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Indoor only

In the heart of Riga, where history whispers in every nook and cranny, emerges a cocktail bar that transports patrons back in time. Minox, with its unique blend of old-world charm and modern mixology, stands as a testament to Riga's multifaceted identity.

Location: A Timeless Niche in Riga

Nestled in one of Riga's historic lanes, Minox offers a serene respite from the city's bustling rhythm. Its location, steeped in history yet surrounded by contemporary establishments, makes it an emblematic representation of Riga's blend of the past and the present.

Interiors: Elegance from Another Era

Stepping into Minox is akin to entering a time capsule. The décor exudes the charm of the 1920s and 30s, with art deco influences evident in its fixtures and furnishings. Rich wooden tones, vintage wallpapers, and ambient lighting from classic chandeliers set the stage for an evening of nostalgic elegance. Old photographs, retro artifacts, and vintage posters adorn the walls, each narrating a tale from bygone days.

Cocktails: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

The true magic of Minox lies in its cocktail menu. While the setting harks back to a different era, the drink offerings are a blend of timeless classics and innovative concoctions. Using traditional spirits and techniques as the base, the mixologists infuse them with contemporary flavors and presentations.

For instance, while you might find a perfect rendition of the "Old Fashioned," don't be surprised to also discover a drink infused with Baltic herbs or a cocktail that uses Riga's iconic Black Balsam in an imaginative way.

Ambiance: Hushed Tones and Gentle Jazz

The ambiance at Minox is undeniably intimate. Soft jazz tunes, reminiscent of smoky speakeasies of the Prohibition era, play in the background. The gentle hum of conversations, the clink of glasses, and the occasional laughter complete the auditory experience. The staff, knowledgeable and impeccably dressed in period attire, further enhance the vintage vibe, guiding patrons through the drink menu with anecdotes and recommendations.

A Vintage Cocktail Experience in Riga

Minox is more than just a cocktail bar; it's an experience, a journey back in time. It's where the golden age of cocktails meets the contemporary spirit of Riga. For those looking to immerse themselves in a world where time slows down, where each sip narrates a tale, and where the ambiance is as intoxicating as the drinks, Minox is the place to be.

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Skyline bar

Indoor only

High above the cobbled streets and historical edifices of Riga, there exists a bar that offers a perspective like no other. Skyline Bar, perched atop the Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel, is more than just a venue to sip on a drink; it's an experience that defines the city's modern spirit, all while paying homage to its ancient roots.

Location: Above and Beyond

Situated in the heart of Riga, Skyline Bar provides unparalleled views of the city. Located on the 26th floor of the iconic hotel, its vantage point ensures guests can take in the stunning panorama of the city's spires, parks, and the meandering Daugava River. By day, it offers a bird's-eye view of Riga's daily hustle, and by night, a sparkling spectacle of lights.

Interiors: Contemporary Elegance

The interiors of Skyline Bar encapsulate modern sophistication. Sleek lines, plush seating, and ambient lighting create an atmosphere of refined luxury. Full-length windows not only allow the stunning views to become the backdrop but also flood the space with natural light, enhancing its airy ambiance.

Cocktails: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Skyline Bar's cocktail menu mirrors Riga itself—a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. While patrons can always find classic concoctions crafted to perfection, the bar is known for its signature drinks inspired by local flavors. Whether it's a cocktail infused with Riga Black Balsam or one that draws inspiration from Latvia's lush forests, there's always an element of delightful surprise in every glass.

Ambiance: Sophisticated Tranquility

While the views are undoubtedly the highlight, the ambiance inside is equally captivating. Soft lounge music adds to the relaxed vibe, making it an ideal spot for both casual gatherings and intimate conversations. The staff, attentive and professional, ensure that every guest's experience is top-notch, be it through their drink recommendations or their knowledge about the city's landmarks visible from the bar.

Events and More

Beyond being a bar, Skyline is also a venue for various events. From live music nights to DJ sessions, there's always something happening at this elevated hotspot. Additionally, their delectable assortment of snacks and desserts, often inspired by Latvian cuisine, adds another layer to the sensory experience.

Riga's Crowning Jewel

Skyline Bar is not just about high-altitude drinks; it's a celebration of Riga from a vantage point like no other. It beautifully juxtaposes the city's rich history with its vibrant present. Whether you're a tourist wanting to see Riga from above or a local seeking an elegant night out, Skyline Bar promises an experience that's both memorable and mesmerizing.

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Alibi Room

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of Riga, Latvia, lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by locals and tourists alike: Alibi Room. This cozy and inviting establishment offers a unique blend of ambiance, culinary delights, and refreshing beverages that make it a must-visit destination in the vibrant city of Riga.

A Culinary Journey Through Riga's Flavors

Alibi Room prides itself on offering a diverse menu that showcases the rich flavors of Latvian cuisine with a modern twist. From hearty traditional dishes to innovative culinary creations, there's something to satisfy every palate. Guests can indulge in local favorites such as hearty soups, savory pierogi, and succulent grilled meats, all crafted with the finest ingredients sourced from local producers.

Crafted Cocktails and Local Brews

Quench your thirst with an impressive selection of craft cocktails and locally brewed beers at Alibi Room's stylish bar. Whether you're a connoisseur of classic cocktails or eager to sample innovative creations, the skilled mixologists at Alibi Room are dedicated to crafting the perfect drink tailored to your preferences. Sip on a refreshing mojito infused with fresh mint or savor the complex flavors of a carefully curated craft beer, all while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of this charming establishment.

A Cozy Retreat

Step into Alibi Room, and you'll instantly feel welcomed by its warm and inviting ambiance. The cozy interior, adorned with rustic furnishings and soft lighting, creates the perfect setting for an intimate meal or a relaxing evening with friends. Whether you're seated at a table for two or mingling at the bar, the friendly staff at Alibi Room are dedicated to ensuring you have a memorable dining experience from start to finish.

Live Entertainment

Experience the vibrant nightlife of Riga with live entertainment at Alibi Room. From local musicians and DJs to exciting themed nights, there's always something happening to keep guests entertained. Whether you're looking to dance the night away or simply enjoy the sounds of talented performers, Alibi Room offers a dynamic and lively atmosphere that adds an extra layer of excitement to your evening.

A Hidden Gem in Riga, Latvia

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and discover a hidden oasis at Alibi Room. Tucked away from the main thoroughfares, this charming establishment offers a tranquil retreat where guests can unwind and indulge in the finer things in life. Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner for two or a lively night out with friends, Alibi Room promises an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Riga's vibrant culinary scene.

In conclusion, Alibi Room stands out as a beacon of culinary excellence and hospitality in the heart of Riga, Latvia. With its diverse menu, crafted cocktails, inviting ambiance, and lively entertainment, it's no wonder that this hidden gem has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. So, why not embark on a culinary journey and experience the magic of Alibi Room for yourself?

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Bar Six

Indoor only

In the heart of Riga, where timeless architecture meets contemporary allure, there exists a portal to a world of culinary and cocktail mastery, known to locals and discerning visitors alike as Bar Six. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energies and rich historical narratives of Latvia’s capital, Bar Six stands as a testament to refined hospitality, culinary innovation, and mixology artistry. Here, we take you on a guided tour through the enigmatic world of Bar Six, where every visit promises an exploration into the rich tapestries of flavor and ambiance.

Architectural Resonance

Nestled amid the charismatic streets of Riga, Bar Six welcomes guests with an architectural narrative that resonates deeply with the surrounding historic milieu. The establishment harmoniously blends traditional elements with modernistic inspirations, crafting a space that is both intimately familiar and intriguingly novel. Exposed brick walls whisper tales of bygone eras while contemporary art pieces echo the vibrant pulse of modern Riga.

A Cocktail Odyssey

At the heart of Bar Six lies its dynamic cocktail program, a vibrant canvas where mixologists paint with flavors, aromas, and textures. The cocktail menu is a living entity, constantly evolving to incorporate seasonal inspirations, local ingredients, and international influences.

Patrons can embark on a cocktail journey that defies the conventional, with concoctions that honor the classic while daring to explore uncharted territories of flavor. Each drink is a crafted narrative, blending premium spirits with homemade syrups, rare bitters, and fresh local produce, resulting in a symphony of tastes that dance gracefully on the palate, promising a cocktail experience that is both unique and exhilarating.

Culinary Brilliance

Beyond its cocktail prowess, Bar Six is home to a culinary landscape that seeks to redefine gastronomy in Riga. The kitchen crafts an ever-changing menu that draws from Latvia's rich culinary heritage, embracing the natural bounty of the region to create dishes that are as visually stunning as they are gastronomically delightful. The food menu, designed to complement the intricate cocktail creations, offers patrons a harmonious dance of flavors, where each bite is a poetic verse in a gastronomic ballad.

Cultural Hub and Events

Bar Six doesn't limit its offerings to culinary and cocktail delights; it further entices patrons with a rich calendar of cultural events. From jazz evenings to art exhibitions, Bar Six transforms into a vibrant cultural hub, offering a space for artists and enthusiasts to converge, celebrate, and foster community spirit. Its commitment to nurturing the local arts scene makes it a cherished locale, fostering an ambiance of creativity and camaraderie.

The Cocktail Renaissance in the Heart of Riga

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Riga, Bar Six stands as a beacon of culinary and cocktail innovation, inviting locals and visitors to immerse themselves in a rich and vibrant atmosphere that celebrates the depth and diversity of Latvia’s cultural heritage.

As you step into Bar Six, you are not just entering a bar but embarking on a journey through Latvia's rich narrative tapestry, a journey crafted through masterful cocktails, innovative culinary creations, and vibrant cultural engagements. It is a place where every evening offers not just a night out but an experience, a narrative woven from the rich textures of flavor, artistry, and Latvian charm, inviting you to explore the captivating world that is Bar Six.

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Cloud Nine

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the spirited heart of Riga, a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, stands Cloud Nine, a cocktail establishment that promises to lift your spirits to celestial heights. Through its expertly curated concoctions and enthralling ambiance, Cloud Nine offers an elevated cocktail experience that resonates with the rich narrative of the Latvian capital. Let’s ascend into the ethereal world of Cloud Nine, where the cocktail culture of Riga reaches its pinnacle.

A Venue Above

As you approach Cloud Nine, the exterior design beckons, providing a glimpse into the elegant and sophisticated world that awaits within. The interior ambiance conjures a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, where sleek designs meet warm, inviting textures to create a space that both enthralls and comforts. High ceilings and expansive windows offer panoramic vistas of the city, with Riga’s majestic skyline forming the perfect backdrop to an elevated cocktail experience.

Craftsmanship in Every Glass

At Cloud Nine, the art of cocktail creation is revered, with expert mixologists steering the helm, guiding patrons on an odyssey of flavor and sensation. The cocktail menu is a kaleidoscope of creativity, with each concoction representing a harmonious blend of precision and passion.

Utilizing a rich repository of premium spirits and fresh ingredients, the cocktail artists craft narratives in a glass, where each sip tells a story, evoking emotions and transporting patrons to distant lands of flavor. From classics revisited to groundbreaking original creations, the menu promises to cater to both traditionalists and adventurous souls, offering an expansive journey through the world of cocktails that is as rich and diverse as Riga itself.

Gastronomy at Its Finest

Complementing the masterful cocktail creations is an exquisite culinary experience that matches the bar’s elevated ethos. The gastronomic offerings at Cloud Nine are curated with a dedication to quality, harnessing the rich bounty of Latvian landscapes to craft dishes that tantalize the palate and nourish the soul. From meticulously crafted starters to indulgent desserts, the culinary journey at Cloud Nine is a celebration of local flavors elevated to new heights, promising a dining experience that is both grounded in tradition and soaring with innovation.

An Elevated Event Space

Beyond the culinary and cocktail offerings, Cloud Nine serves as a coveted event space, playing host to a rich tapestry of experiences that resonate with Riga’s vibrant cultural heartbeat. From intimate jazz evenings to lively DJ sets, Cloud Nine offers an event calendar that promises to elevate your evenings to new heights, creating memories that linger long after the night has ended.

An Elevated Experience in Riga’s Cocktail Scene

In a city where history and modernity dance in a harmonious ballet, Cloud Nine stands as a beacon of elevated experiences, offering a cocktail journey that transcends the ordinary. As you ascend into the ethereal world of Cloud Nine, prepare to be enchanted by a symphony of flavors, a panorama of breathtaking views, and a spirit of hospitality that promises to lift your spirits to celestial heights.

So, as dusk descends upon the vibrant streets of Riga, let Cloud Nine be your destination, a place where the cocktail culture of Riga reaches new heights, offering an elevated journey through a world of flavor, craftsmanship, and unmatched elegance in the heart of the Latvian capital.

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Indoor only

Nestled in the historic heart of Riga, Latvia's vibrant capital, Cynic emerges not just as a bar, but as an experience. While Riga is celebrated for its rich history and architectural splendors, Cynic brings a fresh and modern twist to the city's blossoming cocktail culture. This establishment is where age-old Latvian traditions meet the audacity of modern mixology.

Location: Where Old Meets New

Positioned in the maze of Riga's charming cobblestone streets, Cynic is surrounded by a mix of medieval structures and contemporary edifices. This juxtaposition of the old and new is mirrored within the bar's walls, making it a symbol of Riga's evolving urban landscape.

Interiors: A Modernist's Haven

Cynic's interiors are a masterclass in contemporary design. Sleek surfaces, ambient lighting, and minimalist decor contrast beautifully with the occasional rustic touch, reminiscent of Riga's storied past. Expansive windows offer patrons picturesque views of the city, while the art installations – often by local artists – are a testament to Riga's burgeoning art scene.

Cocktails: An Ode to Riga's Spirit

Cynic's cocktail menu is a refreshing blend of traditional Latvian flavors and avant-garde techniques. Local ingredients like Riga Black Balsam, a cherished Latvian herbal liqueur, make frequent appearances, often in unexpected concoctions. Drinks like "Baltic Breeze", which fuses local spirits with fresh Baltic herbs, celebrate the region's unique palate.

The bar is also known for its seasonal specials, ensuring that regulars always have something new and exciting to look forward to.

Ambiance: Sophisticated yet Welcoming

At Cynic, sophistication doesn't come at the expense of warmth. The ambiance is both upscale and inviting. Gentle, eclectic tunes set the backdrop, ranging from Latvian folk music to modern electronic beats, offering a harmonious blend of the country's musical heritage and contemporary influences.

The staff, both professional and personable, are always eager to share their knowledge, guiding patrons through the vast cocktail offerings and often customizing drinks based on individual preferences.

Riga’s Cocktail Gem with a Contemporary Twist

Cynic is not just a bar; it’s a reflection of Riga's evolving identity. As the city gracefully bridges its rich history with a dynamic future, establishments like Cynic serve as reminders of this beautiful transition. Whether you're a seasoned cocktail aficionado or a curious traveler eager to taste the flavors of Latvia, Cynic promises an evening that is as enlightening as it is intoxicating.

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Gimlet Nordic

Indoor only

In the heart of Riga, a city known for its beguiling blend of medieval charm and contemporary zest, Gimlet Nordic shines brightly, offering patrons an unparalleled cocktail experience inspired by the vast and diverse Nordic landscapes. This bar has not only elevated Riga's nightlife but has also positioned itself as a beacon for those eager to explore the flavors of the North.

Location: A Nook in Riga’s Cultural Tapestry

Strategically located in the midst of Riga's cultural hubs, Gimlet Nordic is comfortably ensconced between historical landmarks and modern-day attractions. Its location provides a gentle reminder of the city's ability to marry the past with the present seamlessly.

Interiors: A Nordic Dream

Walking into Gimlet Nordic is akin to stepping into a contemporary Nordic tale. The decor resonates with Scandinavian minimalism – sleek lines, muted colors, and an emphasis on natural materials like wood and stone. Yet, subtle Latvian touches, from art pieces to fabric choices, provide a unique fusion that's both international and intimately local.

Cocktails: A Voyage to the North

The bar's menu is a loving tribute to the flavors and stories of the Nordic countries. From the smoky whispers of Icelandic lava rocks to the sweet, tangy notes of Finnish cloudberries, each cocktail is a journey. Classics like the eponymous Gimlet are given a Nordic twist, while entirely new concoctions celebrate regional ingredients.

Gimlet Nordic takes pride in its foraging ethos. Many of the herbs and botanicals are sourced from the wild, lending an authenticity to the drinks that’s both raw and refined.

Ambiance: A Symphony of Warmth and Cool

Gimlet Nordic might draw inspiration from the often chilly North, but its ambiance is all about warmth. The soft glow of candles juxtaposed against cool, metallic accents creates a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere. The hum of conversation, the clinking of glasses, and the occasional laughter make for a soundtrack that's as inviting as the city itself.

Adding to the allure is the staff, whose expertise in mixology is matched only by their genuine enthusiasm for sharing the Nordic narrative through beverages.

Riga's Northern Star of Cocktails

In a city as diverse and dynamic as Riga, Gimlet Nordic stands out by offering a specialized experience. It tells a story of the North, but in a language that's universal – the language of well-crafted drinks, welcoming atmospheres, and unforgettable evenings. For those wandering the streets of Riga, Gimlet Nordic is not just a bar; it's a destination.

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Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled amidst the enchanting historic streets of Riga, Latvia's timeless capital, one finds a cocktail haven like no other – Herbārijs. Drawing inspiration from the world of botany, this unique establishment invites guests on a sensory journey, where age-old herbal traditions meet contemporary mixology.

Location: In the Heart of History

Situated in Riga's historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Herbārijs benefits from the city's rich tapestry of architectural wonders. The juxtaposition of ancient structures with the innovative approach of this bar makes for an intriguing combination, symbolic of Riga's balance between its past and its thriving present.

Interiors: Botanical Wonderland

Upon entering Herbārijs, patrons are greeted by an atmosphere reminiscent of a Victorian botanical garden. Verdant plants dangle from the ceiling, fresh herbs line the shelves, and the aroma of blooming flowers and aromatic spices fills the air. Every corner of the bar hints at its botanical theme, from the green-tinted lighting to the rustic wooden furniture.

Cocktails: Nature in a Glass

The menu at Herbārijs is a testament to the art of botanical mixology. Drinks are curated with a keen emphasis on natural ingredients, locally sourced and often freshly plucked. Classics are reimagined with herbal infusions, and new concoctions are introduced, inspired by the Latvian wilderness.

Signature drinks like the "Baltic Bloom", which melds local spirits with aromatic herbs, or the "Riga Rose", a delightful blend of rose-infused vodka, elderflower, and fresh lime, showcase the establishment's dedication to flavor and innovation.

Ambiance: Tranquil and Invigorating

The ambiance at Herbārijs strikes a delicate balance between the tranquility of a secluded garden and the energy of a bustling cocktail bar. The soft rustling of leaves, paired with an ambient soundtrack, creates an environment where conversation flows as smoothly as the drinks. The bartenders, with their profound knowledge of herbs and their properties, are always on hand to guide patrons through their choices or craft bespoke beverages tailored to individual tastes.

Riga's Botanical Cocktail Retreat

Herbārijs is more than just a bar; it is a botanical escapade right in the heart of Riga. It celebrates Latvia's lush landscapes and rich herbal traditions, all the while pushing the boundaries of modern mixology. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a cocktail lover, or simply a curious traveler, Herbārijs promises an evening of discovery, delight, and a dash of the extraordinary.

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Indoor only

In the winding streets of Riga, where history meets modernity at every corner, there emerges a cocktail destination imbued with a touch of magic and mystery: HEX. A nod to enchantment and alchemical wonders, this bar in Latvia's capital city offers an experience that is both sensorial and otherworldly.

Location: A Portal Between Eras

Residing in Riga's historic core, HEX is surrounded by structures echoing tales of centuries gone by. Its strategic location bridges the gap between Riga's medieval spirit and its pulsating contemporary life, setting the stage for an experience that is timeless and avant-garde in equal measure.

Interiors: Stepping into a Sorcerer’s Lair

The ambiance inside HEX is a cocktail in itself – a blend of the mystical and the modern. Dimly lit interiors with walls adorned with symbols, runes, and enigmatic art invite guests into a world of arcane wonders. Vintage chandeliers cast a soft glow over plush, velvet seating, while modern, minimalist bar stools offer a counterpoint. Every detail, from the glassware to the menu design, resonates with the theme of enchantment.

Cocktails: Liquid Alchemy

HEX's cocktail menu is a journey through mythical realms and forgotten legends. Embracing the theme of alchemy, bartenders, dressed more like magicians than mixologists, concoct beverages that bubble, smoke, and even change colors. Using a mix of traditional ingredients and rare essences, the drinks are as much a visual delight as they are a treat for the palate.

Signature offerings such as the "Elixir of Life" or the "Baltic Brew" draw patrons into tales of old, while contemporary twists ensure that even the most discerning of modern palates are pleased.

Ambiance: A Whimsical Whisper

Beyond just the drinks, HEX’s true charm lies in its ambiance. Soft, haunting melodies, perhaps reminiscent of a forest at twilight or a castle atop a misty mountain, play in the background. The staff, with their rich knowledge of both mixology and mythology, engage with patrons, narrating tales behind each drink, adding layers to the experience.

Riga's Mystical Cocktail Concoction

In a city steeped in history and bursting with contemporary energy, HEX stands out as a realm of its own. It's not merely a bar, but a narrative, a tale of magic, and a space where every drink is a potion and every evening an enchantment. For those looking to step out of the ordinary and into a world of wonder, HEX is Riga's mystical door waiting to be opened.

Marmelāde Logo


Indoor only

Amidst the rich tapestry of Riga's vibrant nightlife, there's a gem that gleams with a unique luminance, aptly named Marmelāde. This cocktail bar, tucked away in the heart of Latvia's capital, is a blend of sophistication, whimsy, and an unwavering dedication to the craft of cocktail-making.

Location: Where the Old Meets New

Situated in the sprawling boulevards of Riga's cityscape, Marmelāde is a harmonious amalgamation of the historic charm the city is famed for and the budding dynamism of its present. It offers patrons a chance to immerse themselves in an ambiance that's quintessentially Rigan—full of legacy, yet pulsating with new-age energy.

Interiors: A Visual Concoction

Step into Marmelāde and you are greeted with a décor that is elegantly understated yet unmissably intriguing. Soft, muted tones are contrasted with pops of color, reminiscent of marmalade jars glistening in the sun. Golden accents, plush seating, and ambient lighting further enhance the inviting milieu, while curated artwork adds a touch of bohemian flair.

Cocktails: A Symphony of Flavors

Marmelāde's drinks menu is where the bar truly shines. Drawing inspiration from its namesake, the bar offers an array of cocktails that play with sweet, sour, and bitter profiles, mirroring the multifaceted nature of marmalade. Using a combination of traditional spirits, exotic infusions, and homemade syrups, each cocktail tells a story. The "Baltic Bliss," for instance, combines local liquors with citrus undertones, while the "Rigan Sunset" offers a tropical escape with its blend of rum, passion fruit, and a hint of lime.

Ambiance: Relaxing yet Riveting

While the drinks are undoubtedly the stars, the ambiance plays a commendable supporting role. The vibe at Marmelāde straddles the line between laid-back and lively. Whether you're looking for a quiet evening with close friends or a spirited night out, this place caters to all moods. Live music nights, featuring local talents, further elevate the experience, making it a hotspot for both locals and travelers.

Riga's Liquid Jewel of Delight

Marmelāde is not just another bar; it's a testament to Riga's evolving drink culture. With its meticulously crafted beverages, an ambiance that charms, and a name that evokes sweetness with a hint of complexity, it encapsulates the essence of a perfect evening out. If Riga is the heart of Latvia, Marmelāde might very well be its soul, bubbling with spirit and flavor.

Nosaints Logo


Indoor only

In a city as historically rich as Riga, the unexpected often lurks around the corner. Nosaints is one such marvel—a cocktail bar that rebels against the conventional, giving the city a dash of the avant-garde amidst its storied streets.

Location: At the Pulse of Riga's Heart

Nosaints finds its place in a lively corner of Riga, where the city's youthful vibrancy blends seamlessly with its timeless heritage. This location, juxtaposing the new with the old, is emblematic of what Nosaints stands for: a fusion of the daringly modern with a respectful nod to tradition.

Interiors: A Modernist's Dream

The interior of Nosaints is a departure from the typical. Stark, minimalist designs meet bold, dramatic touches. Industrial lighting fixtures cast a moody glow over concrete walls, while splashes of vibrant art provide contrast. The space is both raw and refined, mirroring the bar's philosophy of balancing edgy innovation with classic elegance.

Cocktails: A Dance of Flavors

At Nosaints, mixology is an art form. Moving beyond the usual suspects, the menu is a curated collection of cocktails that surprise and delight. Here, locally-sourced ingredients take center stage, paired innovatively with international spirits.

Expect to be intrigued by combinations you've never imagined. Perhaps a cocktail infused with amber, echoing Latvia's rich amber coast heritage, or a drink that melds Riga's iconic Black Balsam with exotic fruits, challenging your palate in the most delightful ways.

Ambiance: Electrifying Serenity

Nosaints, despite its daring spirit, offers an ambiance of tranquil sophistication. The hum of conversations melds with soft, ambient music, creating a soundscape that's both invigorating and relaxing. The staff, passionate and well-versed in their craft, are always on hand to guide patrons, often adding to the experience with tales of each cocktail's origin or the inspiration behind its creation.

Riga's Avant-Garde Cocktail Haven

Nosaints is not just a cocktail bar; it's a statement. It speaks of a Riga that's not just rooted in its past but is boldly striding into the future. It's where age-old Latvian traditions meet the audaciousness of the new world. For those seeking an evening that challenges the norms, that offers an exploration of taste and senses, Nosaints is a must-visit. Here, there are no rules, no boundaries, just pure, unadulterated innovation in every sip.

MOOD’s Logo


Indoor & Outdoor

MOODS bar and lounge, situated in the picturesque Old Town of Riga, Latvia, stands as a modern and sophisticated destination for locals and travelers alike. Designed with a unique library theme, the space is expansive and stylish, featuring a projector that covers an entire wall for an immersive visual experience. MOODS exemplifies what a lounge should be, offering a privileged space where comfort is paramount. Guests can relax on wide, cozy sofas or high, soft bar chairs, enjoying the convenience of free Wi-Fi and power outlets at every table.

From Mood to Mood: A Vibrant Atmosphere

MOODS is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, characterized by fun events and deep house music from famous DJs on weekends. The bar transitions seamlessly from a relaxed daytime environment to a lively nighttime venue, ensuring an ever-changing but always welcoming mood. This dynamic setting, combined with an extensive menu of meticulously crafted cocktails, light snacks, and a selection of fine wines from around the world, makes MOODS a must-visit spot in Riga.

Culinary Delights and Exquisite Wines

The culinary offerings at MOODS go beyond typical bar fare. Guests can enjoy a variety of light snacks, cheese and meat platters, Asian cuisine, and a carefully curated wine list featuring selections from France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Germany. The lounge's unique Coravin system allows for the tasting of even the most exquisite wines by the glass, ensuring every sip is fresh and every palate is satisfied. For wine enthusiasts, thematic tastings with engaging lectures from sommeliers and original snacks are available upon request.

An Exceptional Hookah Experience

MOODS elevates the hookah experience with a menu that includes only the most sought-after and premium brands, such as Geometry HOOKAH, Maklaud, Alpha Hooka, VZ Hookah, and Wookah. The selection of tobacco and smoking mixtures from their laboratory is sophisticated, catering to both beginners and those well-acquainted with hookah culture. Thanks to the professional team at MOODS and their individualized approach, the lounge can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding guests.

The Premier Cocktail and Hookah Bar in Riga's Old Town

MOODS is not just a bar and hookah lounge; it's a culinary haven with ""grandmother's"" homemade desserts, sushi, soups, and a wonderful selection of Italian smoked meats and cheeses, Greek olives, various jams, nuts, and juicy grapes. Whether you're looking to enjoy a delicious meal or simply relax in a cozy atmosphere, MOODS in the center of Old Riga offers a perfect blend of comfort, style, and hospitality. Make sure to visit MOODS for an unforgettable experience that caters to every mood.

Krokodils Bar Logo

Krokodils Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of Latvia's capital city, Riga, Krokodils Bar beckons with its lively atmosphere and distinctive charm. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this bar promises an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blends the city's rich culture with modern entertainment. Let's dive into what makes Krokodils Bar a must-visit destination in Riga.

Ambiance and Décor: A Fusion of Elegance and Eclecticism

Step into Krokodils Bar and you're immediately greeted by a captivating ambiance that strikes the perfect balance between elegance and eclecticism. The décor boasts a mix of modern and vintage elements, creating an inviting space where guests can unwind and socialize. From cozy seating areas to stylish lighting, every detail contributes to the bar's unique aesthetic, making it a hotspot for those seeking a memorable night out.

Craft Cocktails and Culinary Delights

Prepare your taste buds for a journey of indulgence with Krokodils Bar's impressive selection of craft cocktails and culinary delights. Talented mixologists craft each cocktail with precision and creativity, ensuring that every sip is a delight for the senses. Whether you prefer classic concoctions or innovative creations, there's something to satisfy every palate. Pair your drink with delectable dishes from the menu, featuring a fusion of international flavors expertly prepared using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Live Entertainment: Where Music Meets Magic

At Krokodils Bar, the night comes alive with the enchanting sounds of live music and performances. From soulful jazz to upbeat rhythms, the lineup of talented artists ensures that there's never a dull moment. Sit back, relax, and let the music wash over you as you soak in the vibrant energy of the crowd. Whether you're enjoying a solo performance or dancing the night away with friends, the live entertainment at Krokodils Bar is sure to leave you spellbound.

Exceptional Service and Hospitality

What truly sets Krokodils Bar apart is its dedication to providing exceptional service and hospitality. The staff members are more than just servers – they're passionate ambassadors who strive to ensure that every guest feels welcomed and valued. Whether you're a regular patron or a first-time visitor, you'll be treated to attentive care and personalized recommendations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps guests coming back for more.

Experience the Vibrancy of Riga's Nightlife at Krokodils Bar

In a city known for its vibrant nightlife, Krokodils Bar shines as a beacon of excellence. With its captivating ambiance, delicious cocktails, live entertainment, and top-notch service, it's no wonder that this establishment has become a beloved fixture in Riga's social scene. Whether you're looking for a casual night out or a special celebration, Krokodils Bar offers an experience that is truly unforgettable. Come and discover the magic for yourself – your perfect night awaits at Krokodils Bar.

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Flames Hookah & Cocktail Lounge

Indoor only

Nestled in the heart of Riga, Flames Hookah & Cocktail Lounge beckons locals and travelers alike with its captivating ambiance and delightful offerings. Whether you're seeking an evening of relaxation or a lively night out, Flames provides an experience that ignites the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Immerse Yourself in Ambiance

As you step into Flames Hookah & Cocktail Lounge, you're greeted by an atmosphere that effortlessly blends modern elegance with traditional charm. The décor, with its plush seating and ambient lighting, sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. The vibrant hues and intricate patterns transport you to a world of opulence and comfort.

Exquisite Hookah Selection

At Flames, indulgence takes on a whole new meaning with their exquisite selection of hookah flavors. From classic favorites like mint and apple to exotic blends that tantalize the taste buds, there's something to suit every palate. Each puff is a journey of flavor, expertly crafted to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience. With premium tobacco and top-notch equipment, Flames elevates the art of hookah smoking to new heights.

Crafted Cocktails to Savor

The cocktail menu at Flames is a testament to the creativity and skill of their mixologists. Whether you prefer something fruity and refreshing or bold and adventurous, you'll find it here. Sip on a signature concoction like the ""Flaming Sunset"" or opt for a classic martini with a twist. Each drink is crafted with precision and care, using only the finest spirits and freshest ingredients.

Unwind in Style

As the evening unfolds, Flames transforms into a hub of energy and excitement. Whether you're lounging with friends or mingling with fellow patrons, there's an undeniable sense of camaraderie in the air. Live music sets the mood, adding to the lively atmosphere and keeping the energy levels high. With impeccable service and attention to detail, the staff at Flames ensures that every moment is one to remember.

A Destination for All Occasions

Flames Hookah & Cocktail Lounge isn't just a place to unwind – it's a destination for celebrations of all kinds. Whether you're marking a milestone birthday, hosting a corporate event, or simply gathering with friends for a night out, Flames offers the perfect setting. With customizable packages and attentive event planners, they make it easy to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience the Vibrant Atmosphere of Flames Hookah & Cocktail Lounge in Riga, Latvia

In a city known for its vibrant nightlife, Flames Hookah & Cocktail Lounge stands out as a beacon of excellence. From the moment you step through the door, you're enveloped in an experience that delights the senses and leaves you craving more. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer looking for adventure, Flames invites you to indulge in a world of luxury and excitement. Join us and discover why Flames is more than just a lounge – it's an unforgettable journey.

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