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In the heart of Lima, where history and modernity intertwine, lies a cocktail bar that captures the soul of the city while echoing the mystical echoes of the Amazon: Ayahuasca. Housed within a beautifully restored 19th-century mansion, this bar provides a sensory voyage through Peru's rich cultural tapestry.

Location: Barranco’s Historic Gem

Situated in the bohemian district of Barranco, Ayahuasca Bar stands tall amidst colonial-era edifices, art studios, and cobbled streets. Its location in one of Lima's most charismatic neighborhoods offers patrons not just a drink, but an immersion into the city's artistic and historical soul.

Ambiance: Colonial Elegance meets Modern Artistry

As you cross the threshold, the mansion reveals its grandeur—tall wooden doors, high ceilings adorned with chandeliers, and mosaic-tiled floors that whisper tales from bygone eras. Yet, Ayahuasca is no relic. Contemporary artworks and installations, reflecting Peru's vibrant art scene, juxtapose the colonial architecture, creating an ambiance that's both regal and avant-garde.

Cocktails: A Journey through the Amazon

The bar's name, "Ayahuasca", hints at its commitment to blending traditional Peruvian elements with cutting-edge mixology. Cocktails here are not merely drinks; they are narratives. Employing indigenous ingredients like coca leaves, pisco (Peru’s national spirit), and exotic fruits from the Amazon, the bartenders at Ayahuasca craft beverages that resonate with the rhythms of the rainforest and the Andes' highlands.

Gastronomic Delights: A Symphony of Flavors

Complementing the bar's liquid offerings is a menu that pays homage to Peruvian gastronomy. From ceviche that sings of the sea to tapas inspired by Andean produce, the culinary creations at Ayahuasca are both authentic and innovative.

Service: Warmth and Wisdom

The staff at Ayahuasca, much like the venue itself, beautifully balance tradition and modernity. Dressed in chic attire, they navigate the sprawling mansion with grace, attending to guests with warmth typical of Peruvian hospitality. Their in-depth knowledge of the drinks and dishes ensures that patrons receive a rich contextual experience, not just a meal.

Music and Entertainment: Rhythms of the Rainforest

As the evening deepens, the bar comes alive with the haunting melodies of the Amazon. Whether it's the soulful strumming of a charango or the invigorating beats of Afro-Peruvian rhythms, music at Ayahuasca transports patrons to the very heart of the jungle.

Unveiling Mysteries in a Lima Mansion

Ayahuasca isn't just a bar—it's an odyssey. It invites guests on a journey that meanders through Lima's colonial history, dives deep into the mysteries of the Amazon, and soars to the pinnacles of modern mixology. Those seeking a venue that offers not just world-class drinks but also a rich cultural experience will find Ayahuasca to be Lima's crowning jewel.



Indoor only

Amid the diverse and buzzing world of Lima’s nightlife, BOTTEGA DASSO stands out, not merely as a cocktail bar but as an embodiment of fine Italian aesthetics blended with Peruvian panache. Tucked away in San Isidro, one of Lima's most upscale districts, this bar promises an evening of sheer sophistication.

Location: Heart of San Isidro

Nestled in the Dasso Square of San Isidro, BOTTEGA DASSO is a haven for those who appreciate refined elegance. Surrounded by chic boutiques, art galleries, and gourmet restaurants, its location speaks volumes about the clientele it caters to—discerning patrons who have an eye for the exquisite.

Ambiance: Italian Chic meets Peruvian Craftsmanship

Walking into BOTTEGA DASSO feels akin to stepping into a luxurious Italian villa. Clean lines, rich wooden interiors, plush leather seating, and soft ambient lighting create an atmosphere that is both intimate and grand. Subtle Peruvian motifs remind patrons of its rich local context, creating a seamless fusion of two distinct design philosophies.

Cocktails: Artistry in Every Glass

The magic truly begins when you order a drink. BOTTEGA DASSO takes pride in its meticulously crafted cocktail menu. Here, classic Italian liquors dance with Peruvian ingredients, resulting in beverages that are both nostalgic and novel. Whether it’s a Negroni with a hint of Amazonian fruit or a Pisco Sour given a Milanese twist, each drink tells a tale of two cultures gracefully intertwining.

Gastronomy: A Culinary Affair

The cocktails might be the stars, but the food at BOTTEGA DASSO plays a captivating supporting role. With a menu that boasts Italian classics reimagined with Peruvian flavors, diners can expect a delightful gastronomic journey. From ceviche with truffle oil to risottos infused with native herbs, every dish is a testament to culinary innovation.

Service: Personifying Grace and Efficiency

An essential facet of the BOTTEGA DASSO experience is the impeccable service. The staff, dressed in crisp uniforms, move with a purposeful grace, ensuring that every need is catered to with utmost precision. Their knowledge of the offerings, paired with genuine warmth, adds a personal touch to the luxurious ambiance.

Events and Tastings: Beyond Just a Bar

BOTTEGA DASSO isn’t content with just being a premier cocktail destination. Regular wine tastings, cocktail masterclasses, and curated events elevate it from a bar to a hub for connoisseurs of fine living.

The Epitome of Elegance in Lima's Cocktail Scene

BOTTEGA DASSO, with its blend of Italian elegance and Peruvian character, is more than just a cocktail bar—it's an experience. It offers Lima's elite an oasis where every detail, from the décor to the drinks, is curated to perfection. For those seeking an evening defined by world-class cocktails, delectable food, and unmatched sophistication, BOTTEGA DASSO is the undisputed choice.

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Indoor only

In a city teeming with history and contemporary energy, Carnaval cocktail bar emerges as an oasis of festivity and flavor. Located amidst the vibrant streets of Lima, this establishment is more than a place to sip drinks—it's a celebration of life, color, and the magic of mixology.

Location: Nestled in Miraflores

Lima's upscale district of Miraflores, known for its cultural vibrancy and modern charm, serves as the backdrop for Carnaval. The bar is both conveniently located for locals and a must-visit for travelers, offering a slice of Lima's dynamic nightlife.

Ambiance: A Technicolor Dream

Stepping into Carnaval is akin to entering a dream painted in bold, lively colors. Inspired by the world-famous Rio Carnival, the interior is a blend of deep purples, vivacious reds, and golden hues. The eclectic decor, combining modern art with vintage touches, complements the spirited theme. The ambiance pulsates with energy, making every evening feel like a grand celebration.

Cocktails: A Global Expedition

Carnaval prides itself on a diverse cocktail menu that takes patrons on a journey around the world. While Peruvian classics like Pisco Sour are given innovative twists, the bartenders also weave in flavors from as far as Tokyo, Paris, and Marrakech. Each drink is not just a concoction but a story, presented with theatrical flair—be it smoking glasses, vibrant garnishes, or interactive elements.

Gastronomy: A Fusion Fiesta

Matching the bar's eclectic drink offerings, Carnaval's food menu is a delightful dance of Peruvian ingredients and international techniques. From tapas-style bites to hearty mains, each dish is curated to complement the cocktails, ensuring a well-rounded dining experience.

Service: Personalized and Passionate

What truly sets Carnaval apart is its team. The staff, from bartenders to servers, are not just professionals—they're passionate aficionados of the art of hospitality. They guide patrons through the extensive menu, tailor recommendations to individual tastes, and often engage in lively conversations, adding a personal touch to the experience.

Events and Workshops: An Ever-Evolving Experience

Carnaval regularly hosts events, workshops, and themed nights. Whether it's a masterclass on mixology, a tasting session of rare spirits, or a musical extravaganza, there's always something new to look forward to. These events, often graced by industry experts and renowned artists, elevate the bar's status from a mere drinking establishment to a cultural hub.

A Symphony of Flavors and Festivities in Lima's Heart

Carnaval is not just a bar—it's an emotion, a spectacle, a place where every evening feels like the grandest parade. Its fusion of world-class mixology, vibrant atmosphere, and passionate service makes it a beacon in Lima's nightlife. For those seeking an unforgettable night drenched in flavor, fun, and festivity, Carnaval is the destination.

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