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The Monarch Bar

Kansas City
Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of Kansas City's historic Country Club Plaza area, The Monarch Bar stands as a beacon of refined hospitality and creativity. This esteemed establishment has been recognized as the nation's Cocktail Bar of the Year, a testament to its unparalleled excellence in the art of mixology and service. The Monarch Bar is not just a place to enjoy a drink; it's an experience that captivates your senses and elevates your evening out.

A Symphony of Flavors and Aesthetics

The Monarch Bar is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, both in its drinks and its ambiance. The cocktail menu is a masterpiece of creativity, with each drink crafted to perfection. The bar's commitment to precision is evident in every sip, offering a unique journey through flavors and aromas. The atmosphere of the lounge complements the drinking experience, with an environment that's both luxurious and welcoming.

Locally Crafted, Internationally Inspired

The essence of The Monarch Bar lies in its ability to blend local craftsmanship with global inspiration. This philosophy extends beyond the cocktails to include a selection of small plates, each as exquisitely prepared as the drinks. The bar's dedication to quality and innovation makes it a standout destination for both locals and visitors seeking a taste of Kansas City's finest.

Perfect Timing for Every Occasion

Whether you're looking for a place to unwind after work or a sophisticated spot for a night out, The Monarch Bar's hours cater to various needs. Open from Monday to Thursday until midnight and extending its hospitality until 1:30 am on Fridays and Saturdays, the bar also offers a Happy Hour from Monday to Friday. This flexibility ensures that The Monarch Bar is always ready to welcome you, regardless of the occasion.

A Commitment to Excellence

The Monarch Bar's reputation as Kansas City's Best Cocktail Bar and Lounge is not just about its drinks or decor. It's about the experience as a whole. From the moment you step in, you're enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance and care. The staff's dedication to providing exceptional service makes every visit memorable, ensuring that The Monarch Bar remains a cherished destination in Kansas City's vibrant nightlife scene.

Discover the Elegance of The Monarch Bar

The Monarch Bar is more than just a cocktail bar; it's a symbol of sophistication and quality in Kansas City. Its blend of locally crafted and internationally inspired offerings, combined with an atmosphere of refined service, makes it a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy an exceptional night out.

The Hey! Hey! Club Logo

The Hey! Hey! Club

Kansas City
Indoor only

Nestled in the bustling streets of Kansas City, The Hey! Hey! Club stands as a beacon of musical heritage, inviting locals and tourists alike to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of jazz history. This iconic venue, steeped in the rhythms and soul of a bygone era, offers a unique experience that transcends the ordinary night out. It's not just a club; it's a journey through time, where the golden age of jazz is not just remembered but vividly relived.

An Ambiance That Resonates with History

Upon entering The Hey! Hey! Club, guests are greeted by an ambiance that exudes the charm and elegance of the 1920s and 1930s. The decor, a harmonious blend of vintage chic and modern comfort, creates an atmosphere that is both inviting and exhilarating. The club's design pays homage to the era when jazz was king, with art deco influences and period-appropriate furnishings that transport you back to the days when swing and bebop ruled the airwaves.

A Stage That Has Seen Legends

The Hey! Hey! Club is more than just a venue; it's a piece of musical history. The stage, bathed in soft, warm lighting, has hosted a plethora of jazz legends over the years. Each performance at the club is a testament to the enduring legacy of these musical pioneers. The club's commitment to preserving the authentic sound and spirit of jazz is evident in every show, making it a must-visit destination for music enthusiasts.

A Melting Pot of Musical Talent

One of the most remarkable aspects of The Hey! Hey! Club is its ability to showcase a diverse range of jazz styles and artists. From up-and-coming local talents to internationally acclaimed musicians, the club's lineup is as varied as it is impressive. This diversity not only keeps the calendar exciting and fresh but also ensures that there's something for every jazz lover, whether you're a fan of smooth jazz, hard bop, or anything in between.

Culinary Delights to Complement Your Experience

The Hey! Hey! Club isn't just about the music; it's also about the overall experience. The club offers a selection of gourmet dishes and artisanal cocktails that are as much a feast for the senses as the music itself. The menu is carefully curated to complement the jazz experience, with each dish and drink designed to enhance the enjoyment of the performances. Whether you're savoring a classic cocktail or indulging in a culinary delight, your taste buds are in for a treat.

A Hub for Jazz Lovers and Culture Enthusiasts

The Hey! Hey! Club is more than a nightspot; it's a cultural hub that brings together people from all walks of life. It's a place where jazz aficionados, history buffs, and casual listeners converge to celebrate the enduring legacy of this incredible genre. The club's vibrant atmosphere and welcoming vibe make it the perfect place to unwind, socialize, and enjoy the best of what Kansas City has to offer in terms of live music and cultural richness.

Discover the Vibrant Heart of Jazz at The Hey! Hey! Club in Kansas City

The Hey! Hey! Club in Kansas City is not just a venue; it's a living, breathing testament to the enduring allure of jazz. With its rich history, diverse musical offerings, and sumptuous culinary delights, the club offers an experience that is both deeply satisfying and profoundly inspiring. Whether you're a lifelong jazz fan or just looking for a unique night out, The Hey! Hey! Club is a destination that promises to enchant and entertain in equal measure.

Green Lady Lounge Logo

Green Lady Lounge

Kansas City
Indoor only

Green Lady Lounge in Kansas City is a celebrated destination for jazz enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados alike. Known for its commitment to Kansas City Jazz musicians and their original compositions, the lounge offers a unique experience steeped in the rich Kansas City tradition. With live jazz 365 days a year and a $5 cover charge that promises access to some of the best live music in the city, Green Lady Lounge is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to enjoy the quintessential Kansas City jazz experience.

An Atmosphere Free from Distractions

One of the most distinctive features of Green Lady Lounge is its atmosphere. Free of televisions, the focus here is purely on the music, the ambiance, and the conversation. The lounge's interior is thoughtfully designed to reflect the sophistication of the surrounding area, with comfortable seating, tall ceilings, and an intimate setting that's perfect for enjoying the live performances that grace the stage.

Craft Cocktails and Live Jazz Every Night

Green Lady Lounge is not just about the music; it's also about the experience of enjoying classic and innovative cocktails in a setting that's as vibrant as the performances. The lounge boasts a comprehensive menu featuring a selection of beers, prosecco on tap, thoughtfully chosen wines, and an extensive list of spirits. The cocktail list is a mix of classic favorites and unique creations, all crafted with care by skilled mixologists.

A Commitment to Authentic Kansas City Jazz

The Green Lady Lounge is deeply committed to preserving and promoting the authentic Kansas City jazz sound. The lounge features only original compositions by local musicians, making it a hub for genuine jazz in the city. This dedication to original music not only supports local artists but also provides guests with an authentic experience that can't be found anywhere else.

Join the Legacy of Music at Green Lady Lounge

Located in the heart of Kansas City, Green Lady Lounge is an inviting destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the city's legendary jazz scene. With its elegant decor, exceptional drink menu, and commitment to live, original jazz every day of the year, the lounge is a beloved institution in Kansas City's nightlife. Whether you're a lifelong jazz fan or just looking for a unique night out, Green Lady Lounge welcomes you to join in the tradition and enjoy the show.

Experience the Soul of Kansas City at Green Lady Lounge

Green Lady Lounge is more than just a cocktail bar; it's a celebration of Kansas City's rich musical heritage. With its intimate atmosphere, exceptional live jazz, and carefully crafted cocktails, the lounge offers an experience that's as enriching as it is entertaining. So next time you're in Kansas City, make your way to Green Lady Lounge and discover the soul of the city in every note played and every drink poured.

The Mercury Room Bar Logo

The Mercury Room Bar

Kansas City
Indoor & Outdoor

The Mercury Room, brought to life by the creators of The Monarch Bar & Verdigris, is a testament to elegance and sophistication in Kansas City's vibrant nightlife. This exquisite bar is known for its stunning interior, innovative cocktails, and an ambiance that whispers luxury in every corner. As you step into The Mercury Room, you're not just entering a bar; you're immersing yourself in an experience that captivates all senses.

Innovative Cocktails in a Majestic Setting

At The Mercury Room, the cocktail menu is a dazzling array of creativity and flavor. Each drink is carefully crafted to offer a unique experience, combining classic techniques with a modern twist. The mixologists, with their deep understanding of spirits and passion for innovation, create cocktails that are both visually stunning and delicious. From the first sip to the last, each cocktail is a journey through taste and elegance.

An Ambiance of Understated Luxury

The design and decor of The Mercury Room are nothing short of breathtaking. The space is a blend of contemporary chic and timeless glamour, with every detail carefully curated to provide an atmosphere of understated luxury. Whether you're nestled in a cozy corner or seated at the bar, the ambiance invites you to relax, enjoy, and indulge in the finer things in life.

Private Events and Memorable Celebrations

The Mercury Room is not only a place for casual evenings out; it's also a popular destination for private events and celebrations. The bar offers an intimate and exclusive setting for everything from corporate gatherings to personal celebrations. With its stunning interior and exceptional service, The Mercury Room ensures that every event is as memorable as it is sophisticated.

Your Destination for Refined Revelry

The Mercury Room stands out as a beacon of style and sophistication in Kansas City. With its commitment to innovative cocktails, breathtaking ambiance, and a spirit of luxury, it's a beloved spot for those who appreciate the art of the cocktail and the beauty of a well-designed space. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, celebrate a special occasion, or simply enjoy a night out in style, The Mercury Room welcomes you to discover the pinnacle of Kansas City's cocktail culture. Here's to unforgettable nights at The Mercury Room!

Prime Social Logo

Prime Social

Kansas City
Indoor & Outdoor

Prime Social is Kansas City's lively and dynamic rooftop cocktail lounge, designed to be the ultimate destination for conversation, relaxation, and enjoyment. Located on the 16th floor at 46 Penn Centre, Prime Social offers a modern and refined rooftop experience that is unparalleled in the city. Whether you're looking to celebrate a special occasion, watch a game, or simply gather with friends, Prime Social is the go-to destination for good times and lasting memories.

Lifting Spirits with Specialty Cocktails

At Prime Social, lifting spirits is more than just a motto—it's a mission. The cocktail menu is a testament to the art of mixology, featuring a range of drinks that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Each cocktail is crafted with precision, using the finest spirits and freshest ingredients. From classic favorites to innovative new creations, the drinks at Prime Social are designed to delight and inspire. And with a commitment to quality and creativity, every sip is an experience in itself.

Enjoying the Panoramic Views and Chic Ambiance

The panoramic views from Prime Social are nothing short of breathtaking. As you relax by the fire pit or take a seat at the bar, you'll be treated to sweeping vistas of Kansas City's skyline. The chic and stylish decor creates an atmosphere that's both inviting and exclusive, making it the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Whether you're there to enjoy the sunset or to dance the night away, Prime Social offers an ambiance that's as vibrant as the city itself.

A Night to Remember Under the Night Sky

Prime Social is not just a place to drink—it's a place to create memories. The rooftop lounge offers a variety of seating options, from cozy fire pit areas to communal tables, ensuring that every visit is comfortable and enjoyable. And with a commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience, the team at Prime Social is dedicated to making sure that every night is a night to remember.

Join the VIP List at Prime Social

Prime Social invites you to join the VIP list and be the first to receive exclusive invitations, offers, and the latest news about the lounge. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to Kansas City, Prime Social is ready to welcome you with open arms. So come on in, grab a drink, and enjoy a nightcap under the night sky at Kansas City's premier rooftop cocktail lounge. Welcome to Prime Social, where every visit is an opportunity to elevate your senses and enjoy the moment.

Howl at the Moon Kansas City Logo

Howl at the Moon Kansas City

Kansas City
Indoor only

Howl at the Moon Kansas City stands out as a premier destination for those seeking a lively and entertaining night out. This venue is not just a bar; it's an experience that combines live music, dynamic performances, and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you're planning a corporate event, celebrating a birthday, or just looking for a fun night out, Howl at the Moon is the place to be.

Diverse Entertainment Options

One of the highlights of Howl at the Moon is its versatility in hosting various events. From bachelor and bachelorette parties to corporate gatherings and holiday celebrations, the venue is equipped to cater to a wide range of occasions. The energy and enthusiasm of the staff add to the overall experience, ensuring every event is memorable.

The Heart of Kansas City's Nightlife

Located at 1334 Grand Blvd. in Kansas City, MO, Howl at the Moon is a key player in the city's nightlife scene. Its strategic location in the bustling area adds to its appeal, making it a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. The venue's hours are tailored to provide maximum entertainment, opening from 7 PM to 2 AM on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and extending to 3 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

An Inclusive and Welcoming Atmosphere

Howl at the Moon Kansas City prides itself on being an inclusive venue. It's a 21-and-over establishment, ensuring a mature and enjoyable environment for all guests. The venue's policy of welcoming everyone, coupled with its commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience, makes it a standout choice for night-time entertainment.

Seamless Experience with Convenient Services

The venue offers various services to enhance the guest experience. Table reservations and VIP packages are available, allowing groups to enjoy the night with a sense of exclusivity and comfort. Additionally, Howl at the Moon accommodates special requests, ensuring that each visit is personalized and enjoyable.

Accessibility and Convenience

Understanding the importance of accessibility, Howl at the Moon ensures that its facilities are wheelchair-friendly, including entrances, restrooms, and seating areas. This commitment to accessibility underscores the venue's dedication to providing a comfortable and inclusive environment for all guests.

Unleashing the Fun at Howl at the Moon Kansas City

Howl at the Moon Kansas City is more than just a bar; it's a vibrant entertainment hub that promises an unforgettable night out. With its lively atmosphere, diverse event options, and commitment to guest satisfaction, it stands as a beacon of fun and excitement in Kansas City's nightlife scene. Whether you're planning a special event or just looking for a place to unwind and enjoy live music, Howl at the Moon is a destination that delivers on all fronts.

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