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Banqueta Coquetelaria

São Paulo
Indoor & Outdoor

In the sprawling metropolis of São Paulo, where contemporary skyscrapers blend seamlessly with historical edifices, Banqueta Coquetelaria stands out as a beacon of cocktail craftsmanship. This bar is not just a place to quench one's thirst but a destination where classic Brazilian spirit meets avant-garde mixology.

Location: Heart of the Urban Jungle

Nestled in the city's dynamic streets, Banqueta Coquetelaria offers a vantage point to both the hustle of São Paulo's daily life and its vibrant nightlife. Its prime location makes it a favored spot for the city's diverse populace, from business magnates sealing deals to groups of friends seeking respite from urban chaos.

Ambiance: An Artistic Retreat

The interiors of Banqueta Coquetelaria resonate with artistry and innovation. Stark industrial elements blend harmoniously with warm wooden accents, creating an ambiance that's both edgy and inviting. Dim lighting, punctuated by occasional neon hues, adds to the bar's contemporary charm. This is a place designed for those who appreciate aesthetics, both in their environment and in their drink.

Cocktails: An Ode to Brazilian Flavors

What truly sets Banqueta Coquetelaria apart is its unwavering commitment to showcasing the essence of Brazil through its cocktails. Local ingredients, from the potent cachaça to the myriad tropical fruits, are the heroes here. The menu is a delightful mix of reimagined classics and novel creations, each drink presenting a tale of Brazil's rich cultural tapestry.

Yet, the bar doesn't confine itself to traditional boundaries. Global influences are evident in many of their concoctions, a nod to São Paulo's cosmopolitan spirit. From Asian infusions to Mediterranean flavors, the cocktail menu at Banqueta Coquetelaria is a journey around the world, with Brazil at its core.

Service: Personalized and Proficient

It's not just the drinks that captivate patrons but also the exemplary service. The staff, with their deep knowledge of mixology and an intuitive understanding of guest preferences, ensures that every visit is unique. Their recommendations often hit the mark, turning first-time visitors into loyal patrons.

Events: Experiencing São Paulo's Pulse

True to its stature as a cultural hub, Banqueta Coquetelaria frequently hosts events that celebrate various facets of art, music, and dance. Whether it's a jazz night or a showcase of local artists, the bar pulsates with the energy and creativity of São Paulo.

São Paulo's Oasis of Mixology and Modernity

Banqueta Coquetelaria, with its blend of authenticity and innovation, is a true reflection of São Paulo's soul. It's more than just a bar; it's a space where stories are shared, friendships are forged, and the essence of Brazil is sipped and savored. For those venturing into São Paulo, Banqueta Coquetelaria is an unmissable experience, promising an evening (or many) of delightful discoveries.

Bar dos Arcos Logo

Bar dos Arcos

São Paulo
Indoor only

Deep within São Paulo, a city renowned for its dizzying heights and urban sprawl, lies a venue that transcends time: Bar dos Arcos. A mesmerizing fusion of historical architecture and avant-garde design, this bar is a testament to São Paulo's ability to celebrate its past while embracing the future.

Location: Beneath São Paulo's Historic Viaduct

Bar dos Arcos finds its home underneath the city's iconic "Viaduto do Chá" (Tea Viaduct). This strategic location serves as both a literal and symbolic bridge between São Paulo's rich history and its modern aspirations. The bar's surroundings pulsate with the heartbeat of the city, making it an ideal spot for urban explorers and history enthusiasts alike.

Ambiance: Gothic Glamour

As patrons descend into Bar dos Arcos, they are instantly transported to a world that exudes Gothic allure. The venue meticulously preserves the viaduct's original stone arches, creating cavernous alcoves that provide intimate seating arrangements. Modern lighting techniques cast a myriad of hues against these stones, resulting in a surreal play of light and shadow.

Contrasting the ruggedness of the arches, plush seating and opulent decor elements infuse the space with a touch of modern luxury. The overall ambiance strikes a delicate balance between the majesty of a medieval cathedral and the sophistication of a contemporary lounge.

Cocktails: A Culinary Art Form

At Bar dos Arcos, mixology is treated with the reverence of a fine art. The menu draws inspiration from Brazil's vast culinary landscape, integrating native ingredients with global spirits. From cachaça-based classics to experimental elixirs, each drink is a sensory experience designed to tell a story.

The presentation of the cocktails, much like the bar itself, is a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. Drinks are often garnished with local fruits, flowers, or even artistic ice structures, making each cocktail not just a beverage but a masterpiece.

Service: A Symphony of Excellence

The team at Bar dos Arcos complements the venue's grandeur. Knowledgeable, attentive, and genuinely passionate about their craft, they ensure that every guest's experience is nothing short of magical. Whether offering recommendations, crafting bespoke drinks, or sharing intriguing anecdotes about the venue, the staff elevate the overall experience.

Events: A Cultural Tapestry

Consistent with its ethos of celebrating São Paulo's multifaceted culture, Bar dos Arcos frequently hosts events that span a range of artistic disciplines. From live orchestral performances that resonate with the venue's Gothic charm to contemporary art exhibitions, there's always a reason to revisit.

A Portal to São Paulo's Grandeur and Glamour

Bar dos Arcos is not merely a place to grab a drink. It's a destination, a journey through São Paulo's illustrious past and its dynamic present. For those seeking an experience that's steeped in history yet refreshingly innovative, Bar dos Arcos is a beacon, illuminating the city's cultural landscape with its resplendent glow.

Caulí Bar Logo

Caulí Bar

São Paulo
Indoor & Outdoor

In a city as vibrant and diverse as São Paulo, finding a pocket of serenity that simultaneously tantalizes the senses can be a delightful surprise. Enter Caulí Bar, a venue that's rapidly carving out a reputation as a sanctuary of innovative mixology and inviting ambiance.

Location: Amidst Urban Sophistication

Caulí Bar is nestled in one of São Paulo's burgeoning neighborhoods, where urban chic meets neighborhood warmth. It's strategically situated, making it a convenient detour for those exploring the city and locals seeking an evening haven alike.

Ambiance: Botanical Bliss

One of the most enchanting aspects of Caulí Bar is its dedication to integrating nature into its ethos. The interior is a testament to this, with lush foliage, potted plants, and vertical gardens transforming the space into a verdant retreat. Wooden accents and ambient lighting further enhance the sensation of being in a modern, albeit luxurious, greenhouse.

Large windows not only allow natural light to pour in but also offer patrons a view of the bustling city outside, creating a serene juxtaposition between the tranquil interiors and the dynamic exteriors.

Cocktails: Nature's Nectar

True to its botanical theme, Caulí Bar's cocktails are a celebration of nature's bounty. There's a heavy emphasis on using fresh, local ingredients, resulting in drinks that are as refreshing as they are flavorsome. From tangy tropical fruits to aromatic herbs and spices, every cocktail tells a story of Brazil's rich natural diversity.

But it's not just about traditional drinks. The mixologists at Caulí Bar are known for their experimental approach, often introducing patrons to unique flavor combinations and presentation techniques that make each drink a visual and gustatory spectacle.

Service: Warmth and Expertise

A key ingredient in the Caulí Bar experience is its exceptional service. The staff here are not just well-versed in the art of mixology but also possess an innate ability to make patrons feel welcomed and cherished. Their recommendations, attentive service, and genuine passion for their craft are palpable.

Events: A Celebration of Community and Craft

Staying true to its community-centric approach, Caulí Bar frequently hosts events that highlight local talents, whether they be musicians, artists, or artisanal food producers. These events, often intimate and engaging, further establish the bar as a hub for culture and camaraderie.

São Paulo's Garden of Elixirs and Enchantments

Caulí Bar is a testament to São Paulo's ever-evolving culinary and mixological landscape. It's a place where nature, craftsmanship, and community converge, offering patrons an experience that's both rejuvenating and exhilarating. Whether you're a seasoned mixology aficionado or someone simply seeking a tranquil spot to unwind, Caulí Bar promises an evening that will linger in your memories long after the last sip.

Guilhotina Bar Logo

Guilhotina Bar

São Paulo
Indoor only

In the sprawling urban landscape of São Paulo, with its intermingling of cultures and kaleidoscope of experiences, one establishment rises above the rest in the realm of innovative beverages: Guilhotina Bar. A venue where tradition meets audacity, and where every drink tells a tale, Guilhotina Bar is an unmissable stop for aficionados of finely crafted cocktails.

Location: In the Pulse of Pinheiros

Situated in the bustling Pinheiros district, Guilhotina Bar effortlessly taps into the neighborhood's eclectic spirit. Pinheiros, known for its cultural diversity and artistic flair, provides the perfect backdrop for a bar that thrives on innovation and creativity.

Ambiance: Industrial Elegance

Upon entering Guilhotina Bar, patrons are greeted by an ambiance that melds the rawness of industrial aesthetics with cozy, intimate touches. Exposed brick walls, iron fixtures, and rustic wooden furniture set the stage, while soft, ambient lighting adds warmth and depth to the space. The open layout encourages interactions, making it a space as conducive to group gatherings as it is to intimate conversations.

Cocktails: Crafted with Precision

The magic of Guilhotina Bar truly shines through its cocktail menu. Drawing inspiration from both Brazilian roots and global trends, the drinks here are a symphony of flavors. Local ingredients, such as cachaça, açaí, and Amazonian fruits, find their place alongside imported spirits, resulting in concoctions that are both familiar and novel.

Beyond the ingredients, what sets the cocktails at Guilhotina Bar apart is the precision and artistry with which they're crafted. Each drink is a visual delight, served in bespoke glassware and garnished with an attention to detail that speaks of the establishment's dedication to the craft.

Service: Passion Personified

The team at Guilhotina Bar is more than just staff; they're ambassadors of the establishment's ethos. With a genuine passion for mixology and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, they elevate the drinking experience from mere consumption to an immersive journey.

Events: Keeping the Beat Alive

True to its commitment to being a hub of culture and camaraderie, Guilhotina Bar often hosts events that spotlight local talent. From live music sessions to mixology masterclasses, there's always something happening that adds an extra layer of vibrancy to the already electric atmosphere.

A Slice of Mixology Mastery in São Paulo

Guilhotina Bar is not just another spot to grab a drink in São Paulo; it's a destination where the city's pulse can be felt in every corner, from the drinks on offer to the ambiance and the clientele. For those keen to dive deep into São Paulo's contemporary cocktail culture, there's no place quite like Guilhotina Bar. It's a testament to the city's undying spirit of innovation, wrapped up in an atmosphere of warmth and authenticity.

Riviera Bar Logo

Riviera Bar

São Paulo
Indoor only

In a city continually reinventing itself, some institutions stand the test of time, serving as beacons of nostalgia while adapting to the ever-changing urban tapestry. São Paulo's Riviera Bar is one such gem, echoing the city's glamorous past while remaining a hotspot in its modern nightlife.

Location: Where Avenues Meet and Stories Intertwine

Perfectly poised on the corner of Avenida Paulista and Rua da Consolação, two of São Paulo's most iconic avenues, Riviera Bar is more than just a bar; it's a landmark. Its location mirrors its essence: at the crossroads of history and modernity.

Ambiance: A Redolent Mix of Retro and Contemporary

Stepping into Riviera Bar is akin to being transported to a bygone era of São Paulo's high society gatherings. Its Art Deco-inspired interiors, replete with plush red seating, moody lighting, and a stage that has seen countless live performances, exude an air of vintage elegance.

Yet, it's not all about the past. The venue masterfully integrates contemporary design elements, making it a favorite for both patrons who remember its early days and the younger crowd seeking sophisticated evenings.

Cocktails: Celebrating São Paulo's Spirited Legacy

Riviera Bar's cocktail menu is a tribute to its storied past, with drinks inspired by the golden age of São Paulo's nightlife. While classic concoctions like the Old Fashioned and Negroni hold pride of place, there's no dearth of innovative creations that reflect São Paulo's cosmopolitan spirit.

Local ingredients, fresh fruits, and artisanal spirits merge seamlessly in the hands of Riviera's skilled bartenders, creating an array of drinks that tantalize the palate and stir the soul.

Service: Graceful and Attentive

One of the cornerstones of Riviera Bar's enduring success is its impeccable service. The staff, many of whom have been part of the establishment for years, strike the perfect balance between professionalism and warmth. Their intimate knowledge of the menu and the stories behind each drink adds depth to the overall experience.

Events: Where Music and Memories Collide

Over the decades, Riviera Bar has played host to a diverse range of events, from jazz performances to DJ nights. Its commitment to offering live music has made it a cherished spot for music lovers, with the stage witnessing both established artists and upcoming talents.

São Paulo's Timeless Tribute to Glamour and Revelry

Riviera Bar isn't just a place to sip a cocktail; it's a journey through the annals of São Paulo's rich nightlife history. It stands as a testament to the city's resilience, its ability to honor its roots while embracing the new. Whether you're a local reminiscing about the good old days or a traveler seeking the essence of São Paulo's nightlife, Riviera Bar promises an evening imbued with charm, elegance, and a dash of revelry.

SubAstor Bar do Cofre Logo

SubAstor Bar do Cofre

São Paulo
Indoor only

In the heart of São Paulo, amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling avenues, lies a secret that's as intriguing as it is intoxicating. SubAstor's Bar do Cofre, as the name suggests, is a treasure trove of flavors, history, and allure, tucked away beneath the city's vibrant streets.

Location: In the Depths of Downtown

Nestled beneath the Farol Santander tower, a prominent banking institution's former headquarters, Bar do Cofre's unique location sets the tone for its distinctive atmosphere. The name "Bar do Cofre" translates to "Vault Bar", and true to its moniker, the bar resides in the building's old bank vault, offering patrons a taste of São Paulo's rich history before they even take their first sip.

Ambiance: Elegance and Enigma

As you descend into SubAstor Bar do Cofre, you're greeted by the original vault doors – a heavy, imposing structure that's a nod to the bar's storied past. Beyond these doors lies an intimate space, where dim lighting, plush seating, and intricate decor create an atmosphere of opulence and mystery.

The walls, once guardians of the city's wealth, now play backdrop to evenings of merriment and allure. The combination of its historic setting and modern design elements results in an ambiance that's both nostalgic and contemporary.

Cocktails: A Vault of Flavors

The drinks at Bar do Cofre are nothing short of liquid artistry. The menu, curated by some of São Paulo's most talented mixologists, offers a fusion of traditional Brazilian flavors and international mixology trends. Every drink is crafted with precision, from classics like caipirinhas with a twist to inventive concoctions that play with unexpected ingredients.

Each cocktail tells a story, be it of the city's cosmopolitan spirit, its rich cultural heritage, or the bar's banking past, making every sip a journey through time and taste.

Service: Precision and Panache

Service at Bar do Cofre is executed with the same meticulousness as a bank transaction of old. The staff, with their deep knowledge of mixology and genuine passion for hospitality, ensure that every guest's experience is as memorable as the setting.

Events: Evenings of Extravagance

Given its unique location and ambiance, Bar do Cofre frequently hosts exclusive events. From live jazz performances that reverberate off the vaulted walls to mixology masterclasses, there's always something that adds an extra layer of excitement to the already vibrant atmosphere.

São Paulo's Hidden Gem of Mixology and Mystique

SubAstor's Bar do Cofre is more than just a bar; it's a sanctuary where history, mixology, and luxury converge. For those seeking an evening that's as steeped in history as it is in flavors, Bar do Cofre is a hidden gem that promises an experience unparalleled in São Paulo's nightlife. It's where tales of the city's past come alive, one cocktail at a time.

The Liquor Store Cocktail Bar Logo

The Liquor Store Cocktail Bar

São Paulo
Indoor only

Amid the sprawling expanse of São Paulo, where contemporary skyscrapers meet historic streets, The Liquor Store Cocktail Bar emerges as a haven for those with a discerning palate and an appreciation for the timeless art of mixology.

Location: A Central Confluence

Conveniently positioned in the heart of São Paulo, The Liquor Store Cocktail Bar offers patrons easy access, making it a favored rendezvous point for both locals and tourists. Its central location means it's always pulsating with the city's energy, a reflection of São Paulo's undying vibrancy.

Ambiance: Vintage Vibes Meet Modern Mastery

Stepping into The Liquor Store is like journeying back to the golden age of cocktails. Its décor, marked by dark wooden finishes, vintage posters, and dimly lit chandeliers, exudes an old-world charm. However, contemporary touches dot the space, making it clear that while the bar pays homage to tradition, it's firmly rooted in the present.

The atmosphere is intimate, with the hum of conversations and clinking glasses setting the perfect tone for an evening of relaxation and revelry.

Cocktails: A Library of Liquid Elegance

The name 'The Liquor Store' isn't a mere branding choice. The bar boasts a collection of spirits that would rival any upscale liquor store, each bottle handpicked for its quality and character. This extensive repertoire ensures that the cocktail menu is both diverse and distinctive.

From time-honored classics like the Martini and the Manhattan to innovative concoctions inspired by Brazilian flavors, every drink is crafted with an attention to detail that speaks volumes of the bar's dedication to the craft. Fresh ingredients, artisanal spirits, and flawless execution come together to create beverages that are as delightful to behold as they are to sip.

Service: Exemplary and Engaging

What elevates the experience at The Liquor Store Cocktail Bar is its team. Passionate about their craft and equipped with deep knowledge about spirits and mixology, they don't just serve drinks—they curate experiences. Patrons are often treated to tales of cocktail history, insights into unique ingredients, or recommendations tailored to their preferences.

Events: Toasting to Togetherness

The Liquor Store isn't just a bar; it's a gathering spot. Regular events, ranging from tasting sessions to live music nights, ensure that the energy is always high. These events, often featuring local talents and artisans, underscore the bar's commitment to celebrating São Paulo's rich cultural tapestry.

São Paulo's Ode to Classic Mixology

The Liquor Store Cocktail Bar stands as a testament to São Paulo's enduring love affair with finely crafted beverages. It's a space where the past and present converge, where stories are shared over meticulously mixed drinks, and where every visit promises a cocktail experience that's as unique as the city itself. For those seeking an authentic taste of São Paulo's spirited soul, The Liquor Store Cocktail Bar is an essential stop.

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