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1914 Lounge & Bar Logo

1914 Lounge & Bar

Indoor only

Gangnam-gu, the district immortalized by pop culture and recognized as the trendsetting hub of Seoul, is no stranger to chic, modern bars and lounges. Yet, within this ever-evolving landscape stands 1914 Lounge & Bar, an establishment that reaches back in time to deliver an experience steeped in nostalgia while embracing contemporary elegance.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The name '1914' isn’t arbitrary. It's a nod to an era marked by a unique blend of style, opulence, and the birth of many cocktail classics. This ethos is evident in the lounge's architecture and design. Rich mahogany woods, ornate chandeliers, and leather-bound books create an ambience reminiscent of an early 20th-century gentlemen's club.

Craftsmanship in Every Sip

At 1914, the art of mixology isn’t just about mixing drinks—it’s about narrating history. The cocktail menu is an exquisite collection of timeless classics and innovative creations inspired by the early 1900s. From Prohibition-era favorites to Korean-infused concoctions, each drink is carefully crafted to honor the past while exciting the modern palate.

Skilled bartenders, trained in the fine art of cocktail-making, weave tales of the origins and evolutions of each drink, ensuring that patrons not only taste but also experience the narratives behind their choices.

Tantalizing Tastes

Complementing its impressive drink repertoire is 1914’s culinary selection. The dishes, much like the cocktails, merge the vintage with the contemporary. Traditional Korean flavors dance with global ingredients, resulting in a menu that delights and surprises. Each bite, whether a gourmet tapas or a hearty main course, is a testament to the lounge's commitment to quality and innovation.

Melodious Interludes

No experience at 1914 is complete without savoring its musical offerings. Live jazz bands, evoking the sounds of the early 20th century, often grace the stage. The sultry tones of a saxophone or the smooth rhythm of a piano transport patrons to a bygone era, adding to the bar’s immersive experience.

A Gathering of Connoisseurs

1914 isn't just a bar; it's a sanctuary for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its clientele, a mix of Gangnam's elite, global travelers, and history aficionados, gather to celebrate shared tastes and discover new ones. Conversations flow effortlessly, often delving into art, culture, and the joy of discovering hidden gems in Seoul.

An Ode to Elegance in Gangnam-gu

1914 Lounge & Bar stands as a tribute to a significant era in cocktail history while firmly establishing itself as a modern-day icon in Gangnam-gu. For those seeking a serene escape from the bustling streets of Seoul, where they can travel back in time while sipping on masterfully crafted drinks, 1914 offers the perfect refuge.

Charles H. Logo

Charles H.

Indoor only

The bustling district of Jongno-gu in Seoul, known for its vibrant mix of the old and new, houses a hidden gem that transports its patrons to an era gone by. Tucked discreetly within the precincts of this dynamic neighborhood, Charles H. stands as an elegant tribute to the Prohibition era, delivering a cocktail experience that is both opulent and refined.

Entering the World of Charles H.

Stepping into Charles H. feels akin to discovering a secret society from the 1920s. The entrance, subtle and understated, gives way to an opulent interior reminiscent of classic American speakeasies. Plush leather seating, dark wood paneling, and ambient lighting create an atmosphere of intimate luxury, offering a stark contrast to the bustling streets of Jongno-gu outside.

Cocktails with a Historical Twist

The bar prides itself on its meticulously curated cocktail menu that pays homage to the namesake of the establishment, Charles H. Baker, a famous American author and bartender. Drawing inspiration from his travels and experiences, the drinks here are a delightful blend of global influences with a distinct Korean touch.

Whether it's a cocktail infused with traditional Korean spirits or a classic Manhattan given a local twist, the creations at Charles H. are a nod to the past while being firmly rooted in the present. Each drink is crafted with precision, showcasing the bartender’s dedication to the art of mixology.

Gastronomic Delights

To complement its drink offerings, Charles H. presents a menu of culinary delights. The dishes, much like the cocktails, fuse international flavors with local ingredients. Tapas-style servings encourage sharing, fostering a communal dining experience in line with Korean traditions.

Music and Entertainment

The soundscape of Charles H. adds to its vintage appeal. On any given evening, the soft melodies of jazz or blues can be heard, harking back to the Roaring Twenties. Special events and nights often feature live bands or performances, enhancing the overall ambience of the establishment.

A Meeting Point for Global Connoisseurs

Charles H. attracts a diverse crowd. While it's a favorite among Jongno-gu's discerning residents, the bar also draws in international travelers and expatriates, making it a melting pot of cultures and stories. Engaging conversations, often spanning continents, are a regular feature here, adding to the bar's cosmopolitan charm.

A Glimpse of Prohibition-Era Glamour in the Heart of Jongno-gu

Charles H., with its perfect blend of historical allure and contemporary elegance, offers a unique escape in the heart of Jongno-gu. It's more than just a bar; it's a journey back in time, promising an evening that resonates with the charm of the Prohibition era while celebrating the vibrancy of modern Seoul. For those in search of a sophisticated cocktail experience with a touch of nostalgia, Charles H. is the destination to mark.

Le Chamber Logo

Le Chamber

Indoor only

In the heart of Seoul's glittering Gangnam-gu district, renowned for its K-pop glamour and ultramodern appeal, there lies a gem that transports its patrons to an era of sophistication and classic allure: Le Chamber. Hidden away, much like a speakeasy from the Prohibition era, this cocktail bar encapsulates the essence of luxury, exclusivity, and masterful mixology.

Mystique Beyond the Bookshelf

The journey into Le Chamber begins with a sense of mystery. The entrance, cleverly concealed behind a moving bookshelf, sets the tone for an experience steeped in intrigue. As you step through, the bustling noise of Gangnam fades, replaced by the soft notes of jazz and the gentle hum of intimate conversations.

A Dance of Lights and Shadows

The interiors of Le Chamber are a masterclass in opulent design. Velvet drapes, plush leather seating, and dark wooden accents create an atmosphere reminiscent of old-world European bars. Strategic lighting casts a golden glow over the space, with chandeliers and candles adding to the ambiance. The bar, with its array of gleaming bottles, stands as the centerpiece, inviting patrons to witness the art of drink creation.

Mixology as Theater

Le Chamber's cocktail menu is a testament to its dedication to the craft. With an array of both classic cocktails and innovative concoctions, the offerings cater to a diverse palette. The bartenders, or perhaps more aptly termed 'mixologists', approach each drink as a performance. Ingredients are not merely mixed but choreographed in a dance that engages all the senses. Traditional Korean spirits meld seamlessly with global liqueurs, resulting in drinks that tell stories of both Seoul's heritage and global trends.

Signature cocktails, inspired by the seasons, ensure that the menu remains dynamic and ever-evolving. Each drink is presented with an eye for detail, from the choice of glassware to the garnishes, making them as visually stunning as they are flavorful.

Clientele of Distinction

The allure of Le Chamber draws a diverse and discerning crowd. From local celebrities seeking discretion to global travelers with a penchant for luxury, the clientele is as eclectic as the drinks on offer. Soft-spoken staff, trained in the art of hospitality, ensure that every guest's experience is tailor-made and memorable.

A Symphony of Elegance and Mixology

Le Chamber is not just a cocktail bar; it's a sanctuary of sophistication amidst the modernity of Gangnam-gu. It offers a pause, a space where time slows, and every sip is a celebration of the finer things in life. For those seeking to experience the harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary flair in Seoul's nightlife, Le Chamber stands as a destination par excellence.

The Timber House Logo

The Timber House

Indoor only

In the pulsating heart of Seoul's Gangnam-gu district, where modern skyscrapers touch the sky and the streets teem with energy, there lies an oasis of calm and sophistication: The Timber House. More than just a cocktail bar, The Timber House is a sensory experience, combining the serenity of traditional Korean aesthetics with the elegance of contemporary design and mixology.

Architectural Poetry

One of the most striking features of The Timber House is its architectural brilliance. Drawing inspiration from traditional Korean Hanok houses, the establishment boasts beautiful wooden panels, low ceilings, and intricate lattice designs. However, this homage to the past is seamlessly integrated with modern, sleek elements, making the bar a testament to the harmonious coexistence of the old and the new.

Upon entering, patrons are greeted by soft ambient lighting and a cozy atmosphere, with the warm tones of timber enveloping them in a comforting embrace. Each nook and cranny of the space is thoughtfully designed, offering intimate corners for whispered conversations and open areas that invite lively banter.

Liquid Artistry

At the heart of The Timber House lies its exceptional cocktail menu. With a team of world-class mixologists, the bar prides itself on crafting drinks that are as visually appealing as they are flavorful. Utilizing a blend of traditional Korean ingredients, such as soju, makgeolli, and various herbal infusions, with premium international spirits, The Timber House offers a unique taste palette that celebrates its dual heritage.

Each cocktail is presented as a work of art, garnished with precision and often accompanied by an aromatic element that elevates the drinking experience. From smoky whiskey concoctions to refreshing gin infusions, there's a drink to tantalize every palate.

Sonic Bliss

Adding to the bar's ambiance is its carefully curated playlist. Soft jazz melodies intermingle with contemporary beats, creating an auditory backdrop that complements the visual and gustatory delights. Live music events, featuring local and international artists, are also a regular feature, adding a touch of vibrancy to the serene setting.

A Confluence of Cultures

The clientele of The Timber House is as diverse as its offerings. It attracts a sophisticated crowd, ranging from local Seoulites looking for a refined night out to international travelers eager to experience the city's upscale nightlife. The attentive staff, with their keen knowledge of mixology and an innate sense of hospitality, ensure that every guest's experience is personalized and memorable.

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The Timber House in Gangnam-gu stands as a beacon of sophistication, offering a unique blend of Korean tradition and modern elegance. It's not just a place to drink but a destination to immerse oneself in an ambiance that celebrates the richness of Seoul's cultural tapestry. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or someone seeking a tranquil escape in the heart of the city, The Timber House beckons with a promise of unforgettable moments.

Alice Cheongdam Logo

Alice Cheongdam

Indoor only

In Gangnam-gu, an illustrious district of Seoul known for its pulsating beats and neon-lit streets, there's a portal to another realm where fantasy and mixology meld into a mesmerizing experience: Alice Cheongdam. Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll's iconic "Alice in Wonderland," this cocktail bar is a kaleidoscopic escape from the bustle of urban life, transporting patrons into a dreamscape of magical elixirs and enchanting atmospheres.

A Majestic Entrance to Another World

The adventure begins the moment one steps through the bar's door, which is cleverly concealed within the pages of a gigantic book. As the entrance gives way, you're welcomed into a lavishly adorned space, reminiscent of the Mad Hatter's tea party, replete with ornate chandeliers, plush velvet seating, and whimsically patterned wallpapers.

Mixology in Wonderland

Alice Cheongdam's cocktail offerings are a masterclass in creativity and precision. Infusing traditional Korean ingredients with international spirits, each drink is a flavorful journey through the enigmatic alleys of Wonderland. You might encounter the 'Queen's Elixir,' a regal blend with hints of rose and jujube or the 'Cheshire's Potion,' a smoky concoction that pays homage to the cat's enigmatic presence.

Bartenders, or perhaps better termed 'drinksmiths,' work with an alchemist's fervor, crafting beverages that are as visually stunning as they are palate-pleasing. Each cocktail, served in unique glassware and garnished with intricate details, promises to be an Instagram-worthy delight.

Beyond the Beverages

But Alice Cheongdam isn't just about the drinks. The entire experience is accentuated by thematic touches that stay true to the essence of Carroll's tale. From staff donning attire inspired by Wonderland's characters to the playful presentation of bar snacks, the attention to detail is impeccable.

Furthermore, the bar occasionally hosts themed nights and events, ensuring that the essence of Wonderland is ever-evolving and never static. Whether it's a 'Red Queen Soiree' or a 'White Rabbit Jazz Night,' there's always an element of delightful unpredictability in the air.

A Mélange of Patrons

Much like its eclectic interiors and offerings, Alice Cheongdam attracts a diverse clientele. Tourists, curious to explore Gangnam's whimsical side, mingle with locals looking for a sophisticated night out. Conversations flow as freely as the cocktails, making each visit an opportunity to forge new connections and memories.

A Fantastical Foray into Gangnam's Wonderland

Alice Cheongdam stands as a testament to Gangnam-gu's ability to surprise and enchant. In a district globally renowned for its modernity and pop culture, this cocktail bar offers a refreshing, fantastical interlude. For those seeking an evening that straddles the realms of imagination and luxury, Alice Cheongdam promises a journey into Gangnam's very own Wonderland.

Apt Logo


Indoor only

Yongsan-gu, with its rich blend of history and urban flair, has always been a focal point of South Korea's bustling capital. Among its myriad attractions stands Apt, a cocktail bar that’s rapidly becoming the talk of the town for its delightful concoctions and contemporary charm.

Architectural Splendor Meets Chic Design

From the outside, Apt may seem unassuming, but step in, and you are instantly transported into a realm of modern sophistication. Clean lines, minimalist decor, and muted tones create an atmosphere that's both intimate and cosmopolitan. The use of soft lighting, combined with strategically placed greenery, adds warmth and a sense of coziness to the space.

Mixology at Its Finest

At Apt, cocktails are not merely drinks but an art form. Every beverage tells a story, infused with both global influences and distinctively Korean touches. The menu, while paying homage to the timeless classics, doesn't shy away from experimentation.

Local ingredients, such as soju or Korean plum extracts, find their way into the creations, resulting in drinks that are as refreshing in taste as they are unique in character. Apt's bartenders, with their deep knowledge and passion, serve as guides, leading patrons through a sensory journey with each cocktail.

A Culinary Companion

To accompany its liquid symphony, Apt offers a curated selection of gourmet bites. The dishes, inspired by Korean culinary traditions but presented with a modern twist, are designed to enhance the cocktail experience. Whether you opt for spicy tapas or savory treats, each morsel complements the drinks, ensuring a holistic dining experience.

A Soundtrack for the Senses

Apt's ambience is elevated by its thoughtful selection of music. Soft tunes, ranging from jazz to indie pop, waft through the air, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxed conversations and shared laughter. On special nights, patrons might be treated to live performances, adding a touch of vibrancy to the elegant setting.

A Confluence of Cultures

One of the most striking features of Apt is its clientele. Given Yongsan-gu's cosmopolitan nature, the bar attracts a diverse crowd. Locals mingle with expatriates and travelers, creating a rich tapestry of cultures and experiences. It's not just a place to drink, but a space to exchange stories, make new friends, and discover the world through myriad perspectives.

Yongsan-gu's Cocktail Haven of Modern Elegance

Apt, with its harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, stands as a testament to Yongsan-gu's evolving landscape. It represents the district's forward-thinking spirit while remaining rooted in its cultural heritage. For those seeking a cocktail experience that's both familiar and novel, Apt promises an evening of delightful surprises.

Bar Cham Logo

Bar Cham

Indoor only

Nestled amidst the dynamic heartbeats of Seoul's historic Jongno-gu district, Bar Cham stands as a haven for those seeking an exquisite blend of tradition and modernity in their libations. Unlike the bustling streets that surround it, Bar Cham offers patrons an intimate experience that marries South Korean culture with the art of mixology. In a district known for its vibrant street life and historical landmarks, this cocktail bar beckons with a promise of tranquility and timeless elegance.

Ephemeral Beauty in Every Corner

The design of Bar Cham is an ode to the minimalistic aesthetics and serene ambiance of traditional Korean tea houses. Natural materials, such as wood and stone, dominate the interiors, creating a harmonious space that breathes with organic beauty. Subtle lighting illuminates the space, casting a gentle glow on the meticulously chosen decor, while traditional Korean motifs and art pieces accentuate the ambiance, forging a bridge between the past and the present.

Crafting Elixirs with a Soul

At Bar Cham, mixology transcends mere drink-making—it is a form of storytelling. Using a diverse array of both local and international ingredients, the bartenders weave narratives of South Korea's rich heritage with every cocktail. You might sample a drink infused with the mellow sweetness of Korean honey or the subtle warmth of traditional medicinal herbs. From reinterpretations of classic cocktails to innovative concoctions inspired by the Korean peninsula's seasonal offerings, each drink is a reflection of the land's spirit and its people's heart.

What truly sets Bar Cham apart is the meticulous preparation process. In line with the Korean philosophy of mindfulness, each drink is crafted with precision, patience, and passion, ensuring every sip is a journey of flavors and memories.

An Invitation to Contemplation

Beyond its drinks, Bar Cham fosters an environment conducive to introspection and meaningful conversations. Soft, melodious tunes — sometimes traditional Korean, sometimes soft jazz — play in the background, allowing patrons to immerse themselves in their thoughts or engage in deep discussions. The seating arrangement, intimate and cozy, ensures that every guest experiences a sense of privacy amidst the collective.

A Melange of Souls

Bar Cham's clientele is as diverse as its drink menu. From discerning locals seeking a touch of luxury to international travelers eager to experience Jongno-gu's sophisticated nightlife, the bar serves as a melting pot of cultures and stories. Yet, regardless of their backgrounds, patrons leave with a shared sentiment—a profound appreciation for the nuanced beauty of South Korea's drinking culture.

A Tranquil Oasis Amidst Jongno-gu's Urban Vibrancy

In the lively tableau of Jongno-gu, where history and modernity coalesce, Bar Cham emerges as a sanctuary of serenity and sophistication. For those wandering the labyrinthine alleys of this district, searching for an experience that resonates with the soul of South Korea, Bar Cham awaits with open arms, ready to share tales of the land, one cocktail at a time.

Cobbler Logo


Indoor only

Amidst the bustling lanes of Jongno-gu, an area steeped in history and culture, stands a beacon of sophisticated mixology—Cobbler. This cocktail bar is an enigmatic blend of the timeless charm of Seoul's past and the avant-garde spirit of its present. In a district characterized by its rich heritage and buzzing urban energy, Cobbler serves as a serene space where one can unwind and savor meticulously crafted cocktails.

Architecture that Tells a Tale

The facade of Cobbler, with its sleek design and subtle traditional touches, hints at what lies within. Step inside, and you're greeted with an amalgamation of classic elegance and modern minimalism. The interiors, with exposed brick walls, are juxtaposed against contemporary furnishings, creating an environment that's both cozy and chic. Ambient lighting, often from vintage fixtures, bathes the space in a warm, welcoming glow.

Artisanal Mixology at its Finest

At Cobbler, the cocktail menu is an ever-evolving tapestry of flavors and stories. Each drink, curated with precision, tells a tale of South Korea's rich heritage and its global influences. Leveraging both traditional Korean ingredients like soju, makgeolli, and yuzu, as well as international spirits, the bartenders at Cobbler craft concoctions that delight the palate and ignite the imagination.

Each drink is presented with flair, often in bespoke glassware that enhances the visual and sensory experience. From the smoky undertones of a classic whiskey blend to the tangy kick of a modern citrus-infused gin, every sip at Cobbler is a journey through time and taste.

A Symphony of Sounds

The ambiance at Cobbler is further accentuated by its choice of music. Soft jazz notes, interwoven with traditional Korean melodies, play in the background, creating a soundscape that's both nostalgic and refreshing. The music complements the mood, allowing patrons to indulge in intimate conversations or simply lose themselves in their thoughts.

An Abode for the Connoisseur

Cobbler's clientele is a testament to its reputation as one of Jongno-gu's premier cocktail bars. It attracts a diverse crowd, from seasoned businessmen reminiscing about Seoul's yesteryears to young professionals eager to explore the nuances of artisanal mixology. The bar's attentive staff ensures that every guest, whether a regular or a first-time visitor, feels at home.

Where Classic Meets Contemporary

In Jongno-gu, a district that stands as a testament to Seoul's multifaceted identity, Cobbler emerges as a sanctuary for those seeking a refined drinking experience. It's not just a bar; it's a space where the past and present come together, where stories are told and memories are made. For those traversing the vibrant streets of Jongno-gu, Cobbler beckons with an invitation to pause, sip, and savor the essence of Seoul.

Mixology Logo


Indoor only

In the shimmering heart of Gangnam-gu, an area synonymous with the future-forward spirit of Seoul, sits Mixology—a cocktail bar that, as its name suggests, takes the art of drink creation to unparalleled heights. In a district celebrated for its cutting-edge trends and vibrant nightlife, Mixology has emerged as a definitive hotspot for those in search of a cocktail experience that’s both exceptional and transformative.

Ambiance: Urban Elegance Meets Molecular Aesthetics

From the moment you approach Mixology, you are aware of stepping into a different realm. Beyond its chic entrance lies an establishment that radiates urban sophistication. The interior is adorned with sleek, modern fixtures and a centralized bar that immediately draws attention. Futuristic light installations create an ambiance of refined elegance, making the bar feel like a modern alchemist's haven.

Revolutionizing the Cocktail Experience

The heart and soul of Mixology lie in its drink creations. Here, cocktails are not just mixed; they are engineered. Drawing inspiration from the world of molecular gastronomy, Mixology offers a menu that turns traditional cocktail-making on its head.

Expect to encounter drinks that fizz, smoke, or transform right before your eyes. Ingredients, sourced both locally and globally, are combined using innovative techniques, resulting in concoctions that are as visually stunning as they are delectable. From foams to infusions, every drink here is a testament to the endless possibilities of mixology.

Culinary Companions

Understanding that a great drink is often elevated by the perfect accompaniment, Mixology offers a curated selection of gourmet bites. Just as with their cocktails, the food here defies expectations. Korean flavors meet avant-garde presentation, ensuring that your palate remains as intrigued as your senses.

The Sounds of Mixology

The auditory experience at Mixology is curated with as much care as the drink menu. Soft electronic beats, often infused with traditional Korean elements, create an auditory landscape that complements the bar’s modern ethos, providing the ideal backdrop for conversations and reflections.

A Gathering of Modern Connoisseurs

Mixology’s clientele reflects its contemporary spirit. You'll find a blend of Gangnam-gu's stylish denizens, global travelers, and those from the city's creative and corporate sectors—all drawn in by the promise of a cocktail experience that challenges and delights in equal measure.

Crafting the Future of Cocktails in Gangnam-gu

In the pulsating heart of Gangnam-gu, Mixology stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of cocktails. It represents the district's spirit, always pushing boundaries, always looking forward. For those keen on experiencing the future of cocktail culture while basking in a setting that exudes modern luxury, Mixology offers an evening unlike any other. An oasis of innovation, it beckons those ready to challenge their perceptions and indulge their senses.

Pussyfoot Saloon Logo

Pussyfoot Saloon

Indoor only

Tucked away in the vibrant neighborhood of Yongsan-gu, a district recognized for its harmonious blend of history and modernity, Pussyfoot Saloon emerges as a beacon of refined elegance and unparalleled mixology. This cocktail bar, with its evocative name and an ambiance that echoes the golden age of cocktail craftsmanship, promises a journey into a world where every drink tells a tale.

An Inviting Exterior, A Revealing Interior

At first glance, Pussyfoot Saloon impresses with its understated and chic facade. The muted tones of the exterior provide only a hint of the lush, opulent world within. As you step inside, the dim, moody lighting, coupled with plush seating and art deco accents, transports you to a bygone era where cocktail bars were the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

Alchemy Behind the Bar

The heart of Pussyfoot Saloon undoubtedly lies in its cocktail offerings. With a menu that marries South Korean flavors with international mixology trends, every drink is an odyssey of taste and texture. Local ingredients like soju and omija are artfully combined with global spirits, resulting in concoctions that tantalize the palate and ignite the senses.

Bartenders at the saloon are more than just drink-makers; they are storytellers. Each cocktail, whether a classic or a house special, is crafted with meticulous precision, ensuring that every sip is an experience in itself. The presentation is equally captivating, with drinks often served in unique glassware, garnished with an array of fruits, herbs, and even edible flowers.

A Melodious Undertone

The ambiance at Pussyfoot Saloon is further heightened by its choice of music. Soulful jazz tunes and soft blues play in the background, creating a soundscape that resonates with the bar's vintage aesthetic. Whether you're sinking into a deep conversation or simply soaking in the ambiance, the music offers the perfect accompaniment.

A Gathering of Aficionados

Pussyfoot Saloon's reputation as one of Yongsan-gu's premier cocktail destinations ensures a diverse and discerning clientele. Both locals and international visitors frequent the establishment, drawn by its promise of unparalleled mixology and a serene environment. The staff, with their attentive service and knowledge about the intricacies of each drink, further enhance the overall experience.

A Sophisticated Sojourn into Seoul's Mixology Scene

Pussyfoot Saloon, with its blend of vintage charm and modern mixology techniques, stands as a testament to Seoul's evolving nightlife scene. In a city where the old coexists with the new, this cocktail bar offers a space that pays homage to the timeless art of drink-making while staying rooted in contemporary tastes. For those seeking a night of elegance, flavor, and memories in Yongsan-gu, Pussyfoot Saloon awaits with open arms.

Southside Parlor Logo

Southside Parlor

Indoor & Outdoor

In the bustling district of Yongsan-gu, Seoul, where the urban blend of contemporary Korean culture meets traces of history, one might be surprised to discover a unique slice of Texan charm. Welcome to Southside Parlor - a cocktail bar that masterfully mixes Southern hospitality with Korean flair, offering an experience that's as heartwarming as it is intoxicating.

A Nod to Texan Heritage

Stepping into Southside Parlor, patrons are instantly greeted by an ambiance that subtly captures the essence of a Texan saloon. From rustic wooden interiors to decor elements that echo the Lone Star State, the bar manages to transport its guests thousands of miles away to a southern American haven. Yet, there’s a modern twist to it, ensuring a seamless blend with Yongsan-gu's forward-thinking vibe.

Cocktail Craftsmanship at its Finest

Southside Parlor's drink menu is a tribute to the art of cocktail making. While the classics are executed with finesse, it's their innovative concoctions that truly make waves. Imagine sipping on a cocktail infused with traditional Korean ingredients like soju or omija berries, but with a distinctly Texan spin—perhaps a hint of smoky barbecue or a touch of Texan spice.

Their signature cocktails often change with the seasons, reflecting both the fresh produce available and the team’s ever-evolving creativity. This ensures that regulars always have something new to look forward to.

Savory Southern Bites

What's a Texan experience without some hearty southern food? The culinary offerings at Southside Parlor beautifully complement their drink menu. From succulent pulled pork sliders to spicy Tex-Mex options, each dish is a flavorful journey. And, in keeping with the bar's fusion theme, don't be surprised to find traditional Korean ingredients making delightful appearances in these southern staples.

A Melting Pot of Cultures

The crowd at Southside Parlor is as eclectic as its menu. On any given evening, you'll find local Seoulites curious about Texan culture, expats in search of a taste of home, and global travelers keen on experiencing this unique fusion. This diverse clientele adds to the bar's vibrant atmosphere, making it not just a place to drink, but a space to connect and share stories.

A Texan Oasis in the Heart of Yongsan-gu

In the heart of Yongsan-gu, Southside Parlor stands as a testament to the universality of good food, great drinks, and warm hospitality. It's a space where borders blur, cultures merge, and guests, whether from Seoul or Austin, feel right at home. For those eager to experience a unique blend of Texan warmth and Korean innovation, Southside Parlor promises an evening that’s both familiar and refreshingly new.

White Bar Logo

White Bar

Indoor only

In the midst of Gangnam-gu's pulsating heart, a district globally renowned for its relentless energy and trailblazing trends, stands an establishment that defies its surrounding chaos—White Bar. An epitome of elegance, purity, and serene ambiance, the White Bar offers patrons a distinctive experience, transporting them to an ethereal realm, a world away from the bustling streets of Seoul.

An Architectural Dream

One of White Bar's most arresting features is its design. The name isn't just symbolic; the bar is predominantly adorned in white, from sleek marble countertops to plush seating. Large windows allow for an abundance of natural light, further enhancing the ethereal glow of the interiors. The minimalist aesthetic, devoid of unnecessary clutter, evokes feelings of tranquility and space— a rare luxury in the otherwise crowded landscape of Gangnam-gu.

Crafted Concoctions

At White Bar, the cocktail menu is as refined as its decor. Each drink is meticulously crafted, with bartenders employing a mix of traditional and contemporary methods. While classic cocktails are delivered with precision and flair, it's the innovative creations that truly shine—many inspired by Korean ingredients, yet presented with a modern twist. Expect beverages with a delicate balance, echoing the bar's theme of simplicity and elegance.

A Culinary Delight

Complementing its drink offerings is a menu that sings praises to minimalistic gourmet. Small plates, crafted with precision, highlight a few key ingredients rather than overwhelming the palate. Just like its cocktails, the culinary fare is a blend of Korean flavors and international techniques, ensuring a delightful surprise with every bite.

The Sound of Silence

In line with its tranquil setting, the auditory experience at White Bar leans towards the softer side. Gentle instrumental tunes, interspersed with ambient sounds, ensure that conversations can flow smoothly. It's a haven for those looking to escape the typical club beats of Gangnam-gu.

Clientele: A Blend of Sophistication

White Bar attracts a diverse crowd, from professionals seeking a peaceful post-work drink to couples looking for an intimate space to connect. Its serene environment also draws in artists, writers, and thinkers, who find inspiration within its calming walls.

An Ethereal Escape in Gangnam-gu

In a district that never seems to sleep, White Bar offers a much-needed respite. It's a place where time slows down, where every sip is savored, and where conversations are cherished. If Gangnam-gu is the beating heart of Seoul's modern renaissance, then White Bar is its soul, providing depth, reflection, and a touch of serenity in a world that often forgets to pause.

Zest Logo


Indoor only

Amidst the electric buzz and neon-lit streets of Seoul's iconic Gangnam-gu district lies Zest, a cocktail haven that pulsates with modern energy while maintaining a touch of classic elegance. At Zest, every evening unfolds like a modern dance, a rhythmic blend of flavors, sights, and sounds that encapsulate the essence of contemporary Seoul.

Entrance to Euphoria

The facade of Zest, though minimalist, gives subtle hints of the avant-garde experience within. As patrons push through the glass doors, they're enveloped by an ambiance that manages to be both chic and welcoming. The interiors, with their cool hues intertwined with warm undertones, echo the bar's name, radiating a zest for life and luxury.

An Odyssey of Flavors

Zest's cocktail menu is a veritable canvas of creativity. Drawing inspiration from global trends yet rooted in Korea's rich culinary heritage, the offerings here are nothing short of sensational. Traditional spirits like soju are effortlessly married with exotic ingredients, resulting in concoctions that are both familiar and refreshingly novel.

Whether you opt for a drink that encapsulates the essence of a Korean summer or a beverage that transports you to a Mediterranean beach, Zest ensures that each sip tells a story. The mixologists, with their deft hands and intuitive understanding of flavors, are truly the maestros of this liquid symphony.

Ambient Resonance

Complementing the drink experience at Zest is the meticulously curated soundscape. A blend of soft jazz, ambient electronic, and occasional live performances set the auditory tone, ensuring the mood remains buoyant and sophisticated. The gentle clinking of glasses, coupled with the murmur of conversations and the background tunes, creates a harmonious melody that lingers long after the night ends.

An Audience of Aficionados

Zest's reputation as a premier cocktail destination in Gangnam-gu ensures it attracts a clientele that appreciates the finer things in life. Business magnates rubbing shoulders with fashionistas and international tourists, all converge here, drawn by the promise of impeccable service and unparalleled mixology. The well-trained staff, with their attentive nature and commitment to excellence, further amplify the allure of Zest.

Where Vibrancy Meets Mixology Mastery

In a district as dynamic as Gangnam-gu, standing out requires a unique blend of quality, innovation, and ambiance. Zest manages to hit all these notes, establishing itself as a must-visit for both Seoul residents and visitors alike. It's not just a bar; it's a sensory journey, one that celebrates the zest of modern Korean lifestyle in the most delightful manner. If there's one place in Gangnam where the pulse of the night beats strongest, it's undoubtedly at Zest.

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