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Monster Kitchen and Bar

Indoor only

Nestled within Canberra's iconic and architecturally astounding Ovolo Nishi, Monster Kitchen and Bar melds art, architecture, and gastronomy, creating a holistic and unforgettable sensory experience. This uniquely designed space marries the whimsical with the sophisticated, presenting Canberra's urban crowd and international travelers with a culinary escape unlike any other.

Location and Design: An Artistic Feat

Located within the cultural and design hub of NewActon, Monster Kitchen and Bar boasts a location that perfectly complements its avant-garde essence. Its position inside the Ovolo Nishi - a boutique hotel renowned for its sustainable design and artistic ethos - sets the stage for the creative journey awaiting its patrons.

Walking into Monster, guests are immediately met with a vast, eclectic, and elegantly designed space. The intricate mash-up of organic textures, from salvaged woods to plush velvets, combined with contemporary artwork, fosters an ambiance that's both inviting and endlessly intriguing.

The Culinary Adventure: Beyond the Expected

Monster Kitchen and Bar is not just about food; it's about storytelling through cuisine. The menu, which leans on seasonal and local produce, is a fluid narrative, taking diners on a journey from the forests and farms of Australia to the very plate in front of them. With a penchant for juxtaposing flavors and textures, each dish becomes an exploration of the unexpected.

But it's not just the food that garners accolades. Monster's cocktail menu is a masterclass in mixology. Balancing classic staples with innovative creations, the bar offers concoctions that surprise the palate while paying homage to traditional mixology techniques.

Open Spaces and Intimate Corners

One of Monster's design marvels is its adaptability. While the vast communal tables promote a sense of community and shared experience, there are also cozy nooks and corners for those seeking a more intimate dining affair. The transition from the sunlit lounge during the day to a moody and atmospheric bar by night ensures that Monster caters to moods of all shades.

Events and Happenings: A Cultural Pulse

True to its ethos of promoting art and culture, Monster frequently hosts events, workshops, and live music sessions, transforming the space into a cultural playground. From wine-tasting evenings to art showcases, Monster pulses with a vibrant energy that keeps the local community engaged and inspired.

Where Art Meets Appetite

Monster Kitchen and Bar is more than just a dining destination; it's a manifestation of art, culture, and culinary excellence. It challenges the conventional, celebrates the experimental, and offers a space where every visit is an adventure for the senses. In the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Canberra, Monster stands out not just for its exceptional food and drinks but for its ability to craft memories that linger long after the meal is over.

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Indoor only

Nestled in the heart of Australia's capital city, Alcove is more than just a cocktail bar. It's a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the city's bustle, a haven where the art of mixology takes center stage, and a testament to Canberra's evolving nightlife scene. Here, at Alcove, the spirit of Canberra comes alive in a symphony of flavors, aromas, and stories poured into each glass.

Location: A Quiet Respite

Though Canberra is known for its serene landscapes and iconic landmarks, Alcove finds a sweet spot between the city's vivacious energy and tranquil vibes. Located discreetly away from the main drags, Alcove draws in those who are in the know, making every visit feel like discovering a well-kept secret.

Ambiance: Understated Elegance

The moment you step into Alcove, there's an unmistakable air of sophistication. The décor marries modern minimalism with hints of rustic charm. Ambient lighting casts a gentle glow over polished wood and soft furnishings, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. There's a palpable sense of intimacy, making it an ideal spot for hushed conversations, romantic rendezvous, or solitary contemplation.

Cocktails: A Liquid Odyssey

At Alcove, cocktails aren't just beverages; they're experiences. Each drink is a labor of love, curated with precision, creativity, and a deep respect for the art of mixology. The menu is a delightful blend of classics and innovative concoctions, inspired by global flavors yet rooted in local ingredients.

Seasonal infusions, artisanal spirits, and unexpected pairings ensure that the cocktail menu remains dynamic and exciting. Whether it's a smoky whiskey blend that evokes the Australian outback or a gin-based delight reminiscent of a breezy summer's day in Canberra, Alcove promises a sensory journey with every sip.

Gourmet Delights: Beyond Beverages

Complementing its stellar cocktail offerings, Alcove presents a curated selection of gourmet bites. Reflecting Canberra's rich culinary landscape, the menu showcases both local produce and international inspirations. Whether it's a platter of artisanal cheeses or a contemporary take on Australian classics, the culinary offerings are designed to elevate the drinking experience.

Service: Personalized and Pristine

Integral to Alcove's charm is its impeccable service. The staff, knowledgeable and passionate, add a personal touch to every interaction. From guiding patrons through the intricate layers of a cocktail to ensuring that every need is catered to, their commitment to excellence shines brightly.

Canberra's Cocktail Crown Jewel

In a city that's a blend of political prowess, cultural heritage, and natural beauty, Alcove stands out as a beacon for cocktail enthusiasts. It's a testament to Canberra's evolving and vibrant nightlife, a space where the city's pulse can be felt in its most distilled form. For those seeking an evening of refined pleasure, Alcove is the destination to mark on their Canberra map.

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Bar Rochford

Indoor only

Amidst the structured elegance of Canberra, the Australian capital renowned for its political gravitas and architectural grandeur, there thrives a place that exudes an entirely different aura — Bar Rochford. Nestled in the historic Melbourne Building, Bar Rochford effortlessly blends the city's rich history with a modern, bohemian spirit, offering locals and tourists alike a chance to taste, hear, and feel something distinctively "Canberra".

Location: Melding Past with Present

Residing in the heritage-listed Melbourne Building, Bar Rochford's location sets the tone for its unique character. With views overlooking London Circuit, patrons can absorb the city's rhythm while being ensconced in an ambiance that harks back to Canberra's early days, all while sipping on a meticulously crafted cocktail.

Ambiance: Vintage Charm Meets Modern Elegance

Entering Bar Rochford is like stepping into a sepia-tinted photograph. Exposed brick walls, vintage furniture, and rustic wooden beams contrast beautifully with the art-deco inspired fittings and plush seating. The subdued lighting, paired with the occasional flicker from candlelit tables, creates an atmosphere that's both intimate and vivacious. Vinyl records spinning on turntables provide a nostalgic soundscape that further complements the bar's distinctive vibe.

Cocktails: A Symphony of Flavors

The drink menu at Bar Rochford is both an art and a testament to the skill of its bartenders. Seasonal ingredients, local spirits, and a flair for experimentation come together to create a cocktail list that's innovative yet familiar. From timeless classics to contemporary mixes that surprise and delight, each drink is a narrative in its own right, echoing tales of Canberra's diverse landscapes and cultures.

Gastronomy: Local Produce, Global Inspiration

Complementing its exceptional drink offerings, Bar Rochford's culinary delights emphasize locally sourced ingredients. The menu, though concise, is a harmonious blend of Australian flavors with international twists. Whether it's a dish inspired by the Mediterranean coast or an Aussie staple given a unique spin, Bar Rochford ensures every bite is a celebration of Canberra's gastronomic journey.

Service: Genuine and Heartfelt

At the heart of Bar Rochford's success is its team. From bartenders who engage in passionate discussions about the origins and nuances of their drinks to servers who recall your preferences from previous visits, the personal touch in their service stands out. Every member radiates a genuine love for what they do, making patrons feel more like friends than customers.

Canberra's Bohemian Rhapsody

Bar Rochford is not just a place to grab a drink; it's a sensory experience. Every element, from its historic location to the curated playlists, serves to tell a story about Canberra's evolving identity. It's where the city's past, present, and future converge, offering visitors a taste of its multifaceted soul. In a city of landmarks and institutions, Bar Rochford emerges as an unmissable destination for those seeking a slice of Canberra's bohemian heart.

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High Jinks

Indoor only

Amid the eclectic bar scene of Canberra, where innovative concepts frequently push the envelope, High Jinks stands out as an elevated experience in every sense. Situated in the heart of the capital, this cocktail bar showcases the epitome of mixology mastery, all while maintaining a distinct, homegrown Australian charm.

Location: A Prime Spot in the Capital

High Jinks benefits from a location that is both central and slightly secluded, allowing patrons to be within the city's pulse but also granting an escape from its bustling rhythm. Its proximity to Canberra's landmarks ensures that after a day of sightseeing or official appointments, High Jinks is the perfect spot to unwind and relish the evening.

Ambiance: Sophisticated Yet Unpretentious

Upon entering High Jinks, one is immediately enveloped in an ambiance of understated luxury. The interiors, with their modern aesthetics infused with rustic touches, offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Muted lighting, plush seating, and artistic decor pieces combine to create a space that is both chic and comfortable. This balance ensures that whether you're in a formal suit or casual wear, you'll feel right at home.

Cocktails: A Mixologist's Dream

High Jinks takes cocktails to a whole new level. The bar boasts a menu that is as extensive as it is exquisite. Classic cocktails are masterfully executed, but it's the original creations, inspired by Australia's diverse flora and regional spirits, that truly captivate. Ingredients like finger lime, wattleseed, and Tasmanian pepperberry make frequent appearances, offering patrons flavors that are uniquely Australian.

Moreover, the presentation of each drink, often accompanied by a brief story of its inspiration, ensures that each cocktail is not just a beverage but a sensory journey.

Gastronomy: Complementing the Liquid Art

Understanding that a fine drink is best enjoyed with equally delightful food, High Jinks offers a menu that complements its drink selection perfectly. With an emphasis on local produce and contemporary techniques, the culinary offerings are both flavorful and visually appealing. The fusion of Australian ingredients with global cuisines ensures a diverse palate of tastes, providing something for everyone.

Service: Personalized and Professional

The experience at High Jinks is made even more memorable by its team. The staff exude a genuine passion for their craft, always eager to offer recommendations, explain the intricacies of a drink, or simply engage in a friendly chat. Their knowledge of mixology and their attentive approach ensures every patron feels valued.

Canberra's Cocktail Crown Jewel

High Jinks isn't just another bar; it's a testament to Canberra's evolving and vibrant nightlife scene. By seamlessly integrating world-class mixology with the flavors and spirit of Australia, it offers patrons an unparalleled experience. For those looking to explore the depth and breadth of modern Australian cocktails, High Jinks is an essential destination.

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Indoor & Outdoor

In the vibrant tapestry of Canberra's nightlife, the Highball Express occupies a unique and nostalgic niche. With a theme that harks back to the Prohibition era, where hidden bars and secret passwords were the norms, Highball Express is more than just a bar – it's a captivating journey back in time, delivering patrons to an era of mystery, intrigue, and of course, exceptional cocktails.

Location: Central yet Enigmatic

Tucked away in Canberra's bustling downtown, the Highball Express presents an intriguing paradox: while it's centrally located, making it easily accessible, its entrance maintains an element of mystique reminiscent of the 1920s speakeasies. This masterful blend of visibility and secrecy enhances its allure, drawing in both locals and tourists with promises of a unique experience.

Ambiance: A Nod to the Roaring Twenties

The interior of Highball Express is a beautifully designed tribute to the Prohibition era. Dark wood paneling, vintage aviation decor, and soft jazz melodies transport patrons to a bygone era where secret gatherings and covert merriment were all the rage. The subtle airplane motifs scattered throughout the bar are an ode to the "highball" flights that secretly transported rum from the Caribbean to the U.S. during Prohibition.

Cocktails: Classic Meets Contemporary

At the heart of the Highball Express experience is its impressive array of cocktails. While there's a strong emphasis on rum, given the bar's thematic underpinnings, the menu caters to a wide range of preferences. Classic cocktails from the 1920s are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, while innovative concoctions showcase the bartenders' contemporary flair. Ingredients are sourced with care, and each drink, whether it's a classic mojito or a signature Highball creation, tells a story.

Gastronomy: Bites with a Twist

To accompany its liquid masterpieces, Highball Express offers a curated menu of snacks and light bites. While the food retains a modern flair, many dishes carry hints of the Caribbean, a nod to the rum-running routes that inspire the bar's theme. Each plate is not only flavorful but also thoughtfully presented, making it a visual treat.

Service: Elegance and Expertise

Completing the Highball experience is its exceptional team. Knowledgeable and passionate, the staff at Highball Express ensure that every patron's journey is memorable. Whether guiding newcomers through the extensive rum selection or crafting a bespoke cocktail to suit a regular's preference, the team's dedication shines through.

A Timeless Journey in Canberra's Heart

The Highball Express is more than just a place to enjoy a drink. It encapsulates an era, offering patrons a chance to step back in time while remaining firmly grounded in the present. For those in search of a cocktail experience that marries history, ambiance, and unparalleled mixology, Highball Express is a must-visit in Canberra.

Luna Logo


Indoor only

Canberra, Australia’s capital, is renowned for its harmonious blend of cultural, historical, and modern influences. Among its eclectic urban offerings is Luna, a cocktail bar that has effortlessly etched its place as a stellar destination in Canberra’s nightlife constellation.

Location: Central and Charming

Strategically positioned in Canberra's heart, Luna benefits from its central location, making it an easily accessible oasis for city dwellers and tourists alike. Its proximity to Canberra's main attractions ensures that it’s always pulsating with a vibrant mix of patrons.

Ambiance: A Twilight Dream

The moment you step into Luna, it feels like stepping into another world, where urban sophistication meets celestial whimsy. The decor subtly weaves in lunar motifs, with soft blue and silver tones evoking images of moonlit nights. Intimate seating, dim lighting, and reflective surfaces further amplify its ethereal charm. Large windows provide patrons with a view of Canberra’s skyline, beautifully bridging the realms of urban reality and lunar fantasy.

Cocktails: Liquid Poetry

At Luna, mixology is less of a profession and more of an art form. Their cocktail menu, which takes inspiration from celestial themes, is a curated selection of classics reimagined and innovative creations. Each drink tells a story, combining ingredients in ways that surprise and delight. Whether it's a cocktail infused with lavender to mimic the calming quality of night or a fiery concoction representing meteor showers, each drink is crafted to perfection.

Gastronomy: From Earth to the Moon

To accompany the ethereal drinks, Luna offers a culinary journey that mirrors its celestial theme. The menu boasts a range of dishes, from light appetizers to fulfilling mains, all curated to complement the cocktail offerings. Ingredients are locally sourced, reflecting Luna’s commitment to quality and its connection to the Canberra community.

Service: Stellar and Personal

Service at Luna isn’t just about serving drinks; it’s about creating experiences. The staff, with their profound knowledge of mixology and an innate sense of hospitality, go the extra mile to ensure each guest feels valued. Their recommendations often hit the mark, showcasing their understanding of individual preferences.

Events and Entertainment: Dancing Under the Stars

Luna, apart from its regular offerings, frequently hosts themed nights and special events. Live music performances, cocktail masterclasses, and DJ nights ensure that the bar is not just a place for quiet reflection but also for jubilant celebrations.

Canberra’s Moonlit Sanctuary

Luna isn’t just another cocktail bar; it’s a narrative, a sensory journey inspired by the moon and stars. For those seeking an escape from the mundane, Luna offers a haven that's both grounded in its commitment to quality and elevated in its imaginative approach. In Canberra's vibrant nightlife tapestry, Luna shines bright, promising an experience that’s both otherworldly and intimately familiar.

Molly Logo


Indoor only

Tucked away in Canberra's vibrant streets, Molly stands as a testament to the elegance and allure of the Roaring Twenties and the Prohibition era. With its blend of mystery, sophistication, and top-notch mixology, Molly has carved a distinctive niche in Canberra's bustling nightlife scene, taking patrons on a nostalgic trip to an era long past, yet never truly forgotten.

Location: A Hidden Gem

Molly's allure begins with its location. Aided by coordinates rather than a conventional address, finding this cocktail bar feels like embarking on an exciting urban treasure hunt. This strategic obscurity only heightens the excitement, making every visit feel like a clandestine rendezvous.

Ambiance: A Glimpse into the 1920s

Stepping into Molly is akin to time travel. Dim lighting, plush leather seating, wood-paneled interiors, and jazz melodies wafting through the air encapsulate the Prohibition era's essence. The vintage décor, from old gramophones to classic black-and-white photographs, transports patrons to a world of flapper dresses, jazz bands, and speakeasy vigor.

Cocktails: Classic Elegance Meets Contemporary Flair

Molly takes its cocktails seriously. Embodying the spirit of the 1920s, the drinks menu is a careful blend of Prohibition-era classics and innovative concoctions. The bartenders, with their waistcoats and precise pours, exhibit a craftsmanship that turns each drink into a masterpiece. From smoky whiskeys to refreshing gin blends, Molly offers a symphony of flavors, crafted with precision and presented with flair.

Gastronomy: Prohibition-Era Pleasures

Complementing its stellar drinks menu, Molly presents a selection of gastronomic delights inspired by the 1920s. Whether it's a charcuterie board featuring artisanal cheeses and cured meats or delectable small bites inspired by global flavors, Molly ensures that its patrons are treated to an all-encompassing sensory journey.

Service: Impeccable and Personalized

The experience at Molly is elevated by its attentive and knowledgeable staff. Not just servers, they are storytellers, guiding patrons through the menu, narrating tales of the drinks' origins, and ensuring every guest is immersed in the Prohibition-era experience.

Jazz Nights: The Heartbeat of Molly

An integral part of Molly's identity is its commitment to live music. On select nights, the sounds of live jazz bands fill the space, enhancing the 1920s ambiance and providing patrons with an authentic speakeasy experience. The melodies, coupled with the clink of glasses and the murmur of conversations, make Molly a pulsating hub of culture, history, and entertainment.

A Timeless Elixir in Canberra's Heart

In a world that’s perpetually racing forward, Molly offers a beautiful pause. It's not just a bar; it's a capsule of history, a space where stories of the past merge seamlessly with the present's vibrancy. For those seeking a cocktail experience that transcends the ordinary, Molly beckons with its promise of vintage charm, exceptional mixology, and the timeless allure of the Prohibition era.

White Rabbit Logo

White Rabbit

Indoor only

Tucked away amidst Canberra's bustling cityscape, White Rabbit invites patrons to tumble down the proverbial rabbit hole and step into a world where imagination meets intoxication. Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll's timeless tale, this cocktail bar serves up whimsy, wonder, and world-class cocktails in equal measure.

A Portal to Wonderland

In the heart of Canberra lies a door to another world. At first glance, White Rabbit might seem like just another chic city bar, but those who venture inside are treated to an experience reminiscent of Alice's adventures in Wonderland. The decor, a delightful blend of Victorian elegance and surreal charm, sets the stage for an evening of enchantment.

Drink Me: Cocktails that Captivate

At White Rabbit, the cocktail menu is less a list of beverages and more a collection of stories waiting to unfold. Each drink is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, balancing traditional mixology with modern twists. Whether it's a concoction that changes color as you sip or a drink served in a teacup that would make the Mad Hatter proud, each cocktail promises a taste of the extraordinary.

Eats to Match the Elixirs

Beyond its libations, White Rabbit impresses with its culinary offerings. Just as the cocktails defy convention, the food menu showcases classics reimagined with a touch of the whimsical. From bite-sized appetizers that play with texture and taste to heartier fares fit for the Queen of Hearts herself, there's something to satisfy every craving.

Ambiance: A Dreamlike Dive

The ambiance at White Rabbit is nothing short of spellbinding. Soft, ambient lighting casts a dreamy glow over the establishment, and every nook and cranny has been thoughtfully designed to transport patrons further into the world of Wonderland. Whether you're cozying up in a corner that reminds you of the Cheshire Cat's lair or holding court at a table fit for royalty, the atmosphere encourages relaxation, revelry, and a touch of the romantic.

Events and Themes: Ever-Evolving Enchantment

One of the standout features of White Rabbit is its ever-changing lineup of themed nights and events. Whether it's a Mad Hatter's tea party, a night dedicated to the Red Queen, or a live music evening that pays homage to the tale's many quirky characters, there's always something new and novel to look forward to.

A Trip to Remember

White Rabbit is more than just a cocktail bar; it's an experience. Every element, from the drinks to the decor, has been curated to offer patrons a slice of Wonderland right in the heart of Canberra. For those seeking an escape from the mundane and a dive into the delightful, White Rabbit stands as a beacon of creativity, charm, and, of course, cocktails.

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