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In a city celebrated for its gritty blues, smoky barbecue, and soulful culture, Memphis has a lot to offer. Yet even in this vibrant landscape, Bar Hustle stands out like a beacon for the modern-day epicurean. Nestled in a trendy neighborhood that mixes the old with the new, this cocktail bar has become synonymous with innovation, character, and impeccable taste. At Bar Hustle, the spirit of Memphis takes on a contemporary twist, making it a must-visit for both locals and travelers seeking an extraordinary night out.

A Vibrant Canvas

As you walk through the door, you're immediately struck by the bar's effervescent atmosphere. Unlike traditional southern bars with their rustic charm, Bar Hustle goes for a minimalist yet colorful aesthetic. Neon signs cast a playful glow on sleek, monochromatic walls adorned with vibrant murals by local artists. The eclectic furniture ranges from comfy leather banquettes to high-top tables, offering a variety of seating options that cater to intimate têtes-à-têtes or larger, boisterous groups.

Cocktails with a Twist

At Bar Hustle, cocktails are far from ordinary; they are the focal point around which the entire experience revolves. Each concoction is an intricate story, skillfully told by mixologists who use a global palette of ingredients. The cocktail menu changes seasonally, allowing for a dynamic array that keeps patrons excited and engaged. Classics are reinterpreted with unexpected ingredients. Imagine sipping on a "Southern Spritz," where the crispness of Aperol meets the richness of homemade peach syrup, all balanced by the effervescence of a quality Prosecco. Or consider "The Hustler," a whiskey cocktail featuring house-infused cherry bourbon, mint, and a dash of locally-sourced honey—served in a glass smoked with Tennessee applewood right in front of you.

A Symphony of Flavors

While cocktails are the stars of the show, the food at Bar Hustle doesn't play second fiddle. The menu is a curated selection of small plates that are as thoughtfully designed as the drinks. Picture a plate of crispy Brussels sprouts drizzled with balsamic reduction and sprinkled with pecan dust, or artisanal sliders featuring grass-fed beef and homemade aioli. Each dish is not just an accompaniment but a culinary experience in its own right.

Tuned to the Beat

No visit to Bar Hustle is complete without mentioning the music. In a city that lives and breathes tunes, this bar captures the essence of Memphis' diverse music scene. Depending on the night, you could find yourself swaying to live blues, nodding to hip-hop beats, or even discovering a new indie band. The acoustics are designed to enhance the atmosphere without overwhelming conversation, creating a balance that's hard to find in most bars.

Memphis' Modern Oasis of Mixology and Moxie

Bar Hustle has carved a unique niche in Memphis' dynamic social landscape. It's a place that simultaneously honors the city's rich heritage and eagerly embraces the new, delivering an experience that's both refreshing and deeply rooted in local culture. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur, a foodie, or simply someone seeking a vibrant atmosphere, Bar Hustle offers a contemporary slice of Memphis that's absolutely worth the trip.

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Hen House

Indoor & Outdoor

Memphis, a city known for its blues, barbecue, and Beale Street, has another gem tucked into its vibrant tapestry: Hen House, a cocktail bar that marries southern comfort with modern mixology. Tucked away in a charming corner of the city, Hen House serves as both a refuge from the hustle and bustle and a lively gathering spot for those in search of a truly unique cocktail experience. From its locally sourced ingredients to its rustic-chic décor, the Hen House offers a fresh take on what a southern bar can be.

Rustic Elegance

Upon entering Hen House, you're greeted by an atmosphere that's part farmhouse chic and part southern elegance. Think reclaimed wooden tables, comfy leather stools, and vintage light fixtures that cast a warm glow over the entire space. The walls are adorned with sepia-toned photographs and rustic artifacts that pay homage to Memphis' storied past. However, the centerpiece of the room has to be the bar itself—a long, wooden counter where the magic happens. Behind the bar, shelves of eclectic glassware and a myriad of liquor bottles rise against a backdrop of white subway tiles, creating a space that feels both timeless and modern.

Mixology with a Southern Twist

Hen House prides itself on offering cocktails that are both inventive and rooted in southern tradition. They lean into seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring each cocktail is as fresh as it is flavorful. For example, their "Tennessee Honey" combines local bourbon with organic honey, freshly squeezed lemon, and a touch of lavender for a concoction that's as comforting as it is nuanced. Another fan favorite is the "Bluegrass Fizz," which is a delightful mélange of gin, blueberries, fresh mint, and champagne—a drink that's as refreshing as a southern evening breeze.

Southern Bites

Hen House doesn't skimp on its culinary offerings. Their menu boasts an array of delectable small plates designed to complement their cocktail list. From crispy fried okra served with tangy aioli to a modern take on shrimp and grits, each dish is carefully crafted to represent the best of southern cooking. The star of the show may well be the Hen House Platter—a hearty arrangement of southern charcuterie featuring artisanal cheeses, house-cured meats, and local preserves.

Community and Conversation

Hen House offers more than just food and drinks; it's a gathering spot for the community. On any given evening, you'll find locals catching up at the bar, couples enjoying a romantic date night, and groups of friends kicking off their weekend festivities. The bar often hosts live music nights, featuring local artists and bands that contribute to the overall atmosphere of laid-back enjoyment.

Where Southern Comfort Meets Craft Cocktails in Memphis

Hen House is more than a cocktail bar; it's a celebration of southern culture through the lens of modern mixology and elevated comfort food. With its charming atmosphere, inventive cocktails, and commitment to local ingredients, Hen House offers a uniquely Memphian experience that's not to be missed. Whether you're a local looking for a new haunt or a visitor eager to explore the city's burgeoning cocktail scene, Hen House is a welcoming haven of southern hospitality and delightful indulgence.

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Tiger and Peacock

Indoor & Outdoor

In a city teeming with soulful music, delectable Southern cuisine, and a rich history, Tiger and Peacock offers a novel addition to Memphis' vibrant culture. Named after two of nature’s most captivating creatures, this cocktail bar exudes a whimsical yet sophisticated charm that draws an eclectic clientele—from young professionals to seasoned connoisseurs of fine spirits.

Whimsy Meets Elegance

As you enter Tiger and Peacock, the first thing that strikes you is the delightful juxtaposition of design elements. Flickering candlelight illuminates intricate tilework, mimicking the stripes of a tiger, while plush, peacock-blue velvet couches invite you to settle in for an evening of elegance. The ambiance transports you to an otherworldly haven where mystery and grandeur dance in harmony.

The Pinnacle of Mixology

While the decor is certainly eye-catching, it's the cocktails that steal the show. Each drink is a masterpiece of balance, complexity, and originality, prepared by bartenders who are more akin to culinary artists. The "Roaring Tiger" cocktail, for instance, pairs the smoky notes of mezcal with the zing of fresh ginger, offering a burst of flavor that roars through your palate. The "Peacock Plume"—a visually stunning creation featuring vodka, blue Curacao, and a dash of sparkling wine—is as beautiful as it is delicious, presented with a flourish of edible flowers.

A Feast for the Senses

Don't overlook the culinary offerings at Tiger and Peacock. The menu is carefully crafted to enhance your cocktail experience. Small plates, like spicy tuna tartare or truffled mac and cheese, offer an array of textures and flavors that pair beautifully with your drink of choice. For something more substantial, the artisan flatbreads and gourmet sliders provide hearty options that still leave room for another round of cocktails.

More than a Bar—An Experience

What sets Tiger and Peacock apart from other cocktail establishments is its commitment to offering more than just drinks and food. Regular events such as "Mixology Mondays" give patrons the chance to get behind the bar and learn the art of cocktail making from the experts. "Vinyl Nights" invite local DJs to spin records, offering a sonic landscape as varied and enticing as the drink menu.

Sustainable Glamour

Tiger and Peacock takes sustainability seriously. From using locally sourced, organic ingredients to serving drinks with eco-friendly straws, the establishment is committed to reducing its carbon footprint without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Where Artistry Meets Adventure in Memphis Cocktails

With its artistic flair, meticulous attention to detail, and a keen sense of adventure, Tiger and Peacock offers a unique cocktail experience in Memphis. It’s a place where each drink tells a story, each plate is a journey, and each night is an adventure waiting to unfold. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated spot for date night, a lively atmosphere for catching up with friends, or an educational experience in the craft of cocktail making, Tiger and Peacock promises an evening of unforgettable allure.

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