotspot for local activity. Whether you're a Sheffield native or just passing through, the welcoming atmosphere makes you feel like a part of something larger.

A Culinary and Mixological Marvel in Sheffield

In a city that prides itself on its rich history, vibrant culture, and close-knit community, The Forum Kitchen & Bar captures the essence of what makes Sheffield unique. It’s a place where quality meets comfort, where the global and the local blend seamlessly, and where every visit offers something new to explore. So whether you're a cocktail connoisseur, a foodie, or simply someone looking for a memorable night out, The Forum Kitchen & Bar invites you to experience the best of Sheffield, one sip and one bite at a time. Cheers!

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Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled amidst the eclectic tapestry of Sheffield’s drinking and dining establishments, Barrowboy stands out as an oasis for the cocktail-curious. An emblem of the city's burgeoning cocktail culture, this chic spot serves as a melting pot where innovative mixology meets Sheffield’s industrial charm.

A Reverence for Local History

Situated in an area that pays homage to Sheffield's storied past, Barrowboy doesn't shy away from embracing its industrial roots. The interior exudes a modern loft vibe, complete with exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and steel accents. Yet, amidst this rugged backdrop, elegant touches abound: the warm glow of pendant lights, plush seating, and an artfully designed bar area that serves as the room’s focal point. It’s a paradoxical but stunning blend that captures Sheffield's dual spirit—its industrial heritage and its present-day sophistication.

The Alchemist's Playbook

The heart of Barrowboy is, undoubtedly, its cocktails. Prepared by mixologists who could easily be mistaken for alchemists, each drink is a meticulously designed work of art. Here, the classics are revered, but not restricted. Whether it’s a gin and tonic infused with home-grown herbs or a creative concoction involving local brews, the offerings intrigue and delight in equal measure. Each sip invites a journey through layers of taste, evoking both familiarity and surprise.

More Than Just Cocktails

While the cocktail offerings are undeniably the star of the show, Barrowboy doesn’t ignore the discerning beer or wine drinker. A curated selection of craft beers and wines—both local and international—reflect the establishment's commitment to quality across the board. Those with a preference for non-alcoholic refreshments will also find an impressive lineup of mocktails and artisanal juices.

Food for Thought

As any cocktail aficionado will attest, the right food can elevate your drinking experience. At Barrowboy, the food menu is as thoughtfully crafted as the drinks. It features a selection of gourmet small plates, with a focus on local ingredients. Whether it's a charcuterie board featuring Yorkshire cheeses or a seafood platter sourced from British waters, the aim is to provide a culinary experience that complements the liquid artistry.

A Social Hub

Beyond the drinks and food, what truly sets Barrowboy apart is its atmosphere. The venue thrives on the diverse tapestry of people it attracts—artists, young professionals, university students, and anyone else drawn to its unique blend of the stylish and the sincere. Weekly events like live music nights, cocktail masterclasses, and themed parties contribute to making Barrowboy more than just a bar—it’s a community hub.

The Barrowboy Experience

In the heart of a city as dynamic as Sheffield, Barrowboy serves as a touchstone for those in search of something beyond the conventional night out. It's not just the intricate cocktails, the carefully curated food, or even the meticulously designed space that set it apart; it’s the feeling of being part of something special, something that speaks to both Sheffield's past and its exciting future.

Sheffield's Stirring Blend of Craft and Culture

In summary, Barrowboy isn’t merely a destination—it’s an experience, a testament to the craft of cocktail-making and the community that appreciates it. Whether you're a Sheffield local or a visitor exploring the city's vibrant nightlife, a trip to Barrowboy promises an evening you won't soon forget. Cheers!

Nook Logo


Indoor only

In the heart of Sheffield, where rich industrial heritage meets contemporary culture, lies Nook—a cocktail bar that effortlessly entwines sophistication with a touch of warmth and familiarity. Unpretentious yet undeniably refined, Nook is more than just a bar; it's a snug escape from the ordinary, offering patrons a journey into the world of avant-garde mixology.

An Atmosphere of Cozy Elegance

The name "Nook" encapsulates the essence of this establishment. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, its ambiance is one of intimate seclusion. Soft lighting filters through the dim interiors, casting gentle shadows upon exposed brick walls and rustic wooden furnishings. Every nook and cranny seems to tell a story, reflecting a seamless blend of Sheffield's storied past with modern urban chic.

A Symphony of Flavours

The cocktails at Nook are not just drinks; they are experiences. Leveraging both time-tested techniques and innovative approaches, the bartenders craft beverages that are a visual and gustatory delight. From the smokiness of a perfectly executed mezcal cocktail to the citrusy zing of a contemporary gin creation, each drink is an ode to the art of mixology. The menu, while constantly evolving, remains grounded in the principles of balance, creativity, and respect for ingredients. Whether you prefer a time-honoured classic or wish to venture into uncharted territories with a house special, Nook's cocktail offerings cater to every whim and fancy.

A Nod to Local Roots

While Nook's inspirations are undoubtedly global, its heart remains deeply rooted in Sheffield. This is evident not just in the decor but also in the choice of ingredients. Many of the spirits, herbs, and garnishes are sourced locally, reflecting a commitment to supporting the community and ensuring unparalleled freshness.

Gastronomic Delights

Complementing its liquid masterpieces, Nook also boasts a tantalising menu of small plates. From artisanal cheeses to expertly prepared tapas, the food is curated to amplify the cocktail experience. Each dish, much like the drinks, is a testament to craftsmanship, quality, and a genuine love for good food.

An Intimate Affair

Nook's charm is not just in its drinks or decor but in the connections it fosters. The layout encourages intimate conversations, making it an ideal spot for quiet dates or heart-to-hearts with close friends. The staff, with their impeccable knowledge and genuine warmth, further enhance the experience, ensuring every patron feels right at home.

Sheffield’s Intimate Alcove of Cocktail Mastery

In a city as vibrant as Sheffield, Nook stands out not by being the loudest or the most ostentatious, but by offering a genuine, intimate experience. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most memorable moments are found not in grandeur, but in the quiet corners, in the shared laughs, in the clinking of glasses, and in the first sip of a perfectly crafted cocktail. For those in search of such moments, Nook is not just a destination; it's an invitation—to slow down, to savour, and to celebrate the little joys of life. Cheers!

Olivia's Townhouse Sheffield Logo

Olivia's Townhouse Sheffield

Indoor & Outdoor

In the vibrant landscape of Sheffield’s nightlife, Olivia's Townhouse Sheffield stands out as an epitome of elegance and flair. Far removed from the austerity of traditional British pubs, this cocktail bar transports its patrons to a realm of lavish interiors, awe-inspiring cocktails, and an atmosphere of unabashed sophistication. With its strategic location in the heart of Sheffield, Olivia's Townhouse is not just a bar—it’s a lifestyle statement.

Palatial Interiors

One cannot discuss Olivia's Townhouse without diving into its visually stunning interiors. Picture grand chandeliers cascading light onto lush velvet seating, opulent wallpaper creating an intricate tapestry of patterns and textures, and polished marble counters that exude luxury. Elements of gold and brass lend a touch of royalty, echoing the ‘townhouse’ ethos in its name. This is a setting where Gatsby would feel at home, where every corner whispers of both nostalgia and novelty.

Artistry in a Glass

At Olivia's Townhouse, cocktails are not merely drinks; they are exquisite compositions. Leveraging the expertise of some of the most skilled mixologists in the region, the cocktail menu is a treasure trove of creativity. From timeless classics like the Old Fashioned and Martini to house specials that feature unique infusions and theatrical presentations, each cocktail promises an experience for both the eyes and the palate. Expect flames, dry ice, and even miniature garnish gardens to accompany your choice of drink.

Premium Selections

In line with its upmarket vibe, Olivia's Townhouse offers a range of premium spirits and liqueurs to cater to the tastes of even the most discerning guests. Whether you prefer the smoky allure of a high-end Scotch or the nuanced complexities of a rare gin, you'll find a meticulously curated selection to match your preference. And if cocktails aren’t your style, worry not; their list of fine wines and craft beers is equally impressive.

Culinary Complements

A venue of this calibre wouldn't be complete without a food menu to match, and Olivia's Townhouse does not disappoint. Expect a range of gourmet small plates and appetizers designed to pair perfectly with your drink of choice. From delectable seafood options to vegetarian delights, the menu complements the libations, making for a complete sensory indulgence.

Entertainment and Events

Olivia's Townhouse is not just a place to sip cocktails in a posh environment; it’s a hub of cultural activity. The venue frequently hosts live music, featuring local artists and DJs who know how to set the right mood. Themed nights and special events are a regular fixture, transforming the establishment into a dynamic and ever-evolving space.

A Haven of Glamour and Mixology

From the moment you step into Olivia's Townhouse Sheffield, it's evident that this isn’t merely a place to grab a drink. It’s an experience that engages all your senses, where each detail is a brushstroke in a larger masterpiece. Whether you are looking to impress a date, celebrate a special occasion, or simply indulge in some well-deserved opulence, Olivia's Townhouse is the destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life. In the ever-diverse and bustling city of Sheffield, Olivia's Townhouse stands as a beacon of what modern luxury and excellent service should be. So, the next time you wish to elevate your evening into an event to remember, you know where to go. Cheers!

Picture House Social Logo

Picture House Social

Indoor only

In a city where historical charm and contemporary culture intertwine, the Picture House Social stands as a tribute to both. Situated in the vintage Abbeydale Picture House, this bar breathes life into a space brimming with cinematic history, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and modernity. With its diverse range of meticulously crafted cocktails, an eclectic atmosphere, and a plethora of activities, Picture House Social is a must-visit gem in Sheffield's burgeoning cocktail scene.

Reviving Cinematic Grandeur

As you step into the Picture House Social, you can't help but be enamoured by the stunning Art Deco features that echo the building's past life as a 1920s cinema. The carefully restored interiors showcase an intriguing mix of vintage glamour and modern comfort, making you feel as if you're a character in a classic film with a contemporary twist.

Cocktails as Blockbusters

Much like the films that once graced its screens, the cocktails at Picture House Social are show-stoppers. Using a diverse palette of premium spirits, homemade syrups, and exotic ingredients, the mixologists here masterfully craft drinks that tantalize the senses. Each cocktail is a cinematic experience in itself, beautifully presented in glassware that adds to the visual delight. Whether you're a fan of the classics or in the mood for something avant-garde, the menu offers something for every taste profile.

Social Eating

The culinary offerings at Picture House Social are as compelling as its cocktails. With a focus on social eating, the menu is designed for sharing, featuring a range of artisanal pizzas, small plates, and gourmet snacks. The ingredients are locally sourced, ensuring that each dish is as fresh and flavoursome as possible. With food and drink that complement each other perfectly, the bar offers a comprehensive dining experience that leaves nothing to be desired.

More than Just a Bar

What sets Picture House Social apart from other establishments is its commitment to being a true social hub. The venue offers a variety of recreational activities that go beyond typical bar entertainment. From a retro-style ping pong room to intimate live music events, the place buzzes with activities that engage more than just your palate. Whether you're enjoying a friendly table tennis match or swaying to the tunes of a local band, there’s never a dull moment.

A Dynamic Community Space

Picture House Social prides itself on being an inclusive, dynamic space that welcomes a diverse clientele. The crowd varies from young creatives to professionals, from tourists exploring Sheffield's historic architecture to locals seeking a memorable night out. The bar often hosts special events, screenings, and art shows, further establishing its reputation as a versatile community space.

A Vintage Paradise in Modern Sheffield

As you sip on a meticulously crafted cocktail while soaking in the atmosphere, it becomes evident that Picture House Social is more than just a bar; it's a microcosm of Sheffield itself. It showcases the city’s history, celebrates its modern-day culture, and embodies its spirit of community. In a city with no shortage of bars and pubs, Picture House Social offers something truly unique—a rich sensory experience that pays homage to Sheffield's past while embracing its future. Here's to Picture House Social, where every visit feels like a premiere. Cheers!

Shuffle Shack Logo

Shuffle Shack

Indoor only

In a city where the industrial meets the avant-garde, Shuffle Shack emerges as an eclectic hub that redefines the traditional cocktail bar scene. Situated in the heart of Sheffield, this vibrant venue combines whimsical decor, inventive drinks, and a contagiously energetic atmosphere to create a setting unlike any other in town. From the moment you step through its reclaimed wooden doors, you are transported to a sanctuary that celebrates the art of mixology and the joy of good company. Here's an insider's look into the captivating world of Shuffle Shack.

A Visual Feast: Décor That Dances to Its Own Beat

One of the first things you'll notice at Shuffle Shack is its distinctive interior. The walls, adorned with a mix of vintage art and neon signage, offer a juxtaposition that somehow works in delightful harmony. Plants dangle from ceilings, adding a touch of green to the otherwise vibrant palette of colors. Quirky furniture pieces—think mismatched bar stools and ornate armchairs—round out the ambience, giving the venue a cozy, almost bohemian flair.

Mixology Magic: A Symphony of Flavors

At Shuffle Shack, the cocktail menu is nothing short of a masterpiece. Every drink is an act of culinary creativity, crafted with homemade syrups, exotic fruits, and artisanal spirits. Whether you're a gin aficionado or a rum devotee, there's a drink that will tantalize your taste buds. Do not miss their signature concoctions, which combine traditional recipes with modern twists—such as a lavender-infused whiskey sour or a spicy mango margarita.

Shuffle and Sway: Games and Tunes

Adding to its eclectic charm, Shuffle Shack offers more than just drinks. It's a place where you can challenge your friends to a round of shuffleboard or sink into a sofa while listening to vinyl records spun by local DJs. The lively atmosphere is bolstered by a soundtrack that ranges from indie rock to soulful jazz, creating the perfect mood for either a lively night out or a laid-back evening.

A Nosh to Remember: The Foodie's Playground

Let's not forget the food—Shuffle Shack offers a compact yet impressive menu of appetizers and finger foods designed to pair perfectly with your cocktails. From truffle-infused mac 'n' cheese bites to zesty lime and chili chicken wings, each dish is a burst of flavor that complements the drinks and enriches the overall experience.

Events and Specials: Ever-Evolving Excitement

No two nights are the same at Shuffle Shack, thanks to a calendar filled with events and specials. Whether it's a themed cocktail night, live music sessions, or a mixology masterclass, there's always something going on to keep you entertained. It's the perfect venue for birthdays, work events, or simply an impromptu night out with friends.

Exceptional Hospitality: Where Everyone Knows Your Name

What truly sets Shuffle Shack apart, however, is its outstanding service. The staff aren't just well-versed in the art of cocktail making; they're genuine people-pleasers who go out of their way to make sure you're having a great time. Their recommendations come with a personal touch, and it's not uncommon for patrons to become fast friends with the bartenders.

Sheffield's Eclectic Oasis of Cocktails and Curiosities

Shuffle Shack is a quirky, one-of-a-kind cocktail bar that exudes a charm and personality all its own. It's a place where creativity flourishes, not only in the glass but also in the atmosphere, the food, and the people. In a city that values individuality and innovation, Shuffle Shack stands as a testament to Sheffield's unique spirit. Cheers to a venue that has successfully shuffled the conventional cocktail bar deck, dealing out a winning hand every time.

The Parrot Club Logo

The Parrot Club

Indoor & Outdoor

Amid the eclectic blend of traditional pubs, craft beer bars, and upscale dining establishments that define Sheffield's nightlife, The Parrot Club offers an experience that's refreshingly different. Nestled in a buzzing corner of the city, this cocktail bar transports you to a lush, tropical paradise the moment you walk through its doors. With exotic cocktails, vibrant décor, and an atmosphere that encourages the joy of socializing, The Parrot Club has become one of the city’s must-visit destinations.

A Tropical Haven in the Heart of Sheffield

From your very first step inside, it's clear that The Parrot Club is designed to be a sanctuary of vibrant energy. Bathed in the soft glow of tiki torches and festooned with tropical plants, the bar evokes the spirit of an island paradise. Bamboo furniture, Polynesian motifs, and the distant echo of beach waves in the background soundtrack further enhance the vacation-like experience.

Cocktails: A Symphony of Flavors

At the heart of The Parrot Club’s allure is, of course, its cocktails. Expert mixologists, guided by a philosophy that favors bold flavors and artistic flair, create beverages that are simply unforgettable. Think rum-infused libations served in hollowed-out pineapples, classic tiki cocktails with a modern twist, and vibrant, Instagram-worthy creations adorned with flowers and miniature umbrellas. Each drink is a celebration of the tropics, a journey to distant islands in every sip.

Culinary Complements

The tropical experience is incomplete without the food to match, and The Parrot Club rises to the occasion. Their menu is an inspired collection of small plates and appetizers that bring the flavors of the Caribbean and the South Pacific to Sheffield. From spicy jerk chicken to zesty fish tacos, each dish pairs perfectly with the exotic drinks, providing a well-rounded culinary adventure.

Social by Nature

What sets The Parrot Club apart is the focus on social interaction. The seating arrangement, which includes both intimate corners for couples and communal tables for larger groups, encourages conversation and mingling. The bar staff are not just mixologists but skilled conversationalists who add a personal touch to your visit. The resulting ambiance is one of communal enjoyment, a place where you come for the drinks but stay for the atmosphere.

Events and Community

To keep the tropical vibes flowing, The Parrot Club regularly hosts events that range from live music to themed parties. Calypso bands, salsa nights, and tiki-themed evenings are frequent attractions, giving patrons the chance to immerse themselves in a cultural experience that extends beyond food and drink. It's not just a bar; it's a hub of cultural exchange and festive enjoyment.

Sheffield's Tropical Oasis of Cocktails and Culture

In a city as diverse and dynamic as Sheffield, The Parrot Club offers an escape from the routine without leaving the city limits. It brings the tropics to your doorstep, creating an environment where the worries of the day dissolve in a mix of exotic flavors, cheerful music, and the joyous energy of a night spent among friends. Whether you're a local looking for a new favorite spot or a visitor exploring the city’s night-life, The Parrot Club invites you to shake off the mundane and indulge in a tropical experience right in the heart of Sheffield. Cheers to paradise found!

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