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1914 Lounge & Bar

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Gangnam-gu, the district immortalized by pop culture and recognized as the trendsetting hub of Seoul, is no stranger to chic, modern bars and lounges. Yet, within this ever-evolving landscape stands 1914 Lounge & Bar, an establishment that reaches back in time to deliver an experience steeped in nostalgia while embracing contemporary elegance.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The name '1914' isn’t arbitrary. It's a nod to an era marked by a unique blend of style, opulence, and the birth of many cocktail classics. This ethos is evident in the lounge's architecture and design. Rich mahogany woods, ornate chandeliers, and leather-bound books create an ambience reminiscent of an early 20th-century gentlemen's club.

Craftsmanship in Every Sip

At 1914, the art of mixology isn’t just about mixing drinks—it’s about narrating history. The cocktail menu is an exquisite collection of timeless classics and innovative creations inspired by the early 1900s. From Prohibition-era favorites to Korean-infused concoctions, each drink is carefully crafted to honor the past while exciting the modern palate.

Skilled bartenders, trained in the fine art of cocktail-making, weave tales of the origins and evolutions of each drink, ensuring that patrons not only taste but also experience the narratives behind their choices.

Tantalizing Tastes

Complementing its impressive drink repertoire is 1914’s culinary selection. The dishes, much like the cocktails, merge the vintage with the contemporary. Traditional Korean flavors dance with global ingredients, resulting in a menu that delights and surprises. Each bite, whether a gourmet tapas or a hearty main course, is a testament to the lounge's commitment to quality and innovation.

Melodious Interludes

No experience at 1914 is complete without savoring its musical offerings. Live jazz bands, evoking the sounds of the early 20th century, often grace the stage. The sultry tones of a saxophone or the smooth rhythm of a piano transport patrons to a bygone era, adding to the bar’s immersive experience.

A Gathering of Connoisseurs

1914 isn't just a bar; it's a sanctuary for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its clientele, a mix of Gangnam's elite, global travelers, and history aficionados, gather to celebrate shared tastes and discover new ones. Conversations flow effortlessly, often delving into art, culture, and the joy of discovering hidden gems in Seoul.

An Ode to Elegance in Gangnam-gu

1914 Lounge & Bar stands as a tribute to a significant era in cocktail history while firmly establishing itself as a modern-day icon in Gangnam-gu. For those seeking a serene escape from the bustling streets of Seoul, where they can travel back in time while sipping on masterfully crafted drinks, 1914 offers the perfect refuge.

Le Chamber Logo

Le Chamber

Indoor only

In the heart of Seoul's glittering Gangnam-gu district, renowned for its K-pop glamour and ultramodern appeal, there lies a gem that transports its patrons to an era of sophistication and classic allure: Le Chamber. Hidden away, much like a speakeasy from the Prohibition era, this cocktail bar encapsulates the essence of luxury, exclusivity, and masterful mixology.

Mystique Beyond the Bookshelf

The journey into Le Chamber begins with a sense of mystery. The entrance, cleverly concealed behind a moving bookshelf, sets the tone for an experience steeped in intrigue. As you step through, the bustling noise of Gangnam fades, replaced by the soft notes of jazz and the gentle hum of intimate conversations.

A Dance of Lights and Shadows

The interiors of Le Chamber are a masterclass in opulent design. Velvet drapes, plush leather seating, and dark wooden accents create an atmosphere reminiscent of old-world European bars. Strategic lighting casts a golden glow over the space, with chandeliers and candles adding to the ambiance. The bar, with its array of gleaming bottles, stands as the centerpiece, inviting patrons to witness the art of drink creation.

Mixology as Theater

Le Chamber's cocktail menu is a testament to its dedication to the craft. With an array of both classic cocktails and innovative concoctions, the offerings cater to a diverse palette. The bartenders, or perhaps more aptly termed 'mixologists', approach each drink as a performance. Ingredients are not merely mixed but choreographed in a dance that engages all the senses. Traditional Korean spirits meld seamlessly with global liqueurs, resulting in drinks that tell stories of both Seoul's heritage and global trends.

Signature cocktails, inspired by the seasons, ensure that the menu remains dynamic and ever-evolving. Each drink is presented with an eye for detail, from the choice of glassware to the garnishes, making them as visually stunning as they are flavorful.

Clientele of Distinction

The allure of Le Chamber draws a diverse and discerning crowd. From local celebrities seeking discretion to global travelers with a penchant for luxury, the clientele is as eclectic as the drinks on offer. Soft-spoken staff, trained in the art of hospitality, ensure that every guest's experience is tailor-made and memorable.

A Symphony of Elegance and Mixology

Le Chamber is not just a cocktail bar; it's a sanctuary of sophistication amidst the modernity of Gangnam-gu. It offers a pause, a space where time slows, and every sip is a celebration of the finer things in life. For those seeking to experience the harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary flair in Seoul's nightlife, Le Chamber stands as a destination par excellence.

The Timber House Logo

The Timber House

Indoor only

In the pulsating heart of Seoul's Gangnam-gu district, where modern skyscrapers touch the sky and the streets teem with energy, there lies an oasis of calm and sophistication: The Timber House. More than just a cocktail bar, The Timber House is a sensory experience, combining the serenity of traditional Korean aesthetics with the elegance of contemporary design and mixology.

Architectural Poetry

One of the most striking features of The Timber House is its architectural brilliance. Drawing inspiration from traditional Korean Hanok houses, the establishment boasts beautiful wooden panels, low ceilings, and intricate lattice designs. However, this homage to the past is seamlessly integrated with modern, sleek elements, making the bar a testament to the harmonious coexistence of the old and the new.

Upon entering, patrons are greeted by soft ambient lighting and a cozy atmosphere, with the warm tones of timber enveloping them in a comforting embrace. Each nook and cranny of the space is thoughtfully designed, offering intimate corners for whispered conversations and open areas that invite lively banter.

Liquid Artistry

At the heart of The Timber House lies its exceptional cocktail menu. With a team of world-class mixologists, the bar prides itself on crafting drinks that are as visually appealing as they are flavorful. Utilizing a blend of traditional Korean ingredients, such as soju, makgeolli, and various herbal infusions, with premium international spirits, The Timber House offers a unique taste palette that celebrates its dual heritage.

Each cocktail is presented as a work of art, garnished with precision and often accompanied by an aromatic element that elevates the drinking experience. From smoky whiskey concoctions to refreshing gin infusions, there's a drink to tantalize every palate.

Sonic Bliss

Adding to the bar's ambiance is its carefully curated playlist. Soft jazz melodies intermingle with contemporary beats, creating an auditory backdrop that complements the visual and gustatory delights. Live music events, featuring local and international artists, are also a regular feature, adding a touch of vibrancy to the serene setting.

A Confluence of Cultures

The clientele of The Timber House is as diverse as its offerings. It attracts a sophisticated crowd, ranging from local Seoulites looking for a refined night out to international travelers eager to experience the city's upscale nightlife. The attentive staff, with their keen knowledge of mixology and an innate sense of hospitality, ensure that every guest's experience is personalized and memorable.

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The Timber House in Gangnam-gu stands as a beacon of sophistication, offering a unique blend of Korean tradition and modern elegance. It's not just a place to drink but a destination to immerse oneself in an ambiance that celebrates the richness of Seoul's cultural tapestry. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or someone seeking a tranquil escape in the heart of the city, The Timber House beckons with a promise of unforgettable moments.

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