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Mr Percival's

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Perched over the waters of the Brisbane River, with the iconic Story Bridge looming in the backdrop, Mr Percival's emerges not just as a bar but as a quintessential Brisbane experience. With its perfect blend of captivating views, innovative cocktails, and an ambiance that's undeniably electric, Mr Percival's holds its own as one of the city's premier waterfront destinations.

Location: Where Water Meets Wonder

Situated at the Howard Smith Wharves, one of Brisbane's latest revitalized historic precincts, Mr Percival's enjoys an enviable position. With the river flowing beneath and the city lights shimmering around, the bar offers an experience that's both urban and serene.

Interiors: European Elegance on Aussie Shores

Entering Mr Percival's is akin to stepping onto a European beach club, albeit with a distinct Brisbane flair. The interiors are bathed in pastel hues, with hues of apricot and coral dominating the palette. From the striped upholstery to the arched windows that offer panoramic river views, every design element has been meticulously curated.

Cocktails: A Splash of Imagination

Beyond its vistas, Mr Percival's truly shines with its beverage offerings. Drawing inspiration from its waterside location, the cocktail menu is a refreshing dive into tropical and marine flavors. Using an array of locally sourced ingredients, each drink, be it a classic or a house specialty, promises to be a delightful sip of innovation and tradition.

Ambiance: Sunlit Soirées and Starry Nights

During the day, Mr Percival's basks in the golden Australian sun, making it a perfect spot for lazy afternoon drinks. As the sun sets, the space transforms, with the gentle glow of fairy lights and the soft beats of music creating an atmosphere that's both intimate and lively.

Clientele: The City's Crème de la Crème

Given its prime location and unmatched offerings, Mr Percival's is frequented by a diverse crowd. From young professionals catching up after work to tourists soaking in the city's beauty and couples cherishing sunsets, the bar pulses with a mosaic of stories and moments.

Brisbane's Waterfront Cocktail Oasis

In a city blessed with natural beauty and a burgeoning cocktail scene, Mr Percival's effortlessly claims its spot as a crown jewel. It's more than just its drinks or views; it's the spirit of Brisbane – vibrant, welcoming, and endlessly enchanting. For those seeking a venue where every evening feels like a celebration, Mr Percival's opens its doors and raises its glasses in a toast to unforgettable memories.

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The Gresham

Indoor only

In Brisbane's bustling CBD, where modernity meets heritage, The Gresham stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and sophistication. Housed within a heritage-listed building, this iconic bar offers not just drinks, but a deep dive into Queensland's storied past. The Gresham isn't just a bar—it's an experience, a tale told through its walls, and a legacy served in its glasses.

Location: History in Every Brick

Nestled on Queen Street, The Gresham is a testament to Brisbane's rich architectural history. The bar occupies a building that dates back to the 19th century, with its original features preserved impeccably. The venue's stately facade beckons patrons, hinting at the old-world charm that lies within.

Interiors: Vintage Vibes with Modern Flair

As one steps inside The Gresham, the grandeur of yesteryears envelops them. Dark wooden panels, ornate ceilings, vintage leather sofas, and antique light fixtures transport patrons to a bygone era. Yet, there's a modern touch—contemporary art pieces and sleek furniture designs add a dash of today to the tales of yesterday.

Cocktails: An Ode to the Classics

The Gresham's cocktail menu is a celebration of the classics, reimagined with a twist. With an extensive selection of whiskies and a penchant for rum, the bar is a haven for connoisseurs. The bartenders, with their deft hands and deep knowledge, create concoctions that are both visually stunning and tantalizing to the palate. From smoky, peaty drams to fruity, tropical mixes, there's a drink for every discerning palate.

Ambiance: Quiet Conversations and Soulful Sounds

The mood at The Gresham is one of subdued elegance. The gentle hum of jazz or blues often wafts through the air, adding layers to the already rich atmosphere. Whether you're tucked away in a cozy corner for an intimate chat or seated at the bar, engaging with the mixologists, there's a sense of belonging and warmth.

Clientele: From Whiskey Aficionados to History Buffs

The Gresham's clientele is as diverse as its drink menu. While whiskey lovers frequent the place to savor rare blends, history enthusiasts come to soak in the architectural splendor. Business professionals, couples, and groups of friends—all find their niche within its welcoming walls.

A Timeless Tribute to Cocktail Craftsmanship in Brisbane

In a city teeming with contemporary bars and eateries, The Gresham stands out as a homage to Brisbane's rich heritage. It's a place where stories of the past meet the passions of the present. For those who cherish the beauty of time-honored traditions, yet seek a touch of modern-day sophistication, The Gresham is a destination that promises—and delivers—both.

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