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Kilometro Zero

Indoor only

As the sun sets over the picturesque streets of Havana, the city begins to unveil its vibrant nightlife, brimming with soul, rhythm, and flavors. Amidst the maze of historic alleyways and bustling plazas, there's a haven for cocktail enthusiasts, an establishment that has become a pivotal point in Havana's modern mixology scene: Kilometro Zero.

A Name Steeped in Symbolism

The name "Kilometro Zero" is inherently symbolic, denoting the starting point of journeys. Much like its name, the bar invites patrons on an exploratory journey through the world of spirits, blending Cuban traditions with global influences.

A Timeless Facade with a Contemporary Heart

Nestled within a colonial-era building, Kilometro Zero's exterior is reminiscent of Havana's rich architectural tapestry. But step inside, and you're introduced to a world where the past and the present coalesce seamlessly. The decor is a masterful blend of rustic Cuban charm and sleek modern aesthetics, with wooden accents, art deco-inspired furnishings, and subtle lighting creating an ambiance of understated elegance.

Cocktails: A Dance of Flavors

Kilometro Zero's cocktail menu is both an ode to Cuba's storied cocktail heritage and a testament to the evolving tastes of the global palate. While you can savor a perfectly crafted classic Mojito or a rich, amber-hued Cuba Libre, the bar's true magic lies in its innovative concoctions.

Harnessing a plethora of local ingredients – from tropical fruits to artisanal rums – the mixologists at Kilometro Zero craft beverages that are evocative and original. Each drink is not just a blend of flavors but a narrative, capturing the essence of Cuban culture, its landscapes, and its legends.

An Ensemble of Sensory Delights

While the cocktails are undoubtedly the stars, Kilometro Zero ensures a holistic experience for its guests. The culinary offerings, often tapas-style, are thoughtfully designed to complement the beverages. Whether it's traditional Cuban bites or dishes with a contemporary twist, the flavors are robust and authentic.

Adding to the atmosphere is a curated selection of music. From the sultry rhythms of salsa to the soulful strums of a Spanish guitar, the soundscape enhances the bar's immersive experience.

A Meeting Point for Global Travelers

Kilometro Zero has earned a reputation not just among locals but also the global community of travelers. The bar often resonates with a melange of languages and laughter, as stories from around the world are exchanged over clinking glasses.

A Cocktail Odyssey in Havana

Kilometro Zero is more than just a cocktail bar; it's a microcosm of Havana's evolving identity. While it pays profound respect to its roots, the establishment is not afraid to chart new territories, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking to experience the true essence of modern Havana.

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La Guarida

Indoor only

In the kaleidoscope of Havana’s vibrant nightlife, where salsa rhythms blend with the whispers of history and the clinking of cocktail glasses, stands a testament to timeless elegance and modern flair: La Guarida. This bar, often termed as an institution in Cuban cocktail culture, offers an experience that goes beyond mere mixology, plunging visitors into a heady mix of nostalgia, artistry, and innovation.

From Ruins to Renaissance

La Guarida finds its home in a grandiose yet beautifully dilapidated early 20th-century mansion in Centro Habana. Though the façade shows signs of wear, it only adds to its allure, offering a snapshot of a bygone era. The building itself is famous as the setting for the iconic Cuban film "Strawberry and Chocolate" (Fresa y Chocolate).

Upon entering, one immediately notices the juxtaposition of decay and decadence. Grand staircases, vintage tiles, and weathered walls create an ambiance of faded grandeur, setting the stage for the enchantment within.

Cocktails with a Side of History

La Guarida takes pride in its cocktails, and rightly so. The bar offers a medley of drinks that blend traditional Cuban recipes with contemporary twists. Whether you're sipping on a classic Daiquiri, accentuated by the citrusy notes of locally-sourced limes, or a bespoke concoction crafted to your preferences, the quality and artistry are impeccable.

The mixologists, with their encyclopedic knowledge, often regale patrons with stories, intertwining the history of a drink with the rich tapestry of Cuban culture.

Gastronomic Pleasures

Beyond its cocktails, La Guarida has garnered acclaim for its culinary offerings. The palate is treated to a fusion of traditional Cuban flavors elevated by modern techniques. Each dish, meticulously plated, is a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Art in Every Corner

One of the defining features of La Guarida is its unabashed love for art. The bar and the adjoining restaurant are adorned with contemporary art pieces, sculptures, and installations. Each visit becomes an exploration, with new details and nuances waiting to be discovered.

A Gathering of Aesthetes

Given its reputation, it's no surprise that La Guarida is a favorite haunt for global celebrities, artists, and discerning travelers. But regardless of fame or stature, every guest is treated to the same warm hospitality, making them feel like a part of the La Guarida family.

Havana’s Cocktail Crown Jewel

La Guarida isn’t just a place; it’s an emotion. It captures the soul of Havana, with its rich history, resilient spirit, and undying charm. As the evening gives way to night, and as the cocktails keep flowing, one can’t help but feel intertwined with the very essence of Cuba, all within the embrace of La Guarida.

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Indoor & Outdoor

In the labyrinth of Havana's cobblestone streets and amidst its beautiful contradictions, Sibarita emerges as a beacon for cocktail enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the city, this cocktail bar seamlessly merges Cuba's rich heritage with the contemporary, offering a haven where past and present coalesce in a symphony of flavors and memories.

The Atmosphere

Sibarita welcomes its guests with an elegance that is both understated and arresting. The bar’s exterior exudes a colonial charm, with arches and wrought iron fixtures hinting at the stories the walls might tell if they could speak. Inside, however, is a delightful juxtaposition: Vintage elements like wooden beams and antique furniture blend harmoniously with modern art pieces and chic decor.

The dimly lit ambiance, punctuated by soft glows from pendant lights, creates an atmosphere of intimacy. It's easy to forget the world outside and get lost in the rhythm of clinking glasses and hushed conversations.

The Cocktail Craft

What truly sets Sibarita apart is its unparalleled commitment to the art of mixology. The bartenders, true maestros in their own right, craft each cocktail with precision, passion, and a touch of theatrical flair. The menu is a delightful fusion of traditional Cuban favorites and innovative creations. While you can savor a classic Hemingway Daiquiri, there are also offerings that surprise the palate with ingredients like guava, basil, and even chocolate.

Each drink is not only a testament to the quality of ingredients, primarily sourced locally, but also to the expertise with which they're mixed. Every sip tells a tale, whether it's of Havana's golden days or of contemporary Cuban zest.

Beyond Cocktails

While cocktails are Sibarita's pièce de résistance, the bar doesn’t stop there. A curated selection of tapas graces the menu, each dish meticulously crafted to complement the drinks. From sumptuous Cuban sliders to fresh ceviche, there's a delightful bite for every taste.

The Experience

At its core, Sibarita offers an experience that is quintessentially Havana. As the evening progresses, patrons can often enjoy live music, with the soulful notes of a guitar or the rhythmic beats of congas filling the air. It's a space where strangers become friends, stories are shared, and the essence of Cuba is celebrated in all its glory.

Havana's Cocktail Sanctuary

Sibarita stands as a testament to Havana's evolving cocktail scene, a place where respect for traditions meets modern aspirations. It's more than just a bar—it's a sanctuary for those seeking a genuine Cuban experience, one cocktail at a time. If Havana is the heart of Cuba, then Sibarita is undoubtedly one of its most enchanting pulses.

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Cafe O'Reilly

Indoor only

In the heart of Old Havana, where colonial architecture meets the pulsating rhythms of Cuban life, lies Cafe O'Reilly, an establishment that has become synonymous with the art of cocktail-making. This historic cocktail bar encapsulates the spirit of Havana, melding the old with the new, and offering patrons a sensory journey that is as much about the ambiance as it is about the beverages.

The Setting

The first thing you'd notice upon stepping into Cafe O'Reilly is its distinctive architecture. Whitewashed walls contrast with dark wooden beams, and colorful Cuban tiles add a touch of whimsy to the floor. Antique mirrors, vintage posters, and a smattering of old photographs line the walls, each telling tales of a bygone era.

Amidst this historical backdrop, a modern bar takes center stage, gleaming with an array of bottles that promise a world of flavors. Overhead fans whir gently, providing relief from the Cuban heat and adding to the old-world charm.

The Cocktails

Cafe O'Reilly's reputation is built on its cocktails, and rightly so. Here, mixology is treated as an art form. Traditional Cuban favorites like Mojitos and Daiquiris are crafted with precision, using the finest local rums and freshly squeezed juices. But what truly sets Cafe O'Reilly apart is its innovative approach to these classics.

Patrons can expect delightful twists on their favorite beverages, from infusions of local herbs and fruits to imaginative presentations that are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. The bartenders, with their expert knowledge and flair, are always eager to recommend something new or craft a drink tailored to individual tastes.

The Vibe

A bar is as much about its ambiance as it is about its drinks, and Cafe O'Reilly does not disappoint. The soft hum of conversations mingles with the distant notes of Cuban music, creating an atmosphere that's both lively and intimate. As the evening progresses, the energy builds up, with locals and tourists alike grooving to the beats and reveling in the magic of Havana nights.

Culinary Delights

While cocktails are the main attraction, Cafe O'Reilly also boasts a menu of delectable bites that perfectly complement the drinks. From traditional Cuban sandwiches to an array of tapas infused with Caribbean flavors, there's something to satiate every craving.

Havana's Cocktail Gem

Cafe O'Reilly is more than just a cocktail bar. It's a celebration of Cuban culture, history, and the art of mixology. Whether you're a connoisseur of cocktails or a curious traveler seeking an authentic Havana experience, Cafe O'Reilly promises a night filled with memories, flavors, and the unmistakable charm of Cuba.

El Cocinero Logo

El Cocinero

Indoor & Outdoor

Havana, with its vintage cars, colorful buildings, and rich history, is a city that proudly wears its past. However, amidst its historic charm lies a contemporary jewel that's reshaping the cocktail scene — El Cocinero. Tucked away in the vibrant Vedado district, this cocktail bar represents a harmonious blend of Cuba's storied past and its dynamic present.

Architectural Allure

Housed in a former peanut oil factory, El Cocinero immediately captivates with its unique architecture. The establishment is punctuated by a tall brick chimney, reminiscent of its industrial past. This iconic tower not only serves as a landmark but also as an emblem of the bar's transformative spirit.

An Ascending Experience

To enter El Cocinero, patrons ascend a winding iron staircase that circles the chimney. This climb, while offering glimpses of Havana's skyline, also serves as a metaphorical transition from the city's bustling streets to the chic, modern ambiance of the bar.

Inside the Sanctum

Once inside, the decor marries industrial aesthetics with contemporary elegance. Exposed brick walls and beams pay homage to the building's history, while plush seating, ambient lighting, and avant-garde art pieces infuse modernity.

Open-air terraces provide a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to gaze upon the stars, making the atmosphere both intimate and expansive.

A Symphony of Flavors

El Cocinero's cocktail menu is where Cuban tradition meets innovation. While classics like the Mojito and Daiquiri are given the respect they deserve, the bar also ventures into uncharted territories with its concoctions. Utilizing fresh local ingredients, aged rums, and a touch of flair, each drink promises a journey for the senses.

The bartenders, with their meticulous techniques and passion for mixology, ensure that every cocktail not only tastes exquisite but is also a visual delight.

Gastronomic Delights

Beyond beverages, El Cocinero boasts a culinary repertoire that complements its drinks. The menu, a fusion of Cuban flavors and international techniques, offers dishes that tantalize the palate. From tapas-style bites to heartier fares, the gastronomic offerings echo the bar's commitment to excellence.

An Evolving Legacy

Regular events, from live music sessions to art exhibitions, infuse El Cocinero with dynamism. The space transforms, reflecting the multifaceted nature of Havana's contemporary arts and culture scene.

Havana's Beacon of Modern Mixology

El Cocinero, with its architectural charm, innovative cocktails, and vibrant ambiance, serves as a testament to Havana's evolving identity. It stands as a beacon, signaling the city's undying spirit and its embrace of the new while revering the old. For those seeking to experience the pulse of modern Havana, El Cocinero is an unmissable destination.

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El Dandy

Indoor only

Havana, with its vibrant blend of history, culture, and the arts, has long been the epicenter of soulful experiences. Among its picturesque streets and colonial edifices, El Dandy stands out not only as a cocktail bar but as an embodiment of Havana’s eclectic spirit. This charming establishment offers more than just beverages—it offers a glimpse into Cuba's captivating essence.

The Ambiance

Nestled in the historic corner of Old Havana, El Dandy greets its patrons with a warm, rustic charm. The walls, adorned with vintage Cuban art and photographs, whisper tales of yesteryears. Potted plants, wooden furniture, and tasteful lighting enhance the intimate atmosphere, making it feel as if you're stepping into a close friend's living room.

However, the pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the bar itself. An array of colorful bottles, stacked against a backdrop of intricately designed tiles, beckons visitors with the promise of exotic concoctions.

The Cocktails

At El Dandy, cocktails are not just drinks—they're stories served in a glass. The bartenders, with their dexterous moves and profound knowledge, are the storytellers. They effortlessly blend classic Cuban rums with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, presenting drinks that are both visually stunning and delectably refreshing.

While one can always enjoy timeless classics like the Mojito or the Cuba Libre, El Dandy’s specialty lies in its innovative creations. These signature cocktails, infused with a variety of flavors ranging from tangy tamarind to zesty lime, offer a unique taste of Cuban terroir.

The Experience

El Dandy is not just about sipping cocktails—it's about savoring an experience. The mellow tunes of jazz and son Cubano, interspersed with the rhythmic clinking of glasses, set the mood. Patrons can be seen engaging in animated conversations, or simply soaking in the ambiance, swaying gently to the music.

Adding to the allure are the delightful snacks that El Dandy serves. From savory tostones (fried plantains) to flavorful empanadas, the menu complements the drinks to perfection.

A Jewel of Cocktail Culture in Havana

In a city that exudes charisma from every corner, El Dandy shines brightly, offering a cocktail experience that is both authentic and contemporary. It's not just a place to drink, but a place to connect—with the soul of Havana, with its history, and with fellow aficionados of the good life. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to Cuba, El Dandy promises an evening that will linger in your memories long after you've left its cozy confines.

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Indoor & Outdoor

Amid the myriad bars and lounges that dot Havana’s picturesque landscape, there’s a locale that effortlessly combines modern chic with timeless allure. Nestled in the heart of the city, Pazillo stands as a testament to contemporary creativity while paying homage to Cuba’s vibrant spirit. For those looking to immerse themselves in Havana’s modern cocktail scene, a visit to Pazillo is paramount.

Setting the Scene

From the outset, Pazillo distinguishes itself with its minimalist yet captivating facade. A step inside reveals an interior that's both spacious and intimate, with sleek wooden furnishings, ambient lighting, and walls adorned with works of contemporary Cuban artists. The open-concept design promotes a flow of conversation, laughter, and music, embodying the heart and soul of Cuban conviviality.

A Symphony of Flavors

At the heart of Pazillo’s allure is its expansive cocktail menu, a delightful blend of traditional Cuban classics and innovative concoctions. Their expert mixologists, armed with an arsenal of premium spirits and fresh ingredients, craft beverages that tantalize the senses. Whether you're in the mood for a meticulously crafted Mojito or a signature Pazillo creation infused with local herbs and spices, there's a drink to satiate every palate.

Culinary Companions

Complementing their cocktail offerings, Pazillo presents a curated menu of tapas and entrees. From traditional Cuban bites to dishes that draw inspiration from international cuisine, every item is designed to be a perfect companion to your drink. The emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients ensures that each dish mirrors the authenticity and zest of the Cuban spirit.

The Rhythms of Pazillo

No Cuban experience is complete without music, and Pazillo doesn’t disappoint. On any given night, the air is filled with a medley of rhythms, from the sultry sounds of classic boleros to contemporary beats that get your feet tapping. Regular live performances elevate the atmosphere, creating a lively backdrop to the evening's proceedings.

A Melting Pot of Patrons

One of Pazillo’s defining traits is its diverse clientele. Tourists, locals, artists, and business professionals alike find solace in its welcoming ambiance. This melting pot creates a vibrant tapestry of stories, experiences, and cultures, all sharing a mutual appreciation for impeccable cocktails and memorable moments.

Havana's Trendsetting Cocktail Oasis

Pazillo isn’t merely a bar; it's an experience. It captures the essence of modern Havana - a city that reveres its traditions while constantly evolving and embracing the new. Every sip, bite, and beat at Pazillo encapsulates this spirit, making it an essential destination for anyone seeking to truly understand and enjoy the magic of Havana.

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