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Bar Les Ambassadeurs

Indoor only

Nestled within the heart of Paris, a city steeped in history, art, and unparalleled romance, Bar Les Ambassadeurs stands as a testament to timeless luxury and sophistication. As one enters this opulent establishment located within the illustrious Hôtel de Crillon, one is immediately transported to an era where elegance reigned supreme, and every moment was savored with fervor.

A Canvas of Extravagance

The moment you step into Bar Les Ambassadeurs, you're greeted by its awe-inspiring interiors. Majestic marble columns stretch towards the high ceilings adorned with intricate frescoes, while glittering chandeliers cast a soft, golden hue across the room. The plush velvet chairs, rich mahogany tables, and ornate gold trims further accentuate the bar's regal ambiance.

Liquid Artistry

The drinks at Bar Les Ambassadeurs are nothing short of masterpieces. Curated by expert mixologists, the cocktail menu is an exquisite blend of classic favorites and innovative creations. With an emphasis on the finest ingredients, from rare spirits to freshly sourced botanicals, each drink promises a symphony of flavors. Whether you're sipping on a vintage champagne or a bespoke cocktail, the experience is bound to be memorable.

A Symphony of Sounds

The bar is not just a feast for the eyes and palate but also for the ears. On select evenings, the dulcet tones of live jazz and piano waft through the air, adding to the establishment's timeless appeal. As the music intertwines with the clinks of glasses and hushed conversations, patrons are enveloped in an ambiance that's both electric and intimate.

Gastronomic Delights

While the cocktails might be the stars, Bar Les Ambassadeurs also delights with its culinary offerings. From delicate caviar to artisanal cheeses and meticulously crafted tapas, every dish speaks of the bar's commitment to fine dining. Paired with the perfect drink, the flavors come alive, making for an unparalleled gastronomic journey.

A Legacy of Excellence

Beyond its tangible offerings, what truly sets Bar Les Ambassadeurs apart is its legacy. Housed within the historic Hôtel de Crillon, the bar has witnessed countless tales, from political rendezvous to clandestine romances. It's this rich tapestry of stories that adds an indescribable depth to the overall experience.

Paris's Epitome of Timeless Grandeur and Elegance

Bar Les Ambassadeurs is more than just a venue; it's an experience, an ode to a bygone era where every moment was cherished, and luxury was a way of life. For those seeking to capture the essence of Paris's grandeur, this iconic establishment offers a sojourn that's both enchanting and unforgettable.

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Indoor & Outdoor

Tucked away in the eclectic Le Marais district of Paris, a secretive door leads discerning patrons into a world that pulsates with the vivacious spirit of Mexico. Candelaria, a seemingly modest taqueria, harbors a secret gem behind its kitchen: a cocktail bar that serves as a bridge between the vibrant streets of Mexico and the sophistication of Parisian nightlife.

Unassuming Entry, Unforgettable Interior

Upon entering Candelaria, you’re first greeted by the tantalizing aroma of authentic tacos. But it’s the whispered legends of the bar behind the kitchen that truly intrigues many. As you slip through the unmarked door, you're transported from a bustling taqueria into a dimly lit, intimate space adorned with rustic wooden accents and flickering candles. The ambiance exudes an almost mystical allure, reminiscent of the secret underground bars of Mexico City.

A Toast to Tradition and Innovation

Candelaria’s cocktail menu is a masterclass in the delicate art of blending tradition with innovation. Drawing inspiration from Mexico's rich history of spirits, particularly tequila and mezcal, the drinks here are crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Each cocktail tells a tale – of sun-soaked agave fields, of age-old distillation processes, and of the contemporary flair that Paris brings to the mix. From smoky mezcal concoctions adorned with fresh herbs to tequila-based cocktails with hints of exotic fruits and spices, every sip promises a journey through the diverse landscapes of Mexico.

Mexican Gastronomy Meets French Flair

While cocktails are the highlight, Candelaria's culinary offerings elevate the experience. The menu, though concise, captures the essence of Mexican street food while nodding to Parisian preferences. Fresh guacamole, zesty salsas, and handcrafted tacos brimming with flavorful fillings ensure that the palate is as enchanted as the spirit.

An Experience Beyond the Glass

Candelaria isn’t just about drinks and food; it’s about an immersive cultural experience. The background music, a melodious blend of Latin tunes and contemporary beats, sets the mood. Engaging bartenders share tales of the origins of the spirits, the inspiration behind each cocktail, and occasionally, stories from the heart of Mexico.

Paris's Hidden Gateway to Mexican Mixology

Candelaria is a celebration of contrasts – the simplicity of a taqueria juxtaposed with the depth of a sophisticated cocktail bar, the raw passion of Mexico seamlessly blending with the elegance of Paris. For those seeking a transcultural evening that tantalizes all senses, Candelaria offers an escape that's both ethereal and grounded in authenticity.

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Indoor & Outdoor

In the dynamic neighborhood of Belleville, known for its harmonious blend of cultures and traditions, stands Combat—a cocktail bar that brilliantly embodies the area's eclectic spirit. Far from the cliché glitter of central Paris, Combat introduces patrons to a fresh narrative in the ever-evolving world of cocktails, with a focus on local spirits and a community-driven approach.

A Delicate Dance of History and Modernity

Combat's entrance is understated, yet its interior exudes warmth and charm. A harmonious merger of rustic wooden beams, chic contemporary furnishings, and ambient lighting creates a space that feels both historic and trendsetting. The atmosphere conjures the comfort of a long-standing local bistro but with an evident modern twist, reflective of Paris's progressive heartbeat.

Cocktails with a Conscious

One of Combat's standout features is its commitment to locally sourced spirits. The cocktail menu, a curated list of inventive concoctions, underscores the bar's dedication to supporting regional distilleries and artisans. Each drink, while rooted in the principles of classic mixology, brings forward unexpected flavor profiles and presentations, thanks to the bar's fondness for experimentation.

Whether it's a revamp of the classic French 75 with a unique regional gin or a drink that showcases the nuances of a local vermouth, every offering at Combat is a testament to the richness of French distilleries.

A Meeting Point for Community

Combat's ethos extends beyond its drinks. As a female-founded and run establishment, the bar serves as a rallying point for community conversations and connections. Regular events, workshops, and tasting sessions underline the establishment's position as a space that's inclusive and eager to foster dialogues, not just about cocktails, but about society and culture at large.

Savory Companions

While the cocktails undoubtedly steal the limelight, Combat doesn't neglect the gastronomic aspect of a night out. The bar offers a concise yet delightful menu of snacks and bites, chosen carefully to complement the drink offerings. The emphasis, as with the cocktails, remains on local and fresh ingredients, ensuring an authentic taste experience.

The Vanguard of Parisian Mixology

Combat isn't just a cocktail bar—it's a movement. In its emphasis on local spirits, its community-driven approach, and its forward-thinking ethos, it represents the best of contemporary Paris. It reminds patrons that while cocktails are about flavors and presentations, they're also about stories, connections, and the celebration of local treasures. For those eager to experience a fresh perspective on Parisian nightlife, Combat awaits with its doors open and glasses brimming.

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Le 1905

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of the bustling French capital, amidst the labyrinth of its iconic streets and the echoes of its storied past, Le 1905 emerges not just as a cocktail bar but as a sanctum of Parisian charm and enchantment. Situated in the Belleville district, this hidden gem offers patrons a mesmerizing blend of atmospheric allure, spellbinding views, and cocktails that dance with both tradition and modernity.

Entrance: A Portal to Another Era

The journey to Le 1905 sets the tone for the magical experience that awaits within. A discreet doorway leads to a winding staircase, inviting visitors to ascend towards a world that melds history with contemporary chic. Each step taken is a step back in time, with vintage elements and soft, ambient lighting guiding the way.

Ambience: Whispers of History and Modernity

Upon reaching the bar, one is immediately struck by the juxtaposition of eras. Le 1905's name itself pays homage to the historic year when the building was erected, and this sense of history permeates the atmosphere. Exposed wooden beams, antique furnishings, and walls adorned with period art coalesce to create a setting that's both intimate and evocative.

Yet, amidst these echoes of the past, modern touches make their presence felt. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame panoramic views of the Parisian skyline, with landmarks like the Eiffel Tower punctuating the horizon. It’s an environment where history meets today, and the result is nothing short of captivating.

Cocktails: A Palette of Imagination

Le 1905's cocktail menu stands as a testament to the establishment’s commitment to creativity. The mixologists, drawing inspiration from Paris’s rich heritage and global influences, craft beverages that are both familiar and surprising. Local ingredients, artisanal spirits, and innovative techniques come together in symphony, producing concoctions that are visually stunning and palate-pleasing.

From reimagined classics to daring new creations, each drink tells a story, invoking emotions, memories, and dreams with every sip.

An Ode to Parisian Nights

Beyond the drinks, the essence of Le 1905 lies in its ability to capture the soul of Paris. Whether it’s the gentle hum of conversations, the soft notes of background music, or the mesmerizing sight of the city's twinkling lights, the bar offers an experience that’s quintessentially Parisian.

An Enchanted Sojourn Amidst Parisian Rooftops

In a city that’s a tapestry of experiences, Le 1905 stands out as a canvas of magic, allure, and artistry. It's more than just a bar; it's a tribute to the timeless romance of Paris. For those seeking a venue that transcends the mundane and touches the realm of the ethereal, Le 1905 promises an evening that’s both ephemeral and eternal.

Le Tres Particulier Logo

Le Tres Particulier

Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Paris's Montmartre district, known for its bohemian allure and artistic legacy, lies a hidden gem that whispers tales of old-world charm and modern mixology: Le Très Particulier. Tucked away behind ornate gates and lush greenery, this bar invites patrons to embark on a sensorial journey, suspended between the enchantment of a Parisian secret garden and the allure of innovative cocktails.

Entrance: A Whimsical Pathway

The pathway to Le Très Particulier sets the stage for the entrancing experience ahead. Meandering through a verdant garden, patrons are gently enveloped by the scents of blooming flowers and the soft chirping of birds. The ambiance is reminiscent of a serene, secluded oasis, a world away from the bustling streets of Paris.

Interiors: A Blend of Vintage and Bohemian

Upon entering the bar, visitors are greeted by a décor that marries vintage glamour with bohemian aesthetics. Velvety curtains, antique furnishings, and low-hanging chandeliers give the space an air of timeless elegance. Subdued lighting, complemented by the soft glow of candles, creates an intimate atmosphere, perfect for whispered conversations and shared secrets.

Touches of modernity are elegantly woven in, with contemporary art pieces adorning the walls, reflecting Montmartre's longstanding association with artists and creatives.

Cocktails: A Dance of Tradition and Innovation

At Le Très Particulier, cocktails are not just drinks; they're narratives. Each concoction tells a story, blending traditional French spirits with global influences. The menu, ever-evolving with the seasons, showcases the bar's commitment to freshness and innovation.

Local ingredients, handpicked herbs from the garden, and artisanal spirits come together in symphonic harmony, crafting beverages that please the eye as much as the palate. From reimagined classics to avant-garde creations, every drink is a testament to the bartenders' artistry and passion.

Ambiance: A Whispered Romance

Beyond the exquisite drinks, it's the ambiance of Le Très Particulier that truly sets it apart. The gentle hum of background music, ranging from jazz to soulful classics, adds to the bar's hypnotic charm. Whether seated indoors, amidst the plush interiors, or outdoors, under the canopy of stars and foliage, patrons are promised moments of serenity and romance.

Paris's Secret Garden of Cocktails and Elegance

Le Très Particulier, true to its name, is an exceptionally unique establishment in the heart of Paris. It offers a haven for those seeking an escape from the mundane, a place where nature, history, and mixology converge to craft unforgettable experiences. In a city renowned for its beauty and romance, Le Très Particulier stands out as a poetic ode to the magic of Parisian nights.

Little Red Door Logo

Little Red Door

Indoor only

Nestled in the heart of the historic Marais district in Paris lies an unassuming cocktail haven: Little Red Door. It’s not just a bar—it’s a destination, a rite of passage for every cocktail enthusiast exploring the vibrant cocktail scene of Paris. The intrigue begins with its façade, which gives away nothing but its eponymous small red door, urging the curious to take a peek inside.


Step through the door, and you are transported to a cozy, dimly lit haven where plush velvets meet raw bricks. The space is intimate yet buzzing with energy, filled with murmurs of conversations, clinking glasses, and the faint sounds of jazz or blues in the background. The décor is an elegant blend of vintage and modern—imagine Art Deco meeting contemporary chic.


But the true star of Little Red Door is its cocktail menu. Known for its innovative and experimental concoctions, the bar consistently impresses both locals and travelers alike. The mixologists here are artists in their own right, crafting not just drinks but experiences. Each cocktail has a story, an inspiration derived from art, history, or personal journeys.

Rather than the usual menu card, past menus have been presented in various creative formats—from interactive architectural models to illustrative booklets—each iteration making the process of selecting a drink an adventure in itself. The actual contents of the drinks can be just as unexpected, with unusual ingredients, homemade infusions, and surprising flavor pairings.


Complementing the drinks is the impeccable service. The staff at Little Red Door is known for their warmth, knowledge, and passion. They’re more than happy to explain the nuances of a particular drink or offer recommendations based on your palate. It’s this personalized touch that makes every visit memorable.

Location and Accessibility

Located at 60 Rue Charlot, it's just a short walk away from several notable Parisian landmarks. It’s easily accessible but retains an air of exclusivity. While reservations aren't mandatory, it's recommended if you prefer a spot at the bar, especially on weekends when the place tends to get packed.

An Enchanted Portal to Parisian Cocktail Culture

Little Red Door is more than just another cocktail bar in the city—it’s an embodiment of Paris’s evolving drink culture. It encapsulates the spirit of innovation while staying true to the essence of classic mixology. Whether you're a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or someone just looking to enjoy a quality drink, this bar promises an experience that’s both immersive and intoxicating.

In a city renowned for its love of wine, Little Red Door is a testament to Paris’s burgeoning cocktail culture. And as any regular would attest, once you step through that little red door, you're not just entering a bar—you're entering a world of unparalleled cocktail craftsmanship.

Moonshiner Logo


Indoor & Outdoor

The ever-romantic city of Paris, with its legendary wine culture and historic landmarks, may seem an unlikely locale for a speakeasy-style cocktail bar. Yet, tucked away in the 11th arrondissement is the Moonshiner—a true homage to the Prohibition era, where the mystique of the 1920s comes alive, one cocktail at a time.

Entry to Elixir

Your journey to Moonshiner begins rather unconventionally. Hidden behind the facade of a bustling pizzeria, Da Vito, you'll navigate your way through a cold-storage door at the back of the establishment. It's an entrance reminiscent of the clandestine entrances of yesteryears, setting the stage for what lies ahead.


Stepping into Moonshiner, the atmosphere instantly transforms. Gone are the familiar sounds of a Parisian street, replaced by the smooth notes of jazz, the soft hum of conversations, and the clinking of cocktail glasses. Low lights, plush leather couches, wooden panels, and vintage wallpaper immerse you in a 1920s setting, transporting you back to a time when enjoying a drink was both an act of rebellion and sophistication.

Old gramophones, hidden alcoves, and velvet drapes enhance the ambiance, ensuring that each corner has its own story to tell. And if you listen closely, the whispers of the past seem to echo with every sip you take.

Cocktails and Offerings

At Moonshiner, the cocktails take center stage. Each concoction is a craft of precision, reflecting both the classics of the Prohibition era and contemporary innovations. From smoky whiskeys to infused gins, the beverages here pay homage to the past while introducing the palate to new horizons.

Notably, their extensive whiskey collection will impress even the most discerning connoisseur. But if whiskey isn't your preferred poison, worry not. Moonshiner’s skilled bartenders are adept at guiding patrons through their menu, ensuring every individual discovers their ideal drink.

Adding to the allure, Moonshiner often surprises its patrons with an evolving menu, seasonal ingredients, and unique presentations, making each visit distinct from the last.


Service at Moonshiner is discrete yet attentive. The bartenders, with their mix of vintage attire and contemporary flair, embody the spirit of the place—retro but with a modern twist. They engage in conversations, share tales of the cocktails, and occasionally, reveal secrets of the speakeasy world.

Location and Accessibility

Situated at 5 Rue Sedaine, Moonshiner's discreet location adds to its allure. It's both a hideaway and a destination. And while the secret might be out among Parisian cocktail enthusiasts, the bar retains an intimate atmosphere, welcoming both regulars and first-timers.

Prohibition-Era Chic in the Heart of Paris

Moonshiner captures the essence of an era gone by, juxtaposing it beautifully within the modern vibrancy of Paris. It's a testament to the city's ability to embrace diverse cultures, histories, and flavors. So, the next time you wish to escape the present and wander into the allure of the 1920s, remember, behind a pizzeria in Paris lies a portal to the past—Moonshiner awaits.

Prescription Cocktail Club Logo

Prescription Cocktail Club

Indoor only

Hidden amongst the historic cobblestone streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, one of Paris's most celebrated neighborhoods, lies a jewel that evokes the spirit of underground cocktail culture: the Prescription Cocktail Club. A harmonious blend of ambiance, innovation, and timeless sophistication, this establishment has quickly become an indispensable part of Paris's ever-evolving cocktail scene.

The Enchanting Ambiance

The entrance to the Prescription Cocktail Club is discreet, beckoning only those in the know. As you push open the door, you’re met with an invitingly dim space, illuminated by soft, glowing lights and candles, creating shadows that dance on the exposed brick walls. Plush velvet seating, dark wooden accents, and vintage decor transport patrons back in time, echoing the intimate feel of old-world speakeasies and private clubs.

The gentle hum of conversation, mingling with a curated playlist of jazz, soul, and contemporary tunes, adds to the convivial atmosphere, making it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the City of Lights.

Cocktail Craftsmanship

What truly sets the Prescription Cocktail Club apart is its devotion to the art of mixology. The menu is a testament to this dedication, with an eclectic array of drinks that pay homage to classic concoctions while also daring to venture into uncharted territories of taste.

Using a mix of rare spirits, house-made infusions, and fresh ingredients, the bartenders meticulously craft each drink. Whether it's a smoky mezcal-based potion or a refreshing gin and tonic twist, every cocktail tells a story, enchanting the senses with every sip.

For those overwhelmed by the vast selection or looking for something off-the-beaten-path, the knowledgeable and friendly bartenders are always at the ready to craft a personalized drink, perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Service and Experience

While the drinks are undoubtedly the star, the service at the Prescription Cocktail Club elevates the experience to new heights. The staff exudes a genuine passion for their craft and possesses an innate ability to make each patron feel like a cherished guest, ensuring that each visit is both memorable and unique.

Location and Accessibility

Located at 23 Rue Mazarine, the Prescription Cocktail Club is both accessible and secluded. Its position in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a district renowned for its rich history and cultural landmarks, makes it a perfect spot for both locals looking for a familiar haunt and travelers eager to discover Paris's hidden gems.

A Taste of Elixir Alchemy in Paris

The Prescription Cocktail Club is not just a bar; it's a sanctuary for those who cherish the delicate balance between tradition and innovation. It stands as a testament to Paris’s enduring love affair with fine drinks and good company. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or a curious wanderer, the Prescription Cocktail Club offers a promise: a voyage of taste, elegance, and timeless Parisian charm.

Solera Logo


Indoor only

While Paris may be world-renowned for its iconic wines and timeless champagne, in the midst of its historic boulevards and romantic allure lies Solera — a cocktail bar that promises a transcendent journey into the realm of mixology. Defined by innovation and elegance, Solera has rapidly carved a niche for itself as a beacon of the avant-garde in Paris's vibrant cocktail culture.

A Portal to Modern Elegance

Upon entering Solera, patrons are greeted with a synthesis of contemporary design elements juxtaposed with the charming rusticity that Parisian locales often exude. Warm lighting, paired with a mix of wood, brass, and greenery, crafts an ambiance that's both sophisticated and inviting. The space strikes a delicate balance between intimate nooks for whispered conversations and open areas that encourage lively discourse.

Crafting Liquid Art

At Solera, cocktails are not just beverages — they are experiences. The menu, an ever-evolving document, mirrors the dynamism and creativity of its creator. Each concoction is a harmonious blend of flavors, textures, and aromas that pays homage to time-honored classics while fearlessly charting new territories.

What stands out is Solera’s penchant for sourcing unique, often locally-produced spirits and ingredients, ensuring a sensory experience that is both novel and memorable. Whether one fancies a smoky, peaty dram or a vibrant, herbaceous aperitif, Solera’s menu offers an odyssey of flavors waiting to be discovered.

The Maestros Behind the Bar

An integral component of the Solera experience is its team. The bartenders, with their adept hands and deep knowledge, transform each cocktail into a performance. Their passion is palpable — be it in their eagerness to explain the origins of a particular spirit, their flair while shaking and stirring, or their genuine joy in crafting the perfect drink tailored to an individual's palate.

Ambient Notes

Adding depth to the overall atmosphere, Solera often resonates with carefully curated music. From sultry jazz to upbeat contemporary tracks, the sonic landscape complements the overall vibe, ensuring that the ambiance is always pitch-perfect.

Location and Accessibility

Strategically nestled in Paris’s dynamic Latin Quarter, Solera is both a destination and an oasis. The bar's location makes it a favored haunt for locals, tourists, and cocktail enthusiasts, all drawn by the promise of a drink crafted with unparalleled precision and care.

An Odyssey of Flavors in the Heart of Paris

In a city that seamlessly melds tradition with modernity, Solera stands as a testament to the evolving tastes and sensibilities of Paris. It isn’t just a place to savor a drink but a venue where one can embark on a journey of flavors, stories, and emotions. For those yearning for a cocktail experience that’s both evocative and innovative, Solera beckons with open doors and a world of tastes waiting to be explored.

Bar Bisou Logo

Bar Bisou

Indoor & Outdoor

The romantic allure of Paris is undeniable. A city painted with history, culture, and passion, it's no surprise that every nook and cranny of Paris exudes a certain "je ne sais quoi." Among its myriad treasures, the city boasts a plethora of drinking establishments that echo its charm. However, in the heart of this mesmerizing city, Bar Bisou stands out as a contemporary gem, offering a fresh take on the Parisian cocktail scene.

A Contemporary Embrace

Bar Bisou's exterior teases at its modern sensibilities. Unlike the traditional and ornate facades of Parisian architecture, Bar Bisou sports a sleek and minimalist design, enticing patrons with the promise of something novel.

The Art of Interactive Mixology

One of Bar Bisou's defining features is its innovative approach to cocktails. In a brave deviation from the norm, there's no standard menu to order from. Instead, guests are encouraged to engage in a dialogue with the skilled bartenders, discussing flavor preferences, moods, or even memories. The result? A tailored drink that’s as unique as the individual receiving it.

This interactive mixology is not just about crafting a drink but about creating an experience. It bridges the gap between bartender and patron, fostering a connection that's both intimate and enlightening.

Sustainability at its Heart

In an age where sustainability is more than just a buzzword, Bar Bisou rises to the occasion. The establishment prides itself on its eco-conscious ethos. From locally-sourced ingredients to minimal waste practices and recyclable materials, every aspect of the bar's operation is designed with environmental sensitivity in mind. Even the cocktails reflect this, with seasonal ingredients playing a significant role in the drink crafting process.

Culinary Complements

While cocktails reign supreme, Bar Bisou's culinary offerings shouldn't be overlooked. The menu, much like its liquid counterpart, champions local and sustainable produce. Small plates, designed for sharing, offer a curated selection of both French classics and inventive creations, each plate a testament to Paris's rich gastronomic legacy.

Paris's Kiss of Modern Mixology

Bar Bisou is more than just another cocktail bar in Paris; it's a statement. A statement that modernity and tradition can coexist, that sustainability and luxury aren't mutually exclusive, and that the essence of Parisian charm can be encapsulated in every sip of a meticulously crafted drink. For those looking to experience the City of Lights through a fresh lens, Bar Bisou offers a kiss of contemporary elegance amidst the timeless romance of Paris.

CopperBay Logo


Indoor & Outdoor

Hidden amidst the bustling streets of Paris lies a nautical haven that promises a transcendent journey across oceans and epochs. CopperBay, with its maritime-themed allure and commitment to craft, has steadily anchored itself as a pivotal destination for cocktail enthusiasts in the city. Delicately positioned between the world of traditional mixology and contemporary innovation, this bar beckons patrons to embark on a unique sipping voyage.

Maritime Mystique

At first glance, CopperBay appears to have been lifted straight out of a mariner's dream. The interior boasts a tasteful amalgamation of marine hues, gleaming copper fixtures, and naval décor. Patrons might feel they've stepped onto an upscale ship, with porthole-like mirrors, ship lanterns, and the subtle undulating motifs that dance across the walls. Every detail is thoughtfully designed to immerse guests in a maritime journey, even if they remain nestled in the heart of Paris.

Charting the Cocktail Course

The true essence of CopperBay lies in its adventurous cocktail menu. The drink list is akin to a mariner’s logbook, chronicling tales from distant shores. Each cocktail is a narrative, bringing together exotic ingredients, rare spirits, and traditional mixers in unexpected ways.

Bartenders at CopperBay operate like skilled navigators, guiding patrons through the vast ocean of flavors. They champion sustainability by using local and seasonal ingredients, resulting in ever-evolving offerings. From tropical rums to Mediterranean gins and Nordic aquavits, the spirit selection ensures an expansive journey for the palate.

An Ensemble of Flavors

Complementing its drinks, CopperBay offers a curated array of gourmet bites. Drawing inspiration from ports around the world, the food menu mirrors the bar's commitment to blending tradition with modernity. Whether it's a tapenade reminiscent of the Mediterranean or a ceviche echoing South American shores, the culinary treats ensure a holistic tasting experience.

Beyond the Horizon

CopperBay's allure is further intensified by its events and masterclasses. From workshops that delve deep into the art of mixology to themed nights that celebrate various marine cultures, the establishment is ever-enthusiastic about educating and engaging its patrons. This commitment transforms each visit into more than just a night out—it becomes an enlightening escapade.

Navigating the Waves of Parisian Mixology

CopperBay is not just a cocktail bar; it's a vessel that sails through time, flavors, and traditions. In its embrace of the maritime spirit, it offers patrons an escape from the urban hustle, allowing them to traverse seas and stories with each sip. For those in Paris seeking an evocative and flavorful adventure, CopperBay stands as a beacon, promising safe harbor and splendid revelry.

Danico Logo


Indoor only

Tucked away in the bustling 2nd arrondissement of Paris, Danico unfolds as a scene from a sumptuous film noir. Nestled within the premises of the iconic Daroco restaurant, Danico invites patrons into its plush cocoon, blending the city’s storied past with a dash of modern refinement. A den of allure and artistry, this cocktail bar stands as a testament to Paris's enduring reputation as the world's capital of sophistication.

Entrance: A Dramatic Prelude

The journey to Danico sets the tone for the evening. One first traverses the lively expanse of Daroco, with its signature green marble and mirrored ceilings, before discovering the hidden gem that is Danico. The transition is akin to moving from a grand stage to a sophisticated, behind-the-scenes rendezvous.

Intimate Interiors with a Vintage Charm

Inside Danico, dim lighting, velvety seating, and opulent woodwork recreate the vibe of a 1920s Parisian salon. The gentle hum of conversations mingles with soft jazz tunes, evoking memories of smoky film noir scenes. Brass accents and a marble bar counter offer hints of luxury without overwhelming, making guests feel they’ve stepped into a different era while remaining comfortably in the contemporary world.

Mixology: Crafting Narratives in a Glass

Danico's cocktail menu is an artful blend of traditional and avant-garde. Each drink tells a story, carefully curated by bartenders who don the role of storytellers. Using premium spirits, house-made infusions, and a touch of whimsy, they craft beverages that are as visually arresting as they are palate-pleasing.

Whether it’s a classic cocktail given a novel twist or an entirely new creation inspired by global flavors, the offerings at Danico represent a delicate balance of respect for tradition and an eagerness to innovate.

A Culinary Affair

To complement its libations, Danico presents an exquisite selection of gourmet bites. Drawing inspiration from its Italian sibling, Daroco, the menu offers a delightful mix of antipasti and artisanal pizzas. Each dish, just like the cocktails, is presented with flair, ensuring the experience is both gustatory and aesthetic.

A Parisian Elixir of Elegance and Intrigue

In the heart of Paris, where the echelons of elegance are set incredibly high, Danico emerges as a paragon of luxe nightlife. It's not just a bar but a realm where history, culture, and modernity intermingle seamlessly. For those yearning to relive the golden era of Parisian chic while savoring the finest of contemporary mixology, Danico offers a night of timeless enchantment.

Gravity Bar Logo

Gravity Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

Amid the labyrinthine streets of Paris, where each alley tells tales of love, revolution, and artistry, a contemporary space emerges, casting its own spell upon the City of Lights—Gravity Bar. Located in the vibrant 10th arrondissement, Gravity Bar challenges convention and gravitates towards innovation, ensuring that each patron's experience is both ethereal and grounded in sensory delight.

Facade: Modernist Intrigue

Even before one steps inside Gravity Bar, the establishment beckons with its distinctive facade. A sleek play of curved glass and wood offers a glimpse into the modernity that lies within, setting the stage for a unique Parisian night out.

Interiors: A Dance of Curves and Shadows

Stepping into Gravity Bar is akin to entering a modern art installation. Sweeping wooden arches curve gracefully overhead, drawing the eye and creating an undulating landscape reminiscent of waves. The gentle, ambient lighting casts a soft glow, punctuating the dark spaces and creating pockets of intimacy amidst the open plan. This innovative design not only challenges architectural norms but also subtly complements the fluid nature of the cocktails on offer.

Cocktails: A Journey of Discovery

True to its name, Gravity Bar delivers a gravitational pull with its diverse and tantalizing cocktail menu. Each drink is an exploration of flavors, techniques, and presentation. The mixologists, armed with a palette of premium spirits, house-made syrups, and rare ingredients, concoct beverages that are both visually arresting and gustatorily compelling.

From reimagined classics to groundbreaking originals, the cocktail offerings are designed to surprise and delight. Presented in bespoke glassware and garnished with creativity, each drink promises a narrative, making the act of sipping a multi-layered experience.

Ambiance: A Harmonious Blend

The true magic of Gravity Bar lies in its ambiance—a seamless confluence of design, music, and hospitality. The curated playlist, featuring ambient beats and soulful tunes, sets the mood. The staff, with their genuine warmth and deep knowledge of mixology, elevate the experience, guiding patrons through their journey and ensuring every need is met with grace.

Defying Expectations in Parisian Mixology

Gravity Bar is a testament to the ever-evolving spirit of Paris—a city that reveres its traditions while constantly pushing boundaries. In its commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and hospitality, Gravity Bar emerges as a beacon for those seeking a cocktail experience that defies expectations and leaves an indelible mark. For connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, this establishment offers a gravity-defying journey in the heart of Paris.

Le Syndicat Logo

Le Syndicat

Indoor & Outdoor

Paris, with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and art, has always been a magnet for innovators, artists, and revolutionaries. True to this spirit, Le Syndicat emerges in the City of Lights, not just as a bar, but as a statement—a rebellious ode to French spirit, camouflaged amidst worn-out storefronts, yet shimmering with golden allure from within.

Facade: A Provocative Disguise

On the bustling streets of Paris, Le Syndicat's entrance might initially escape the untrained eye. The façade, plastered with old posters, graffiti, and a certain deliberate dilapidation, seems more like a relic from the past than the entrance to one of Paris’s avant-garde cocktail bars. This provocative disguise, however, is a deliberate choice, mirroring the bar's ethos of challenging conventions and celebrating the uncelebrated.

Interiors: A Golden Reverie

Beyond the rugged exterior lies a realm of opulence and elegance. Gold, the predominant color palette of Le Syndicat, bathes the space in a warm, inviting glow. Velvety furnishings, intimate seating arrangements, and dim lighting come together to create an ambiance that's both cozy and luxurious. It's a stark contrast to the exterior, symbolizing the renaissance of forgotten French spirits within a modern framework.

Cocktails: A Tribute to Forgotten French Spirits

Le Syndicat proudly proclaims its mission to "Defend French Spirits." The cocktail menu is a love letter to the forgotten liquors of France, reviving and showcasing them in innovative concoctions. Whether it's Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, or other lesser-known local spirits, each drink is crafted with precision, passion, and a deep respect for heritage.

The bartenders, with their alchemical prowess, reinterpret classic recipes, infusing them with modern techniques and unexpected ingredients. The result is a tantalizing array of beverages that evoke nostalgia while tantalizing the modern palate.

Vibe: An Eclectic Mix of Old and New

The allure of Le Syndicat extends beyond its drinks. The bar pulsates with energy, with curated playlists featuring an eclectic mix of hip-hop, jazz, and soulful tunes. The crowd, a blend of locals and discerning tourists, adds to the vibrant atmosphere, making Le Syndicat a melting pot of cultures, eras, and experiences.

A Rebellious Ode to French Spirit in the Heart of Paris

Le Syndicat is not just a bar; it's a movement. It challenges perceptions, revives legacies, and offers an immersive experience that's quintessentially French yet strikingly innovative. In a city known for its timeless charm, Le Syndicat stands out as a beacon of rebellious creativity. For those eager to explore the depths of French spirit, both in terms of liquor and ethos, this establishment promises an adventure that's both enlightening and intoxicating.

Sherry Butt Logo

Sherry Butt

Indoor only

Amidst the storied streets and romantic allure of Paris, a cocktail bar emerges with a distinct international flair: Sherry Butt. Marrying the sleek sophistication of Tokyo's cocktail lounges with the edgy energy of New York’s nightlife, Sherry Butt offers a refreshingly eclectic vibe to the Parisian cocktail scene.

Unassuming Elegance

From the outside, Sherry Butt doesn’t scream for attention. The entrance is somewhat discreet, beckoning those who know to discover its secrets. As you step inside, the space unfolds as a blend of modernity and warmth, combining minimalistic wooden furnishings with soft, atmospheric lighting. Large windows provide a peek into the Parisian streets, connecting patrons with the vibrant life of the city, even as they sip their drinks in the lounge's serene environment.

Cocktail Craftsmanship

Sherry Butt’s cocktail menu is a reflection of its dual identity. Here, East meets West not just in decor, but in flavor profiles and techniques. While you might find a classic Manhattan or Old Fashioned, be ready for delightful surprises like the addition of yuzu, sake, or matcha.

The bartenders, true to the spirit of the establishment, take their craft seriously. Each drink is carefully balanced, presented with finesse, and often garnished with a flourish that showcases the bar's appreciation for detail. Beyond cocktails, Sherry Butt boasts an impressive selection of whiskies, particularly Japanese ones, catering to both neophytes and seasoned aficionados.

Ambiance and Music

A standout feature of Sherry Butt is its dedication to providing a multi-sensory experience. On select nights, the soft hum of conversations and clinking glasses is complemented by DJs spinning an eclectic mix of tunes, ranging from deep house to jazz. The music, neither too overpowering nor too subdued, enhances the atmosphere, making it perfect for intimate conversations or relaxed contemplation.


The international vibe extends to the service as well. The staff, friendly and proficient in multiple languages, ensures that patrons from all corners of the world feel welcome. Their expertise shines when they're offering recommendations or explaining the nuances of a particular spirit or cocktail.

Location and Accessibility

Nestled at 20 Rue Beautreillis in the Marais district, Sherry Butt enjoys a prime location. While the area buzzes with restaurants, boutiques, and historical sites, the bar remains a tranquil oasis, making it an ideal spot for both tourists and locals.

A Blend of Tokyo and New York in the Heart of Paris

In a city that effortlessly blends history with modernity, Sherry Butt stands as a testament to Paris’s ability to welcome and meld diverse cultures. It's not just a place to drink; it's a venue where Tokyo's precision, New York’s vivacity, and Paris’s elegance converge. For those seeking a cosmopolitan cocktail experience, Sherry Butt promises a sip of the world in the heart of Paris.

Abricot Logo


Indoor only

In the heart of the City of Light, where romance meets history and art intertwines with life, there exists a cocktail sanctuary that evokes the essence of Parisian charm: Abricot. Situated amidst the historic boulevards and avant-garde bistros, Abricot stands as a symbol of the city's evolving and dynamic cocktail culture.

Location: Embracing the Parisian Spirit

Nestled in a timeless arrondissement of Paris, Abricot enjoys a location that's both iconic and intimate. Just a short stroll from iconic landmarks, the bar is an oasis amidst the city's hustle, a space where time seems to pause, allowing patrons to truly savor the moment.

Interiors: A Blend of Timeless Elegance

Walking into Abricot feels like stepping into a modern-day salon. The decor is a mix of classic Parisian elements – ornate mirrors, plush seating, and vintage chandeliers – juxtaposed with contemporary design pieces. Muted tones of gold, cream, and apricot create an ambiance that's warm, welcoming, and unmistakably chic.

Cocktails: An Ode to Parisian Flair

The cocktails at Abricot are both a tribute to classic mixology and a nod to modern-day innovations. Using a blend of traditional French spirits, fresh local ingredients, and global infusions, the bartenders craft drinks that resonate with character and creativity. From reinvented classics to bold new concoctions, the menu is a journey through flavors, stories, and emotions.

Ambiance: Whispers of La Belle Époque

The mood at Abricot is reminiscent of Paris's golden era. Soft jazz tunes waft through the air, mingling with the gentle hum of conversations. It's an environment that encourages patrons to relax, reflect, and revel in the beauty of the moment.

Clientele: A Tapestry of Stories

Abricot draws in a diverse clientele, from local Parisians reminiscing about bygone days to global travelers seeking authentic Parisian experiences. The bar becomes a meeting point for artists, writers, fashionistas, and dreamers, all coming together to celebrate the joie de vivre that Paris embodies.

A Parisian Cocktail Affair

Abricot is more than just a cocktail bar; it's a narrative, a canvas that paints Paris in all its glory – the romance, the history, the passion. With every sip, one gets a taste of the city's soul, its tales, and its timeless allure. In a world where moments fleet by, Abricot stands as a testament to the beauty of pausing, savoring, and truly living. For those seeking the heart of Paris, one cocktail at a time, Abricot is the rendezvous point.

Arbane Logo


Indoor only

Amidst the wide boulevards, historic monuments, and timeless romance of Paris, the City of Lights presents a cocktail haven that seamlessly merges the past with the present: Arbane. Situated in the iconic Latin Quarter, Arbane is not just a bar; it's a symphony of flavors, culture, and innovation.

Location: Quintessentially Parisian

Arbane graces the famed Latin Quarter, a neighborhood steeped in history and brimming with academic and artistic energies. This lively setting creates a perfect backdrop for the bar, juxtaposing its modern ethos with the classic surroundings.

Interiors: Chic and Contemporary

Once inside Arbane, patrons are greeted with a contemporary ambiance that still pays homage to Parisian elegance. The interiors, with their muted lighting, luxe furnishings, and avant-garde art pieces, create a sense of modernity without sacrificing warmth and comfort. The design speaks volumes of sophistication, embodying the spirit of new-age Paris.

Cocktails: A Palette of Artistry

What truly sets Arbane apart is its exceptional cocktail menu. Every drink is a meticulous blend of tradition and innovation, with bartenders drawing inspiration from global flavors, yet sourcing local, fresh ingredients. Whether it's a reimagined French classic or a bold, experimental concoction, each cocktail at Arbane tells a story, tantalizing the senses and evoking emotions.

Ambiance: An Electrifying Serenity

The atmosphere at Arbane is electric yet serene. The soft melodies playing in the background combine perfectly with the vibrant chatter of its patrons. This creates an environment that feels both intimate and alive, reflective of Paris's multifaceted character.

Clientele: A Global Mélange

The bar, with its cosmopolitan flair, attracts a diverse clientele. From Parisian intellectuals and artists discussing their latest endeavors to international travelers eager to discover the city's modern heartbeat, Arbane becomes a melting pot of cultures, stories, and experiences.

Paris's Modern Epitome of Mixology

Arbane isn't just another addition to Paris's illustrious roster of cocktail bars. It's a testament to how the city, while deeply rooted in its glorious past, continuously evolves and embraces the new. Arbane, with its innovative mixology and chic ambiance, captures the essence of modern Paris – a city that celebrates its traditions, yet always looks ahead. For those on a quest to experience Paris's contemporary spirit, one drink at a time, Arbane beckons with open arms.

Baranaan Logo


Indoor only

Amidst the cobbled streets of Paris, renowned for its cafes, patisseries, and wine bars, lies a hidden treasure that transports patrons to the vibrant heart of India. Baranaan, a cocktail bar with a twist, stands as a testament to Paris's cosmopolitan spirit and its love for embracing global cultures.

A Hidden Gem

Baranaan is discreetly tucked away, a speakeasy-style bar that thrives on its mystique. The entrance is unassuming, but once inside, guests find themselves immersed in an enchanting world that resonates with the pulsating energy of an Indian railway carriage.

All Aboard the Indian Express

The bar's most defining feature is its simulation of an Indian train experience. Booths are designed like train compartments, complete with window screens that showcase moving landscapes of the Indian countryside. As the visuals transform and the rhythmic sounds of a train chugging fill the space, patrons are transported on a sensory journey through India's diverse terrains.

Cocktails with a Dash of Spice

True to its theme, Baranaan's cocktail menu draws inspiration from India's rich tapestry of flavors. Classic cocktails are reimagined with a dash of Indian spices, tropical fruits, and unique infusions. Whether it's a drink laced with cardamom and rose or one that carries the tang of tamarind and the heat of chili, each concoction tells a tale of its own.

While the drinks are a nod to India, the expertise with which they are crafted remains undeniably Parisian. The meticulous attention to balance, presentation, and flavor complexity echoes the city's deep-rooted love for mixology.

Bollywood Beats and Beyond

Baranaan's allure isn't just limited to its visuals and drinks. The bar frequently resonates with the beats of Bollywood, classical Indian tunes, and contemporary tracks that get patrons tapping their feet. The music, much like the decor, serves as a bridge between two vibrant cultures.

Nibbles and Nosh

To complement its eclectic drinks menu, Baranaan offers a selection of Indian-inspired snacks. From samosas to masala peanuts, the offerings, though limited, are packed with authentic flavors, providing the perfect accompaniment to the spirited beverages.

Paris's Secret Passage to Indian-Inspired Euphoria

Baranaan is more than just a cocktail bar; it's an immersive experience that captures the essence of two magnificent cities: Paris and Mumbai. With its imaginative theme, expertly crafted drinks, and pulsating energy, Baranaan has etched a unique space for itself in Paris's bustling nightlife. For those seeking a dash of adventure and a night steeped in stories and flavors, Baranaan promises an evening that's as unforgettable as the journey of a timeless locomotive.

Bluebird Logo


Indoor & Outdoor

In the romantic heart of Paris, where winding lanes echo with stories of artists, poets, and dreamers, a new narrative is being written in the world of mixology. Bluebird, with its fresh, avant-garde approach, is adding a contemporary chapter to Paris's illustrious cocktail story.

A Serene Nest Amidst the Bustle

From the outside, Bluebird's facade is subtle, almost blending seamlessly with the traditional Parisian architecture that surrounds it. But step inside, and you're met with a space that's both intimate and invigorating. Soft, ambient lighting juxtaposed with vibrant pops of color offers a setting that's both cozy and energizing – a fitting ambiance for cocktail lovers seeking both relaxation and revelation.

An Ode to Mixology

Bluebird's cocktail menu is where the magic truly unfolds. While deeply rooted in classic techniques, the offerings here are anything but traditional. Each drink is a result of careful curation, experimentation, and an evident love for global flavors.

From revisiting age-old favorites and introducing unexpected infusions – think French lavender meeting Japanese yuzu or Mexican mezcal dancing with Moroccan mint – Bluebird showcases a harmonious blend of world tastes. The presentation, much in line with the Parisian aesthetic, is both elegant and playful, making each drink as photogenic as it is palatable.

A Symphony of Senses

Beyond just taste, Bluebird ensures a holistic sensory experience. The gentle hum of jazz and blues, interspersed with contemporary beats, sets an auditory backdrop that complements the taste escapades. Additionally, the scents wafting through the bar, whether from the cocktails, a hint of burning incense, or the gentle aroma of fresh flowers, further amplify the immersive experience.

Culinary Complements

While cocktails reign supreme, the gastronomic delights at Bluebird hold their own. With a menu crafted to perfectly accompany the drinks, patrons can indulge in an array of dishes that, much like the cocktails, draw inspiration from global cuisines. The emphasis, always, is on fresh, high-quality ingredients that tell tales of their origins.

Engaging and Evolving

True to its modern ethos, Bluebird frequently hosts events, workshops, and tasting sessions. For budding mixologists or even the curious enthusiast, these events provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the art and science behind every cocktail, making the bar a hub for both enjoyment and enlightenment.

Paris's Modern Ode to Classic Cocktails

Bluebird is not just another cocktail bar in Paris; it's a testament to how the city, while deeply respectful of its history, is always eager to embrace the new. In its fusion of tastes, aromas, and sounds, Bluebird offers a global journey within the confines of its chic walls. For those seeking a fresh, contemporary take on the classic Parisian cocktail experience, Bluebird emerges as a destination that promises – and delivers – flights of fancy.

Cambridge Public House Logo

Cambridge Public House

Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst the iconic boulevards and Haussmannian facades of Paris, there exists a portal to another world – a slice of England nestled snugly in the French capital. Welcome to the Cambridge Public House, a cocktail bar that exudes British charm while subtly nodding to its Parisian locale.

A Transchannel Journey

One step into the Cambridge Public House and you're instantly whisked away to a traditional English pub, albeit with a chic, contemporary twist. The wooden paneling, leather-bound chairs, and vintage knick-knacks transport patrons to a cozy London neighborhood, while the ambient lighting and artful design details serve as a gentle reminder of its Parisian roots.

Cocktails: A Marriage of Cultures

At the heart of this establishment is a cocktail menu that flawlessly marries British and French influences. Expect to find drinks that fuse traditional English spirits with French liqueurs and vice versa. Whether it's a gin concoction laced with French herbs or a cognac cocktail with a hint of Earl Grey, the Cambridge Public House delights in its playful, cross-cultural mixology.

Each drink is a testament to the bar's commitment to quality, showcasing handpicked ingredients, precise measurements, and an evident passion for the craft. The presentation, artfully executed, manages to retain the simplicity and authenticity associated with a classic pub.

An Ode to Gastropubs

While the cocktails are undoubtedly the stars, the culinary offerings at the Cambridge Public House deserve their share of the limelight. Drawing inspiration from the gastropub culture, the menu boasts a selection of comfort foods with gourmet twists. Think bangers and mash reimagined or a classic beef Wellington with a hint of French flair. Each dish, meticulously crafted, aims to elevate pub food to fine dining standards.

A Cozy Conviviality

Beyond the drinks and food, what truly sets the Cambridge Public House apart is its ambiance. There's an air of camaraderie, reminiscent of traditional English pubs where strangers become friends over shared tales and hearty laughter. The staff, welcoming and knowledgeable, contribute immensely to this atmosphere, ensuring that every guest feels at home.

Events and Engagements

Staying true to its pub essence, the Cambridge Public House frequently hosts events that range from quiz nights to live music sessions. These events, infused with a dose of British eccentricity, ensure that the bar is more than just a place to grab a drink – it's a hub of community and connection.

An English Enclave in the Heart of Paris

The Cambridge Public House is a celebration of cultures. It stands as a testament to how two distinct worlds – the English and the French – can come together to create an experience that's both familiar and novel. For those in Paris seeking a touch of British warmth or simply a delightful evening of gastronomic and mixological exploration, this cocktail bar promises a journey like no other.

Castor Club Logo

Castor Club

Indoor only

Nestled in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, Castor Club lures visitors with the promise of a time capsule experience in Paris. Its discreet façade, bearing little more than a beaver emblem (a nod to its namesake, 'Castor' being French for beaver), belies the sumptuous treasures within. This intimate cocktail bar, with its vintage charm and modern nuances, offers a tantalizing journey that melds taste, ambiance, and history.

A Portal to Another Era

Upon entering the Castor Club, one is instantly swept away into an era of 20th-century elegance. Velvet armchairs, dimly lit Edison bulbs, and wood-paneled walls create an atmosphere of a bygone era, reminiscent of a classic American speakeasy. The hushed ambiance, punctuated by soft jazz tunes, invites whispered conversations and relaxed indulgence.

Mixology: An Art and Science

The cocktail menu at Castor Club is both an homage to timeless classics and a tribute to inventive modern mixology. Expert bartenders, wielding their tools with the precision of master craftsmen, concoct beverages that are a symphony of flavors. Using a medley of premium spirits, fresh ingredients, and unexpected infusions, they ensure every cocktail has its distinct personality.

From smoky, whiskey-based elixirs to light, effervescent gin delights, the offerings cater to a diverse range of palate preferences. Each drink is presented with an artistry that matches its taste profile, making the experience as visually delectable as it is flavorful.

Culinary Bites to Complement

Understanding the importance of pairing, the Castor Club also offers a curated selection of snacks. Whether it's artisanal cheeses, cured meats, or other gourmet nibbles, these bites are chosen to complement the bar's diverse drink offerings, elevating the tasting experience.

A Place of Stories

Behind every cocktail, there's a story, and the Castor Club thrives on these narratives. Engage with the bartenders, and you'll find tales of cocktail origins, flavor profiles, and the history of spirits flowing as freely as the drinks themselves. This commitment to storytelling transforms an evening at the bar from a mere outing to an educational journey.

Paris's Cozy Nook of Cocktail Wonders

In a city renowned for its gastronomic and vinous delights, the Castor Club stands out as a beacon for cocktail aficionados. It's more than just a bar; it's an intimate retreat where time slows, senses are awakened, and the art of mixology is celebrated with reverence and passion. For those looking to immerse themselves in a world where every sip tells a story, the Castor Club in Paris awaits with open arms and poured glasses.

Dirty Dick Logo

Dirty Dick

Indoor only

When it comes to exploring Parisian nightlife, visitors are often spoiled for choice with elegant wine bars, chic lounges, and iconic brasseries. But nestled in the lively South Pigalle neighborhood, Dirty Dick offers an entirely different, tantalizingly tropical experience. At Dirty Dick, the romance of Paris meets the allure of the South Seas, creating a tiki bar extravaganza that's both exotic and electric.

A Facade Teeming with Mystery

From the outside, Dirty Dick captures immediate attention with its neon sign, promising intrigue and revelry within. The vibrant entrance serves as a portal, transporting patrons from the classic Parisian streets to the lush, rhythmic heart of Polynesia.

Tiki Charm: An All-Encompassing Experience

Step inside, and the transformation is palpable. Bamboo-lined walls, Polynesian masks, dimly lit lanterns, and tropical paraphernalia adorn the interiors, exuding an aura reminiscent of 1950s tiki culture. The space hums with a cozy yet energetic vibe, with patrons immersing themselves in the embrace of rattan chairs while tropical tunes waft through the air.

Cocktails: A Symphony of Tropical Flavors

At Dirty Dick, the cocktail menu is an unabashed tribute to tiki traditions. Each drink is a vibrant concoction of bold rums, fresh juices, and exotic syrups, served in unique ceramic mugs that range from quirky to mysterious. From the smoky undertones of a Zombie to the refreshing zest of a Mai Tai, the drinks here aren't just beverages; they're immersive experiences.

What truly stands out at Dirty Dick is the meticulous attention to detail in their mixology. Ice cubes are hand-carved, and garnishes are artfully crafted, ensuring that each cocktail is a visual feast as much as a gustatory one.

A Cultural Confluence

While the ambiance and drinks are predominantly tiki-centric, Dirty Dick subtly incorporates Parisian nuances. The bartenders, though adept at conjuring Polynesian magic, bring a distinct Parisian flair to their craft. This beautiful melding of cultures makes the establishment uniquely fascinating.

A Tiki Oasis in the Heart of Paris

Dirty Dick stands as a testament to the ever-evolving dynamism of Paris's nightlife. By marrying the charm of the South Seas with the sophistication of the City of Light, it offers an escape that's both nostalgic and novel. For those seeking a spirited sojourn from the typical Parisian experience, Dirty Dick beckons with the promise of a tropical night to remember.

Frequence Logo


Indoor only

In the heart of Paris, where history brushes shoulders with modernity and elegance intermingles with bohemian charm, lies Frequence—a cocktail bar that skillfully harmonizes the age-old art of mixology with contemporary flair. Nestled in the bustling 11th arrondissement, this establishment serenades its patrons with an immersive experience, where every drink becomes a symphony and every visit a melodic memory.

Entrance: Whispers of Elegance

As one approaches Frequence, the muted exterior offers only a hint of the magic within. The discreet facade, with its minimalist signage, acts as a prelude to the meticulously crafted atmosphere inside, drawing in those with a keen sense of discovery.

Interiors: A Symphony of Aesthetics

Upon entering, patrons are greeted by a warm and intimate setting. The decor is a tasteful blend of raw materials, soft lighting, and eclectic furnishings. Wooden panels, plush seating, and strategically placed greenery create an ambiance that is both cozy and sophisticated. The design subtly hints at vintage charm while embracing a modern minimalist aesthetic, making Frequence a timeless oasis in the midst of Paris.

Cocktails: Notes of Mastery

Frequence's true brilliance shines through its cocktail menu—a curated ensemble of classics revisited and novel creations. Each cocktail is a testament to the bar's commitment to quality and creativity. Using premium spirits, house-made infusions, and a dash of innovation, the mixologists at Frequence craft drinks that are as visually stunning as they are palate-pleasing.

From reinterpretations of iconic drinks to bold new combinations that challenge traditional taste profiles, the offerings at Frequence cater to both purists and adventurers. Each drink, served with artistic garnishes and in bespoke glassware, is a melody of flavors waiting to be savored.

The Rhythmic Pulse

Beyond the drinks and decor, what sets Frequence apart is its soulful vibe. Soft jazz tunes, ambient beats, and the gentle hum of conversation fill the space, echoing the bar's name. The staff, with their genuine warmth and expert knowledge, add to the harmonious experience, ensuring that every patron feels both at home and on a unique journey.

The Melodious Resonance of Parisian Mixology

Frequence is more than just a cocktail bar—it's a sensorial expedition. It encapsulates the essence of Parisian nightlife, where traditions are revered, boundaries are pushed, and every moment is savored. For those seeking a respite from the bustling streets of Paris, where every sip is a song and every evening a cherished tune, Frequence awaits with its melodious embrace.

Harry's New York Logo

Harry's New York

Indoor only

In a city that is the epitome of elegance and timeless charm, Harry's New York Bar stands tall as a testament to Paris's enduring allure for cultural cross-pollination. Nestled amidst the historic boulevards and neo-classical façades, this legendary bar captures the essence of old New York within the heart of Paris. With a history that dates back to the early 20th century, Harry's New York Bar offers an intoxicating blend of tradition, nostalgia, and impeccable mixology.

Origins: Transatlantic Beginnings

What many might find surprising is that Harry's New York Bar was literally transported to Paris. Its original wood-panelled interior was shipped from a bar in New York to its current location in Paris in 1911. Since then, it has borne witness to countless tales, from being the birthplace of classic cocktails to hosting illustrious personalities from Hemingway to Fitzgerald.

Interiors: Stepping Back in Time

Walking into Harry's New York Bar is akin to being transported to an era gone by. The dark wooden panels, red leather banquettes, and vintage memorabilia create an ambiance that resonates with early 20th-century glamour. The walls, adorned with college pennants and black-and-white photos, whisper tales from yesteryears, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia.

Cocktails: A Legacy of Innovation

Harry's New York Bar isn’t just known for its historic ambiance—it's equally celebrated for its pioneering contributions to the world of mixology. This is the birthplace of iconic cocktails like the Bloody Mary, the French 75, and the Sidecar. Patrons can savor these timeless creations, each made with precision, passion, and adherence to original recipes. The bartenders, custodians of this storied legacy, meld skill with storytelling, ensuring each drink is both a sensory delight and a narrative experience.

A Melting Pot of Cultures

While the ambiance and drinks are steeped in history, what truly defines Harry's New York Bar is its cosmopolitan spirit. It has always been a haven for expatriates, artists, writers, and travelers. The bar's famed piano has been the backdrop for spontaneous jazz sessions, while its tables have been the birthplace of countless stories, deals, and dreams.

A Timeless Parisian Icon with a New York Twist

Harry's New York Bar embodies the spirit of two great cities. It stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of classic cocktails, the allure of nostalgia, and the universal language of hospitality. In a city renowned for its cafes, brasseries, and wine bars, Harry's offers a slice of New York, making it an indispensable part of Paris's rich tapestry. For those seeking to sip on history, culture, and impeccable drinks, this iconic establishment promises an experience like no other.

Venice Cocktail Bar Logo

Venice Cocktail Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Paris, a city already brimming with art, culture, and a storied history, the Venice Cocktail Bar emerges as an intoxicating blend of two of Europe's most romantic cities. This establishment is not just about sipping drinks, but rather about transcending borders and basking in a delightful melange of Parisian flair and Venetian allure.

Bridging Two Worlds

The Venice Cocktail Bar is a testament to the universal love for Venice, but it’s set against the unmistakable backdrop of Paris. The interior beautifully balances elements from both cities. Think Murano glass chandeliers casting a soft glow on Parisian art deco furnishings, or Venetian gondola-inspired motifs set against chic Parisian architecture.

A Symphony of Flavors

The bar boasts a cocktail menu that's as diverse as it's inspired. Classic Venetian drinks are reimagined with a Parisian twist, and the result is nothing short of art in a glass. Whether it's the use of French liqueurs to elevate an Italian classic or the infusion of Venetian herbs into Parisian favorites, every sip tells a tale of two cities.

Ambiance: Sophisticated yet Cozy

The atmosphere at Venice Cocktail Bar is both upscale and welcoming. Velvet seating, mirrored surfaces, and intricate tilework create a space that's luxurious yet intimate. Whether you're nestled in a cozy corner or seated at the ornate bar, the ambiance invites relaxation and leisurely conversation.

Tantalizing Bites

Complementing the drink selection is a curated menu of snacks and appetizers that borrow flavors from both Italian and French cuisines. From Venetian cicchetti to French hors d'oeuvres, the culinary offerings are as much a journey as the cocktails themselves.

An Ode to Arts and Culture

Beyond its gastronomic appeal, Venice Cocktail Bar often pays tribute to the rich arts and culture of both Venice and Paris. Regular events include Venetian mask-making workshops, Parisian jazz nights, and even poetry readings that celebrate the literary heritage of the two cities.

Parisian Elegance Meets Venetian Charm

Venice Cocktail Bar in Paris is more than just another watering hole; it's a cultural experience. It's a space where the Seine seems to flow seamlessly into the Grand Canal, where the Eiffel Tower and the Campanile of St. Mark's seem to exist in the same skyline. For those in Paris longing for a touch of Italian romance or for those simply seeking a unique cocktail experience, Venice Cocktail Bar offers a delightful escape without ever leaving the City of Lights.

Tiger Logo


Indoor only

As the evening lights start to dance on the Seine and the shadows of Notre Dame stretch across the cobblestones, a different kind of magic awakens in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. Here, in this historic enclave, the sophisticated roar of Tiger beckons cocktail aficionados from around the world.

Location: Historical Charm, Modern Pulse

Situated in the stylish Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Tiger is surrounded by a history that has seen philosophers debate and poets recite. Amidst this backdrop of artistic legacy, Tiger emerges as a beacon of modern mixology, adding a new dimension to the neighborhood's rich tapestry.

Interiors: Minimalism Meets Mystique

Stepping into Tiger, one is immediately taken by its sleek and minimalist design. Dark wood, subtle lighting, and green foliage create a chic jungle-esque ambiance. The bar’s layout, with its gleaming bottles and elegant glassware, sets the stage for a cocktail experience that's as visually captivating as it is flavorful.

Cocktails: The Prowess of Craft

Tiger is renowned for its gin-focused menu, offering a curated selection from around the globe. The mixologists, with their precise techniques and passion for innovation, craft concoctions that surprise and delight. From classic gin and tonics elevated with handpicked botanicals to avant-garde mixes with unexpected ingredients, each drink serves as a testament to Tiger's dedication to the art of mixology.

Ambiance: An Intimate Jungle

Soft jazz melodies, interspersed with contemporary beats, add to Tiger's sophisticated yet laid-back vibe. Conversations flow as smoothly as the cocktails, making it an ideal spot for both intimate dates and spirited gatherings. The vibe is cosmopolitan, yet unmistakably Parisian, echoing the city’s talent for marrying the old with the new.

Clientele: A Confluence of Worlds

From Parisian elites and artists to international travelers with discerning tastes, Tiger draws in a diverse crowd. Each guest brings their unique story, making the bar a confluence of cultures, ideas, and experiences. It's a place where world travelers cross paths with locals, all united by their appreciation for fine cocktails.

Roaring Mixology in the Heart of Paris

Tiger, with its masterful cocktails and enchanting ambiance, stands as a testament to Paris's ever-evolving nightlife. It respects the age-old traditions of the cocktail world while daring to tread new paths. For those seeking a slice of contemporary Paris, where history meets innovation and the spirit of the city is distilled into every glass, Tiger is an essential destination. It's not just a cocktail bar; it's an experience, a journey into the very heart of modern Parisian elegance.

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