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Yellowbell, situated in the heart of Nassau, The Bahamas, is not just a cocktail bar but a canvas where culinary and visual arts merge to create a vibrant and unforgettable experience. With its meticulously crafted décor and a menu that sings praises to the rich Bahamian culinary landscape, Yellowbell stands out as a destination where every visit is a journey through a world of flavors and artistic expressions.

Aesthetic and Culinary Brilliance Merged

As you step into Yellowbell, the first thing that captures your attention is the artfully crafted décor, where every piece tells a story. The sugar apple light fixture, crafted by Bahamian artist Kendra Frorup, and a painting by Tessa Whitehead, become instant focal points, drawing you into a space where every detail is a nod to Bahamian art and culture. The bar, adorned with succulents and accentuated with green, gold, and yellow pieces, creates a warm yet lively visual experience that perfectly complements the culinary journey that awaits.

A Menu That Tells Stories

Yellowbell is not just a bar; it's a celebration of flavors, offering a menu that is far from standard bar fare and is instead, a flavorful adventure through unique cocktails and exquisite dishes. The menu, which also features unique artwork by @onecuriouscay, offers freshly brewed coffee, lattes, and breakfast favorites like Vanilla Brioche French Toast and Eggs Benedict in the early morning hours. As the day progresses, guests can indulge in unique cocktails and a variety of dishes, such as lobster tempura made with fresh Bahamian lobster and a Beef Katsu Sando, featuring a beef tenderloin with tonkatsu sauce and a honey mustard mayonnaise.

Hours of Operation: A Timeless Retreat

Yellowbell opens its doors to a timeless experience from the early morning to the late evening. With bar hours from 4 pm to 11 pm daily and breakfast and lunch offerings throughout the week, it provides a versatile space where guests can escape at any hour to immerse themselves in a world of elegance and flavor.

An Invitation to Explore and Indulge

Yellowbell invites you to step into a world where every detail, from the décor to the menu, is a celebration of Bahamian art and culture. Located at The Island House Resort, it stands as a beacon for those who seek to live well and indulge in an experience that is both timeless and deeply rooted in the art and history of the culinary world. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the beautiful shores of The Bahamas, a visit to Yellowbell promises a journey into a world of elegance, tranquility, and unparalleled service.

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Bon Vivants

Indoor & Outdoor

Welcome to Bon Vivants, Nassau's premier cocktail bar, where every sip takes you on a luxurious journey through time and across diverse lands. Nestled in the heart of Sandyport, Bon Vivants is not merely a bar but a celebration of the rich history and art of craft cocktails, offering an experience that is both exquisite and deeply rooted in the beautiful history of The Bahamas.

Inspiration: Hemingway and Bahamian Elegance

Drawing inspiration from the lush history of The Bahamas and the infamous life and writings of Ernest Hemingway, Bon Vivants creates an ambiance that is both elegant and adventurous. The term “Bon Vivant,” French for a person who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, perfectly encapsulates the essence of the bar, which is dedicated to those who seek to live life well and immerse themselves in a world of exquisite flavors and experiences.

A Commitment to Quality and Detail

Bon Vivants is committed to providing an unparalleled cocktail experience, ensuring that every single detail, from the freshness of the citrus to the choice of serving vessel, is meticulously considered. The bar prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients, including fresh, locally grown produce, and every libation is crafted with precision and care, promising a journey of flavors and sensations with each sip.

A Menu That Speaks Volumes

The offerings at Bon Vivants are a testament to its dedication to the craft of cocktail making. The menu is a curated selection of cocktails that not only delight the palate but also tell a story, transporting you to different lands and times through the spirits and flavors contained within. Each cocktail is a journey, a narrative expressed through exquisite flavors and expert craftsmanship.

Hours of Operation: A Timeless Experience

Bon Vivants welcomes guests to indulge in its luxurious offerings from morning till midnight, and even beyond as the week progresses. With operating hours extending from 8 am to 12 am or 1 am, depending on the day, the bar provides a timeless space where guests can escape and immerse themselves in a world of elegance and flavor, regardless of the hour.

A Luxurious Cocktail Experience in Nassau, The Bahamas

Bon Vivants invites you to step into a world where every detail is a dedication to luxury, quality, and the rich history of cocktail crafting. Located at 401 Sea Skye Lane, Sandyport, Nassau, The Bahamas, it stands as a beacon for those who seek to live well and indulge in an experience that is both timeless and deeply rooted in the art and history of the cocktail. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the beautiful shores of The Bahamas, a night at Bon Vivants is a journey into luxury, elegance, and exquisite flavor that promises to linger in your memories long after the last sip.

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Sunset Beach Club

Indoor & Outdoor

Welcome to Sunset Beach Club, a vibrant cocktail bar nestled on the picturesque West Bay Street of Nassau, The Bahamas. With its enchanting sunsets and the rhythmic lapping of the waves, this beach club offers more than just a place to unwind. It's a locale where the golden hues of the sunset beautifully blend with the azure of the ocean, creating a mesmerizing canvas that captivates every visitor.

Culinary Delights and Exquisite Cocktails

Sunset Beach Club is not only renowned for its breathtaking views but also for its culinary expertise and innovative cocktail menu. The culinary team takes pride in crafting dishes that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate, with a special mention to their perfectly seasoned seafood offerings like lobster and shrimp. Meanwhile, the bar presents a myriad of cocktails, each concoction being a unique blend of tropical flavors and premium spirits, ensuring a delightful experience for every guest.

A Hub of Joyful Memories

The club has successfully etched joyful memories in the hearts of its visitors, becoming a favorite spot for many. It's a place where every moment is celebrated - from the gentle afternoon breeze to the vibrant nightlife under the starlit sky. Whether you're looking to enjoy a tranquil afternoon or seeking a lively evening, Sunset Beach Club seamlessly blends various moods to cater to all.

Friendly Faces in a Serene Space

The staff at Sunset Beach Club are not just employees; they are the heart and soul of the place, ensuring that every visitor is greeted with warm smiles and impeccable service. Their friendly and accommodating nature enhances the overall experience, making every moment spent at the club truly special.

Join the Celebration of Sunsets

The club isn’t merely a spot to dine and drink; it’s a celebration of nature’s exquisite beauty. The sunsets viewed from the club are truly spectacular, providing a splendid backdrop for every occasion - be it a casual gathering, a romantic date, or a festive celebration. Every sunset here is an event in itself, inviting everyone to pause, admire, and celebrate the mesmerizing beauty unfolding before their eyes.

Stay Connected with the Tropical Charm

Even when you're miles away, Sunset Beach Club ensures you stay connected with their tropical charm. Engage with them on various social platforms and be a part of their digital family, where the spirit of the Bahamas is celebrated every day.

A Tropical Paradise in Nassau, The Bahamas

Sunset Beach Club is not just a destination; it's an experience where every moment is cherished, every sunset is celebrated, and every visitor is valued. It's a place where the vibrant energy of Nassau is encapsulated in every cocktail, every dish, and every smile. So, immerse yourself in the tropical charm, let the serene surroundings enchant you, and let every sunset be a beautiful memory etched in your heart. Here's to the vibrant vibes and splendid sunsets at Sunset Beach Club, Nassau, The Bahamas!

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