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Indoor only

In Melbourne's bustling and ever-evolving cocktail scene, Byrdi stands out as an avant-garde gem. Nestled in the heart of the city, this cocktail bar seamlessly combines innovation with tradition, creating a sensory journey that has captivated both locals and travelers alike. Byrdi is not just a bar; it's an experience.

Location & Ambiance

Located in Melbourne's thriving CBD, Byrdi boasts a prime location that is both accessible and surrounded by the city's vibrant nightlife. But once inside, the outside world fades away. The ambiance is a symphony of modern design blended with earthy elements. Think warm woods, lush greenery, and understated lighting, crafting an intimate and relaxed setting.

A Menu Inspired by Nature

Byrdi's unique selling proposition is its approach to crafting cocktails. The drinks here are inspired by the natural landscapes of Australia. From the vast outback to the coastal regions, each cocktail tells a story of the country's diverse ecosystems. Seasonality is a key aspect, ensuring that every ingredient used is at its peak freshness and flavor.

The team at Byrdi are more alchemists than bartenders. They distill their own spirits, ferment fruits in-house, and often forage for wild ingredients. This meticulous approach translates to a drink menu that's constantly evolving and always surprising. While you might find some classic cocktails, be prepared for twists and turns, as even the familiar comes with a dash of Byrdi innovation.

Beyond Cocktails

While the drinks are undeniably the stars, Byrdi ensures that the palate is treated to an all-rounded experience. Their selection of small plates, designed to complement the cocktails, is influenced by local flavors and ingredients. Expect a culinary journey that, much like the drink menu, pays homage to Australia's rich and varied landscapes.

The Team Behind the Magic

One cannot discuss Byrdi without mentioning the passionate team behind it. Their dedication to the craft is evident in every aspect of the bar, from the carefully curated menu to the attentive service. They're not just serving drinks; they're sharing their love for mixology and the unique flavors of Australia.

Events and Collaborations

Byrdi often collaborates with local producers, artists, and even other bars to create unique events and limited-edition menus. These collaborations further emphasize the bar's commitment to the community and its dedication to pushing boundaries in the cocktail world.

Melbourne's Avant-Garde Cocktail Experience

In a city renowned for its vibrant bar scene, Byrdi has managed to carve out a unique niche. It's a celebration of Australia, its flavors, and its spirit. Whether you're a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or someone looking to explore, Byrdi offers an unforgettable journey. Each visit promises new flavors, stories, and memories, making it a must-visit destination in Melbourne's cocktail landscape.

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Indoor only

Dive deep into the heart of Melbourne's bustling bar scene, and you'll discover Curious, an establishment that truly lives up to its intriguing name. Nestled among the city's iconic laneways, this cocktail haven stands out, not just for its drinks, but for the air of mystery and exploration it exudes. A celebration of the curious spirit of Melbourne's nightlife, this bar beckons those looking to venture beyond the ordinary.

Location: A Laneway Secret

Tucked away in one of Melbourne's renowned laneways, Curious offers a sense of discovery even before one steps inside. The entrance, marked by a subtle sign and an arched doorway, feels like the beginning of a clandestine adventure in the heart of the city.

Interiors: A Portal to Another Era

Walking into Curious is like stepping into a 19th-century alchemist's lab. Dark wood, leather seating, and brass accents dominate the décor, transporting patrons to a bygone era of exploration and wonder. The dimly lit ambiance, punctuated by candles and vintage light fixtures, enhances the sense of old-world charm.

Dominating the space is the bar counter, where bartenders, dressed in period attire, work their magic, blending ingredients with the precision and flair of true alchemists. Shelves filled with mysterious bottles, jars of exotic ingredients, and ancient-looking apparatus only add to the atmosphere.

Cocktails: Elixirs of Delight

Curious prides itself on its unique cocktail menu, which reads more like a sorcerer's spellbook than a traditional drinks list. The offerings range from reimagined classics to innovative concoctions, each with a twist that captures the bar's adventurous ethos.

Local ingredients are given a place of honor, but it's the way they're transformed — through infusions, distillations, and even a touch of theatre with smoke and flames — that sets Curious apart. Drinks are often served in unexpected vessels, from potion bottles to ornate chalices, making each order a visual treat.

Ambiance: Whispers and Wonder

The vibe at Curious is intimate and engaging. The background music, a blend of soft jazz and ambient sounds, sets the mood for whispered conversations and shared secrets. Patrons, whether regulars or first-timers, are united by a sense of wonderment, making the bar a communal space for shared experiences and discoveries.

Melbourne's Alchemical Cocktail Retreat

Curious is more than just a cocktail bar; it's a sensory journey, a tribute to Melbourne's spirit of innovation and its rich history. For those looking to savor not just a drink but an experience, to be transported to a world where mixology meets magic, Curious is the ultimate destination. Amidst the city's vibrant nightlife, this bar stands as a testament to the power of imagination, craftsmanship, and, of course, curiosity.

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Eau De Vie

Indoor only

Melbourne, with its eclectic blend of cultures, art, and history, has always been at the forefront of gastronomic exploration. Nestled amidst the intricate alleys of this vibrant city lies a gem that captures the essence of Melbourne’s allure: Eau De Vie. This cocktail bar, hidden away in a quiet corner, transports you to an era gone by, encapsulating the roaring twenties within its walls.

Entryway: The Prelude to a Timeless Journey

Finding Eau De Vie is part of its charm. Discreetly marked, the entrance draws inspiration from speakeasies of the Prohibition era. As the door swings open, patrons are greeted with dim, sultry lighting, creating an immediate air of intimacy and intrigue.

Atmosphere: Jazz and Old-World Charm

Stepping into Eau De Vie is like stepping into a sepia-toned photograph. Plush leather seating, dark timber, and vintage curiosities evoke a sense of nostalgia. The soft hum of chatter combined with the soulful tunes of jazz creates an ambiance that's both lively and intimate. On certain nights, live jazz performances add an extra layer of authenticity to the experience.

Cocktails: Artistry in a Glass

Eau De Vie has earned its reputation primarily through its innovative and theatrical cocktails. The menu, a curated collection of drinks, is both a nod to classics and a celebration of modern mixology. Every cocktail tells a story, and the skilled bartenders, often likened to alchemists, use techniques ranging from smoking and flaming to foaming to craft their liquid masterpieces.

While the cocktails stand as individual works of art, there's a unifying factor: premium ingredients, precision, and presentation. From drinks served in vintage glassware to those accompanied by wafts of aromatic smoke, each cocktail offers a multi-sensory experience.

Culinary Delights

Though cocktails take center stage, the culinary offerings at Eau De Vie are more than just an accompaniment. The tapas-style menu, designed to complement the drinks, features an array of dishes that showcase fresh local produce and global flavours.

Private Experiences

One of Eau De Vie's standout features is its emphasis on exclusive experiences. Their private whisky room, a haven for enthusiasts, offers an extensive collection of rare and aged whiskies. The bar also hosts cocktail masterclasses, allowing patrons to delve deeper into the world of mixology.

A Symphony of Flavours in a Jazz-infused Ambience

Eau De Vie, with its distinctive character and commitment to excellence, stands as a testament to Melbourne's rich culinary and cultural tapestry. It’s more than just a bar; it’s a journey back in time, a celebration of the golden age of cocktails. For both Melbournians and travelers alike, Eau De Vie offers an evening that lingers long in memory.

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Lui Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched high above Melbourne's bustling streets, Lui Bar offers a luxurious escape that combines sophistication with panoramic views. Located within the iconic Rialto building, this cocktail bar presents a harmonious blend of world-class mixology, contemporary design, and an ambiance that's both refined and inviting.

An Enviable Location

Situated on the 55th floor of the Rialto tower, Lui Bar boasts an unparalleled vantage point over Melbourne. The city's skyline, with its architectural marvels, sprawling gardens, and the shimmering Yarra River, unfurls beneath patrons, making every visit an occasion in itself.

Modern Sophistication in Design

Stepping into Lui Bar, visitors are met with an interior that exudes contemporary luxury. Expansive windows line the space, ensuring the cityscape remains the central artwork. The décor, characterized by sleek lines, dark tones, and plush seating, offers a cosmopolitan vibe, heightened by the gentle glow of ambient lighting and the subtle hum of live jazz performances.

Mixology at Its Finest

At the heart of Lui Bar's allure is its exceptional cocktail menu. Here, tradition meets innovation. While classic drinks are executed to perfection, the bar's signature cocktails showcase creativity and a deep appreciation for quality ingredients. From locally sourced herbs to rare spirits, every element is carefully curated.

Furthermore, the presentation is a spectacle in itself. Whether it's a drink served with theatrical smoke or a cocktail accompanied by an artisanal garnish, each creation is designed to impress both visually and on the palate.

A Culinary Delight

While drinks might be the primary draw, Lui Bar doesn't overlook the culinary aspect. Their menu, though concise, is thoughtfully crafted to complement their beverage offerings. From gourmet nibbles to more substantial fare, the focus is on fresh, high-quality ingredients prepared with finesse.

Engaging Experiences

Beyond its regular service, Lui Bar often hosts tasting events, workshops, and guest mixologist nights. These events, coupled with the bar's regular live music offerings, ensure that there's always something unique to experience.

Elegance Elevated in Melbourne's Skyline

Lui Bar is more than just a venue—it's a statement. It stands as a testament to Melbourne's evolving cocktail culture, where global trends are embraced, but a distinct local touch remains evident. With its unmatched views, impeccable service, and unwavering commitment to quality, Lui Bar solidifies its position as one of Melbourne's premier destinations for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and elegance in their night out.

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Nick and Nora's

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Melbourne's dynamic cocktail scene, Nick and Nora's stands out as a radiant beacon of 1930s elegance. Taking inspiration from Dashiell Hammett's iconic literary couple from "The Thin Man" series, this sophisticated cocktail lounge reimagines the glamour and intrigue of the art deco era for the modern Melbournian.

A Trip to a Bygone Era

Upon entering Nick and Nora's, patrons are instantly transported to the golden age of cocktails, where flapper dresses, jazz tunes, and clandestine affairs were the order of the day. The interiors are a meticulous blend of plush velvet, gleaming brass, and intricate patterns—a visual treat that perfectly encapsulates the charm of the 1930s.

Sky-High Delights

Positioned with panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline, Nick and Nora's offers more than just tantalizing drinks. The sweeping vistas, especially as the sun dips and the city lights begin their dance, add an extra layer of magic to the experience.

Mixology with a Vintage Twist

The cocktail menu at Nick and Nora's pays homage to classic concoctions while ensuring contemporary palates are catered to. Here, timeless recipes are given a fresh twist with modern techniques and unexpected ingredients. From smoky whiskeys to crisp champagnes, the drinks resonate with both nostalgia and innovation.

But beyond the drinks, it's the presentation that truly elevates the experience. Cocktails are often presented with theatrical flair, echoing the drama and excitement of the Prohibition era.

Gourmet Bites to Complement

Understanding that a good drink is best paired with delicious food, Nick and Nora's offers a curated selection of gourmet bites. The menu, much like the cocktails, draws inspiration from the past while incorporating contemporary flavors. Whether it's caviar on blini or a modern take on classic canapés, the culinary offerings are designed to complement the drinking experience.

A Place for Connoisseurs

Beyond the regular patron, Nick and Nora's often finds favor with the connoisseurs, thanks to its impressive collection of spirits and champagnes. The bar frequently hosts tasting events, masterclasses, and launch parties, ensuring that the Melbourne cocktail community has a place to come together, learn, and celebrate.

Melbourne's Deco-Era Decadence

Nick and Nora's isn't just another cocktail bar in Melbourne—it's an institution that celebrates the art of drinking in its most elegant form. It's a place where the past and present come together in a delightful dance of flavors, sights, and sounds. For those seeking an evening infused with sophistication, romance, and a touch of mystery, Nick and Nora's promises an experience unlike any other.

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Pearl Diver

Indoor only

In the city known for its rich blend of culture, art, and gastronomy, Melbourne's Pearl Diver emerges as a cocktail haven inspired by the mysteries and allure of the ocean. Situated amid the urban heartbeat of this cosmopolitan city, Pearl Diver offers a tantalizing escape that transports its patrons from the bustling streets to serene, sandy shores.

Location: Coastal Elegance in the Urban Jungle

Pearl Diver is strategically nestled in one of Melbourne's chic neighborhoods, creating an oasis that feels both intimate and connected to the city's pulse. Its facade, adorned with hints of marine hues and intricacies, acts as a beacon for those in search of a unique drinking experience.

Interiors: A Dive into Deep Blue

Once inside, guests are immediately enveloped in a seascape sanctuary. The design pays homage to the deep blue, with walls draped in shades of azure and cerulean, setting the backdrop for intricate coral patterns and artwork that celebrate marine life.

Chandeliers, inspired by the bioluminescence of deep-sea creatures, cast a gentle glow across the space, while the furnishings - a blend of modern design and natural textures - evoke the feel of luxurious seaside resorts. The bar counter, a centerpiece in its own right, shimmers with mother-of-pearl inlays, reflecting the establishment's namesake.

Cocktails: Ocean in a Glass

Pearl Diver's cocktails are where the theme truly comes to life. Each drink is a crafted narrative of the sea, blending traditional mixology with elements from the ocean. From infusions that use seaweed and salt to drinks adorned with edible pearls and sea foam, the menu is an ode to the vast, mysterious waters.

Standouts include "Neptune's Nectar", a refreshing gin-based concoction with hints of citrus and coastal botanicals, and "The Mariner’s Elixir", a heady mix of dark rum, tropical fruits, and a dash of sea salt.

Ambiance: Sublime Serenity

The ambiance at Pearl Diver is perfectly curated to complement its theme. Soft, ambient music intermingles with the distant sound of waves, creating a relaxed and immersive atmosphere. The clientele, a blend of Melbourne's locals and discerning tourists, find solace in the bar's tranquil environment, often losing track of time as they sip and savor.

Melbourne's Coastal Cocktail Respite

Pearl Diver is a testament to Melbourne's ability to continually reinvent its nightlife offerings. By seamlessly integrating the city's urban charm with the mesmerizing pull of the sea, this cocktail bar provides an unparalleled experience. For those seeking a marine-inspired evening that tantalizes both the palate and the soul, Pearl Diver awaits with open arms and a glass ready to be filled.

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Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne's bustling urban landscape lies 1806, a cocktail bar that effortlessly transports its patrons through time. Named after the year the word 'cocktail' was first defined in print, 1806 stands as a testament to the age-old art of mixology, marrying history with contemporary flair. Dive into this exquisite locale and explore the rich tapestry that has made 1806 an iconic Melbourne institution.

Entrance: A Portal to Another Era

As you approach 1806, the ornate façade and velvet ropes hint at the elegance within. The classic door, adorned with its signature number, serves as a threshold, separating the modern world from the timeless beauty that lies within.

Interiors: Elegance Personified

Once inside, you're greeted with an ambiance reminiscent of a classic European theater. The plush red velvet curtains, dark wooden furnishings, and vintage chandeliers evoke an old-world charm. The dimly lit space, accentuated by soft candlelight, creates an intimate atmosphere that invites whispered conversations and relaxed sips.

Cocktails: A Journey Through Time

1806 prides itself on its meticulously crafted cocktail menu that traces the evolution of mixology over the centuries. Each page of the menu represents a different era, offering drinks that capture the essence of their respective periods. From the classic Old Fashioned, representing the 1800s, to more avant-garde creations of the 21st century, the offerings at 1806 tell a captivating story of cocktail evolution.

Expert bartenders, dressed in period-appropriate attire, not only craft each drink with precision but also narrate the rich history behind it, making every cocktail experience both educational and delightful.

The Back Room: An Intimate Affair

For those seeking a more secluded setting, 1806 offers the "Back Room," a private area adorned with leather sofas, antique mirrors, and a personal bartender to cater to your every whim. It's a perfect spot for intimate gatherings, dates, or just a quiet evening with close friends.

Events & Masterclasses: Beyond Just Drinks

1806 isn't just about enjoying cocktails; it's about understanding their history and the art of creating them. The bar frequently hosts cocktail masterclasses, where enthusiasts can learn the craft from the best in the business.

Melbourne's Timeless Cocktail Odyssey

1806, with its rich history, unparalleled ambiance, and unparalleled cocktail offerings, has cemented its place as a must-visit destination in Melbourne's vibrant bar scene. It's a place where history and mixology dance in harmony, creating an experience that tantalizes the senses and educates the mind. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or a curious visitor, 1806 promises an evening that you'll cherish and remember.

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Bar Jayda

Indoor only

Melbourne, a city celebrated for its rich culture, diverse culinary scene, and iconic laneways, is home to a myriad of bars and eateries. Among them, Bar Jayda emerges as a beacon of elegance and allure, tucked away near Flinders Street in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

A Hidden Gem in Melbourne's CBD

Bar Jayda is not just any cocktail bar; it's an experience. Described as elusive and mysterious, this establishment mirrors the iconic laneways of Melbourne. It's a place where tales unfold, bonds are formed, and unforgettable memories are crafted. Just like the city's renowned hidden spots, Jayda offers an intimate setting where every visit feels like discovering a secret treasure.

Opulence Meets Intimacy

The ambiance of Bar Jayda is nothing short of captivating. With a cheeky red neon glow beckoning passers-by, the bar exudes confidence, sensuality, and uniqueness. The romantic and intimate decor, combined with the bar's strategic location, makes it an ideal spot to start or wrap up a memorable evening in Melbourne. Whether you're catching up with old friends or planning a romantic date, Jayda promises an atmosphere that encourages relaxation, conversation, and enjoyment.

Crafted by Renowned Minds

The brains behind this exquisite establishment are none other than the team responsible for other renowned venues like Maha, Maha East, and Maha North. Their expertise and passion for delivering top-notch experiences are evident in every aspect of Bar Jayda, from its design to its drink menu.

More Than Just Cocktails

While the cocktails are undoubtedly the highlight, Bar Jayda's allure doesn't stop there. The venue is also part of the Delia Group, known for its exceptional dining experiences. Those looking to treat someone special can consider gifting a dining experience that promises to be unforgettable, with gift cards valid across all Delia Group restaurants.

Melbourne's Hidden Cocktail Oasis

In the bustling streets of Melbourne, Bar Jayda stands out as a sanctuary for those seeking a unique cocktail experience. Its blend of opulence, intimacy, and expert craftsmanship makes it a must-visit destination in the city. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Bar Jayda offers a slice of Melbourne's vibrant spirit, making every visit feel like a special occasion. So, the next time you're in Melbourne and in the mood for a cocktail experience like no other, make your way to 19 Bond St and let Bar Jayda transport you to a world of elegance and delight.

Bar Margaux Logo

Bar Margaux

Indoor only

In Melbourne's bustling CBD, the vibrant and ever-evolving cocktail scene is graced with numerous establishments, each boasting their own unique charm. Among them stands Bar Margaux, an exquisite representation of French elegance nestled in the vibrant heart of the city. This luxurious underground brasserie and bar beckons patrons with its enticing Parisian allure, bringing a touch of Montmartre to Melbourne.

The Entrance: An Elegant Prelude

From the onset, Bar Margaux promises an enchanting experience. Its entrance, understated yet refined, hints at the classic elegance that awaits below. The descending staircase serves as a metaphorical journey from the busy streets of Melbourne to a cozy corner in Paris.

Ambiance: Midnight in Paris

Stepping inside, patrons are immediately enveloped in an ambiance reminiscent of a late-night Parisian bistro. The dim lighting, paired with deep mahogany and plush red seating, exudes warmth and intimacy. Gold accents and strategically placed mirrors amplify the venue's sophistication, echoing the classic French establishments of the 1920s.

The Cocktail Odyssey

True to its reputation, Bar Margaux offers a cocktail menu that's both inventive and rooted in tradition. While classic French cocktails, including various champagne selections, make a proud appearance, the bartenders are not afraid to introduce patrons to contemporary mixtures. Every cocktail tells a story, often blending traditional French spirits with modern mixology techniques, resulting in a delightful dance of flavors on the palate.

A Culinary Affair

No Parisian experience is complete without a touch of gourmet cuisine, and Bar Margaux doesn't disappoint. Their menu, though concise, boasts authentic French dishes that perfectly complement their beverage offerings. From light bites to sumptuous main courses, each dish is crafted with precision, celebrating the rich culinary heritage of France.

Service: Par Excellence

Beyond the ambiance and offerings, what truly sets Bar Margaux apart is its impeccable service. Staff members, attired in crisp uniforms, exude a professionalism balanced with genuine warmth. Their knowledge of the menu and dedication to enhancing the guest experience make each visit memorable.

A Parisian Night in Melbourne's Heart

Bar Margaux is more than just a cocktail bar; it's a portal to Paris right in the heart of Melbourne. It celebrates the timeless elegance of French culture while offering a cozy refuge from the city's hustle and bustle. For those looking to experience an authentic Parisian night without boarding a flight, Bar Margaux is a destination par excellence.

Bouvardia Logo


Indoor only

Melbourne, known globally for its thriving arts scene, coffee culture, and innovative culinary landscape, has an equally impressive array of cocktail bars that often fly under the radar. One such hidden gem is Bouvardia, a masterclass in mixology, nestled in the heart of the city. Bringing together the vibrancy of Melbourne's contemporary spirit with global influences, Bouvardia is a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in an exquisite drinking experience.

Location: Melbourne's Urban Heartbeat

Located in the bustling precinct of Melbourne's downtown area, Bouvardia is both central and slightly secluded, giving it the allure of a secret haven amidst the urban sprawl. The dimly lit streets that lead to its entrance are reminiscent of Melbourne’s iconic laneways, setting the tone for an intimate evening.

Interiors: Contemporary Chic Meets Rustic Elegance

As you step into Bouvardia, you're immediately drawn into a space that feels both modern and timelessly elegant. Polished wooden floors, rustic brick walls, and mood lighting come together to create a warm and inviting ambiance. The bar counter, illuminated by pendant lights, showcases rows of artisanal spirits and liquors, hinting at the magic the bartenders craft with each order.

Touches of greenery and art installations punctuate the space, providing a sense of relaxation and reflecting Melbourne's love for nature and art.

Cocktails: A Liquid Odyssey

What truly sets Bouvardia apart is its cocktail menu. A delightful blend of classics and inventive creations, the beverages showcase Melbourne's cosmopolitan character. Local ingredients are the stars, with drinks featuring Australian botanicals, native fruits, and even hints of the country's iconic eucalyptus.

Bartenders at Bouvardia not only mix drinks but curate experiences. Each cocktail tells a story, whether it's an ode to the Australian wilderness or a nod to global cocktail traditions, reimagined with a Melbourne twist.

Ambiance: Melodious and Magnetic

Background tunes, ranging from smooth jazz to indie pop, fill the air, adding to Bouvardia's charm. The clientele, a mix of locals and curious tourists, contribute to an atmosphere that's both lively and laid-back. Conversations flow seamlessly, punctuated by laughter and the clinking of glasses, making Bouvardia an ideal spot for both celebrations and relaxed evenings.

A Jewel of Mixology in Melbourne's Lively Cocktail Scene

Bouvardia isn’t just a bar; it’s a reflection of Melbourne’s multifaceted character. With its masterful cocktails, inviting interiors, and pulsating ambiance, it captures the essence of the city in a glass. For those eager to delve deep into Melbourne's cocktail culture and savor drinks that are as imaginative as they are flavorful, Bouvardia promises an experience that's both memorable and intoxicating.

Goldilocks Logo


Outdoor only

Perched atop the bustling streets of Melbourne lies a hidden gem that offers an enchanting escape from the everyday. Goldilocks, a rooftop cocktail bar, merges whimsy with sophistication, creating an atmosphere that feels straight out of a fairytale.

Location & Entry

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, finding Goldilocks is an adventure in itself. Visitors often feel a sense of discovery as they traverse a nondescript entrance and climb stairways, echoing the narrative of its namesake fairy tale. The journey upwards builds anticipation, and the reward at the end is well worth the climb.


As you step into Goldilocks, the urban jungle of Melbourne transforms. The open-air rooftop setting, combined with an intimate indoor area, offers breathtaking views of the city skyline. Wooden furnishings, warm lights, and verdant greenery enhance the rustic charm, while curated background music sets a relaxed yet upbeat tone.

The design, true to its theme, combines playful elements reminiscent of the Goldilocks story with a mature, sophisticated aesthetic. The result is an ambiance that is both comforting and intriguing.

Cocktail Craftsmanship

Goldilocks takes its cocktails seriously. The drink menu is a delightful fusion of classic concoctions and innovative creations. Leveraging fresh, local ingredients and a mix of artisanal spirits, the bartenders craft drinks that are as visually appealing as they are palate-pleasing.

Seasonality plays a significant role, ensuring that the cocktails are always evolving and offering patrons something new to explore. From refreshing summer sippers to cozy winter warmers, there's a drink for every mood and season.

A Culinary Companion

Beyond the liquid offerings, Goldilocks boasts a menu of delectable bites designed to complement the cocktails perfectly. Drawing inspiration from global cuisines, yet infusing a distinctive Melbourne touch, the food here is more than just an afterthought. Whether you're indulging in their Asian-inspired snacks or classic finger foods, each dish promises a burst of flavor.

Events and Nights

Goldilocks frequently hosts themed nights, DJs, and special events. These add to the dynamic atmosphere of the bar, ensuring that there's always a hint of unpredictability, much like the adventurous tales of Goldilocks herself.

A Fairytale Experience in Melbourne's Cocktail Scene

Goldilocks Bar encapsulates the essence of Melbourne's vibrant nightlife. It's a place where stories unfold, friendships are forged, and memories are crafted. Whether you're a local looking for a refreshing escape or a traveler seeking the city's hidden treasures, Goldilocks offers a magical experience, elevated both in location and spirit.

Good Heavens Logo

Good Heavens

Outdoor only

In the vibrant tapestry of Melbourne's bar scene, Good Heavens shines brightly, offering a heavenly respite high above the bustling streets below. This rooftop cocktail bar masterfully combines a vintage 80's vibe with modern sophistication, all while presenting panoramic views of the city skyline.

Location & Accessibility

Nestled atop Fancy Hank's on Bourke Street, Good Heavens' prime location in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD makes it a hotspot for both locals and tourists. Its easy accessibility combined with the allure of ascending to a rooftop haven makes it a sought-after destination.

Design & Ambiance

Stepping into Good Heavens is akin to diving into a nostalgic 80’s pool. The decor sports a palette of pastel blues and pinks, and the furniture, with its comfortable lounges and casual seating, exudes an inviting retro charm. But the real star is the open-air setting. Melbourne's skyline stretches out in every direction, and whether you're catching a serene sunset or gazing at the starry nocturnal beauty, the view is always impeccable.

Cocktails with a Twist

Good Heavens takes pride in its diverse cocktail menu. While you can always find classics done right, the bar is renowned for its innovative concoctions. A standout feature is their refreshing spin on 80's classics, each crafted with precision, fresh ingredients, and top-tier spirits. Whether you're sipping on a reimagined Pina Colada or diving into one of their signature drinks, you're in for a treat.

The bar also boasts an impressive selection of local craft beers, ensuring that even non-cocktail drinkers have plenty to toast to.

Satisfying Bites

Complementing the drink menu, Good Heavens offers a curated selection of bar bites. Drawing inspiration from American comfort food, the dishes are flavorful, hearty, and perfect for sharing. Their nachos, sliders, and other finger foods are crowd-pleasers, each promising to elevate the rooftop revelry.

Events & Vibes

Good Heavens is more than just a bar; it's an experience. Regularly hosting DJs and themed nights, the bar often pulsates with lively beats from the 80s and 90s, making it an ideal spot for a groovy night out. The atmosphere strikes a balance between laid-back and energetic, ensuring that whether you're looking for a relaxed evening or a night of dancing under the stars, you're catered to.

Melbourne's Retro Rooftop Oasis

In a city renowned for its dynamic bar culture, Good Heavens stands out, offering a unique blend of nostalgia, innovation, and relaxation. The bar effortlessly captures the essence of a rooftop paradise, where the drinks are chilled, the vibes are warm, and the memories created are nothing short of heavenly.

House of Correction Logo

House of Correction

Indoor only

In the heart of Melbourne, a city known for its intricate maze of laneways, artistic expressions, and culinary wonders, sits a place that feels both out of time and ahead of its time: House of Correction. This cocktail bar, with its quirky name and even quirkier spirit, is a cherished haunt for those seeking an elevated beverage experience.

Unassuming, Yet Unforgettable

Located amidst a backdrop of historic buildings and bustling streets, the entrance to House of Correction is marked with a blend of subtlety and style. It gives off the vibe of a well-guarded secret, known only to those truly in the know.

Inside House of Correction: A Study in Contrast

The interior decor is an enticing dance between the raw and the refined. Industrial elements juxtapose with plush furnishings, creating an atmosphere that is both cozy and edgy. Exposed brick walls meet velvety drapes, and contemporary artwork shares space with vintage curios.

Mood lighting, often playing with shadows and tones, adds to the bar's enigmatic allure. Soft jazz or ambient tunes hum in the background, ensuring conversations flow smoothly and freely.

Cocktails: Liquid Artistry

House of Correction boasts a menu that stands testament to the art and science of mixology. From revisited classics to innovative creations, each cocktail is a journey in taste, presentation, and aroma. Fresh, local ingredients, rare spirits, and unexpected pairings showcase the creativity of the bar’s mixologists.

Presentation is paramount here. Whether it's a smoky unveiling, a garnish that's a mini artwork, or a cocktail served in unique glassware, each drink is an Instagram-worthy masterpiece.

Culinary Pairings: Delightful and Diverse

To complement their exquisite drinks, House of Correction offers a selection of gourmet bites. These range from locally-sourced cheese platters to innovative tapas, ensuring there's something to tantalize every taste bud.

Events & Experiences

Beyond the everyday, House of Correction is known for hosting themed nights, special tasting sessions, and mixology workshops. These curated events further solidify its reputation as a hub for Melbourne's cocktail enthusiasts.

A Mecca for Melbourne’s Cocktail Connoisseurs

House of Correction is more than just a cocktail bar. It's a space where traditions are cherished, and innovation is celebrated. It captures the essence of Melbourne - a city that respects its past while eagerly embracing the future.

Every visit promises not just a drink, but an experience; not just a moment, but a memory. For those seeking to delve deep into Melbourne’s cocktail culture, House of Correction is a pilgrimage worth making.

Little Lon Logo

Little Lon

Indoor & Outdoor

Tucked away within Melbourne's intricate grid of modern structures and historic laneways, Little Lon Distilling Co. is a cocktail bar that serves as a time capsule. More than just a bar, it's a testament to the rich history and stories of a city that has grown and transformed over the years.

A Historic Foundation

Situated in Melbourne's CBD, Little Lon occupies what's left of the city's notorious Little Lonsdale Street precinct, an area once rife with intrigue, hidden alleyways, and colorful characters. The bar itself is housed within a preserved 19th-century cottage, one of the few remaining structures from an era long past. This unique setting offers patrons not just drinks but a tangible connection to Melbourne’s vibrant history.

Ambiance Steeped in Nostalgia

As you step into Little Lon, you're immediately transported to another time. The intimate space, with its exposed brick walls and vintage decor, exudes an old-world charm. Period-appropriate artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia adorn the walls, each telling a piece of the story of the area's rich past.

While the setting might be historic, the vibe is far from staid. The soft glow of hanging bulbs, coupled with ambient music, creates a lively and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for an evening of relaxation and conversation.

Crafting Spirits and Cocktails

Distinctively, Little Lon is not just a bar—it's also a distillery. They craft their own gins on-site, each inspired by historic figures or tales from the Little Lonsdale precinct. This commitment to local flavors and stories sets them apart. The cocktail menu features a range of drinks, from reimagined classics to innovative concoctions, each using their artisanal gins as a base.

Every drink at Little Lon is a nod to the city's heritage. Whether it's a cocktail named after a notable 19th-century personality or the use of native Australian botanicals in their spirits, the emphasis on authenticity is evident.

Knowledgeable and Passionate Staff

The team at Little Lon is not just well-versed in mixology but also in history. They're eager to share tales of the area's past, offering insights into the inspiration behind each drink. This combination of storytelling and bartending expertise ensures that each visit is both educational and enjoyable.

Melbourne's Glimpse into a Bygone Era

Little Lon is more than a mere drinking establishment; it's a celebration of Melbourne's history and culture. It's a place where past and present converge, offering patrons a unique experience that tantalizes the palate and enriches the mind. For those seeking more than just a drink—for those seeking a story—Little Lon is a must-visit destination in Melbourne's vibrant cocktail scene.

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New Gold Mountain

Indoor only

Hidden within Melbourne's vibrant maze of alleyways and bustling streets, New Gold Mountain stands as a testament to the city's rich heritage, fused seamlessly with its innovative present. This cocktail bar, named in homage to the Chinese gold rush in Victoria, offers patrons a transcendent experience, blending history, mixology, and ambiance into a harmonious symphony.

A Step Back in Time

The very name "New Gold Mountain" is a nod to the Chinese term for the Australian goldfields, drawing parallels to the era of the mid-19th century when Chinese immigrants flocked to Victoria in search of fortune. The bar itself feels like a time capsule. Dark wood, velvet drapes, and period-appropriate furnishings transport visitors to another era, where the anticipation of striking gold permeated every corner of the city.

Levels of Exploration

Much like the goldfields were a multi-layered exploration, New Gold Mountain is spread over two distinct levels, each offering a unique drinking experience. The ground floor, with its ambient lighting and cozy nooks, is perfect for intimate gatherings and quiet conversations. The upper level, often referred to as the "Red Level," exudes opulence and is reminiscent of the glamorous lounges of yesteryears.

A Palette of Flavors

New Gold Mountain's cocktail menu is a celebration of both classic and contemporary mixology. Traditional drinks are executed with precision, while the innovative concoctions showcase the bar's commitment to pushing boundaries. The influence of the East is evident, with many cocktails incorporating ingredients like lychee, oolong tea, or Szechuan pepper, providing a delightful twist to familiar flavors.

Sustainability in the Spotlight

In line with modern trends and a conscientious approach to the environment, New Gold Mountain places a significant emphasis on sustainability. Seasonal and local ingredients dominate the menu, waste is minimized, and there's a genuine effort to source ethical and eco-friendly products.

An Oasis in the City

Beyond its drinks and decor, what truly sets New Gold Mountain apart is its ambiance. It's an oasis of calm amidst the city's hustle and bustle—a place where one can unwind, reminisce, and dream. The soft glow of lanterns, combined with a curated playlist, creates an atmosphere that's both soothing and invigorating.

A Nostalgic Journey into Melbourne's Cocktail Scene

New Gold Mountain isn't just a cocktail bar; it's an experience—a journey through time, culture, and flavor. It captures the essence of Melbourne: a city that cherishes its history while eagerly embracing the future. For those looking to experience a slice of Melbourne's multifaceted character, New Gold Mountain offers a perfect blend of the old and the new.

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