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Welcome to MidCity, a cocktail bar that's quickly becoming a favorite among Atlanta locals and visitors alike. Known for its innovative drink menu and vibrant atmosphere, MidCity offers a unique blend of sophistication and excitement, making it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to enjoy a night out in the city.

A Symphony of Flavors

At MidCity, the focus is on quality and creativity. The bar boasts an impressive selection of craft cocktails, each made with precision and care. From timeless classics to innovative new creations, the cocktail menu at MidCity is designed to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Not to be overlooked, the bar also offers a curated selection of wines and beers, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

An Atmosphere of Elegance and Energy

Step into MidCity, and you'll find yourself in an atmosphere that perfectly balances elegance with energy. The bar's design, with its chic decor and comfortable seating, creates an ambiance that's both upscale and inviting. Whether you're looking to unwind after work, enjoy a romantic evening, or celebrate a special occasion, MidCity provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience.

A Commitment to Exceptional Service

At MidCity, the guest experience is paramount. The staff are not only knowledgeable about the extensive drink menu but are also passionate about ensuring every guest has a memorable experience. From the warm welcome when you arrive to the fond farewell at the end of the night, the team at MidCity goes above and beyond to make your visit special.

Plan Your Visit

Located in the heart of Atlanta, MidCity is a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you're a local or just passing through Atlanta, a visit to MidCity is sure to be a highlight of your time in the city. With its exceptional drinks, inviting atmosphere, and top-notch service, MidCity offers an experience that's sure to impress.

Atlanta's Trendsetting Cocktail Destination

MidCity stands out as a beacon of cocktail craftsmanship in Atlanta. With its expertly crafted drinks, inviting setting, and commitment to excellence, it's the perfect destination for anyone looking to enjoy a truly exceptional cocktail experience. So next time you're in Atlanta, make sure to stop by MidCity and discover the magic for yourself. Cheers to an evening of relaxation, sophistication, and unforgettable cocktails!

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Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge

Indoor only

Nestled in the bustling streets of Atlanta, Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge emerges as a captivating destination for those seeking a unique blend of ambiance, exquisite drinks, and an unforgettable experience. This lounge, a hidden gem in the city, offers a perfect escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, inviting guests into a world of sophistication and relaxation.

Exquisite Cocktails and Culinary Delights

At the heart of Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge is its impressive selection of cocktails. Crafted by expert mixologists, each drink is a masterpiece, blending traditional techniques with innovative twists. The lounge prides itself on using high-quality ingredients, ensuring every sip is a journey of flavors. Alongside the cocktails, the lounge offers a curated menu of culinary delights, perfectly complementing the drink selection and enhancing the overall experience.

Enchanting Ambiance and Decor

The ambiance of Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge is nothing short of enchanting. The decor elegantly combines modern chic with classic elements, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and stylish. The lighting is thoughtfully designed to set the perfect mood, whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening or a lively night out. The lounge’s layout encourages both intimate conversations and social gatherings, making it an ideal spot for various occasions.

A Hub for Entertainment and Socializing

Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge is not just about drinks and decor; it’s a vibrant hub for entertainment and socializing. The lounge frequently hosts events, live music, and performances, offering guests a dynamic and engaging experience. Whether you’re looking to unwind after work, catch up with friends, or enjoy a romantic evening, the lounge provides the perfect backdrop for creating memorable moments.

Commitment to Exceptional Service

What truly sets Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge apart is its unwavering commitment to exceptional service. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and well-cared for. Their expertise in mixology and hospitality adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your visit, making each experience unique and personalized.

Discover the Charm of Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge in Atlanta

Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge is more than just a bar; it’s a destination that captures the essence of Atlanta’s vibrant nightlife. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this lounge is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to indulge in high-quality cocktails, savor delicious bites, and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of elegance and charm. So, next time you’re in Atlanta, make sure to stop by Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge and discover the magic for yourself.

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The Social House Cocktail Lounge

Indoor only

Nestled in the vibrant city of Atlanta, The Social House Cocktail Lounge stands as a beacon of sophistication and relaxation. This lounge is not just a place to enjoy a drink; it's a destination where the art of mixology and the joy of socializing blend seamlessly. Whether you're a local or a visitor, The Social House offers an experience that is both unique and memorable.

A Symphony of Flavors

At The Social House, the cocktail menu is a masterpiece of creativity and taste. Each drink is carefully crafted by skilled mixologists who use only the finest ingredients. From classic cocktails with a twist to innovative new creations, the menu is designed to cater to a wide range of palates. The drinks are not just beverages; they are sensory experiences that delight both the eye and the taste buds.

An Ambiance of Elegance and Comfort

The ambiance of The Social House is a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort. The interior design exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for an intimate evening or a casual night out with friends. The lighting is thoughtfully arranged to create a cozy yet sophisticated vibe, and the seating is arranged to encourage both privacy and social interaction.

A Hub for Socializing and Entertainment

The Social House is more than just a cocktail lounge; it's a social hub where people come together to enjoy good company and great entertainment. The lounge frequently hosts a variety of events, from live music performances to themed nights, offering guests an ever-changing and exciting experience. It's a place where laughter and conversation flow as freely as the drinks.

A Commitment to Exceptional Service

What truly sets The Social House apart is its commitment to providing exceptional service. The staff is not only knowledgeable about the menu but also attentive to the needs of each guest. They go above and beyond to ensure that every visit is enjoyable and memorable. Their friendly and professional approach makes guests feel welcomed and valued.

A Culinary Delight

While cocktails are the star of the show, The Social House also offers a selection of culinary delights. The food menu is carefully curated to complement the drinks, featuring a range of appetizers and small plates that are perfect for sharing. Each dish is prepared with the same attention to detail and quality as the cocktails, making for a well-rounded dining experience.

The Perfect Destination for Any Occasion

Whether you're planning a romantic date, a night out with friends, or a special celebration, The Social House Cocktail Lounge is the perfect destination. Its unique blend of exquisite drinks, inviting ambiance, and top-notch service makes it a standout choice in Atlanta's vibrant nightlife scene. The Social House is not just a lounge; it's an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

A Gem in the Heart of Atlanta

The Social House Cocktail Lounge in Atlanta is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to enjoy expertly crafted cocktails in a sophisticated yet comfortable setting. With its exceptional service, inviting ambiance, and a wide array of events, it's the perfect place to unwind, socialize, and create unforgettable memories.

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12 Cocktail Bar

Indoor only

Nestled in the bustling city of Atlanta, 12 Cocktail Bar emerges as a captivating destination for those seeking a unique blend of ambiance, creativity, and taste. This bar, renowned for its exceptional cocktail offerings, stands out as a must-visit spot for locals and tourists alike. Its strategic location in Atlanta not only makes it easily accessible but also places it at the crossroads of the city's vibrant nightlife.

A Symphony of Flavors

At 12 Cocktail Bar, the drink menu is nothing short of a masterpiece. Each cocktail is crafted with precision, showcasing a balance of classic techniques and innovative twists. The bartenders, known for their expertise and passion, use only the freshest ingredients, premium spirits, and a dash of creativity to concoct beverages that tantalize the taste buds. Whether you prefer something sweet, sour, or a bit of both, there's a drink here that's sure to delight.

An Atmosphere of Elegance and Comfort

The ambiance of 12 Cocktail Bar is a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort. The interior design exudes a warm, inviting vibe, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed evening out. Soft lighting and tasteful decor create an intimate setting, perfect for date nights, casual meet-ups, or solo adventures. The bar's layout encourages interaction and conversation, making every visit a memorable experience.

A Focus on Quality and Service

What truly sets 12 Cocktail Bar apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and service. The staff is not only knowledgeable about their craft but also genuinely enthusiastic about ensuring every guest has an exceptional experience. From the moment you step in, you're greeted with a smile and attended to with utmost care. This dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of the bar, from the meticulously curated drink selection to the spotless presentation.

A Culinary Journey Beyond Cocktails

While cocktails are the star of the show, 12 Cocktail Bar also offers a delightful array of culinary treats. The menu features a variety of appetizers and small plates, each designed to complement the drink offerings. Whether you're in the mood for something light and refreshing or rich and indulgent, the food options are curated to enhance your cocktail experience.

An Unforgettable Experience Awaits

12 Cocktail Bar in Atlanta is more than just a place to grab a drink; it's a destination where every visit is an adventure. The combination of exquisite cocktails, a welcoming atmosphere, and top-notch service makes it a standout choice for an evening out. Whether you're a cocktail aficionado or new to the world of mixed drinks, 12 Cocktail Bar promises an experience that's both enriching and unforgettable. So, next time you're in Atlanta, make sure to stop by and immerse yourself in the magic of this exceptional cocktail haven.

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Indoor only

Amidst the sprawling urban tapestry of Atlanta, where historical charm intersects with modern allure, lies a cocktail haven that has been capturing the imaginations of locals and visitors alike: Atrium. Set against the dynamic backdrop of the city, Atrium emerges as a bastion of sophistication, innovation, and southern hospitality.

Sculpted Ambiance: An Architectural Dream

True to its name, Atrium boasts a spacious interior with soaring ceilings and an architectural design reminiscent of classic atria. Natural light filters in, creating an interplay of shadows and luminescence. The design exudes elegance with contemporary furnishings, verdant plants draping from above, and art installations that mirror the vibrancy of Atlanta itself.

Alchemy in a Glass: Atrium's Cocktail Experience

At the heart of Atrium's appeal is its approach to mixology. Beyond mere drink-making, the cocktails here are a culmination of art, science, and a deep understanding of flavor profiles. The menu is a harmonious blend of classic favorites, daring new combinations, and nods to southern heritage.

Each cocktail tells a story – whether it's the refreshing tang of a drink inspired by Georgia's peach orchards or a robust beverage echoing the deep roots of Atlanta's history. Local ingredients, artisanal spirits, and innovative techniques ensure a drinking experience that's both unique and memorable.

Gastronomic Interludes: Culinary Complements

Atrium's commitment to excellence extends to its culinary offerings. The menu is a contemporary take on southern classics. From succulent bites to gourmet dishes, every item promises to be the perfect accompaniment to the bar's beverage masterpieces. Seasonal ingredients and locally sourced produce highlight the flavors of Georgia and the wider southern region.

The Rhythmic Pulse: Music at Atrium

While the cocktails and food offer a feast for the senses, the auditory experience at Atrium completes the ensemble. The bar often features live music, ranging from the soulful blues that the south is known for, to jazz, and contemporary tunes. The atmosphere is alive with the pulse of music, laughter, and the clink of glasses.

Southern Hospitality: The Atrium Signature

What elevates the experience at Atrium is the warmth and hospitality extended to every guest. Rooted in the southern tradition of welcoming each visitor as family, the staff at Atrium ensures a personalized and delightful experience. Their knowledge, passion, and genuine friendliness make every visit feel special.

The Southern Jewel of Cocktail Artistry

Atrium is not just a bar; it's a testament to Atlanta's rich cultural landscape, an ode to southern hospitality, and a celebration of cocktail craftsmanship. Whether you're a resident looking for a sophisticated night out or a visitor wanting to capture the essence of Atlanta in a glass, Atrium offers an experience that is both timeless and contemporary.

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Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Atlanta, a city renowned for its melding of traditions and modernity, there exists a unique cocktail haven that transports its guests to distant, exotic lands. Aziza, with its intricate dance of flavors, aromas, and ambiance, stands as a testament to Middle Eastern opulence and artistry, all while staying firmly rooted in Atlanta's vibrant culture.

Entrancing Interiors: An Oasis of Elegance

Step into Aziza, and you're immediately embraced by a setting reminiscent of an elegant Middle Eastern abode. The rich tapestry of colors, ornate light fixtures, and plush seating evokes an atmosphere of luxurious comfort. Mosaic tiles, carved wooden panels, and lush fabrics transport guests to a world where traditional Middle Eastern design meets contemporary aesthetics.

A Symphony of Flavors: The Cocktail Chronicles

Aziza's cocktail menu is a remarkable journey through Middle Eastern-inspired mixology. Each drink tells a tale of ancient lands, spice routes, and desert oases. Traditional ingredients such as rose water, pomegranate, saffron, and cardamom find their way into artfully crafted concoctions, offering patrons a sip of time-honored traditions with a modern twist.

The bartenders, with their keen understanding of flavors, masterfully blend these ingredients with premium spirits, creating beverages that are both familiar and exotic. Every cocktail at Aziza isn't just a drink; it's an experience, an exploration of the rich and diverse heritage of the Middle East.

Culinary Extravaganza: Beyond Cocktails

While the cocktails are undoubtedly mesmerizing, Aziza's culinary prowess further enhances the experience. Drawing inspiration from the Levant, the menu is a delightful array of Middle Eastern classics with a contemporary flair. Think tender kebabs, flavorful mezzes, and fragrant rice dishes, all plated with the artistry that befits the setting.

Local produce and authentic Middle Eastern spices combine to ensure that every dish is a celebration of flavors, textures, and culinary traditions.

Enchanting Melodies: The Soundscape of Aziza

Completing the sensory feast is Aziza's curated music selection. The soulful strains of the oud, the rhythmic beats of darbuka, and the melodious tunes of traditional Middle Eastern music intermingle with contemporary sounds, adding to the bar's magnetic allure.

Warmth and Welcome: The Aziza Promise

At its core, Aziza is a reflection of the legendary hospitality of the Middle East. Every guest is valued, every wish is catered to, and every visit is designed to be memorable. The staff, with their genuine warmth and expert knowledge, ensures that each patron feels cherished and understood.

A Tapestry of Middle Eastern Magic Amidst Southern Charm

Aziza isn't just a cocktail bar; it's a bridge between worlds, a celebration of the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern culture in the heart of Atlanta. It promises an evening where stories unfold, cultures converse, and the magic of the East blends seamlessly with the charm of the South. Whether you're seeking a unique cocktail, a sumptuous meal, or simply a moment of respite in an enchanting setting, Aziza welcomes you with open arms.

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Bar Margot

Indoor only

Atlanta, with its illustrious history and forward-thinking dynamism, is a city that never ceases to surprise. Among its many jewels is a bar that has rapidly become an iconic destination for those in the know: Bar Margot. Seamlessly weaving the classic and the contemporary, this establishment invites its guests to indulge in a sensory journey that encapsulates the spirit of the city.

Ambiance: Modern Elegance Meets Whimsical Charm

Nestled within the acclaimed Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, Bar Margot's interiors are a study in tasteful extravagance. The decor strikes a balance between modern chic and playful sophistication, with plush leather seating, gleaming wooden surfaces, and art installations that nod to both local and global influences.

Subdued lighting casts a warm glow, creating pockets of intimacy while the spacious layout allows for both quiet conversations and lively gatherings. The ambiance captures the essence of Atlanta's diverse soul — timeless yet always evolving.

Cocktails: A Liquid Odyssey of Creativity

Bar Margot's cocktail menu is nothing short of a masterpiece. The bartenders, true craftsmen in their own right, offer a palette of drinks that cater to both purists and adventurers. While classics are executed to perfection, it's the original concoctions that truly steal the show — each inspired by stories, seasons, and a passion for unparalleled quality.

With a meticulous selection of spirits, fresh ingredients, and an innovative approach, every cocktail promises a unique narrative, making every sip a revelation.

Gastronomic Delights: An Epicurean Adventure

Beyond the libations, Bar Margot is a gastronomic haven. The menu, inspired by both local flavors and international favorites, boasts dishes crafted with finesse and flair. From artisanal cheeses to gourmet mains, the culinary offerings complement the beverages, ensuring a harmonious dining experience.

A commitment to sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients ensures that every plate not only satiates the hunger but also delights the palate.

Rhythms and Resonance: The Musical Heartbeat

Adding to the ambiance is Bar Margot's choice of music. The eclectic selection ranges from sultry jazz that harks back to a bygone era to contemporary tunes that pulse with modern-day energy. The harmonious blend ensures that the mood is always pitch-perfect, resonating with the tastes of a diverse clientele.

A Culture of Hospitality: The Margot Promise

What truly distinguishes Bar Margot is the warmth and attentiveness of its staff. Rooted in the tradition of Southern hospitality, every gesture, every interaction is tailored to make guests feel both valued and at home. It's an ethos that transforms a mere visit into an unforgettable experience.

Atlanta's Epitome of Sophistication and Vibrancy

Bar Margot, in all its splendor, is a reflection of Atlanta's multifaceted charm. It's a space where tradition and innovation, relaxation and revelry, local and global seamlessly converge. Whether you're seeking an evening of quiet contemplation, a night out with friends, or a culinary journey like no other, Bar Margot awaits with its promise of magic and memories.

Drawbar at The Bellyard Logo

Drawbar at The Bellyard

Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst Atlanta's vibrant urban landscape, renowned for its dynamic mix of history, culture, and modernism, there emerges a new star in the form of Drawbar. Situated within The Bellyard, West Midtown's illustrious destination, Drawbar effortlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with classic Southern charm, offering patrons an unparalleled experience in the heart of the city.

Ambiance: Rustic Modernism Meets Southern Class

Drawbar's design is a masterclass in tasteful opulence. The interior seamlessly combines rustic elements, such as exposed brick and timber beams, with sleek modern finishes, creating a space that feels both timeless and refreshingly new. Large windows flood the room with natural light during the day, while soft, ambient lighting in the evening sets the mood for relaxation and refined revelry.

The furnishings, comfortable yet sophisticated, invite guests to sit back and soak in the serenity, making Drawbar a perfect oasis away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Cocktail Craftsmanship: A Symphony of Flavors

One of Drawbar's standout features is its exceptional cocktail menu. The mixologists, armed with an extensive knowledge of both traditional and avant-garde mixology techniques, curate a selection of drinks that are as visually stunning as they are flavorful.

Using locally sourced ingredients, fresh infusions, and a meticulous attention to detail, each cocktail tells a story — a narrative of the South, its traditions, and its innovations.

Culinary Delights: A Feast for the Senses

Beyond the beverages, Drawbar offers a culinary experience that is second to none. The menu, inspired by classic Southern dishes but with a modern twist, celebrates the rich gastronomic heritage of the region. Ingredients are sourced with a commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring that each dish not only tantalizes the taste buds but also resonates with the ethos of mindful consumption.

A Cultural Hub: Events and More

Drawbar isn't just a place to eat and drink; it's a thriving cultural hub. The establishment often hosts events, from intimate live music sessions featuring local talent to art exhibitions and more, making it a beacon for Atlanta's creative community.

Service: The Epitome of Southern Hospitality

No description of Drawbar would be complete without a mention of its exemplary service. The staff, embodying the genuine warmth and hospitality the South is famed for, go above and beyond to ensure every guest feels valued and catered to.

The Pinnacle of Southern Elegance at The Bellyard, Atlanta

Drawbar, nestled within The Bellyard, is more than just a bar or a restaurant. It's a testament to Atlanta's evolving identity — a space where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously. Whether you're a local looking for a new haunt or a visitor wanting to experience the best of what Atlanta has to offer, Drawbar promises an experience that is both profound and delightful.

Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge Logo

Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge

Indoor only

Amid the eclectic sprawl of Atlanta, where history nods to the present and the Southern charm is as tangible as the city's skyline, Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge stands as a testament to contemporary elegance interwoven with a touch of the old-world magic.

Ambiance: A Glimpse into a Bygone Era

From the moment you step into Jojo’s, there’s an undeniable aura of vintage glamour. Dimmed lights, velvet drapes, and plush seating transport you to a different time, reminiscent of speakeasies and jazz lounges of yesteryears. Yet, there's a fresh modernity about the place that keeps it anchored firmly in the present. The walls, adorned with contemporary art and photographs, tell a story of Atlanta's evolving cultural tapestry.

A Mixologist’s Dream: The Art of the Cocktail

Jojo’s is, at its heart, a sanctuary for those who appreciate the fine craft of mixology. The bartenders, with their encyclopedic knowledge and flair for innovation, create concoctions that are as much a visual delight as they are a symphony of flavors.

The cocktail menu, ever-evolving, marries traditional spirits with unconventional ingredients, drawing inspiration from Atlanta's rich cultural milieu. Whether you prefer a classic Old Fashioned or something avant-garde and experimental, Jojo's promises an unforgettable experience.

Music and Mood: A Serenade for the Soul

A defining feature of Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge is its commitment to live music. On any given evening, patrons can expect a lineup of local talents — from sultry jazz ensembles to soulful solo artists — that elevates the overall experience. The music, like the cocktails, is a blend of the old and new, resonating with both nostalgia and contemporary vibes.

Nibbles and Noshes: Culinary Complements

While cocktails reign supreme at Jojo’s, the culinary offerings are by no means an afterthought. The menu is thoughtfully curated, with a selection of tapas-style dishes designed to complement the beverage selection. Each plate, made with locally-sourced ingredients, provides a gastronomic exploration of Southern flavors with a twist.

Service: Effortless Grace and Southern Warmth

Jojo’s prides itself on its impeccable service. The staff, attentive and personable, ensures that every guest feels like a part of the Jojo's family. Their dedication to making each visit memorable speaks volumes about the establishment’s commitment to genuine Southern hospitality.

A Toast to Atlanta’s Modern Renaissance

Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge is more than just a bar. It’s a celebration of Atlanta’s rich history and its dynamic present. It’s where stories are shared, memories are made, and the spirit of the city comes alive in every sip and sound. Whether you’re a local looking to unwind after a long day or a visitor keen on experiencing the city's nightlife, Jojo’s beckons with the promise of an evening like no other.

Rowdy Tiger Whiskey Bar & Kitchen Logo

Rowdy Tiger Whiskey Bar & Kitchen

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Midtown Atlanta, a place teeming with culinary and cultural spots, there emerges a venue that brilliantly encapsulates the Southern spirit: Rowdy Tiger Whiskey Bar & Kitchen. This establishment is not just a bar or a restaurant; it's a journey through time, paying homage to the deep-rooted traditions of the South, all while embracing the contemporary vibe of Atlanta.

Ambiance: Rustic Charm Meets Modern Sophistication

The first thing that strikes visitors about Rowdy Tiger is its unmistakable blend of rustic elegance and modern design. The ambiance is reminiscent of the old-world Southern charm, with wooden accents, leather upholstered seating, and vintage artifacts. Yet, the space is peppered with contemporary touches, from sleek lighting fixtures to modern art pieces, creating an atmosphere that feels both cozy and upscale.

A Whiskey Lover's Dream

Rowdy Tiger’s main attraction is, undoubtedly, its extensive whiskey collection. The bar boasts an impressive array of both local and international whiskeys, representing the best from the world of spirits. Patrons can savor everything from a classic Kentucky bourbon to a rare Scottish single malt.

For those new to the world of whiskey or those looking to expand their palate, the knowledgeable bartenders are always on hand to guide and suggest, turning each visit into an educational and delightful experience.

Culinary Delights: Southern Comfort with a Twist

While whiskey is the star, the culinary offerings at Rowdy Tiger are nothing short of spectacular. The menu is a tribute to classic Southern cuisine but with an innovative twist. Using locally sourced ingredients, dishes are crafted to perfection, offering patrons a taste of familiar comfort food elevated to gourmet standards.

From succulent fried chicken to rich, creamy grits, every dish tells a story of the South's rich culinary heritage, ensuring that diners are treated to a feast not just for their palate but also for their soul.

A Community Hub

More than its drinks and food, Rowdy Tiger stands as a community hub. Regular events, whiskey tastings, and live music sessions make it a vibrant space, drawing in both locals and tourists. The warm and welcoming staff further add to the sense of community, making everyone feel at home.

Atlanta's Spirited Ode to Southern Heritage

Rowdy Tiger Whiskey Bar & Kitchen is more than just a dining and drinking venue; it's an embodiment of Atlanta's pulsating heart. It celebrates the city's rich history, its love for good food and drink, and its sense of community. For those seeking an authentic Southern experience with a touch of modern flair, Rowdy Tiger is the place to be.

The Bar at Hotel Clermont Atlanta Logo

The Bar at Hotel Clermont Atlanta

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Atlanta, a city celebrated for its combination of Southern charm and cosmopolitan flair, lies a quintessential venue that captures the essence of both old and new: The Bar at Hotel Clermont. Situated in the iconic Hotel Clermont on Ponce De Leon Avenue, this venue doesn't just serve drinks; it serves experiences wrapped in layers of history, culture, and a dash of intrigue.

Timeless Allure

As you step into The Bar at Hotel Clermont, you're immediately transported into a different era. The interior design is a feast for the senses, teeming with elements that conjure up nostalgia without feeling dated. Hints of Art Deco designs blend seamlessly with modern, minimalist touches—vintage leather bar stools sit underneath contemporary pendant lights, while retro-inspired wallpaper plays a supporting role to sleek marble tables. It’s as if you've been invited to a 1920s soiree but with Wi-Fi and crafted cocktails.

The Drink Menu: A Symphony of Flavors

A bar can be judged by the quality of its drinks, and here, The Bar at Hotel Clermont doesn’t disappoint. The drink menu is a meticulously curated symphony of flavors that cater to an array of palates. You'll find everything from classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned and the Moscow Mule to innovative concoctions that involve house-made syrups, seasonal fruits, and exotic herbs. A notable mention is their twist on the Southern classic "Mint Julep," which employs the use of peach nectar to offer a unique Georgia touch.

Artisanal and Local

In keeping with the spirit of sustainability and community, the bar prides itself on sourcing locally whenever possible. Whether it's the organic vegetables used in their culinary offerings or the locally distilled spirits featured on the menu, there’s a clear nod to Atlanta and its rich resources. This commitment not only enhances flavors but also weaves a sense of local identity into every sip and bite.

Not Just a Drinking Spot

While drinks are undoubtedly the main attraction, the food menu is not to be ignored. Designed to complement the libations, you'll find a range of elevated bar snacks and appetizers, such as the truffle-infused mac and cheese or the artisanal cheese board featuring selections from nearby dairies. It’s the perfect food fare for those who appreciate the fine art of pairing flavors.

A Social Mosaic

What sets The Bar at Hotel Clermont apart is not just its delicious cocktails or its inviting décor; it’s also the crowd it draws. On any given night, you’ll encounter a diverse tapestry of Atlanta's social landscape. From young professionals unwinding after a day’s work to tourists soaking in the city’s vibrant culture, to local artists finding inspiration in the corner booth—the bar is a social mosaic where different worlds converge.

A Slice of Atlanta’s Eclectic History and Modern Chic

The Bar at Hotel Clermont serves as a microcosm of Atlanta's rich and varied culture. Here, history and modernity coexist, not as contradictions but as complements. As you sip your perfectly balanced cocktail, surrounded by the ambiance of this timeless setting, you'll realize that you're not just in a bar—you're in an Atlanta institution, a beloved gathering place that transcends time and trend. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, missing out on The Bar at Hotel Clermont would be missing out on a quintessential Atlanta experience.

The Blind Pig Parlour Logo

The Blind Pig Parlour

Indoor only

Stepping into The Blind Pig Parlour feels like entering a well-kept secret. Tucked away in the bustling Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, this cocktail bar offers a sanctuary of refined tastes and atmospheric allure. From the moment you pull aside the heavy curtain at its entrance, you’re immersed in an experience that marries modern mixology with a nostalgic nod to the Prohibition era.

Elegance in Concealment

Hidden from plain view, the clandestine nature of The Blind Pig Parlour is its first draw. To some, finding it might feel like an initiation, a journey to discover something extraordinary. Its low-profile exterior serves as a mask that effectively conceals the elegance within. Think of it as a pearl inside an oyster shell—unassuming on the outside, but dazzling once revealed.

A Journey Back in Time

The interior transports you to the opulence of the 1920s, complete with plush velvet couches, rich mahogany tables, and vintage light fixtures that cast a warm, ambient glow. Period-appropriate jazz music subtly fills the air, making it easy to forget that you are in the 21st century. The walls are adorned with black and white photos that speak of days long gone but not forgotten, augmenting the sense that you’re part of a different, more glamorous time.

Masterful Mixology

The cocktail menu is an anthology of both classic and contemporary recipes, showcasing the craft of mixology at its finest. Each drink is a masterpiece in a glass, often involving intricate techniques such as smoked infusions or the use of house-made bitters. Their signature cocktails flirt with ingredients ranging from exotic fruits to boutique spirits, and each creation tells a story of its own. Whether you prefer a smoky mezcal-based concoction or a light and floral gin-infused delight, the offerings at The Blind Pig Parlour cater to all tastes without compromising on quality.

Personalized Service

Service here is as attentive as it is discreet. The bartenders are not merely mixologists but also connoisseurs of experience. They deftly read your preferences and are more than willing to customize cocktails that cater to your individual tastes. It’s a level of personalized service that turns first-time guests into regulars.

Sophisticated Clientele

Matching the refined atmosphere is a crowd that appreciates the finer things in life. Conversations are often held in hushed, respectful tones, allowing for a more intimate experience. It's the ideal setting for a romantic date night, a meaningful conversation among close friends, or even a solo visit where you can enjoy a high-quality drink in splendid isolation.

Exclusive Events

The Blind Pig Parlour also hosts a variety of special events ranging from mixology classes to curated tasting sessions. For those who are not merely content to enjoy a good drink but wish to delve into its complexities, these events offer an insightful journey into the world of premium spirits and cocktail crafting.

Atlanta's Hidden Oasis of Craft Cocktails and Prohibition-Era Glamour

With its cocktail artistry, luxurious ambiance, and impeccable service, The Blind Pig Parlour stands as a tribute to an era gone by, while firmly placing itself as a modern icon in Atlanta’s nightlife. This hidden gem captures the essence of what makes a great bar truly memorable: a seamless blend of atmosphere, service, and of course, extraordinarily good drinks. It's a unique escape within the city, offering a taste of timeless elegance and sophistication. One visit is all it takes to become captivated by the magnetic allure of The Blind Pig Parlour.

The Garden Room Logo

The Garden Room

Indoor only

Nestled amidst the bustling landscape of Atlanta's Buckhead district, The Garden Room presents a respite unlike any other—a cocktail bar that effortlessly combines botanical grandeur with gastronomic excellence. This enchanting establishment doesn't just serve drinks; it serves a transcendent experience that takes you from the concrete jungle to a lush garden sanctuary where every sense is indulged.

A Verdant Oasis in the Heart of the City

As you enter The Garden Room, you're instantly enveloped in a serene, almost ethereal atmosphere. With an array of potted plants, cascading vines, and floral arrangements artfully placed throughout the space, the interior lives up to its name in the most literal sense. The ceilings are adorned with glass panels that allow the room to bathe in natural light, giving life to the vibrant greenery that defines this unique venue. It’s as if you've stumbled upon a secret garden, a peaceful hideaway where the chaos of the outside world seems miles away.

Exquisite Design Details

The attention to detail extends beyond the flora. The furniture is elegantly designed, featuring plush seating upholstered in rich fabrics that echo the colors of the surrounding plant life. Gold and copper accents provide just the right amount of opulence without being ostentatious. Intricate chandeliers and strategically placed lighting fixtures cast a soft, inviting glow, adding to the venue's dreamy appeal.

Artisanal Cocktails with a Floral Twist

If The Garden Room’s decor is a feast for the eyes, then its cocktail menu is a feast for the senses. Each concoction is a delicate blend of art and chemistry, often incorporating botanical elements that mirror the surrounding environment. Expect to see innovative uses of floral liqueurs, herb-infused syrups, and edible flowers that not only enhance the flavors but also the visual allure of each drink. The presentation is equally captivating, with cocktails often served in custom glassware and garnished with artistic precision.

Culinary Complements

A sophisticated array of appetizers and small plates complements the drink offerings. From sumptuous caviar to creatively assembled tapas, each item is designed to not only satisfy your palate but also to serve as a visual masterpiece. In a venue where aesthetics play such a crucial role, it's no surprise that the culinary creations are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to consume.

Impeccable Service

Hospitality at The Garden Room is akin to the warm embrace of an old friend—attentive, genuine, and unintrusive. The staff effortlessly navigate the fine line between being available and allowing you to absorb the tranquil atmosphere. Whether you're a cocktail aficionado eager to explore complex flavors or a casual visitor looking for a memorable experience, the bartenders and waitstaff are more than willing to guide you through your journey.

A Diverse Clientele

The venue’s allure attracts a diverse range of patrons. From intimate date nights to celebratory gatherings, and from local Atlantans to international tourists—the Garden Room serves as a universal haven for people seeking an elevated, yet unpretentious atmosphere.

Where Botanical Bliss Meets Culinary Artistry in Atlanta

The Garden Room succeeds in blending the natural world with the crafted elegance of modern design and culinary art. It's a sanctuary that invites you to pause, breathe, and appreciate the beauty of the present moment. With each sip of your meticulously crafted cocktail and each bite of your artful appetizer, you'll find that The Garden Room is more than just a venue—it’s a multisensory experience, a journey that enchants, delights, and transcends the ordinary. This is not merely a cocktail bar; it's a slice of botanical bliss right in the heart of Atlanta.

Parlor Logo


Indoor only

Located at 249-A Peters Street Southwest, Parlor is not just a cocktail bar; it's a destination for those seeking an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Parlor offers a unique service for those looking to host special events, from birthday parties to office functions. The team at Parlor ensures every detail is fine-tuned to bring your envisioned event to life, promising a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Crafting the Perfect Night Out

Parlor is renowned for its great tasting food and exquisite drinks. The menu is a testament to the bar's commitment to quality and innovation, offering a variety of options to suit every palate. Whether you're in the mood for a classic cocktail or something more adventurous, Parlor's drink menu is sure to ignite all of your senses. Sit back, relax, and let the expert bartenders craft the perfect drink for you.

An Atmosphere That Speaks Volumes

The ambiance at Parlor is described as intimate, cozy, moody, and chill. It's the perfect setting for those looking to unwind in a sophisticated yet laid-back environment. The lounge's design and decor reflect its commitment to providing a unique and comfortable experience for all guests. Whether you're planning a special event or just looking for a place to relax after work, Parlor's inviting atmosphere is designed to make every visit special.

A Location That's Both Convenient and Cultural

Situated in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Parlor's location is as convenient as it is cultural. The bar's proximity to various city attractions makes it an ideal spot for locals and tourists alike. Whether you're looking to start your night with some craft cocktails or end it with a cozy gathering, Parlor is perfectly positioned to offer the best of Atlanta's nightlife.

Atlanta's Intimate Cocktail Experience

Parlor is more than just a cocktail bar; it's a haven for those seeking a unique and intimate experience in Atlanta. With its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Parlor stands out as a premier destination for anyone looking to enjoy a great drink in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether you're hosting a special event or simply looking for a place to unwind, Parlor promises an experience that's as memorable as it is enjoyable. So next time you're in Atlanta, make sure to visit Parlor and discover the charm of this intimate cocktail lounge for yourself!

Biltong Bar Logo

Biltong Bar

Indoor only

Atlanta, a city celebrated for its rich tapestry of cultures, boasts a plethora of culinary gems that invite diners on global journeys without ever leaving its borders. Among these is the unique and enticing Biltong Bar, a venue that offers Atlantans a taste of South Africa, infused with the spirit of the American South.

Ambiance: Urban Chic Meets African Warmth

The first thing that strikes visitors about Biltong Bar is its effortlessly chic atmosphere. Rustic wooden finishes juxtapose with sleek modern furnishings, providing an ambiance that is at once intimate and cosmopolitan. The decor, while stylish, bears whispers of South Africa's diverse landscape, from the arid plains of the Karoo to the bustling streets of Johannesburg.

Dim lighting, combined with the warm hues of the interiors, creates a cozy cocoon, making Biltong Bar a perfect escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

Biltong: The Star of the Show

Biltong, a traditional South African dried cured meat, is the undisputed star at this establishment. At Biltong Bar, this beloved snack gets the gourmet treatment. Guests can choose from a variety of meats, from classic beef to more exotic choices, all seasoned and cured to perfection. The biltong is tender, flavorful, and an absolute must-try for both the uninitiated and those familiar with this South African delicacy.

Cocktails: A Fusion of Traditions

While the biltong might take center stage, the cocktails at Biltong Bar are no less impressive. The menu showcases an inspired blend of South African flavors and classic American mixology. Ingredients such as rooibos tea, amarula cream, and African botanicals find their way into artfully crafted beverages that surprise and delight the palate.

Beyond Biltong: A Culinary Safari

Biltong Bar's menu extends beyond its namesake treat. Drawing inspiration from South African cuisine's diverse influences, diners can expect a melange of flavors. Dishes often incorporate elements from indigenous African, Dutch, Indian, and Malay culinary traditions, making for a dining experience that's both eclectic and satisfying.

Service with a Smile: True Ubuntu

Beyond the food and drink, what sets Biltong Bar apart is its embodiment of "Ubuntu" - a Southern African philosophy emphasizing communal values, compassion, and mutual respect. The staff's warmth and genuine hospitality make guests feel not just welcome, but truly cherished.

A Slice of South Africa in the Heart of Atlanta

Biltong Bar is not just a bar or a restaurant; it's a bridge between continents, a place where the flavors of South Africa come alive in the heart of Atlanta. Whether you're a homesick South African seeking a taste of home, a curious foodie, or simply someone looking for a unique night out, Biltong Bar promises an experience that's both authentic and unforgettable.

Bon Ton Logo

Bon Ton

Indoor & Outdoor

Atlanta, known for its rich history, southern charm, and booming urban development, is also home to a mosaic of drinking establishments. Among them is a particularly intriguing spot, Bon Ton — a cocktail bar that manages to merge the spirit of New Orleans and the vibrancy of Vietnam, all while being unmistakably Atlanta.

Setting the Scene: Eclectic Vibrance

Situated in Midtown, one of Atlanta's most bustling districts, Bon Ton beckons with a neon glow. As you enter, you're immediately hit by its quirky, colorful aesthetics. The ambiance feels part tropical beach shack, part vintage New Orleans saloon. Bright murals, neon lights, and vintage decor pieces pepper the space, making it feel like an artistic urban jungle.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow a peek into the energetic streets of Atlanta, while inside, the atmosphere pulsates with life, laughter, and the soft hum of conversations.

Crafting Concoctions: The Art of the Mix

Bon Ton's cocktail menu is where the magic truly happens. It's a delightful mishmash, drawing inspiration from the flavors of Vietnam and the timeless classics of New Orleans. The result? Cocktails that are vibrant, flavorful, and utterly unique.

Expect to find drinks that utilize traditional Southeast Asian ingredients like Thai basil, lemongrass, and lychee, juxtaposed with the rich and smoky undertones of Southern spirits. Each drink is crafted with precision, presented with flair, and brimming with stories of two distant lands.

A Gastronomic Affair: Seafood and More

Staying true to its New Orleans and Vietnamese inspirations, Bon Ton boasts a culinary menu dominated by seafood. From traditional po' boys to spicy Cajun noodles, the food offerings complement the eclectic drink menu perfectly. Each dish, like the cocktails, is a delightful fusion, providing patrons with an authentic yet refreshingly innovative dining experience.

The Bon Ton Beat: Music and Merriment

The energy at Bon Ton is palpable, and much of it can be credited to the music. The playlist is as eclectic as the decor, with tunes ranging from jazz and blues reminiscent of New Orleans' famed Bourbon Street to contemporary hits that get the crowd grooving.

Welcoming All: The Spirit of Bon Ton

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Bon Ton is its inviting nature. The staff, with their laid-back demeanor and infectious enthusiasm, embody the essence of Southern hospitality. Whether you're a lone visitor seeking a quiet drink or a group celebrating a special occasion, Bon Ton makes you feel right at home.

Atlanta's Bohemian Cocktail Haven

Bon Ton is more than just a bar; it's an experience, a journey that transcends borders. It's where the heart and soul of New Orleans meet the zest and zeal of Vietnam, all under the comforting canopy of Atlanta's skyline. If you're seeking a place that's offbeat, brimming with character, and serves some of the most inventive cocktails in town, Bon Ton is where you should be headed.

Little Spirit Logo

Little Spirit

Indoor & Outdoor

Atlanta, a city synonymous with vibrant culture, iconic history, and a unique blend of southern tradition and modernity, is home to many speakeasies, bars, and lounges. However, nestled in the bustling enclave of Inman Park, the Little Spirit cocktail bar shines distinctly, bringing forth an enchanting alchemy of ambiance, flavors, and stories.

Ambiance: An Intimate Embrace of Character

At first glance, Little Spirit is a tapestry of contrasts. The atmosphere exudes both intimacy and vibrancy. Delicately lit with vintage lamps, the interior boasts dark wood finishes and plush seating, allowing patrons a sense of coziness. The walls are adorned with eclectic artwork, and every nook seems to have a story, inviting curious onlookers to dive deeper into the essence of the place.

Masterful Mixology: A Journey in Every Sip

Little Spirit’s true magic lies in its cocktails. The menu, carefully curated, is a tribute to the art and science of mixology. Seasonal ingredients, artisanal spirits, and innovative techniques converge to offer a drink selection that is both classic and avant-garde.

From refreshing, herb-infused concoctions to robust drinks with smoky undertones, each cocktail is a masterpiece, designed to take the drinker on a flavorful voyage. It's evident that the bartenders here are not just servers but passionate craftsmen, each drink a testament to their skill and creativity.

Gastronomic Pairings: Savoring the Moment

While the cocktails are the showstoppers, the food offerings at Little Spirit provide the perfect accompaniment. With a menu inspired by global flavors yet rooted in local ingredients, each dish is designed to elevate the drinking experience. Whether it's delicate tapas or hearty appetizers, the culinary creations are a harmonious blend of taste and texture.

A Portal to Atlanta’s Pulse

What makes Little Spirit stand out is its deep connection to Atlanta’s spirit. The bar frequently hosts local musicians, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the city's rich musical tapestry. Moreover, the staff, with their warm hospitality and insightful recommendations, embody the soul of southern charm.

Atlanta’s Gem of Cocktail Craftsmanship

In a city teeming with nightlife options, Little Spirit is a shining beacon of authenticity and innovation. It’s not just a place to grab a drink; it's a destination that promises a multisensory experience. For anyone seeking a slice of Atlanta's modern renaissance, paired with the timeless allure of a well-crafted cocktail, Little Spirit is the place to be.

Little Trouble Logo

Little Trouble

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Atlanta's vibrant Westside Provisions District, where urban chic melds with Southern charm, lies a bar that pulsates with modern energy while paying homage to timeless craftsmanship. Little Trouble is more than a cocktail bar; it's an experience, a foray into a world where edge meets elegance, creating a spellbinding atmosphere that's hard to resist.

Ambiance: Futuristic Noir Meets Urban Cool

Stepping into Little Trouble feels akin to entering a neo-noir film set in a futuristic metropolis. The lighting, purposefully dim with neon undertones, casts a moody glow across the expansive space. The design elements, characterized by clean lines, stark contrasts, and industrial finishes, exude a vibe that's both gritty and sophisticated. Large windows and high ceilings add to the allure, creating an environment that's intimate yet expansive.

Mixology at its Finest: An Experimental Dance of Flavors

At Little Trouble, cocktails are not just beverages; they're art forms. The bar prides itself on pushing boundaries, offering a menu that's a blend of the traditional and the avant-garde. Each drink, meticulously crafted, is a testament to the bar's commitment to innovation.

Whether it's a cocktail infused with exotic Asian flavors, a smoky concoction that ignites all senses, or a classic drink with a contemporary twist, Little Trouble promises a journey of discovery with each sip. The bartenders, with their intricate knowledge and flair, act as guides, ensuring that each guest's experience is unique and memorable.

Culinary Adventures: Beyond Just Bar Bites

While the cocktails are undoubtedly the stars, the food at Little Trouble is not to be overlooked. The menu, inspired by street food from various corners of the world, complements the drinks perfectly. Each dish, though seemingly simple, bursts with flavor and texture, elevating the overall bar experience.

Music and Vibe: The Pulse of Modern Atlanta

Adding to the ambiance is the carefully curated soundtrack that reverberates through Little Trouble. The music, much like everything else in the bar, is a blend of old and new, creating an atmosphere that's electric and energizing.

A Hub for the Modern Atlantan

Little Trouble is not just a bar; it's a meeting point for Atlanta's contemporary crowd. It's where creatives, professionals, and enthusiasts converge, sharing stories, ideas, and laughs. The staff, always attentive and warm, ensures that every guest feels at home, further solidifying the bar's reputation as a city favorite.

Atlanta’s Edgy Oasis of Contemporary Cool

In a city as dynamic as Atlanta, where the old coexists with the new, Little Trouble stands out as a beacon of modernity. It's a place that challenges norms, embraces evolution, and celebrates the spirit of today's Atlanta. For those seeking a night out that's anything but ordinary, Little Trouble beckons with the promise of unforgettable moments.

Parlor Logo


Indoor only

Nestled within the sprawling urban tapestry of Atlanta lies a haven of sophistication and style: Parlor. A cocktail bar that effortlessly straddles the line between old-world charm and contemporary flair, Parlor invites its patrons to revel in an experience that is both intimate and opulent, familiar yet refreshingly unique.

Ambiance: A Reverie of Vintage Glamour

Stepping into Parlor feels like a gentle journey back in time. From its plush velvet seating to the art deco-inspired decor, the interior of the bar exudes an air of 1920s elegance. Soft, ambient lighting, often cast from ornate chandeliers, bathes the space in a warm, golden glow, creating pockets of coziness in the midst of the city's hustle and bustle.

Yet, Parlor isn't trapped in the past. Modern touches, from chic artwork to innovative design elements, pepper the space, ensuring that the vibe remains vibrant and relevant.

Cocktail Craftsmanship: A Symphony of Flavors

At its core, Parlor is a celebration of the art of mixology. The cocktail menu, curated with a meticulous hand, showcases a beautiful blend of the classics and the innovative. Ingredients, both familiar and exotic, come together in a dance of flavors, textures, and aromas that promises to tantalize even the most discerning palate.

The bartenders, skilled artisans in their own right, add to the experience. Their passion for their craft is evident in every shake, stir, and pour, ensuring that each cocktail is not just a drink, but a story waiting to be sipped.

Gourmet Bites: The Perfect Pairing

Complementing the liquid offerings at Parlor is a selection of gourmet bites. Each dish, crafted with the same attention to detail as the cocktails, is designed to be a perfect pairing, enhancing the overall tasting experience. From delicate canapés to hearty small plates, the culinary creations at Parlor satiate both the appetite and the soul.

An Ode to Atlanta's Spirit

Beyond its tangible offerings, Parlor stands as a testament to Atlanta's rich cultural heritage. Regular events, from jazz nights to poetry readings, celebrate the city's diverse arts scene. The staff, with their impeccable service and genuine warmth, embody the spirit of Southern hospitality, ensuring that every guest feels cherished and valued.

Atlanta's Luxurious Dive into Classic Elegance

In the ever-evolving landscape of Atlanta's nightlife, Parlor emerges as a beacon of timeless elegance. It's a place where the past and present coalesce, where every moment is a celebration of the finer things in life. For those seeking an evening of luxury, sophistication, and unparalleled craftsmanship, Parlor is the destination du jour.

The James Room Logo

The James Room

Indoor only

Atlanta is a city known for its dynamic mix of tradition and modernity, a place where Southern hospitality meets international sophistication. Nestled along the historic Atlanta BeltLine, The James Room exemplifies this unique blend. With its eclectic European influences and an air of understated elegance, this cocktail bar serves as a cosmopolitan oasis amidst Atlanta’s bustling nightlife.

A Chic Entryway to Sophistication

The James Room greets you with its unassuming yet stylish façade. As you step through the entrance, the warmth of its artfully designed interior welcomes you, like a well-traveled friend inviting you into their living room. The vibe is distinctly European, a harmonious blend of Parisian café culture and Italian chic, all executed with an unmistakable touch of Southern grace.

A Masterclass in Interior Design

Walking into The James Room, you might momentarily forget you're in Atlanta, thanks to the finely curated European aesthetics that envelop the space. Exposed brick walls serve as a canvas for an array of contemporary artwork and vintage adornments. Leather banquettes and elegant wooden tables provide intimate seating options, while an impeccably crafted marble bar serves as the room's centerpiece. The design carefully balances minimalism and opulence, creating an environment that is both luxe and welcoming.

Cocktails as an Art Form

The James Room isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's an experience that tantalizes all senses. Cocktails here are more than mere beverages—they're thoughtfully designed works of art. With a keen focus on quality ingredients and meticulous preparation, each drink offers a unique tapestry of flavors. From reinvented classics like the Negroni and Martini to signature blends that feature house-made syrups and exotic liqueurs, the menu is a vibrant showcase of mixological innovation.

The Curated Selection

Continuing with the European theme, The James Room offers a curated selection of wines, many of which are sourced from boutique vineyards across France and Italy. For those in search of non-alcoholic beverages, the bar doesn’t disappoint. Their coffee program is just as refined, featuring single-origin beans and skilled baristas capable of transforming your cup of coffee into a transcendent experience.

Culinary Pleasures

Beyond the liquid offerings, The James Room also excels in culinary delights. The menu features a carefully selected assortment of charcuterie and cheeses, as well as small plates that evoke Mediterranean flair. From tapenade-stuffed olives to artisanal bread served with infused oils, the food offerings are designed to complement the drinks while standing out on their own merit.

An Elevated Clientele

The James Room draws a clientele as eclectic and refined as its interiors. From businesspeople sealing deals over craft cocktails to artists absorbed in conversation, the atmosphere buzzes with the kind of energy that can only be generated by a crowd of engaged, like-minded individuals. It’s a place for cultured Atlantans and curious travelers alike, all seeking a taste of international flair without leaving the comfort of the city.

The Allure of the BeltLine

Situated along the Atlanta BeltLine, The James Room offers patrons an opportunity to engage with the city in a unique way. Whether you choose to begin your evening here before exploring the rest of the BeltLine's offerings or make it your final destination, the bar serves as a perfect starting point or concluding note for an evening of Atlanta adventures.

A Sophisticated Fusion of European Elegance and Southern Charm in Atlanta

The James Room is a microcosm of what makes Atlanta so irresistibly captivating: a rich blend of cultures, a commitment to excellence, and a warm, inclusive atmosphere. As you sip your finely crafted cocktail or savor a bite of exquisite charcuterie, you’ll realize that The James Room is not just a bar—it’s a sophisticated sanctuary that invites you to experience the finer things in life, right in the heart of Atlanta.

Virtue Rooftop Logo

Virtue Rooftop

Indoor & Outdoor

Atlanta is a city of varied heights and depths, both literally and metaphorically. Amidst its soaring skyscrapers and bustling streets lies a haven of sophistication that combines the best of both worlds: Virtue Rooftop. This elevated cocktail lounge has quickly become an emblematic space where the ethereal beauty of the Atlanta skyline melds seamlessly with artisanal cocktails. Here, above the hustle and bustle, Virtue Rooftop invites you to experience the city from a novel vantage point.

Ascend to A Different Atmosphere

Reaching Virtue Rooftop feels like an ascent into another realm. As you step off the elevator and onto the rooftop, you’re greeted by a panoramic vista that offers sweeping views of the cityscape. The glittering skyline, seen from this unique angle, imbues the space with a palpable sense of majesty and wonder.

An Oasis Above the Clouds

The venue itself is a feast for the eyes: modern architectural elements converge with natural greenery to create a harmonious environment that feels both contemporary and organic. Verdant foliage and potted plants are strategically placed around the perimeter, softening the hard edges of the concrete jungle beyond. An assortment of seating options, from intimate tables to communal lounge areas, cater to a variety of social configurations. Each area is thoughtfully designed to maximize the stunning vistas while also providing opportunities for more secluded moments.

The Alchemy of the Cocktail

At Virtue Rooftop, the cocktail is not merely a drink but an art form. The bar is helmed by mixologists who take a culinary approach to their craft. Using the finest ingredients—often locally sourced and seasonal—each cocktail is a testament to innovation and tradition. Their concoctions are a balanced blend of original recipes and classic favorites, each presented with a unique flair that heightens both the visual and gustatory experience.

A Symphony of Tastes

Beyond the cocktails, Virtue Rooftop offers a diverse menu to cater to an array of tastes. From delectable tapas to sumptuous entrees, the culinary offerings are designed to complement the cocktail menu. Whether you’re in the mood for gourmet sliders or an exotic charcuterie board, the food is more than an afterthought—it's an integral part of the elevated experience.

Stargazing and Skyline Toasts

But what truly distinguishes Virtue Rooftop is its ambiance. As the sun sets and the sky turns into a blanket of stars, the atmosphere transforms. Elegant lighting fixtures cast a warm, inviting glow, while fire pits add a touch of romance. Here, against the backdrop of the ever-changing sky, toasting to life takes on new significance.

The Crowd

The rooftop lounge attracts a diverse clientele—couples seeking a romantic night out, business executives closing deals over a glass of fine whiskey, and groups of friends looking to elevate their night with a unique outing. Regardless of the occasion, Virtue Rooftop offers an environment that is both cosmopolitan and intimate, catering to those seeking something a little more extraordinary.

Soaring Ambiance and Spirited Mixology in Atlanta's Skyline

In a city as vibrant and complex as Atlanta, Virtue Rooftop stands out as a sanctuary where sophistication and simplicity coexist. It’s a place where the endless possibilities of the night seem to stretch out before you, both metaphorically and literally. From the first sip of your meticulously crafted cocktail to that final, reluctant step back onto the elevator, Virtue Rooftop offers an experience that is as elevated as its magnificent views.

Little Spirit Logo

Little Spirit

Indoor only

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Atlanta, Little Spirit stands as a beacon of warmth and charm. This quaint spot, though small in size, packs a mighty punch in terms of atmosphere and experience. It's a place where locals and visitors alike come to unwind, socialize, and enjoy a unique blend of offerings that make it a must-visit destination in Atlanta.

A Unique Ambiance

One of the most striking features of Little Spirit is its ambiance. The moment you step inside, you're greeted by an eclectic mix of decor that feels both retro and contemporary. The intimate setting, combined with dim lighting and artistic touches, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It's the perfect backdrop for an evening out, whether you're looking to enjoy a quiet drink or engage in lively conversations.

Exceptional Drinks and Delights

At the heart of Little Spirit's appeal is its exceptional selection of drinks. The bar boasts a carefully curated menu that features everything from classic cocktails to inventive creations. Each drink is crafted with precision and flair, showcasing the skill and creativity of the bartenders. Beyond the drinks, Little Spirit also offers a range of light bites and snacks that perfectly complement the beverage experience.

A Hub for Socializing and Entertainment

Little Spirit isn't just about great drinks and food; it's also a hub for socializing and entertainment. The bar frequently hosts events and gatherings, making it a dynamic and ever-evolving space. Whether it's a live music night, a themed party, or a casual get-together, there's always something happening at Little Spirit. It's a place where memories are made and friendships are forged.

Embracing the Local Culture

What sets Little Spirit apart is its deep connection to the local culture of Atlanta. The bar not only serves as a social spot but also as a showcase for local talent and products. From sourcing ingredients locally to featuring local artists and musicians, Little Spirit is a proud supporter of the community. This commitment to local culture adds an authentic and meaningful dimension to the Little Spirit experience.

A Hidden Gem in the Heart of the City

For anyone visiting Atlanta, Little Spirit is a destination that shouldn't be missed. It's more than just a bar; it's a reflection of the city's spirit – vibrant, diverse, and full of life. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a regular, Little Spirit promises an experience that's both enjoyable and memorable. So next time you're in Atlanta, make sure to stop by Little Spirit and discover this hidden gem for yourself.

In conclusion, Little Spirit in Atlanta is a testament to the city's lively and diverse character. With its unique ambiance, exceptional drinks, vibrant social scene, and deep connection to local culture, it stands out as a beacon of enjoyment and community spirit. It's a place where every visit is an adventure and every moment is worth savoring.

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