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Amidst the backdrop of Birmingham's bustling cityscape lies Tattu, a contemporary Chinese cocktail bar that transcends conventional dining and drinking experiences. As you step through the doors, you're immediately transported to an enchanting world where gastronomy and mixology meet artistry and storytelling. Here, every sip and every bite is an exploration of flavors, cultures, and emotions.

An Atmosphere Like No Other

Tattu is not just a cocktail bar—it's a multisensory escape. From the moment you walk in, the ambiance envelops you in an atmosphere of luxurious tranquility. Picture dark wood paneling, plush velvet upholstery, and an impressive cherry blossom tree artfully positioned at the center of the dining room. The meticulously designed interiors effortlessly merge traditional Chinese elements with modern aesthetics, creating a serene yet vibrant setting that sets the stage for the evening's delights.

The Art of Mixology

When it comes to cocktails, Tattu is a place of innovation and wonderment. Their cocktail menu is a thoughtfully curated collection of drinks, each with its own narrative and identity. The bartenders, or as they prefer to be called, "liquid chefs," use top-shelf spirits, house-made infusions, and exotic ingredients to craft beverages that are as visually stunning as they are delectable. Signature cocktails like "The Last Emperor" or "The Yin & Yang" not only dazzle your taste buds but also serve as conversation starters. Imagine a concoction that arrives in a smoking glass, or one that changes color as you stir—a testament to Tattu's commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences.

An Epicurean Journey

While Tattu's cocktails often steal the spotlight, their food menu is equally riveting. Offering a modern twist on traditional Chinese cuisine, the dishes complement the cocktails beautifully. Whether you opt for dim sum, Peking duck, or one of their sumptuous desserts, the culinary offerings embody a perfect balance of flavors and textures, making each meal a feast for the senses.

Celebrate the Special Moments

One of the standout features of Tattu is its adaptability for different occasions. The layout includes intimate booths for romantic evenings, larger tables for gatherings, and a private dining area that can be customized for special events. With their exceptional customer service and attention to detail, Tattu ensures that every visit is unique and memorable.

Seasonal and Sustained

In a nod to sustainability, Tattu prides itself on sourcing local produce whenever possible and regularly updates its menus to capture the essence of the seasons. This dedication to quality and sustainability adds another layer of richness to their already extravagant offerings.

An Immersive Journey Into Birmingham's Opulent Cocktail Oasis

Tattu is more than just a cocktail bar or a dining venue; it is a sanctuary where the aesthetic, the culinary, and the extraordinary converge. With its mesmerizing interiors, unparalleled drink concoctions, and gastronomic delights, Tattu offers a retreat from the mundane, inviting you to experience Birmingham's nightlife in its most elegant form. If you're seeking a locale where every detail is crafted with intention and flair, Tattu awaits to sweep you off your feet. Cheers!

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Brightsmith On The Water

Indoor & Outdoor

As the sun sets over Birmingham's famous canals, the city comes to life in a different way. The industrial charm of the Second City gives way to an array of twinkling lights, and the hustle and bustle of business districts make room for the sparkle of social life. At the epicenter of this transformation is Brightsmith On The Water, a cocktail bar that blends the rich heritage of Birmingham with the innovation of modern mixology. Located by the serene waterside, this gem offers much more than just a great view—it promises a cocktail experience that is nothing short of magical.

Setting the Scene

The moment you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by a fusion of contemporary aesthetics and vintage allure. Exposed brick walls pay homage to the city’s industrial past, while lavish chandeliers and plush seating invite you into an opulent present. The pièce de résistance, however, is the panoramic view of the canal through expansive glass windows. Here, nature and urbanity coalesce to provide an enchanting backdrop to your cocktail hour.

A Liquid Journey

The cocktails at Brightsmith On The Water are not just beverages; they are narratives in a glass, each with its own story and personality. Sip a "Canal Sunset" and be transported to the tropical islands, where rum mingles with fresh pineapple and coconut. Opt for the "Brum Blossom," a gin-based concoction adorned with floral notes, and imagine yourself amidst the cherry blossoms of Japan. Classic cocktails are not overlooked either. Their "Waterhouse Whiskey Sour" uses house-made sour mix and a hint of local herbs to give the old classic a Birmingham twist.

Food for the Soul

No cocktail experience is complete without the perfect nibble. Brightsmith On The Water offers a delightful tapas menu that complements their cocktail offerings. Whether you prefer spicy chorizo sliders or vegan mushroom arancini, there's something for everyone.

The Masters Behind the Bar

A great cocktail bar is not made by its drinks alone; it’s the people who make the magic happen. The mixologists at Brightsmith On The Water are more like alchemists—skilled in the art of turning simple ingredients into liquid gold. They are always keen to discuss flavor profiles, origins, or even create something completely bespoke based on your preference.

Community and Connection

Brightsmith On The Water is more than just a venue; it's a community hub. Regular events, such as cocktail-making classes, live music nights, and even canal-side yoga sessions, bring locals and tourists together in a harmonious mix of culture and revelry.


Nestled in the heart of Birmingham, the bar is easily accessible, whether you are coming from the International Convention Centre or the historic Jewellery Quarter. Parking is convenient, and public transportation options abound.

Birmingham’s Oasis of Cocktail Creativity

Brightsmith On The Water is not just another cocktail bar; it’s an institution that celebrates the soul of Birmingham while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a glass. With its exceptional drinks, stellar service, and mesmerizing location, this cocktail bar is a sanctuary for those seeking both solace and excitement. Come for the cocktails; stay for the experience. This is not merely a place to drink; it's a destination to remember.

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Indoor only

Located in the heart of Birmingham's bustling city center, Fumo is a cocktail bar that offers more than just an extensive list of beverages. It's a sanctuary of sophisticated Italian design, tantalizing flavors, and exemplary hospitality. For those seeking an experience beyond the average British pub, Fumo promises an evening that feels like a short vacation to Italy—no passport required.

Chic and Contemporary Ambiance

As you step into Fumo, the first thing that catches your eye is its elegant décor that effortlessly combines modern design with classic Italian aesthetics. Marble tabletops, chrome finishes, and an intricately designed ceiling set the stage for an unforgettable evening. The atmosphere is cosmopolitan, and the crowd, chic—this is a place for Birmingham's stylish elite.

A Journey in Mixology

Fumo is renowned for its innovative cocktail menu that caters to both traditionalists and adventurous souls. Inspired by Italy’s rich history of mixology and helmed by expert bartenders, the bar’s drinks selection is a vibrant mélange of classics and inventive concoctions. Whether it's a perfect Negroni you crave or something more daring like a Sicilian-inspired martini, Fumo’s cocktail list leaves nothing to be desired. Their signature drink, "La Dolce Vita," is an infusion of limoncello, prosecco, and fresh basil—an Italian dream in a glass.

Authentic Italian Flair

It's not just the drinks that transport you to the Italian coastline; Fumo’s menu is a delectable journey through Italy's culinary landscape. You'll find an array of authentic Italian small plates or 'stuzzichini'—perfect for sharing and pairing with cocktails. The selection ranges from seafood delicacies like calamari and scallops to mouthwatering pasta and risotto dishes. Don't skip dessert; their Tiramisu is a must-try.

Entertainment and Events

Fumo regularly hosts events that augment its lively atmosphere. From live jazz to DJ nights spinning Italian classics, the entertainment aligns perfectly with the bar’s luxe setting. For cocktail enthusiasts, Fumo also offers mixology workshops, where patrons can learn the fine art of Italian cocktail making from the masters themselves.

Exquisite Customer Service

Service at Fumo is as impeccable as its cocktails and cuisine. Staff are attentive, knowledgeable, and always willing to offer personalized recommendations. The bar even offers a members-only section, ensuring a level of exclusivity and personalized service for its regular patrons.

Conveniently Located

Situated in one of the city’s prime areas, Fumo is easily accessible by both public transport and car, making it an ideal rendezvous point whether you're a local or a visitor exploring Birmingham.

Birmingham's Epitome of Italian Elegance and Mixology

Fumo is more than a bar—it's an experience that tantalizes all your senses. It's where Birmingham meets Bella Italia, in an extraordinary fusion of style, flavors, and culture. Whether it's for a romantic date, a business meeting, or a night out with friends, Fumo offers a slice of Italian luxury that will make your evening a memorable one.

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Sky By The Water

Indoor & Outdoor

If the skies above Birmingham have ever looked a little more luminous, it's probably because Sky By The Water is casting its own celestial glow on the city's social scene. Perched atop one of Birmingham's premier destinations, this cocktail bar and restaurant is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. The venue serves as an oasis of luxury and tranquility, combining panoramic views with artisan cocktails and culinary artistry.

A Dazzling Space Above The Clouds

Step out of the elevator, and you'll be greeted with an immediate sense of elevation—not just in altitude but in ambiance. The bar’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow an unobstructed panorama of the sprawling cityscape below, which becomes especially magical during twilight hours. The space itself is awash in soft, muted tones, illuminated by chandeliers that seem to float like tiny galaxies above you. Pops of green from strategically placed plants contrast with the natural wood and marble finishes, adding an organic touch to the modern design.

The Drink Menu: A Constellation of Flavors

Sky By The Water takes its cocktails seriously, curating a selection that appeals to both the traditionalist and the adventurer. Their talented mixologists pay homage to classic cocktails while incorporating imaginative twists that elevate the experience to new heights. A particular favorite is the "Elevated Elixir," which marries gin, elderflower liqueur, and Champagne with a hint of citrus. It’s the epitome of refreshing sophistication. Seasonal ingredients play a significant role, and you may find your favorite cocktails reinterpreted with an infusion of fresh fruits, herbs, or spices depending on the time of year. Attention to detail is evident not only in the carefully balanced flavors but also in the meticulous presentation. Each drink arrives as if it were a miniature masterpiece, sometimes adorned with edible flowers or a sprig of herbs.

Culinary Pairings: A Match Made in Heaven

The food menu is far from an afterthought and perfectly complements the cocktail offerings. Here you can find an assortment of expertly curated small plates, sharing platters, and desserts. Local produce shines in each dish, whether it's a plate of fresh oysters or a velvety panna cotta. Their famous sharing platters are perfect for groups looking to experience a medley of flavors while enjoying their cocktails.

Social, Yet Intimate

The atmosphere is relaxed yet sophisticated, creating an ideal setting for a variety of occasions. Whether it's a romantic date night, a casual get-together with friends, or a corporate event, Sky By The Water caters to every need. The staff is attentive and personable, adding to the overall exceptional experience.

Special Events: Nights to Remember

Sky By The Water also hosts various events throughout the year, from live music performances to cocktail masterclasses led by their in-house mixologists. These events often sell out quickly, solidifying the bar’s status as a sought-after venue for those looking for an experience beyond the ordinary.

Elevating Birmingham’s Cocktail Experience to New Heights

Sky By The Water is not just a bar; it’s a sanctuary where the art of mixology reaches celestial levels, and every sip feels like a moment suspended in time. If you're seeking a truly elevated cocktail experience in Birmingham, Sky By The Water has set a new benchmark, proving that sometimes the sky is not the limit—it's just the beginning. Cheers!

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The Alchemist Brindleyplace

Indoor only

In the midst of Birmingham's bustling urban landscape, nestled alongside the picturesque canals, lies a cocktail bar that's as enchanting as its name suggests: The Alchemist Brindleyplace. Beyond just being a place to sip and socialize, The Alchemist weaves a captivating tale of chemistry, creativity, and charm in every drink and detail.

The Magic of Metamorphosis

True to its moniker, The Alchemist Brindleyplace immerses its patrons in a world where mixology meets science. The bar’s interior boasts a chic industrial design, replete with exposed brickwork, metallic elements, and large glass windows that offer serene views of the surrounding canals. Darkened shelves are adorned with curious vials and flasks, evoking a sense of wonder and anticipation.

A Symphony of Flavors

At The Alchemist, cocktails are not just made; they’re meticulously crafted. Delighting both the eye and the palate, every concoction is a performance. From drinks that change color to ones that emit wisps of smoke or burst with unexpected flavors, the menu is a playground for the adventurous. Each drink encapsulates the spirit of alchemy, turning ordinary ingredients into extraordinary sensory experiences.

Ambiance: Elegantly Electric

The bar exudes an atmosphere that's simultaneously upscale and electric. Ambient lighting casts a warm, golden hue, while the occasional flash from a cocktail experiment illuminates intrigued faces. Whether seated at the bar, where one can witness the bartenders in their element, or at a cozy table overlooking the canal, patrons are guaranteed an ambiance that’s both intimate and invigorating.

Gastronomic Delights

While cocktails are the stars of the show, The Alchemist’s culinary offerings are not to be overshadowed. With a menu that’s as inventive as its drinks, guests can indulge in a range of dishes that are a fusion of classic British fare and global inspirations. Presented with flair and finesse, every dish, much like the cocktails, is a delightful surprise.

Alchemy in Action

What truly sets The Alchemist Brindleyplace apart is its team of passionate professionals. The bartenders, or perhaps more fittingly, the ‘alchemists’, are a blend of artists and scientists. With every shake, stir, and pour, they showcase their expertise, ensuring that guests not only enjoy their drinks but are also regaled with the process.

Birmingham's Mesmeric Mixology Marvel

In a city rich with history and culture, The Alchemist Brindleyplace offers a modern, magical escape. It's a space where stories unfold with each bubble and fizz, where science and art dance in harmony, and where every visit promises a spellbinding experience. For those in Birmingham seeking a cocktail adventure, The Alchemist beckons with its doors open and potions ready.

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Indoor & Outdoor

Situated in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, Acapella is not just a bar but a vibrant cultural venue that combines the love of live music with the art of mixology. Since its opening, Acapella has quickly established itself as a go-to destination for those seeking a blend of soulful tunes and exquisite cocktails in a stylish setting.

A Melodic Experience with Every Visit

Acapella prides itself on offering an eclectic mix of live music performances that feature genres like Acoustic, Jazz, Soul, and Blues. This commitment to providing quality music makes Acapella more than just a night out—it’s an experience. Patrons can enjoy these melodic sounds in a newly refurbished venue that resonates with the energy of live performances, ensuring every evening is both unique and memorable.

Craft Cocktails and More

Alongside its music lineup, Acapella offers a tempting selection of cocktails and other beverages that cater to all tastes. Whether you're in the mood for a classic concoction or something more avant-garde, the skilled bartenders at Acapella craft each drink with an attention to detail that complements the musical ambiance. This synergy of great drinks and great music creates a perfect backdrop for an evening of relaxation and enjoyment.

Private Functions and Corporate Events

Acapella is not only a popular spot for casual evenings and nights out but also an ideal venue for private functions and corporate events. With flexible space that can accommodate a variety of gatherings, Acapella provides a unique setting for everything from business meetings to private celebrations. The bar’s team is dedicated to ensuring that each event is tailored to meet the specific needs of its guests, making every occasion a special one.

Centrally Located for Easy Access

Located at 50 Frederick Street, Acapella benefits from being in one of Birmingham’s most fashionable and accessible areas. Its central location in the Jewellery Quarter makes it easy for guests to visit from any part of the city, whether for a quick drink after work or a full evening out. The bar’s operating hours are generous, with late closing times on weekends to cater to the nightlife crowd.

A Harmonious Blend of Music and Cocktails in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

In conclusion, Acapella offers a harmonious blend of live music and masterful mixology, set against the backdrop of Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. It stands out as a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a world where good music and great drinks come together to create unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, a visit to Acapella is sure to be a highlight of your Birmingham experience.

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